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  1. As the young blonde waited for the other girl to accept the offer, but when she glanced up from her menu Theo could not help but notice the distant gaze in Kat's eyes as she reviewed her. Without intending too Theo's eyes softened. It was a stare that Theo was familiar with. There had been a couple time she experienced it, but mainly it was the children at the orphanage as they obliviously played in the premise of the church. They had not realized what they were missing. Many of them were young and had adjusted to the circumstances of the game. There were brief moments of clarity though, moments where they cried for their parents and family, and moments where they yearned for their real beds. In all those moments Theo did her best to sit with the children and let them feel what they felt; it was important that they did, but it was hard because she also related with those thoughts. It was hard to just sit back and do nothing while so many suffered. That is why she was here though. It was her driving force. "Kat," Theo stated to get the women's attention, "Are you okay? You have a distance look in you eyes..." There was a thread of softness interlacing within Theo's voice as she asked the other girl the question. Of course Kat was not okay, they were stuck in a game of death and destruction, but in that moment it felt appropriate to ask. @Katagawa
  2. As the other girl started to explain what Nepent's could possibly be the young girl paid close attention. She agreed with the assessment that Kat had provided; plant types would most certainly have some type of vine attack. Perhaps a spear would be a perfect weapon to use again them, with the distance and all. Only one way to find out. As the older girl continued to talk Theo realized that she was also planning on trying to protect her as well as attack. There was a slight frown present on Kat's features while she talked until she realized that Theo was watching and then the frown turned into a smile. Feeding off the determination exhibiting from Kat Theo allowed a determined glint to enter her orbs. "No, they won't. We can, and will, do it." Without further hesitation Theo opened her menu and sent a party request to the other girl. It would be hard work, but worth it. Theo refused to allow Kat to do all the fighting and defending, but she would not vocalize it; getting that feeling that Kat would not approve. Together they would win this quest and save the town. @Katagawa
  3. For a few seconds the words struggled to get past Theo's consciousness...and then they did. Orbs lighting up Theo grinned while she tightly gripped the teddy bear in her small hands. This was it. Suddenly, an icon with Hydra's features popped up. Ocean orbs followed along as the women explained the menu to the young blonde. She saw Hydra's information appear and the strange effect it came with; she also saw the small logo. The Garnet Rangers. Theo had no idea who any of the people named were, but the warm tone to Hydra's voice pointed to the fact that the older women felt a sense of closeness and companionship with them. Theo wondered if she would ever have that kind of relationship with anyone, but now was not the time to think about. There were steps that had to be taken in order to get to that point. The first step was getting out on quests and getting stronger. Amara, who was tired once again, came running over to the now duo. The small girl warmly greeted Hydra with a hug and then turned toward Theo. "I need teddy back now. He's done resting." Nodding, and realizing how hard she was gripping the bear, the blonde gently handed it back over to the younger girl. Once Amara ran off--teddy in arms--Theo turned back to the task at hand. Without hesitation she hit the 'ok' button. "I'm sure people will wanna join. Do you have to be a ranger?" Theo inquired, curiosity getting the best of her, "Also, when do you have time to do this quest?"
  4. Ocean orbs glowing with delight Theo hung on to every word as if it was the last sip of water in a desert. When Hydra taped her nose she laughed and grinned from ear to ear. There was nothing more Theo wanted to than to be part of the those adventures. She wondered what it was like to meet new people, make a connection, and fight along their side. It was like a book she read long ago. It was the very end that really caught the young girl's attention though; something about the "lessons around here." If the young girl remembered correctly that was one of the quests that she was thinking about inviting the older women on. Now was that chance she had been waiting for. It was now, or never. "Lesson quest? As in beginner quest, right?Where is it is at? Do you know if it is hard? Would you go on that quest with me?" It was like a switch had flipped at the mention of the quest. Before Theo could help it one question poured out after another. The final one was the question she really wanted to ask, would Hydra go with her on this quest. Theo had not intended to ask that question so forthright, but the words had come out before her mind even had to chance to calculate what it was saying. She had been too excited. Well, what was done was done. It was now up to Hydra to answer. If she no, Theo would understand; after all, the women was busy, but if she said yes...well, Theo would just have to wait and see.
  5. Upon hearing that Katagawa, or Kat, would partake on a quest with her Theo internally jumped about 5ft in the air. It was a relief to have some company. What Kat, had stated was indeed true. Theo had not really thought about it before now but every game she had played prior to this one usually included some easy beginner quests. After all, games were meant to be beaten...well, that had been the thought until this game arrived. Theo was still unsure if Kayaba had really intended for anyone to beat the game, but those thoughts were for a different time. Shaking her head slightly the young blonde refocused on the other player. "Based on what I heard there is a small town near here in need of medicine," Theo turned her face toward the gate to stare out into the vast wilds of the first floor, "It is up to us to get them that medicine. We have to defeat something called a Nepent? Have you heard of those?" While posing the question the girl started to think about something else. She had informed Kat that that prior to this experience she had never been in a fight. Never even touched the spear in her inventory. Maybe before this it would be a good idea to take on one of the boar that roamed the wilds freely. Just to get a taste of what it was like. Theo did not want to let Kat down.
  6. Without even realizing it Theo had been mindlessly fiddling with Amara's teddy bear while the thoughts bounced around in her head like a rubber ball. There had been so much that the blonde had not even recognized that the person she had been waiting to talk to had entered the premises. Nor did it dawn on her that the very same someone had sat next to her until a gentle pat was placed a top her head and a harmonious entered her conscience. That voice was all too recognizable. It was none other than the tri-colored haired women herself--Hydra. Rapidly turning a focused gaze from the teddy bear to the women a wide, child-like grin decorated Theo's young features. "Hydra!" Theo exclaimed, placing the teddy bear back down her lap; ocean orbs shining with enthusiasm, "I'm so glad you here! Do you have any new stories for me?" Although the young girl was eager to ask the older women to go on a quest with her it was not the right time. Theo was not quite sure when the right time would be, but the young girl was sure that it was not now. After all, Hydra had just arrived and the other children would be eager to see visit. This was also a place of rest and who knew what adventures the older women had been on. Plus, if Theo was being honest, she really did love the stories that Hydra brought back. @Hydravion
  7. Suddenly, a gentle voice appeared to vocalize out of thin air. Stopping in mid-step the blondes attention turned from the grass on the ground to the person in now standing in front of her. Upon first sight the other girl didn't appear to be much older, but there was an air about her that had a certain degree of maturity. There was no way they were the same age despite being around the same height. Sheepishly grinning so that the band-aid on her nose wrinkled, the girl brought a hand to scratch the back of her blonde locks, "Welllll, if you offering then yes." The young girl approached the other women with an excited air. "There is this quest I wanna do, but I've never done a quest--never even fought anything--and they recommend level 5 and up but I'm only level one,-" Taking another deep inhale Theo was about to start going on again when it dawned on her that her mouth was running faster than a river after a storm. Closing her mouth she took another breath and then met the other girls aquamarine gaze. "I'm sorry," The young girl sighed with small smile, "I'm told I get too excited sometimes. Let me start over. My name is Theodosia, but people call me Theo." With that said the young girl stuck her hand out. "It's nice to meet you." @Katagawa
  8. After eating that morning at the orphanage the blonde hair girl decided it was time to go into The Town of Beginnings. Taking a deep breath she moved through the crowded streets as carefully as she could. In reality she was no more obvious than a tangerine in an orange groove. If someone really wanted to find the small girl, they could, but no one was looking for her which allowed her to move through the sea of bodies like a shadow. If one were to watch Theo they would observe that her facial muscles were tense and a slight frown was on her face. The ocean blue orbs were intently focused on finding a way through the masses. This wandering into town was for a purpose. The blonde girl intended to partake in her very first fighting quest. She had informed the volunteer at the orphanage that she was going out and may not be back for awhile. The women was barely able to stutter out words before Theo was gone. Part of her did feel bad for taking off, but in order to meet her goal it was necessary. She would apologize later. If she made it back. Coming to the edge of town the young girl hovered around the gate that led out into the wilds. Pacing back and forth she intently focused on ground under her feet. "This would be so much easier if I had someone to go with me." The girl muttered under her breath.
  9. Shrill laughter filled the air as a group of about five children ran around the orphanage playing a thrilling game of 'freeze tag.' Sitting against a nearby tree was another young girl. Clear, ocean blue orbs observed as the other children ran around without a care in the world. A small grin would appear on the girl's face every time one of the kids would become unfrozen and continue the game of tag. it was all going well until suddenly one of the smaller children--named Amara--split away from the game and ran toward the other girl sitting peacefully under the tree. Amara was breathing heavy, her little face had turned the color of beet, but she was grinning from ear to ear. "Theo," her small voice shrilly cried as threw herself next to the other girl, "Would you hold my teddy bear? He is getting too tired to play." Innocently Amara held the brown patchy teddy bear an arms length away in Theo's direction. Without hesitation the other girl, now known as Theo, gently grabbed the teddy bear and placed it in her lap. "Don't worry. I'll look after him." Without waiting any longer Amara hopped up like a rabbit and joined the group once again. Sighing, Theo stroked the teddy bear's ear mindlessly. Sometime she wished that she could be like them. So carefree. So happy. So innocent. Only she wasn't. As much as the girl hated it she was fully aware the situation they were in and what was happening in the world they now lived in. It had taken years for Theo to come to this conclusion, but she needed to joint the fight. She needed to venture out into this world and do what she could for those she cared about. And today was the day to do it. Today was the day that Hydra was coming to the orphanage. The multi-colored haired women was an adventurer who had seen the world and what it had to offer. Not only was she experienced, but she was a great teacher. If someone could start Theo's path to adventuring it was Hydra. Despite those thoughts Theo was still nervous. She had never left the orphanage and was ill equipped for an adventure. There was still a glimmer of hope though. Through some of the takings around town the blonde had heard of a quest that was more about looting that about fighting. It was the perfect quest. Now to wait until Hydra arrived. [OCC: @Hydravion]
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    Thank you for the warm welcomes. :) I can tell I am going to like it here. @Shark CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING SOON!! You are so close. @Neopolitan I would love to do an RP with you to get started. I'll shoot a message now.
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    Hello everyone, As you can see my name is Theodosia, but you can call me Theo for short. The inspiration came from the song "Dear Theodosia" from Hamilton [which is my favorite musical.] Currently, I am a Masters level student and I GRADUATE IN MAY 2019!! We talk a lot about self-care and I hope that is will be one form of it for me. I am not new to RPing, but is sure has been a long time. I'm excited to be here and that I found this website! I hope to meet you all inside SAO. -Theo
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    Theo's Journal

    ABOUT THEO Username: Theodosia Name: Eliza Beatrice Hartmen Age: 11 Y.O Height: 4 ft. 11 in. Weight: 75lbs Gender: Female Nationality: American HISTORY/BACKGROUND The Hartmen family has a long history of successful business franchises that mainly include selling confectioneries of all kinds. Eliza's father, Ned Hartmen, was the oldest of his four brothers and inherited the family business. Ned and Helena met when she started working as a 'Confectionery Specialist' at the franchise he was managing. It was love at first sight. After a year of knowing each other they got married, Ned moved up the chain of command, and than a year later had Eliza. Now, Eliza and Ned travel around the world to there different shops and factories to provide support, do check-in's, and provide overall management. When Eliza was a baby, Helena used to stay home and watch her, but as Eliza grew her mother started to once again go with her father to check-in on businesses. They tried to place Eliza in school, but the attention she would received--both negative and positive--was too much and obviously causing stress on her. Therefore, Helena and Ned decided to hire a teacher/nanny to teach Eliza at home. It was because of that Eliza grew up with a consistent feeling of loneliness. That is why she started gaming. It was how she learned to socialize, make friends, and basically how to interact with other people. As Eliza grew she continued to learn and game to fulfill that much needed socialization piece of her life. Despite the lack of socialization Eliza was an empathetic soul would enjoyed the presence of other living beings. She would often go outside to interact with the stray dogs and cats in the neighbor, as well as other animals. She was fearless and often attempted to build trust with different animals in an effort to get close to them. Her soul was a gentle one and she wished to ensure that everyone was okay. Her teach/nanny was so annoyed one day because Eliza brought home a stray cat that had been hurt. Annoyed, but also slightly proud, they both drove the cat to the vet to get it treated. Later, when Eliza would take walks around the neighborhood, she would see the very same cat lounging in a window. Eliza could not have been happier. When rumor of Sword Art Online (SAO) started to circulate she mentioned the game to her nanny/teacher and provided an argument about why she needed the game to continue to advance her social learning. Convinced, the teacher/nanny approached the Hartmen's and provided an education recommendation. That was how Eliza ended up in the game. At first it was a magical place filled with wonder, and than terror. For the couple month's she remained on the first floor at the orphanage. There she assisted as much as she could with taking care of the other children. It was there where she finally started to grow as a person. Eliza, or Theo in SAO, was empathetic and a natural when working with children. Seeing the chaos on the first floor and how the children were reacting is what caused her to start to venture out. VIRTUES Empathetic: Eliza has a gentle soul and it is easy for her to feel what others' are feeling. She is able to relate even if she has never been in there situation. It is hard in SAO because most of the animal are enemies and not friendly like she wished. She struggles to fight them, but will knowing that if she does not than others will suffer. Protective: This personality trait appeared during her time in SAO. It was surprising, but she found that she would do anything to keep those she cares about safe from harm and death. Intelligent: Tends to be a creative thinker and enjoys out-of-the-box ideas Are the main ones. FLAWS Naive: While her age is a factor, Eliza has also been raised in a very secluded and protectively. It is due to this that she tends to trust people and animals for willingly than someone who was not raised as sheltered. Soft-hearted: Having softness or tenderness of heart that can lead them into trouble; susceptible to pity or other kindly affection. They cannot resist helping someone they see in trouble, suffering or in need, and often don’t think of the repercussions or situation before doing so. Lonely: Although Eliza has made friends online, she still has some emptiness that she can't seem to get rid of. In reality, this is because all her relationships up until this point were very surface level and she struggles to make a deep connection with people. INVENTORY 'Basic Package': 1 two-handed spear Paralyze 1, 1 light armor Mitigation 1, 5 healing potions (+50HP), 10 tier 1 materials and 2,500 col SKILLS Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » FRIENDS/STORY SO FAR Eliza has been living on Floor 1 at the orphanage. After the first several months here she has decided to move on and joint the battle to free everyone from SAO. ROLE-PLAYS >> [PP-F01] The First Few Lessons are Free [Theo + Hydravion]--------------->In progress >> [PP-F01] Secret Medicine in the Forest [Theo + Katagawa]------------------->In progress