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  1. Summary: Pleue: -200 Col -2 SP -Familiar: REDDDLE Clyde: -200 Col -1 SP
  2. Charlotte chuckled at his reaction and unscrewed the jar cap. “I think he can stay out of the water a little bit,” she mumbled, “since that’s how he’s gonna help me in battle and all of that.” She poked the axolotl and smiled softly at him. It was a strange feeling. But she felt incredibly happy just being around this creature. Closing the lid back on the cap, she let out a sigh. Things were going to be different from now on. She wasn’t even level one yet and she already had a familiar. Now that was something. Charlotte looked up at the sky and nodded her head. “Right, let’s head back.” She scrambled after him with Reddle in her arms. Charlotte chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. "I think so. I'll probably do that pretty soon though," she chuckled, poking at the jar with her finger. "I'm sure Reddle will do just fine though. She looked up and spotted the NPC that had offered her the quest. Mumbling to herself as she opened her inventory, she pulled out the bag and handed it to the older woman. They both exchanged goodbyes and then she turned to Clyde. "Well, it's been a pleasure spending the day with you." @Clyde
  3. Charlotte tilted her head as he backed away from the seemingly adorable creature. "It's like an axolotl! I have you never seen them before? They're pretty common pets and they're easy to take care of. They can regenerate limbs, did you know that? They're like, unkillable." She chuckled, holding the pink creature in the palm of her hand. Looking at the creature, she shrugged her shoulders. "I mean, they're different from regular axolotls... This one is fatter... and it has bigger eyes. Hm, I guess it does look a little otherworldly." Realization dawned on her as she let out a small gasp. "Oh, sugar honey iced tea. Axolotls aren't supposed to be out of the water. Crud." Charlotte sprinted back towards the water and pulled out an empty jar from her inventory (cause that's totally normal). Scooping up a bunch of sea water, she dropped her familiar in the water with a satisfying plop. Walking back over to Clyde, she hugged the jar closer to her body. "Alright. That's good. Now for a name..." She cursed herself for not coming prepared for this situation. Looking down at the creature, she bit her lip. "Uhm. I'm pretty sure you're male," she muttered to herself. "H-how about Reddle?" She gave a forced laugh and looked back up at Clyde. "Y-yeah! Reddle!" @Clyde
  4. Pleue

    [PP-F15] The Watcher's Lament

    Charlotte timidly opened one of her eyes as she heard a tired sigh. Watching him unsheathe his weapon, she slowly lowered her hands. Her whole body was stiff as she watched him go back to the flames. "O-okay. Thanks for the tip," she muttered making it sound more like a question than a statement. She tore her eyes away from the stranger and turned her head towards the eerie forest. Does he expect me to get all the way back to the settlement by myself? She asked herself, not sure if she should be scared of what's to come or if to be angry at the boy in front of her. No way in hell was she going in there alone, especially when the forest looked like that. She walked over to the other side of the fire and sat down in front of it. Hugging her knees close to her body, she shook her head. "I-I think I'm good. I-I'll just stays here a bit," she whispered, not budging from her spot. @Pinball
  5. Pleue

    [PP-F15] The Watcher's Lament

    Charlotte let out a small squeak as the stranger snapped his over to her direction. Mudderfudder. She didn't want this. She just wanted a simple trade A trade for Christ's sake! How did she end up in this situation? Why was she even on floor fifteen of all places? The monsters here could practically one shot her and not to mention all of the high leveled players... She lost her train of thought when the player called out. Aggressively? Cautiously? She wasn't even sure anymore. She wanted out, and she wanted out right now. She wasn't sure to run, hide, cower into a ball and just hope that he didn't see her. This isn't a normal situation she was prepared for. Her eyes flickered towards the dense and foggy terrain. I'm so going to get lost if I run. And how would I know if he's going to stay put? Maybe he's a nice... red player? Charlotte mentally slapped herself and felt her bottom lip quiver. Swallowing her fear, she stepped out of the cover of trees robotically. Squeezing her eyes shut, she raised her arms in surrender. "A-About four hundred thousand people are murdered each year... and, uhm. Don't make me on the receiving end of that... please!" @Pinball (no... you're not ( ; - ; )
  6. Charlotte tilted her head as she examined the technique. Snapping her head to meet him in the eye, she let out a nervous laugh. "I have once.... but I didn't really catch anything. I left that stuff up to my brothers," she said sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck. "I lived in a pretty urban area growing up so I didn't get to do a bunch of outdoors stuff." She shrugged, kicking more mounds of sand away from her. Gripping on to his hat, she watched him carefully as he dove into the water. Wincing at the... special scene in front of her, she chuckled wryly. "How unique." She blinked a couple times and her gaze drifted back to the ocean. I'm a little bit concerned about how 'he did it back at home'. That... is not normal. I mean, he looks like he just stepped out of a comic book about the wild west. She shook her head, telling herself to stop being rude. "I'll just go look over there," she pointed towards the ocean and bounded away. As soon as her toes touched water a small shiver went up her spine. "Yeesh, that's cold," she muttered, going deeper into the water. When the waves were about to her knees, she stopped and looked around. Nothing. How could a place like this be so barren? She was just about to go back until she felt something bump into the lower part of her leg. Looking down, her eyebrows scrunched together. Under the waves, a small pink blob, or what it looked to be, bumped into her leg again. Moving her leg out of the way, she narrowed her eyes at the creature. "The fudgenuggets?" She cautiously picked up the creature and almost immediately dropped it. The animal resembled an axolotl back in the real world, but more round and it had bigger eyes. "Gah! Oh wow... you look... cute." She stifled a coo and looked over to Clyde. "I found one." Soon after notifying him, she pulled out the pouch the old NPC gave her and pulled out a bunch of different kinds of food. Finally finding something that resembled fish food, she carefully handed it to the axolotl. This is by far the weirdest creature I have ever seen. @Clyde
  7. Charlotte nodded her head and swallowed a yawn. She kicked a few more patches of sand and blinked at it. "About seven quintillion grains of sand make up all of the sand in the world," she mumbled to herself. Her eyes twitching, she gave herself a mental slap and clapped away the sand on her hands. "R-right. Shallow water. I'm pretty sure all of the mobs in the deeper water have a potential to... one shot me." The last few words felt weird on her tongue and the only reason she knew them was that her brother was constantly screaming them on the top of his lungs back at home. Tilting her head, she shrugged her shoulders. "I can't blame them. Us girls want to look pretty and ideal. No big deal, either. You've seen me rant a couple times." Charlotte smiled bitterly to herself but rubbed her hands together in excitement. @Clyde
  8. She shrugged, still recovering from her tiny panic attack. "I'm not looking for much, a tiny familiar will do." Charlotte tugged on her index finger and sighed. The ocean was pretty, too pretty, in fact. You probably couldn't find this many beaches in real life. Smiling softly at Clyde, she shook her head and chuckled. "I'm not too much of a swimmer. My brothers used to tease about that actually, they'd say I would space out in the middle of a swim and drown," she giggled to herself. "You can do that if you want, I'll just be looking for the little rascal." Charlotte kicked some sand with her bare feet and smiled to herself. Looking up at Clyde, she shrugged. "I see... well, I must say you have a very unique taste in women." Charlotte laughed, looking around the beach for any signs of life of some sorts which, if she were to say, was nonexistent. @Clyde
  9. Pleue

    What up my friends

    Hola. I’m sure you’ll get along with us just fine. ;3;
  10. Charlotte’s eyes fell to the ground and she nodded. “I see. I guess I gotta keep up with that kind of stuff,” she chuckled, her fingers tangling themselves in one another. “Anyway, I figured I’d be going to the tide pools in this floor. I’m not sure if there are any but I’m sure that there’s some here. That’s probably where all of the lower leveled monsters are anyways,” Charlotte muttered the last part sheepishly. The girl looked up at the clear blue sky and sighed, she wasn't sure on how long this whole quest would last, but she just wanted the day to be over already. A surprised expression took over her face. "R-really? I mean, thanks." Her eyes gleamed as she took the necklace. "It's pretty. Uhm... I'll return it to you eventually. I might not need it later but I'll message you if I want to return it." Charlotte's face turned as red as a tomato and she giggled another high pitched laugh. "Beautiful, no! Sir, thi must jest!" @Clyde -Received <<Kadin’s Luck>>: +3 LD
  11. She coughed into her shoulder sheepishly. “Shove it, cowboy,” she muttered, shoving her hands in her pockets. “Isn’t ‘buckaroo’ something a pirate would say? I don’t think that’s a term that’s been bouncing the Wild West,” she scoffed, blinking a few times. “But of course you can always use it. It’s a free coun- floating island in a game!” Shrugging her shoulders, she let out a small yawn. “Dunno, I don’t want one of those alligators here. Not a fan of sharp teeth,” Charlotte shuddered, a chill going through her spine. She just personally wanted a buddy to be with, she could care less about the enhancements. That was just a bonus for her. “... There are only two species of alligators in the world. The American one, and the Chinese one. But then again, people would usually think there’s more since crocodiles are thing when in fact there aren’t but they just look alike and so people say, ‘frick’ it’ cause they don’t give a bloody damn about it!” She let out a tiny squeak and inhaled again. Sighing at her stupidity, she turned her head slightly towards Clyde. “Do you have a certain enhancement item that I could borrow?” @Clyde
  12. Charlotte let out another high pitched giggle and opened her menu unconsciously. "Yeah, that's me! Good ol' smarty pants..." she chuckled with force. Pulling out the garlic bread she had bought from Neopolitan earlier, she stuffed it into her mouth with no context. Nearly gagging, she held a finger up and turned around. It took her a full thirty seconds and five milliseconds regain herself and turn around. She hesitantly shook his hand and smiled sheepishly and nervously. "Likewise, I'm Charlotte- Pleue!" She sputtered, nearly smacking herself for being so stupid. "A-ah, yeah. I'm doing that familiar quest thing... I figured why not?" She laughed to herself bitterly. "I need a buddy around after... I need a buddy! Buddies make life easier!" She said robotically, blinking her eyes a few times. -Golden Garlic Bread (+3 LD) @Clyde
  13. She nearly lost her sh- crap when a random voice addressed her. Turning towards the person in the hat, she giggled in a high pitched voice. "H-hi! Yes, relaxing! Very, very relaxing," she laughed again and twiddled with her fingers. Raising her eyebrows, she looked up at the stranger. "Really? I-I mean, that would be much appreciated. I'm still pretty low leveled and everything and this is a pretty high floor and all. And it's a volcanic island of all things!" She continued, not realizing she had started rambling again. "Talking about islands, there are about two thousand of them on Earth, but we're not really on Earth, y'know. And talking about islands and water and everything, there are about three hundred and thirty-two million square miles of ocean there is in the world and..." she inhaled, forgetting that she had not taken a breath since the talk about volcanoes. @Clyde
  14. Charlotte didn't realize she was crying until she felt tears rolling down her cheeks. Sniffing away the snot in her nose, she smiled bitterly to herself. She sighed and scrunched her eyebrows together. I already gathered all of my materials already? She gave a genuine smile to herself and stood up because apparently, she was sitting on the forest floor. Patting off her lap, she sighed and started walking back to town. Sighing for the millionth time, she shoved her hands into her pockets and kicked a couple of rocks away from her. Frontlines. That is my goal. I'm doing this for you, brother. I couldn't have saved you, but I can save others from the fate that you shouldn't have had. She felt another tear trickle down her face but didn't make any move to remove it. That is my goal, and I'm going to accomplish it whether it kills me or not!