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  1. Fuyuno

    [F01-PP] Life behind fear

    While Fuyuno was focusing hard on transmitting her thoughts, the woman drew closer. Before Fuyuno even noticed, the woman had tapped their noses together, then backed up while giggling. Because she wasn't expecting it, Fuyuno's face got a little pink with embarrassment. She seems happier now though, so I'm glad! She smiled back happily. After the woman herself said that she was alright, Fuyuno gave a silent sigh of relief before smiling again with her hands clasped behind her back. She was a bit concerned about the very specific comparison the woman was making, but wasn't given much time to think on it. The woman shifted over and was offering for Fuyuno to sit next to her, which made the girl really happy. Smiling, Fuyuno sat of the bench next to the woman who had similarly silver-white hair. When a fish jumped into the air from a nearby pool of water, pointed out by the woman, Fuyuno gazed towards it with excitement in her eyes and an open-mouthed smile on her face. That fish was so cool! I'm glad I could help her feel better too. I wonder if she'd mind if I sent her a friend request... Fuyuno pondered over this question internally for a bit, not sure if it was okay to follow through with it. While she normally didn't have an issue sending friend requests to others, those were usually to facilitate communication; But she can understand me without messages cuz she can read my mind. Wait, does that mean she heard my thoughts just now?! The girl quickly turned her gaze back to the woman she sat with, an inquisitive look on her face as she silently asked the question in her mind; Can we be friends?
  2. As Fuyuno kept watching the woman that was gazing out at the ocean, she noticed a boy approach her and start speaking to her. It was then that Fuyuno realized that she had been staring, and she quickly averted her gaze. Mama and Papa taught me that staring too much is rude! Even though she's super pretty, I gotta give her space too. Around then, the girl heard a familiar voice ring out above the crowd. Listening carefully, an excited smile shone on her face at the announcement of the swimsuit contest. That sounds like so much fun! I wanna enter so I can join the fun with everyone! With that, the girl opened her menu and navigated through it to send a message to Kityuisa. She nodded in satisfaction at the message she had typed before pressing the send button. She still wasn't used to typing out messages, but she was glad she had a method to communicate safely with others. As she was thinking this to herself, she felt a hand on her shoulder, which made her jump slightly in surprise. Turning around, she saw another beautiful blonde woman had approached and greeted her, kneeling down so they would be at eye level with each other. Fuyuno was still a bit frozen, and failed to respond to the woman's inquiry about her having fun before the woman offered her hand and introduced herself as @Ruby. Suddenly snapping back into attention, she grabbed the woman's hand with both of her own and gave a few hastened nods nervously. She was still a bit too flustered to realize that this woman couldn't know about her yet, and the fact she couldn't talk. Fuyuno Joins the Swimsuit Contest
  3. Fuyuno

    [PP - F1] Picking Out a Swimsuit

    When Athena agreed to help her Fuyuno smiled brightly with appreciation, and when she began patting her on the head the smile quickly became one of warm content for the affection as her eyes clothes. Once the girl felt the pressure of the hand release from her head, she opened her eyes again and began following the woman down the road. When Athena asked about the kind of swimsuit she would want, Fuyuno had to put some thought into it. She had only ever worn her traditional school-issued swimsuit, even when her parents had brought her to the beach, so she wanted to wear something different for once. This whole event was like an adventure to her, so she felt it she should just go for it while she was already being adventurous. As they walked together, Fuyuno heard Athena ask how she had been doing, and listened to her describe her own well-being. She felt an incredible sense of joy and warmth to Athena's talk about how she felt about the children she looked after, and when the woman extended the sentiment to Fuyuno her eyes sparkled with appreciation, mouth slightly agape. The silver-haired girl was so overjoyed that she shoved her face into the woman's midriff as she wrapped her arms around her in a tight hug. After holding Athena like this for a bit, she separated from her so she could type a message out for her.
  4. Fuyuno

    [F01-PP] Life behind fear

    As Fuyuno waited for a reaction, she was relieved to hear the woman understood. With a nod of confirmation, she finally removed her fingers from her mouth. That said, the girl was still concerned for the woman and still felt bad for hurting her, so her expression was still one of concern as her hands were held tensely to her chest. That's when the woman removed the eyepatch she was wearing that Fuyuno had only noticed the moment it was being removed. At first she wondered what it was for, but once the woman began staring into her eyes Fuyuno was able to see that she had two different eye colors. Woah! Each eye is different but they're both so pretty! Why did she want to cover it up? The girl was a bit star-struck by the woman's eyes, having never seen a person with two different eye colors before, but after staring into each other's eyes for an extended period of time she couldn't help but wonder what was going on. At this thought, she recalled what the woman had said; She's reading me... like mind reading? ESP? Can she do that?! That'd be really cool if she could! I should test it! With a glow of excitement and wonder in her eyes, she poured all her focus into conveying her earlier thoughts loud enough to be heard telepathically since that's what she thought was happening. I'm sorry I hurt you! I saw you looking sad and wanted to help you feel better! I want you to be happy!
  5. As Fuyuno scanned the faces of the party-goers, she realized something; there's way too many people here! The crowd was, indeed, highly congested, and she barely knew anyone. Even so, she did manage to see a few familiar faces; those of @Krysta, @Solei, and the host @Kityuisa herself. The only problem; they're all surrounded by their friends already and happily chatting... As much as she wanted to say hi, she also didn't want to get in the way of peoples' conversations, especially since she still couldn't bring herself to speak up. Looking around, she realized another situation; I still need to put on my swimsuit! It didn't take long for her to find where players were going to change into their swimsuits, so she followed suit. After changing into her swimsuit and leaving the changing room, Fuyuno looked out to take in the crowds again. This caused her head to eventually overload a bit as she began to feel overwhelmed. Wow... so many people! Even though she generally enjoyed making new friends, the sheer volume of people she didn't know and conversing together was a hurdle she wasn't ready to overcome. Maybe I'll... get a snack for now! With the resounding decision to not try to overstep her own capabilities, she retreated to a table that was laden with refreshments. Upon arrival, she grabbed the tastiest looking snack there and began nibbling on it while looking out at the sea. She had been to a beach before with her parents in the real world, but this beach was pretty different which captivated her interest for a while. That was, until the figure of a pretty girl just a few years older than her was seen approaching the table she stood at. The girl seemed to not know many others either, since she was also completely alone and uninterested in the people around her. The girl's beauty, highlighted by her tall stature and cute swimsuit, made Fuyuno blush a bit in both astonishment and jealousy, having totally forgotten about the unfinished snack still in her hand. If the girl were to notice her staring, Fuyuno would put on a slightly embarrassed smile and give a small wave to her in greeting. @Mishiro Appearance:
  6. Today's the day! Fuyuno was excited for the beach party that Kityuisa was hosting, especially since her friend Athena had helped her get a swimsuit in preparation. On top of that, the woman had even agreed to help her reach the 24th floor via teleport gate, since the girl couldn't use them herself. I gotta hurry so I'm not late! With that determined thought she left her inn room on the first floor and headed for the center of the «Town of Beginnings» for the teleport gate plaza. As she arrived she saw Athena waiting for her with a kind smile, and upon reaching the woman she smiled brightly back up to her. With Athena taking the lead, the two walked into the teleport gate, and as Fuyuno held onto the woman's shirt she heard her call out the name of the city where Kityuisa's party was going to take place. Once the overflowing light faded from her vision, a dazzling city with an ocean view came into sight. The girl looked all around with eyes sparkling, then remembered that Athena had someplace to be. Walking away from the teleport gate, she smiled and waved to her friend in both thanks and good-bye. After Athena waved back and then teleported again, Fuyuno began taking in the scenery once more. She couldn't wait to get the chance to explore this new city more, but before she lost herself in that thought she had to remind herself why she was there. I'm here because Kityuisa is throwing a party and it sounded like fun! This is also a perfect excuse to see her again after she helped me a few days ago; one where I can be sure I'm not bothering her! Solidifying her train of thought, she looked around once more to figure out which way to go. She didn't know anything about this floor, and it only just hit her that she hadn't thought ahead far enough to find out how to get to the party from the teleport gate. Just as she was lamenting this, she noticed some players wearing swimsuits leaving the city. She figured that they must be going the same way she was, so she decided to follow along where she saw them going. Eventually this led out of city limits, and when she saw the system notice tell her she had left the safe-zone she got a bit scared. Here she was, a very low-level player with her weapon and armor unequipped, walking outside the safe-zone of floor 24! As the fear of mortality slowly started to creep its way up her back, she noticed that some of the players around her were getting rid of any mobs that came close. Oh! They must be making the trip safer for everyone else! That means I don't need to worry! With confidence in safety restored, she happily followed the crowd down the beach. The farther out of the city Fuyuno got, the more players she saw. Wow, there's so many people here! Kityuisa must be really popular to have this many friends come to her party! Oh! Maybe I'll get to see Kirbs or Krysta! That would be really nice, she thought to herself as she began looking around the crowd excitedly for any familiar faces. Appearance:
  7. Fuyuno

    [PP/F1] <<Feeding Your Enemy>>

    When the two players approved her friend requests, Fuyuno smiled brightly again. When Athena brought up a quest and invited Fuyuno to join, the girl became visibly psyched up, eyes sparkling as she nodded. This look of wonder and excitement intensified once the woman mentioned finding and taming a familiar. Woah! You can get a cute little familiar from a quest?! I wanna do that! I want a familiar! Oh- As she nearly let her excitement overtake her, she remembered that she had learned to previous day that only the person taking a quest got the prizes from it. While this made her pause for a moment in disappointment, her frozen expression melted instantly into a giddy (and slightly embarrassed) smile upon hearing Athena call her a friend. She's so nice! We only just met and she's already calling me her friend and relying on me! i did send her a friend request, but she already called me 'friend'! At this point, Solei stood up with what looked to Fuyuno to be a depressed expression. This made Fuyuno frown sadly herself, feeling somehow responsible for his mood. This didn't last long though, as the man quickly changed the topic. The topic of choice, however, wasn't the most comfortable for the girl, which was apparent by her concerned expression. Nonetheless, she wouldn't feel right without giving an answer. Thus, she opened her menu and navigated it to send a message to Solei; something she had become somewhat familiar with the day before thanks to the other friends she had made. Fuyuno's expression was a bit strained as she typed the message out, doing her best not to remember too much of the terror she had felt. If she let those memories trigger a chain reaction, she wouldn't be able to go out for a while again due to fear. After typing as much as she could bring herself to say, she sent the message to Solei to read.
  8. As Fuyuno reached down to scoop up the little black cat familiar, she suddenly heard Krysta shout with concern. Her head whipped around in reaction, and upon seeing the dragon begin to spew fire in her direction she got a bit scared. This would have been a simple enough shock on its own, but once she noticed Krysta shielding her it struck a certain cord in Fuyuno, and she was momentarily frozen with shock. When everything was said and done, Fuyuno needed to take a silent breath to shake her nerves. It was then that she scooped up the cat familiar and stuffed her face in it while Ennakai offered it a treat, leaving answering Ennakai's question up to Kityuisa and Krysta to handle. After they gave their answers and attempted parting words, Fuyuno followed as Kityuisa prepared to continue moving on. This was when Ennakai began talking about the quest, which caught the girl's attention. Even moreso, she was shocked that the player knew her name. Huh?! Kityuisa said that something made our names show up in our vision if we throw a party, but I don't see Ennakai's name! Can she see mine even if I can't see hers?! Things just grew even more confusing for the girl. Then Ennakai mentioned that they liked the group and requested to tag along while offering to help, which made Fuyuno a bit sparkly-eyed. Woah, she's so strong and fast and smart, and she's offering to help! She might be kinda weird, but she's really cool too and seems really nice! With this thought, she looked up at Kityuisa and Krysta with a smile of excitement over potentially making yet another friend to help her. Temp Equipment: Andvari's Blessing(+3 LD)
  9. Fuyuno

    [F01-PP] Life behind fear

    As Fuyuno prayed for the girl to feel better, she was instead met with a fearful request and unexpected exclamation of pain. This took the girl by surprise, and she immediately let go of the woman's hand. She didn't intend to cause the woman any harm, but the scared and pained expression on her face filled the girl with grief. Oh no! I wanted to help her feel better, but I've only hurt her instead! Oh no, how can I apologize? Unable to really think of anything else, she placed both of her hands straight down in front of herself and bent her waist to a ninety-degree angle, bowing as deeply as she could in apology. She was too caught up in her moment of panic to react to the woman conversing to herself, but when the woman asked who she was she raised her head again. Because she felt incredibly guilty, the girl opened her mouth to respond, but immediately upon doing so the nightmare that had woken her that morning came surging back to her, reflected in a pained and terrified expression of her own adorning her face. Fuyuno had to avert her gaze for a moment as she tried to push the memories back. She felt really bad for having hurt the woman and not even being able to properly apologize, and the feeling was escalated a bit now since she couldn't even introduce herself properly either, but her trauma refused to leave her alone if she tried to talk. This made her regret the incident from all those years back even more, but she had to push those thoughts away. Once she made it over that hurdle and regained control of her facial expression, she gave a look of apology as she crossed her two index fingers over her mouth. I hope this works in conveying that I can't talk again...
  10. Fuyuno

    [PP - F1] Picking Out a Swimsuit

    When Athena faced her, Fuyuno let go of her clothes and took a step back to give her space. Despite this, she looked up at the woman with a pleading expression. She was so excited that she nearly forgot that she needed to send a message to explain still. Upon remembering, she typed a message again and sent it. Despite her earlier deductions, she still didn't want to put Krysta so far out of her way since she didn't know where the woman lived and Athena was already there. As the woman would read the message, Fuyuno would gaze up at her with fingers interlocked together at her breast as if begging.
  11. Fuyuno

    [PP/F1] <<Feeding Your Enemy>>

    Fuyuno kept her eyes covered for a few minutes. During this time she vaguely heard the two players whispering to each other, followed by the rustling sound of hastened movement. It wasn't until the sound of hands clapping together and Solei apologizing that she peaked an eye through her hands again. As her eye adjusted to the light again, she saw the man sitting with his legs crossed, which relieved her. Finally able to remove her hands from her face, Fuyuno let out a heavy sigh with one hand to her chest. She kept breathing for a few seconds with her hand to her chest, trying to get her heart to slow down. Of course, she was unaware that in SAO that was all just for show, and she wasn't feeling her actual heart beat. Even so, once she felt calm again, she faced the two of them and smiled. Now that she had the space to think again, she remembered that she still hadn't figured out how to ask if they could be friends. After a moment of thinking, however, the obvious answer came to her. Oh yeah, I can just send them friend requests! Upon realizing this, she held up an index finger to the two in front of her. She then made that two fingers, and swiped downwards to open her menu. After tapping a few buttons here and there, trying to remember what she had seen the day before, she managed to figure out how to send the two players each a friend request, and did so with another breath of relief.
  12. Fuyuno

    [F01-PP] Life behind fear

    Fuyuno yawned as she walked down the street of the «Town of Beginnings» early in the morning. She normally wasn't awake so early in the morning, but a nightmare in the form of a bad memory had woken her up and she couldn't get back to sleep. Since she couldn't sleep, she decided that she should take a walk to clear her mind and wake up. As she was passing by a park that she occasionally visited over the last couple years, she saw something out of the ordinary; there was a woman sitting on one of the benches. It wasn't that Fuyuno thought of the woman as weird, nor was the fact that she was at the park specifically strange, but it was unusual for anyone to be there at that particular time. What's more, the woman seemed to be unhappy to Fuyuno. As she watched, the woman wiped her face as if crying. This made Fuyuno feel a bit sad for the woman, and she couldn't just stand around and let the woman continue crying. Fuyuno quickly approached the woman, a look of determination on her face. When she reached her, the girl grabbed the woman's empty hand with both of her own. She then pulled the hand close to her chest, cradling it her her hands softly, while looking the woman in the eye. After a moment, Fuyuno then readjusted her grip on the hand to clasp it gently but firmly and lowered her head, eyes closed gently, as she did her very best to get a message across. Please don't be sad! Please don't cry! I don't know you, but I want you to be happy! She hoped the woman understood her intentions.
  13. It was a fresh day, and the sun was shining bright in the sky. Fuyuno was walking around the shops of the «Town of Beginnings» again, although today she was intend on having the day off. A lot had happened over the last couple of days, and she wanted to take a break from it all. As she walked away from a shop, a player wearing a hood over their face approached her from out of nowhere. "Hey kid, I've got some free info for ya if yer willing to listen." This caught Fuyuno's attention, and curiosity, very quickly, and she nodded in confirmation to hearing the player out. Giggling slightly, the player continued; "Alrighty then! Word says there's a player hosting a summer party on one of the higher floors. It sounds like fun and apparently anyone and everyone is invited, so you should go! It's on floor twenty-four at the Ocean Waves Manor near Raitoburū Bay. Oh, the player hosting the party goes by the name of Kityuisa by the way, and she has advertised that there will be competitions held, along with prizes. Since it's advertised as a summer beach party, it's advised that you bring your best swimsuit if you want something good to happen! That's about everything I know about it, so give it some thought. I'll be off now to keep spreading the word, so make sure to think it over!" With that the mysterious player left, and Fuyuno waved cheerfully after them. Oh wow, a summer beach party! That sounds so fun! I've never been to the beach before! And Kityuisa is the host, so I already know one person who will be there! I can't wait! As she cheered to herself excitedly in silence, she just happened to notice her own reflection in the window of one of the nearby shops. This sparked a sudden realization in her that soured her excitement a bit; That's right, I don't have a swimsuit! She pondered what to do about this predicament, but to her recollection there weren't any shops in the «Town of Beginnings» that featured swimwear. This brought her to the conclusion that she would need to ask for help from one of the friends she had made over the last couple days. Hmm... Kirbs seemed really strong, so I'll bet she's busy getting even stronger right now. Kityuisa is strong too, and she's even the host, so I should let her focus on what she's doing. Solei's a boy so he's out! That just leaves Krysta, Athena, and ... I don't think I should ask Ennakai either; they seem kinda weird. Just as she had narrowed her options to 2 choices, she caught sight of a familiar face close by. Completely forgetting her train of thought, she darted towards the brown-haired woman and tugged on her top to get Athena's attention. She then navigated her menu, which she started becoming more familiar with recently, to send the woman a message. (1v1 social thread with @Athena)
  14. When Krysta complimented her with the necklace, Fuyuno became really happy. Her face beamed with joy as the three party members left the shop. That is, until Krysta became tense and drew the sword that was sheathed at her hip. Fuyuno followed the point of the very thin blade to see someone standing on a balcony above their heads. She wasn't sure how she felt about this aside from that it had to be dangerous, so when the figure jumped from the balcony her face quickly displayed the worry and concern she felt. When this player landed safely, however, Fuyuno was both relieved and heavily impressed, clapping her hands lightly at the feat. The things that the player began saying didn't make much sense to Fuyuno, and her clapping slowed to a stop while she tried to understand. She wasn't given much time, however, because the player named Ennakai had suddenly appeared behind Krysta and was petting her dragon. The next moment she had disappeared again, and when Fuyuno looked around she saw her by Kityuisa. It was at this moment, as Ennakai was leaning down, that Fuyuno had actually noticed the little black cat accompanying Kityuisa. Huh? How long has that cute kitty been here?! I wanna pe- Just as Fuyuno was about to approach towards the cat to pet it, Ennakai suddenly appeared in front of her. They made some weird motions with their hands that Fuyuno didn't understand, and had disappeared before the girl could do much else. She looked around to see the player standing where they had landed, and although the player brought up a good question Fuyuno had something more immediate on her mind as she walked closer to Kityuisa. The girl leaned down and gently lifted the cat from the ground and held it in her arms at chest level, rubbing her face joyfully on the familiar's soft fur. To her, who knew next to nothing about the quest or questing in general, the question was more for Kityuisa and Krysta. They're teaching me this stuff anyways, so I'll let them answer. I know they know what we're doing, and this kitty is so cute! Temp Equipment: Andvari's Blessing(+3 LD)
  15. Fuyuno

    [Party Sign Up] Kityuisa's Beach Party

    Tier: 1 Build: None Discord: StaticFlare#0953