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    [PP-EV] Not this again. . .

    spider cider x1 on cordelia HP: 350/460
  2. Solei

    [PP-EV] Not this again. . .

  3. Solei

    [PP-EV] Not this again. . .

  4. Solei

    [PP-EV] Not this again. . .

    uses 1x spider cider on cordelia 360+90=450/460
  5. Solei

    [PP-EV] Not this again. . .

    consumes x13 energy drinks
  6. Solei mumbled to himself as he appeared in front of Jack. Well, there may be a couple of battles going around and stuff, but that didn't stop him from getting what he wanted! "Uh, I'll take that familiar treat and the light armor please," he said with a broad smile on his face. Jack beamed at him before handing him the armor. Solei yelped as he nearly got sent to the ground. "Gosh this stuff is heavy!" He exclaimed, clasping the items together with his right hand as he looked over at Jack again. "And. . . I wanted a couple of those energy drinks and spider ciders, too," he wheezed, giving Jack a small grin of appreciation as he watched him hand the items to him. "Oh, thank you!" He chimed, nodding to Jack before stumbling his way out of the tent. He was going to get something out of this event whether he liked it or not! -Jack's Protection: FLM AURA, EVA, Cursed -Ghost Treat +13 Offbrand Energy drinks +5 spider ciders -1,550 Col
  7. Solei

    so gosh darn generous

    totally not a total- i mean thank u
  8. Solei entered the shop with a sheepish grin. It felt like it had been forever since he had left the orphanage and. . . y'know, felt like a person. He swore that he was getting years and years older when he was around those kids. . . he loved them to death, though. "A-ah, right," he mumbled, looking around for the shopkeeper, his eyes trailing from the walls to the ceiling to the floor before he finally locked eyes with-- at least he hoped-- was the shopkeeper. "Hello!" He said cheerfully, offering her a small wave as he walked up to her. "I wanted to request an item. . . is that okay?" Solei fretted, his expression turning nervous. "I-I mean, yeah! Here's the order!" He said sheepishly, handing her the order before bolting out of the shop with a red face. -550 Col to @Noctua
  9. "Oh," he blinked, taking the items reluctantly. "You really didn't have to. I could've bought these myself,' Solei mumbled, taking out the funnel cake with a small smile. Well damn, that took him back to the 'good old days'. Funnel cake was the shi- Solei sweat dropped and mumbled a small 'yeah' before he started to dig in. Let's just say nostalgia kicked him the ass. Hard. The bluenette wiped his mouth and sighed. That was some pretty good funnel cake. Probably not the best he's ever had, but it was still pretty good. "So uh," he paused, scratching the back of his neck with a sweat drop. "How do you suppose we do this? I think you can tell that I'm not really much a fighter . . . heck, I'm not even much of a healer at the moment. I'm too low leveled to be really doing anything." He sighed, shaking his head with a sheepish smile. "I've been too busy taking care of those kids, man, they can be a pain in the butt sometimes."
  10. Solei almost screamed like a little bi- "Holy smokes!" He yelped, jumping back a solid foot away from the stranger, holding his hands up in some kind of martial arts position-- he didn't know! "Back off, mister!" He screamed with his eyes wide open. Good lord, he needed sleep. The kids get . . . hyper this time of year. Pure terror flashed through his eyes when he thought about that one time he gave them candy. Never. Again. Solei sighed to himself as his stance relaxed. "Heh, sorry about that. I just don't think I'm really fit to be living in the apocalypse yet," he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Solei sweat-dropped as he held his hands in front of him, "Are you sure? I'm not-- I don't-- I'm definetly not a damage dealer. I'm a healer . . . but I'm not even that at this level," the blue haired player muttered, his face falling for a few seconds before he pumped his fists up in front of him. "But I'll do my best to help you out!"
  11. Well, this was certainly-- er . . . well, it looks fun! He was expecting some kind of big Halloween party, not some . . . whatever this is! He wanted candy! And food! Not to be fighting-- what, a couple hundred zombies! Sounds fun! Fun, fun, fun! Oh God, he was so going to die during this. This is fine. This is fine! Fine! Fine! Fine! Everything around him was slowly crumbling and burning to the ground but this is so fine! Solei giggled nervously as he shuffled over to where they were selling the tickets. Stupid him, right! He heals for absolutely nothing, but here he is, his mouth already moving before he can really think about it! "I'd like one ticket, please!" God! He was an idiot. An utter idiot! The kids were going to kill him! Kill him! He was going to be dead both ways! Well, off he was to go play the Walking Dead or something! -500 Col
  12. If it was possible for Solei to spit out more lemonade, then he did. "N-not at all!" He exclaimed, shaking his head as he offered Aoelus a large grin. "You're fine to join this conversation." Or whatever it really was, anyway. "My name is Solei, by the way!" He outstretched his hand for a handshake. "Are you enjoying yourself at this party?" He asked, tilting his head to give the white haired player a sheepish grin. "I've just been eating a bunch of food... and spitting out drinks," he rubbed his neck sheepishly as his eyes averted to the sandy ground. "That w-was fun... anyway!" He pipped, turning his attention back to Aoelus with a smile as bright as the sun. "I hope you're having fun here, though! I know the girl who organized it, she seemed very nice when I first met her," he mumbled, taking another bite of the lemon cake.
  13. Solei sweat dropped as a body fell right in front of him. "I... I can see that," he stated with a confused expression. Was it suddenly raining people now? Was this some sort of event? "Kayaba wouldn't do that," he mumbled, scratching his chin. Kayaba may be a psychopath but he certainly wasn't a crackhead-- or at least he hoped he wasn't. How was he supposed to know? Do you think he has tea and sandwiches with Kayaba every Sunday brunch or something? "O-oh, right!" He crouched down and poked the man's arm with his finger. "Are you alright, sir?" He poked his arm again with a small smile. "Do you need any help? I can try go calling a healer or something if you need it." Maybe Kayaba wasn't a crackhead but this guy certainly might be one... was there even such thing as crack in here? He... wasn't sure.
  14. "O-oh, right!" He exclaimed with a mouthful of food. He swallowed the tight ball in his throat and started to explain, "no, no. I'm pretty sure you've got it all wrong!" He said with a small sweat-dropped. He was too young to have any kids, plus, he's never even dated in his life! "I run a small orphanage on floor one with a couple of colleagues-" Speak of the devil! He nearly shrieked when someone else pulled up next to him. His hands flew into the air as he stared at a familiar face. He visibly relaxed when he just realized it was one of his friends. "J-Jesus, Hydravion!" He exclaimed, covering part of his face which had already started to flush with embarrassment. "You shouldn't sneak up on me like that! You know how I am with people suddenly showing up," he deadpanned, his mind going blank for a few seconds before coming back to reality. "Wait a minute, that's a definite no," he exclaimed, making a big 'x' with his arms. "I don't want them to see... this!" He whispered loudly, motioning to the multiple adults in... their swimwear. "It's too much for their tiny little minds!" He muttered hotly, grabbing a glass of... lemonade? "Are you perhaps Solei's girlfriend?" The bluenette coughed for a few seconds before lemonade spewed out of his mouth and onto the ground below. "N-no, no! We work together!" Solei sputtered, his face turning a bright red. "That's it. We're just colleagues!"
  15. Solei blinked as the three ran off, his expression deadpanning. "I'm... not sure, but I'm scared to find out," he laughed nervously, hoping that whatever they were doing wouldn't make him have to bail them out of something. "O-oh, wait up for me!" He stumbled, chasing after Cordelia with a sheepish look on his face. "W-wow. Would you look at this?!" He exclaimed, gesturing to the loads of snacks displayed on the table. "Maybe I should've invited the kids here... they would've really liked all of this." As he said it out loud, he quickly regretted it. He wasn't going to let his poor little children watch a swimsuit contest! Their poor little eyes weren't ready for that, yet! He wasn't even sure if he was ready for it, yet! His face flushed the more he thought about it. "A-ah, frick," he mumbled hotly, grabbing a lemon cake and stuffing it into his mouth.