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  1. Who wants to join me in the Hoya quest? Or should I do an OP thread and wait until someone pitches in? Only one person would do.

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    2. Baldur


      I highly recommend doing the First Few Lessons are Free questline. You lose the ability to do them at level 15, and it gives good rewards/useful items.

      What weapon/build are you doing?

    3. Shinji


      Planning to make myself a tank. You can look at my stats and equipment in my journal, but the gist is that I have +5 DMG, +17 MIT and 1 ACC.

      I just completed my second quest, Long Live The Queen, and now waiting for an unknown perfect weapon to be identified.

    4. Baldur


      So even if you're going tank, I would recommend leveling up a weapon skill. You can refund it down the road if you want to, but just having a couple multiplier from your sword art and some base damage will make leveling up so much easier for you.

      You can start worrying about builds once you get towards the end of Tier 2