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  1. Mason had slowly made his way up to the summit, groaning and complaining all the way about putting quests at out of the way locations and making it tiring to get there. Of course, his not so athletic nature does work against him - his comfy mindset, especially so. Nonetheless, this is a quest to be taken, especially since it's rather free to take. After all, how hard can punching a rock be- His heavy breathing interrupts his thought process. Yeah. This is gonna be awful. This comfy boy was not made to punch rocks or be extremely athletic! He coasted by those subjects back when he wasn't trapped in a death game! What has he done? He had doomed himself to punching a rock. Forever! He collapses onto his back and stare at the sky, even though the quest NPC is obviously a few feet away. Can I just give up? Is this worth it- Ooo, pretty cloud. How about I just watch the clouds for a while, and get the moping over with? Yeaaaaah... That sounds nice...
  2. GetComfy

    [F01-R10|Alchemist] Cintamani | open

    Shop shop shop shop shop... Shop! Thus, a certain hobo but not a hobo comes through the door! In all honesty, the interior is quite nice! Comfy, almost. If he didn't have his own place to crash at, this would be a good alternative - but what if this is a more convenient spot? Ah, the possibilities are endless! - Nonetheless, Mason is here to buy a damage pot. Mostly because he heard it was a suggested idea if one was to partake in a particular quest where you punch a rock. Over and over again. Without anything. Doing one damage. Thankfully, consumables don't count! And although he could sample his own stock, it would be best to just use the least amount of materials and take his time breaking said rock. Thus, he is currently browsing the shop's wares... And he found it! Perfecto, time to toss away all his hard earned money so he can go break a rock. Opening up the prompt to buy the item... Transferring it over... And he watches a copy of the potion appear in his hand and his hard earned Col going away. Welp! Time to leave! "See ya later lady, nice shop~!"
  3. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    6/3/20 Aha! Success! Even better: I'm not making as much of a mess as I was before! Huzzah!
  4. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    6/2/20 Welp! It was hit or miss, but at least the hits were really good products! High quality products that'll be put up - or used by yours truly - and that just means the next time, it's easier to get the job done! Though... His materials aren't in a good spot, so perhaps he should go gathering sometime soon. He can certainly grind out enough materials in time.
  5. GetComfy


    "Yo! Seems like you needed some things, thanks for shoppin~" 4 Rares for 800 Col:
  6. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    6/1/20 Aha! Good haul today! Now he just has to store them all, or even start storing it into the menu! On the other hand, now he has a much bigger mess than before because he succeeded quite well. Whatever, at least he can put more stuff onto his menu now (even if they're not quite the quality he expected). You know, I kind of miss having a lot of people in my shop. Eh. Whatever~. He just returns to cleaning up his workplace for tomorrow.
  7. GetComfy

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    After finally pulling out everything he needed, he looks out in curiosity once he was called out. "Eh? Hm..." He just starts taking out the freshly baked cookies and starts pouring out the appropriate teas as he thinks about it. "Mmm... Yeah. If you don't mind me." With all the simpler stuff out of the way, he starts to prepare the dalgona - man, how convenient that he has the more out of place ingredients here. Thank you game developers! - and he starts to crush up some of the smaller cookies that came about from the leftover dough. The crumbs now layer the outer rim of the glass... Mason proudly looks at the tray he has before him! Two cups of the hot teas, dalgona (though not his best work), and a batch of cookies for the blonde and the.. the hypebeast. Lifting the tray and backing out the door, he gently places it onto the counter as he starts passing out everything. As if he was used to this, he swiftly passes out everything with efficiency. "Jasmine and cookies for one lovely lady, green tea for the other." Mason smiles at the two, passing out what they had asked for - then he turns to the hypebeast. "Here's your cookie and dalgona, my man." Returning the tray to the kitchen window, Mason gently plops his knees down to the pillow as he gently unwraps the gift of food - sushi! He turns his head to the blonde and bows his head a bit to show gratitude. "Thank you for the gift!" Then he pulls out chopsticks out of nowhere and prepares to chow down.
  8. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    5/30/20 Well. It's certainly not the worst work day he had, but he certainly had better. Nonetheless, he's glad to finally break the streak of getting nothing for the past few days, even if it's not the best item he could've made. Mason gently picks up the dessert and places it to his side - then he picks up the salvaged ingredients he got and puts it with the rest after thorough cleaning. Now he has to clean his workplace. Again. Oh dear... He really should stop being so messy about making things, it would make life so much easier... Oh well.
  9. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    5/29/20 Hm. Nothing today as well. At least he managed to salvage most of his materials today. Perhaps he should finish the sushi bar? He really liked the samples he got as a gift, so maybe that might be a good idea? He should really get started on the next quest though... He already has all the gear he needed, and the next quest will get him some levels AND col the next time he visits a shop... Hm... Perhaps he should ask someone out? On a quest of course. But who? Hmm... Nonetheless, he starts cleaning up the kitchen again. After all, today is already done.
  10. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    5/28/20 Today was a bad day. No successful creations, and he didn't even manage to salvage any of it. All those materials, gone to waste- honestly it doesn't matter because he can just get it all back later with a big 'ol grind. It's just the time wasted that hurts. Whatever. At least he can just go nap instead of, well, actually doing anything. Would it look bad if someone walked in on him just napping at the counter? Who would be so cruel to judge him because of that? Hm... I'll be fiiiine. Mason plants his head on a pillow and just begins to nap the day away.
  11. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    5/27/20 Hm. How is today going to go? Honestly... Better than expected! Made something, and managed to salvage one of the disasters! However, the quality could definitely be better... Eh. He'll put it on the full menu. Maybe someone will pick it up. That, or he can use it for himself. Either way is quite appealing! Alright, time to clean up for the day... He stares at the mess he had made in the kitchen while making everything. Oh... This is going to take a while... Why did I do this to myself? Whatever. He'll just go with it, it's not like he DOESN'T have time, so why not?
  12. GetComfy

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    Mason just softly hums along with the piano in the background. Though, it's obvious he has no sense of music whatsoever, so it doesn't sound quite right. Nonetheless, he does so anyways because it's a nice way to pass the time while he gets things done. Occasionally, he'd pause to listen to the conversation occurring at the counter top right outside the kitchen window, but his focus is always on what he's making. Now, how do I want to this...? He eases up on whisking the mixture, but sort of taps his chin in thought... After a few seconds, he prepares the dough and gets ready to put it into the oven. In a few minutes... Then let's go to the tea. Hm... Jasmine... How about green tea for the other? Yeah. That sounds fine. Keep it simple and all. Alright, get the leaves, bring out the serving bowl... He peeks through a few of the cupboards - it's still rather messy considering the fact that the initial condition of the store wasn't great - and pulls out cylindrical ceramic teacups. Putting them to the side for now, he just waits for everything to come together- Ah. Right. Need to prepare for this Dalgona thing. Done it a few times, but not much... Back to peeking through the cupboards for additional ingredients!
  13. GetComfy

    [F1 - R4 Cook][PK] Slow Days Cafe

    5/26/20 Alright! Let's see what we can do today! Bah. Nothing. At least I managed to get something back... Nonetheless, Mason will clean up for the day. The utensils, the messes left behind by people - the nerve of them! - and preparing everything for the next day! Man, the sushi is really good! I should put up a sign, that'd be sufficient pay back right? He should also look into crafting buffs as well. He's not very sure he can handle more of this vanilla and clean without anything. Perhaps one of the shops on the higher floors? They probably have something...
  14. GetComfy

    [F22|PK][R3|Merch]The Fox's Den - OPEN

    A casual whistle... Wow, being at this floor is kinda weird. Nonetheless, it is relatively easy to just teleport up then teleport back down, so might as well look around for some good shops, right? He heard some things about this place after all... Immolation pots, immolation pots, immolation pots! Ah, there it is! Time to make things unfun for a few people... Hehehe... Honestly, one would be concerned by the homeless looking person doing an evil chuckle, but I suppose money is money. Now... He has to trade some money and just pick up a copy of the pot, easy enough! ... Now to get back down.. God, this is a lot of effort.