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  1. Mason gently slides the door open, slowly closing it behind him. The familiar scent of incense greeting him, as well as the low warm lights... Yeah, it's real comfy... He goes right around the counter once more, dragging out the same old pillow he uses to rest in the shop. Then he bends lower to start pulling out some blankets... And now he has a futon set up! Wonderful. He just plops over like some puppet with his strings cut as he closes his eyes. Any exhaustion that was setting in him goes away, as he literally becomes a massive blob that does not want to move anymore. Ah... What
  2. ... Mason is now at a crossroads. He could get ready for the next quest and take the path to his right - thus letting him start the next quest immediately once he gets there and finishes this entire branch of missions. Or, he could take the path to his left - letting him go back home and get some sweet sweet rest... Hm... And he ponders this, tapping his chin in thought as he stares off into the sky. Left... Or right? Left... Or right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left- Ah, he's far too tired for this. Not only does he have a shop to run, but he has an appointed nap that he n
  3. Welcomed by the familiar grove of trees with a gem in his hand, Mason slowly makes his way towards the still painting NPC. A lazy grin on his face, he's now face to face with said NPC as he hands over the jewel. Alas, he's graced by her wonderful voice once more, and everything that he should be paying attention to just goes over his head... His eyes slowly closes as begins to nod off while standing up, as the slow vibes of everything just makes him want to- DING! Once again, the quest update sound immediately wakes him up. Drowsily browsing through the logs... Ah. I have to deliver
  4. Ah, how I missed this town, despite being only gone for not even a day~ I can't wait to get back to the shop~ I can't wait to get my free XP~ What a good day! Mason continues on his merry way, a large grin having formed on his face. All tension in him continues to evaporate as his vibes remain undisturbed! His tense grip, the frown on his face... All of it, gone. Though, now he has to return to the NPC now, doesn't he? Perhaps he can do a bit of window shopping while he's at it... And look at this nice little shop! It's full of nice flowers, and hell, he could buy some to decorate hi
  5. After stubbing his toes multiple times and making multiple wrong turns... He finally sees the natural light breaching the long dark hallways he had been walking through. Hurrah! No more stubbed toes! Mason starts to carefully make his way out, making sure to not make any more wrong turns or missteps... Step. Step. Step. Alas, the warm light of the outside shines down on him. Honestly, despite how hot and annoying it can be... He really did miss it. Plus, the forest around him is so much more nice than the dark and damp cave. Though, now he has to actually make his way back down
  6. Phew... Not a bad section of the quest at all! Though, admittedly, now that the light is all gone... Yeah, this cave is real dark. Never mind, he takes all his compliments back. This quest sucked. Even for a beginner quest. Well.. Might as well make sure that the prize is worth it. He feels himself adjust to the sudden weight put into his hand, bringing the gem closer... If he knew any better, he could probably make a comment about the cut and size of such a jewel. Not only that, but he can probably have a bit of a say about the value of such a gem... Bah, this isn't really his
  7. ... With his focus drawn away from the actual battle, the Cave Guardian manages to catch up to him and lands the blow that he had been trying to avoid. Pre-emptively wincing and closing his eyes, he lets himself skid away... How much damage, how much damage... I'm not too worried, but- Oh, that's not bad at all! Mason just weirdly looks at the single tick of HP that got knocked off. Huh. Would've thought that it'd do more damage. Welp! Guess that means this is going to be a real easy fight! Reversing his momentum, he lets his forward-most foot be planted into the ground and starts to lean
  8. The smirk on Mason's face falters, barely dodging another blow that was aimed straight for the gut. Skidding away, Mason lets out a sigh of relief as he realizes that no damage was dealt to him - which means that he should be coherent enough to land a blow... Right? Well, there's one way to find out. The stance is almost natural to him at this point now, having improved his skills a bit earlier... But the lack of actual light makes it hard to glean a good area on the guardian to land a decisive blow. Despite that, Mason tries again once more, only to land a glancing blow that has done not
  9. The cave guardian moved much slower than before, striking at the area Mason had quickly evaded from. He coughs a bit, still having not recovered from the blow dealt onto him. Nonetheless, the lazy swordsman stops all momentum and swiftly plants one foot forward again - surely, this attack will strike..! Dashing forward, Mason leans into his strike only to barely miss his attack to the side! Scoffing at his failed attempt, he lazily jumps back to prepare for the next round of battle... After all, he's still not sure how much that mob's attack was buffed, so getting hit again would not be a good
  10. Mason miss his strike, disappointingly resheathing his blade to prepare for the next hit. He can't help but frown at how uncomfortable this makes him, and that bad feeling in his stomach proves true as the guardian charges at speeds he's not that used to. Unable to dodge, he can only watch as the massive fist slams right into his face and throwing him far away from where he started - getting lodged into some rock at a high speed. ... He slowly falls out of it, as he groans in pain. Sure, that massive strike negated all that damage, but damn does it still hurt... At least whatever buf
  11. Immediately, the floor next to him cracks and buckles as the mob's fist practically grazes his face. "Haha, good one! Watch me, get the hell out of here-" Midway through that statement, Mason had scuttled off as far away as he could ready to run away until he realizes that the quest log updated to notify him that "Yes, you must kill the Cave Guardian." ... He clenches his fist around his weapon and pouts, realizing that now he actually HAS to do some hard work to finish this stupid quest! How did he even not realize that the mob was there? Hell, he's so deep into the cave that it's l
  12. RUMBLE. RUMBLE. Rocks from the ceiling begins to fall. Oh. That's why the hole's there. Mason is staring at a massive rock being, whose staring back down at him. And that massive being is the source of the light. Oh. Yikes. Guess that's what the potion is for, right? Immediately pulling out the potion from his inventory with some swift navigation, he's knocked to the ground from the shock wave of the guardian jumping down. Thankfully, the potion is still in his hand as he frantically pops the top off and starts chugging as fast as he could. Yikes yikes yikes, consume consume consume!
  13. ... Huh. I guess there is nothing... In front of Mason, is the gem, vibrant with light that shows a rather beautiful color. And he seems perfectly fine despite being that close to it. Even after scouring the area in the slowest, laziest manner possible, there were no obvious signs of any traps that would completely screw him over. Maybe it's because it's a beginner quest and they just want to do a small retrieval mission just to make people angry - It's entirely possible too! ... Then again, he did skip over a few areas because honestly, he really didn't care all too much, and those
  14. ... You know, as Mason thinks about it... How is the jewel even shining in the first place? Wouldn't there have to be light to hit it in the first place? Hmm... He pauses in his movement, taking the time to swivel around back and forth as he tries to find an obvious light source. After all, wouldn't that surely be a faster way out? Let's see, let's see... Ah, there's some rays of light, now where does it lead- Oh. Right. Mason awkwardly chuckles to himself, as his gaze is surely pointed to the rather large hole above him. Yeah. That was honestly quite obvious... Why didn't he check there
  15. Ha! He's getting somewhere! How does Mason know? Well... In front of him is a obvious rock structure, clearly made to designate the area for a certain quest that's meant for people to find jewels in stuff. Hell, the carvings in these structures made him look human made enough as well! Is this like a mining area or something? ... Is that a thing people can do in this game? Man, wouldn't that be cool - Right, quest! Focus, me! He begins to traverse the area much more carefully, keeping an eye out and definitely keeping a hand on his blade... He wouldn't want to get caught off-guard aft
  16. Oh, wow, these developers are nice! It's not completely darkness, so it's possible to do things - albeit in a terrible manner, but that's all that matters! Kind of like... Minceraft? Is that what's the game called? Yeah, that game. Thankfully, despite his mind being filled with absolutely nothing, Mason manages to dodge a rock that would've stubbed his other toe. Neat! Another annoyance out of the way - he should be paying attention to the objective at hand. He slaps himself a bit, eyes widening before squinting in the dark as he tries to spy any jewel looking things within this dark and
  17. ... This is a real dark cave. Wouldn't this- Almost as if the game read his mind, the notification pops up on his screen. ... Yeah, that sounds right. Thanks developers, you're not completely terrible people! Despite the obvious change to his stats, Mason happily walks into the cave as he starts looking for any sparkly shinies that would fulfill the request that the NPC had given him... Except it's real dark and there's no light to reveal said shinies. Do I have anything to fashion a torch or something? Or like, a flashlight? For the former, he was not intelligent e
  18. Here we are, back again on this singular road out of the town - because it's a beginner town and the developers thought that every beginner needs to be railroaded into the directions they needed to be going. Instead, of, well, being a terrible open world game where you can go literally anywhere with sparse content laid throughout the map. Admittedly, that's good, yet terrible game decisions. I guess not everyone can be pleased... Mason rubs the back of his head in thought, continuing on in his signature lazy manner of travel. Which is really just slow walking his way over to his des
  19. ... Mason pauses, having finally reached the grove once more. The fragrance and lush environment unconsciously puts a smile on his face, despite the fact that he is still incredibly whiny about everything. Nonetheless, he gets absorbed into the comforting atmosphere as he pushes through to make his way over to the NPC once more. And at first, he was going to skip their dialogue, but the sound of their voice is so pleasing that... He kind of stopped paying attention, mostly because he likes how they sound in general. Man, despite the flaws in this game, I really do appreciate the VA w
  20. Isn't this what people would call a real bruh moment? I mean... An easy section for a quest, only to realize that there's still more to do. Hm... Mason just continues to pout, complaining like always in his head. Even the lively atmosphere around him does little to appease him, despite how often he enjoyed just vibing with everything that's happening. All he can think about is how terrible the devs are, and that's not even counting the fact that they stuck all of them into a death game. Bleh. Whatever. He lets out the sigh he had been holding, deciding to finally pull open his menu to get
  21. Alas, he returns to his humble abode shop. Empty handed. After all, being frugal is good for someone in an RPG! Who knows when you need that currency, or when you need that super neat consumable... So why not save it, yeah? Nonetheless, the quest is over and he can finally rest. Mason slowly makes his way around the counter, gently placing his weapon down as he starts taking a pillow and blanket out for him to take a nap... Ah, how great... And not even a minute after, the sound of the door opens as customers start to come into the shop once again. Aw man... Despite the dis
  22. Mason just wipes away the sweat that's just building up from the sweltering heat. Boy, is he excited to eventually get back inside... At least it won't take too long to browse through the rewards. Let's see... A weapon with a damage enhancement, or armor with mitigation... Would've been nice for a newbie, but he's not one of those. More importantly, there's some real generous folks that are willing to give away more than that. Maybe they can get scrapped? Is that a thing people can do in this game? Bah. Something to find out for later... Ooo! Potion! Oh... Only usable in the next que
  23. Ohoho~! Look at this neat little grove! Full of nice trees that is strong enough to hold him up... And a decent enough locale that makes it easy to sleep in! Not bad, not bad! Too bad he actually has a temporary place to stay at now, but hey, not a bad idea to start marking down more of these areas - who knows when you'll need a nap, after all. Mason pulls out the menu again, going into the map and creating a waypoint so he remembers this in the future. With that, he closes it and starts looking for the NPC - and is greeted by them! Oh, they look quite cute. Eh. Too bad they can't re
  24. Returning to the overwhelming heat in the workshop is the absolute worst. Like, it's already hot enough outside - does it have to be just as hot, if not hotter inside? Bleh. Just pull through Mason, you got this. Pushing through the doors again, he pulls out the three tusks that he had collected and handed them over to the NPC. Now to skip all the dialogue. Again! Skip skip skip~ Skip! Oooh, package! With package in hand, he heads right out of the workshop to be greeted by the bustling street again. Except he hadn't learned his lesson, as the look of despair on his face con
  25. Ah... This path in the town is quite nice, now that he's been through it at least fifty times by now. It's a real treat seeing all these shops and restaurants opening up since the beginning of the game, and it's a real treat being able to do a bit of window shopping with the goods that are up for sale! But... He's staying frugal with his Col. After all, he needs to use it later. Probably. Nonetheless, it's nice grabbing inspiration for what he wants to sell at his own place. Or things to decorate it with. Like flowers. Man, he loves flowers... It puts a smile on his face, as he almost laz
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