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  1. Kirbs huffed in an annoyed manner as she threw a rock at the ground. Whatever, I can do this quest by myself. I don't need anyone helping me! I've gotten stronger. I can practically one shot them! One thing Kirbs hated the most were quitters. If they were quitting over something stupid, then yeah, she was fine with that. But when someone quits for the most stupidest reason, she has the right to be angry. He could've just waited for me! She told herself, throwing another rock at the ground, but he had to leave. Could've given me five more bloody minutes and I would've been done! She sat on a rock, Scarfy snaking around her neck with an amused glint in his eye as he watched his owner have a breakdown because of a simple boy. She looked at her obviously satisfied familiar and scoffed, tugging on her hair with frustration. "We don't need him, though. We can do this quest by ourself. We don't need anyone! Ain't that right, Scarfy?"
  2. It was oddly quiet and foggy, the suns rays still able to reach the ground, leaving a magical sight to those who search. Jade walked the trail in hopes of finding something to do, a voice broke the eerie silence. "Hello Dear, I see you are in need of a profession, may I interest you in Alchemy?" Jade turned to see a old woman, she was smiling sweetly and left the tent Jade completely missed, a small vial of rainbow colored liquid pulsating in the woman's hand. "A-Are, Are you talking to me?" Jade asked. "Now, I know it may seem very sciencey and scary, but I believe you can do it! And I hope you feel the same way." The woman signalled Jade to follow her into the tent, out of curiousity, Jade followed. Inside were a large amount of alchemy devices and vials, the woman moved from shelf to table to shelf, she looked like she knew what she was doing. "Now, I can teach you all about it sweety, but I seem to have ran out of some of my precious materials to give you a how-to on crafting, would you be a dear and run off to get me some? I think all I need is five, and I can help you on your way!" The woman smiled a sweet smile, she seemed to be happy someone wants to follow in on her profession. "Um, ok..." Jade said, finally acknowledging that the woman was an NPC. "...I'll be back in a little while." Jade walked outside, looking for anything that looks like a material. "Is that a... No, it's not..." Jade said to herself, thinking a small white flower was a material. 0/5 Materials
  3. As I prepared to leave the city of Urbus to go out and train Sunetra I was struggling to find a way to carry or hold them comfortably. I knelt down, and reached out and they nuzzled my palm gently letting their fire dim just a little bit. It was still hot to the touch but not burning. Thinking hard for a moment I pursed my lips. I need to find some way for them to stay with me, but not burn everything down around us. It’s not their fault they are made of fire. Wait…that’s it! I started wandering among the shops until I found one selling clothes and bought a little bit of cloth that was flame retardant. I tucked it behind my head in the hood of my armored long coat and grinned. “Okay, Sunetra, let’s try this,” I said as I lifted them up and put them in the hood. “Mrow,” they responded happily and snuggled deeper into the impromptu blanket. Quest Requirements: Quest Mechanics: Quest Rewards: Combat Stats: Monsters:
  4. As I was working in my shop I reached for a new material to use to form weapons for the day and realized I was out. Sighing, I geared up and started heading out of the Town, but on the way I heard an NPC mention a <<Garden>> in the nearby forest. Checking my New Player’s Guide I found out that places like that were awesome for gathering materials. I chased down the NPC and got directions to the Garden and headed out. I managed to skirt the edges of the boars and wolves immediately outside the town and make it into the forest without a problem. Not that they would have been a problem with my new armor, but who really needs the trouble right now? I followed the marker on the map the NPC had given me and quickly found myself on the edge of a beautiful, lush Eden-like clearing. Quest Objectives: Quest Mechanics: Quest Rewards: Combat Stats:
  5. Out again, not something he had anticipated doing already. It was just a few days ago he went dragon hunting, and it was already time to go hunting another, or rather “hunting”. He wasn’t intending to go all out and go monster farming, it was not he wanted to do, but it seemed like it was what he had to do do make ends meet, since he had been spending a large amount of materials on buying equipment for his long journey, it would take a while, but it would be worth it at the end, hopefully. What he needed first was a Name Tag, possibly more for his own sake, did he really want to change it all? He probably had to for his own sake … 3 name tags, that was a lot to farm out by himself, maybe he should hire mercenaries or something to help him clear this phoenix. Stats
  6. Gryas grabbed some provisions and set out, heading to the teleportation gate in the town center of Floor 4. His destination was a farming spot he was told about 2 floors lower in the second floor where he could safely farm for materials and Col on the monsters there. He had 5 Healing Potions and hopefully that would be enough for what lay before him. He thought about sending a message to someone from his guild to let them know where he was off to but decided against it, if anyone required assistance they could message him and Gryas did not think that he would require any from anyone else. He hoped. Stepping through the gate he arrived at Urbus, the main town on the second floor. It was a quaint town, modeled after towns known to once have existed throughout medieval Europe. It was a rather calming place with a rustic design and set Gryas at ease. Leaving the towns gates and heading South into the mountainous Gryas passed many different sights as he walked, from plant life to monsters of various types,wolves, elk, some large insects. The ones he hunted this day however was a rather rare mob that spawned on the second floor high in the mountains. There was a dire bear that roamed the region, and was known to be one of the strongest mobs that spawned here. They would be a trialing but reasonably safe monster to farm in this region, Gryas had to make sure however not to bight off more then he could chew. Enemies fought in topic: Locked in gear and stats:
  7. Stats Itzal drew his sword as he walked into the back yard of his house. Velnia flying beside him. His familiar had changed of course, as he had used the name tag on her. For she now had silver scales instead of her original purple scales. And her eyes were no longer red, but instead were pale blue. In addition to her appearance, her personality as well as her element had been changed. Her element was switched from lightning into steel, allowing her to harden her scales, and even reshape them just enough to make maneuverability easier for her. As for her personality, Itzal trained her to be more focused during times of need, and around others so that his identity wasn't discovered through Velnia. Besides this fact, there was also his other reinforcements of disguises. His new outfit concealed his face perfectly, save for players he added to it's whitelist. Any player not on the whitelist would not be able to see past the black mist/smoke that covered his face. Furthermore, he had found a way to disguise his voice. Originally he hoped gear could do that. Filter his voice and such. However because he couldn't find anything, he took some time to try and come up with an alternate solution. Which he did. He in fact, learned how to speak in an American accent. It was very fitting actually, since that was his birth country. He learned a little bit more about it. All of these things combined, the only thing that could give him away without him meaning to, was his secret technique Soul Barrage. Which was only known by him, Jonathan, Jenna, Hestia, and one or two others... He thinks.
  8. Macradon had been through quite a lot, and it was finally time to do something about all this hectic daily life. He’d been missing his monster hunting days, his field boss rotation. It had been a long time since he last went on a quest to defeat a single boss monster, all this time he used was at raids or in his shop. It was finally time to get some free time of his own of honing his skills. He had heard of this line of monsters, dragons to be specific, that could be defeated one after the other, finally ending in a climax battle at the end against a dragon figure. If these rumors were true, Macradon would venture out with his Cerberus and begin his adventure of slaying dragons, the templar had taken the path of the monster hunter, these few first were going to be his warmup. Stats:
  9. Mortambo rounded the bend in the street and finally saw Zackariah's Workshop. "Whew", he thought to himself, "this place was NOT easy to find." He had gotten lost many times trying to find his way. Entering into the shop a small bell tinkled and the older man behind the worktable immediately looked up from his work. Looking Mortambo up and down Zackariah said “Hmm, you look like one of the newer folks in town. I’ve got some jobs that need doing if you’re interested.” After Mortambo nods, he continues “All right then, you’ll need some herbs from out in the wilds. About 5 of them. After you gather those for me, I’ll put you to work making a potion. After that, well, I’ve got a package that needs to be delivered to Lyle the Blacksmith. For your trouble, I have a little care package I give out to adventurers like you. Sound good?” Mortambo says “Yes, sir. Just give me a description of the herb and I’ll be off!” After a short description from Zackariah, Mortambo heads out to the wilds outside of the city. Quest Objectives: Quest Requirements:
  10. "take this!!" He yells as Zuekin punches the tree he has been attacking for the last hour splintering the bark on it "finally now I can..." But before he can finish what he was about to say dozens of figures start to rise from the bushes and shrubs surrounding Zuekin they appeared to be .are from the branches and twigs littering the forest floor. "Well the broker did say there would be quite a few of them but I think that this is over doing it a little" taking a deep breath Zuekin set up into his boxing stance fists raised in front of his head and feet planted firmli on the ground "at least this is going to be fun." Flashback 1Hour ago "So your telling me if I go out and punch this tree I will be able to fight these rare creatures" Zuekin stopped speaking to the info broker only to think for literally a second before shouting "sign me up" and with that she gave Zuekin the location of the tree. As he walked through the forest he sighed a little not from exhaustion or from boredom but from excitement he couldn't wait to fight these rare mobs but little did he know he was in for one heck of a fight. Present time "We'll come on already are y'all going to fight me or are we going to stand here all day" he bellowed at the creatures before four of the stepped forward. "Ha four huh I guess it will have to do, let's go"
  11. "Ah... What a lovely laboratory you have here. Best I've seen I must say." Redfield said to white bearded fellow. "So it seems you have something I need. A new beginning. Oh, I understand now, it's a metaphor! I feel like an cool for not understanding earlier!" The white-masked man chuckled a bit. "You must be here for the quest. Just collect 5 TIER one materials to get started." Zack commanded. "Of course sir." Redfield bowed elegantly and proceeded to the outside of the town on a search for materials. It was the perfect combination between cloudy and sunny, between hot and cold. "Ah, it's a fine day, if I don't say so myself." He said, adjusting his his suit's tie, along with his collar which he felt was a little crooked. "A fine day indeed." He walked confidently out of the town of new beginnings, determination in his movement. For this was his first quest.
  12. It wasn't a nice day. Definitely, not a bright and sunny day Kirbs was hoping for. Of all days, she had to choose from, today had to be the one where it would rain. Just want a bloody nice day to go gathering! Blimey, should I cancel? Absolutely not! She shook her head furiously. She had made a vow to herself that she would not give up so easily. I'll never make it to the frontlines if I keep giving up so easily! Kirbs brows knitted as she peered through the cafe's window. Rain. Lots of it. She gave a hopeless sigh. This is not going to be a good day. The red-haired girl fiddled with her long locks before heaving another one of her signature sighs and stepped out of the comfortable booth from where she was staring out the window. She hesitated to open the door but found it quite stupid to be afraid of such a stupid thing. It's just rain, she told herself, it won't hurt me, I think.
  13. Kirbs sniffed as she threw the pouch up and down. This all seems very, very nostalgic. She sighed and shook her head. No, that pest isn't here this time. I won't have any distractions this time! She huffed, shoving a sushi roll down her mouth. Me, Evelyn Itchii Evans, will get a bloody familiar even if it's the last thing I bloody do! She puffed out her chest and continued walking out of the safe zone. Only did she then realize how bloody hot it was. Right, floor five. Uh, why am I here again? Why the fifth floor of all places? It's too hot! She fanned herself with her hands. Oh, god. I am definitely not going to last long in this stupid heat! Of all floors... you did it again, Evelyn! Well, it's too late to go back now, she turned around and looked at the settlement. Yeah, too late! She spun around and whistled her way out of the town. -Super Lucky Sushi Roll - +3 LD
  14. Gryas had received a notification about a new quest that was available one morning while going over his alchemist supplies. It hinted at a reward that would benefit his craft and although it said to travel to floor 17 it did not hint at any real danger that the quest will force on players as the quest level was open and not restricted. Gryas had never been that far up before, it was dangerous for someone of his level and he would have to be careful. Even if the quest itself was not dangerous he better be careful not to stray from the quest at all or his very life could be the cost of traveling this far up in the tower. Still though it was exciting, every day he pushed forwards on to bigger tasks in this battle to finish the game. If he kept this up he will be on the front lines in no time!
  15. Sentinel

    A Beginners Journey [F1-SP]

    "Trying to find this shop is a nightmare" I thought to myself. I walk around some more to finally mumble to myself "Okay this is absurd... I will just ask this shop keeper.". I walk up to the man's shop I begin to question who runs this place. As I walk in I read that the man's name is Zackariah, and after that I saw that I had gotten lost in the Town of Beginnings . I approach the old man and introduce myself, and he smiles at me as he says "It is a beautiful evening, Sentinel, my name is Zackariah as I'm sure you already read," he paused then continued "What can I do for you today?" Zackariah asks as I fidget with some old tools wondering what they are used for. "I sort of got lost and if you could point me in the right direction-" I ask before he cuts me off and says "I can help you, but you have to help me first, by fetching at least five tier one materials come back after you've found them."
  16. Kirbs was sprawled our lazily on a red plush chair in her shop. She had just finished the days crafts and was looking forward for some time alone. A soft ring made her jump up from her comfortable position. Looking down, she noticed a small notification appearing in front of her. Challenge of Olympus, huh? We’ll see about that! She grabbed a few things and headed off to the teleport pad. Wonder what this crap is going to be about. But it gives some hefty rewards so I’ll deal with whatever it is. She grinned and dashed off. Oh, I wonder what this Athena will look like! She’s like, supposed to be like, really pretty, right? Goddess of wisdom! I wonder what I would be if I was a Greek god. Goddess of parties, food, and video games! The Greeks really need to update their gods. This is going to be so fun! (I’ll use Yui’s grace in the thread) -Yui’s Grace
  17. Kirbs whistled as she left the artisan’s shop, just being tasked with getting a few materials for the quirky shop-owner. She thought about the shop-owner as she ate a sushi roll she had bought a few days ago. Well he seemed... rushed? She shrugged to herself and pondered to herself. How many did I need to get? What was it, five gems or something like that? Boring. These fetch quests an crap. She clicked her tongue and sighed. I guess I’m going solo on this, not like anyone can help me anyways. Gathering... psh. Easy as pie. Never got that saying. Is it a saying? I feel like it’s a saying. What does it even mean?! It’s not even five minutes in, and Kirbs already like pulling her hair out. Focus Kirbs. Focus! Focus on the bloody task at hand and this will be over! You can have your talk about pie later! She argued with herself. Well, time to go then. Let’s go Kirbs! Off to flippin’ Narnia! -Super Lucky Sushi Roll
  18. Hei had been busy with crafting lately, and so his stocks of materials was running low already. If he wanted to stay in business he had to get some more materials, and as if the game wanted him to continue, he met an NPC who told him about some mysterious hunting spot on the eleventh floor, where mobs and plants would respawn super quick, and the chance of finding materials was increased. Hei thanked the man and made his way towards the teleportation platform, but not without telling Fae that he would be gone for the day. The small girl wanted to come with him, as she always wanted, but he had to leave her behind, as mobs would be dangerous for her. Once he had reached the teleportation platform, he teleported to Taft, the town on the eleventh floor, and after asking a few people, he quickly learned that there was a Courtyard belonging to a mansion somewhere outside the town. - This sounds interesting, I wonder what kind of mobs there will be. Normally there are antmen on this floor, but I don't really believe in them being in the courtyard of some mansion - And so Hei left the town towards the direction various NPCs had told him to go.
  19. Kirbs timidly entered the alchemist's shop with a thin line as her mouth. Oh dear. I should be able to trust an NPC right? She asked herself with a gulp. I a pretty sure that they aren't designed to betray you or anything like that, Kirbs gave a sigh of relief, glad that she doesn't have to do anything but make quick conversation with the NPC. People directed me over here. Perhaps I have the wrong house? She wanted to both physically and mentally slap herself for getting such a simple task wrong. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" she hit her forehead with her palm multiple times as she said that. "How could you get something so basic so wrong?" she asked herself and inwardly groaned. I can't believe that happened. Maybe they purposely directed me to a wrong spot? Did I make a bad impression so quickly? She pouted, her shoulders drooping with dismay.
  20. Hazado walks to the giant lake Hannah pointed at, The package for Ol' Pete needed to go there. as he walked to the Lake he starts to think about some things like how it would be as he went to Open events more often and what kinds of people will be going there. People didn't think much of Hazado, he did not do anything much too important so players just see him as a normal player that started of. The Lake is not far, He can already see it not far away from him and a small boat is in the middle of the lake. Maybe it was Ol' Pete's boat but who knows. "The lovely wind is already hitting me, and the water I can already smell it." He said walking down to the lake seeing it there he almost got there but still a long way to go before he got there fully.
  21. Walking up to the gate looking around for a great place to start looking amazed on how the game looks and getting use to the whole “Walking around” feature. "What would be a great place to start at?" he said to himself in his thoughts as he sees a mysterious shop in the distance of his site. "I think I found my first destination." as he lifts his left foot off the ground feeling his hoist long sword smacking against his back as then he starts to walk to the shop. Once he reaches to the door of the shop he stares at the sign and then opens the door and slowly pushes the door open. Walking into the store Kyoto fines a old man. An NPC named Zackariah that is offering quest. 'The first Few Lessons are Free' as Kyoto accepts the quest and then walks out the door..
  22. Ptolemy found himself back at Lyle's blacksmith shop. I was severely... 'ticked off' last time I was here. At least I am much calmer now. He sighed, pushing open the shop's doors. "I'm back for the second quest," he said out loud, turning the corner to see Lyle, who was working on polishing a small shield. "Greetings Lyle, it hasn't been long, hasn't it?" Lyle looked up from his shield and greeted Ptolemy with a handshake, which he gladly took. "What's up Ptolemy, was it? Yeah, good to see you again." Are you certain about that? You barely spared me a glance last time I was here. He sighed and gave Lyle a small smile. "So you here about that second quest? I bet you are, just take the quest, I'm pretty sure you know what to do." "How did you know?" He muttered sarcastically, getting ready to bid farewell to Lyle. "I'll see you soon, goodbye Lyle."
  23. Ptolemy glanced around the town, he was currently on the second floor and had just encountered a hag- I mean a sweet old lady. He was skeptical of the quest, rumor has had it be challenging to actually get a familiar. No harm in trying though I suppose? He told himself, a small sigh escaping him. Running a hand through his hair irritatedly, he frowned when he figured out that he had to actually find the familiar. This is going to be a long day, he sighed, a very, very long day. Who knows if I’m going to even find it? Blasphemy. He stole a glance at the town's entrance and blinked at it. My level is good enough to be out there alone I suppose. It’s not the mobs that I fear, it’s the amount of time this blasted quest is going to take. He looked at the crowds of people that littered the streets of the town. Perhaps having someone tag along would make it seem to go faster? I don’t even know anymore.
  24. Ptolemy glided up the blacksmith's stairs with a nonchalant expression sealed on his face. "I'm fairly certain he said it was this shop... hopefully." Rubbing the back of his neck, the player carefully widened the front door of the shop and poked his head in. Zackiriah was his name, right? He restrained himself from biting the inside of his cheek frustratedly but entered the shop anyways. He glanced around at the interior of the shop and nodded thankfully. "Oh thank God, I thought I might've been in the wrong shop," he let out a relieved sigh and looked around a bit more. He certainly doesn't seem very organized, he commented, noticing the cluttered materials, weapons, and shields that littered the shop's shelves and tables. I suppose I can help him with that after I do this quest, Ptolemy noted to himself before venturing farther into the shop. As he dove deeper, Ptolemy soon found himself a few meters away from what looks like a retired Santa Claus in ragged clothing. Assuming it was the quest giver, the blue-haired player took a few steps forward and cleared his throat. "Zackiriah, I assume?" He outstretched his hand out to the NPC. "Nice to mee you, my names Ptolemy."
  25. <<The Second Lesson, Is Also Free>> Gryas was looking through his quest log to find where he should start. He had been away from the game for months now, choosing to stay at home and ignore his surroundings. Looking through the quest look however he stumbled across a quest that he had done all those months ago with Zanne. That made him pause, it had been a year and a half now since the last time he heard her voice. Shaking away that dreaded feeling of loss it urged him to push onward. Stage 2 out of the 4 stage quest chain was called <<The Second Lesson, Is Also Free>> That looked like as good as any a place to begin and to pick things back up. "Lyle Tealeaf the blacksmith huh? Hopefully he shouldn't be too hard to find." Gryas began his journey, trying desperately to rekindling the flame within and find his will to fight.