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  1. (Link to the quest is within the spoiler above :>) (Noms a golden Garlic Bread from Neo's shop (+3 LD for the Duration of the thread)) (Noms a Tofu Burger from Neo's shop (+2 DMG, -15 MIT for the Duration of the thread)) Stats are in the spoiler below :D Mina was standing outside a tent, the site of a quest location. A female NPC by the name of Evangeline Calora. She was a master alchemist that offered to teach those willing to learn about this profession. Alchemy had always interested her, and made her excited to try and design powerful potions, salves, and crystals, that could make someone's life easier. In this world, potions and crystals were a definite must-have, especially the teleport crystals. Teleport, healing, mass-healing, and antidote crystals were so expensive to buy, but when you made them yourself... they were loads cheaper! Mina smiled faintly when Evangeline offered to educate her in the ways of potion crafting, and all she had to do was go grab five of them. "It shouldn't take me too long, miss" she said softly, bowing respectfully to the NPC. "I'll be back soon." Mina began walking off, munching on an LD snack that she had received from a cook recently. that, plus the buff from her cloak and the search skill should be more than enough!
  2. It had been a few days since I had finished the first quest that hadn't been one of the tutorial quest together with Macradon, and I had decided that it was time to do some more questing and gathering, as I wanted to get a little bit of new equipment to become a better protector. After I had gotten the new Armour from Macradon and we had fought some creatures I noticed that it was nice and all, but that I wanted to have some more light armour to enhance my speed. The schooluniform was great for gathering and just basic out of combat comfort, but not what I would need as a full blown tank. Besides that I had learned from Macradon that one could get a pet that could help with fighting. He had had a three headed dog, that had helped fighting the nepents, so I wanted to have one too. I spent a few days gathering information on how to get a pet myself, and after talking to a few of the information brokers on the first floor I learned that there was a quest somewhere on this floor which would allow taming a wild animal to become a familiar. Once I had found out I dug deeper and learned that one had to find a possible partner, and that there were items that increased the chance of finding one, so I went to the seventh floor and bought one of the delicious looking garlic breads to help me with finding a friend, and increasing my chances of gathering materials on the way to where a friend could wait. With all the preparation done I decided that it was time for me to leave the town at dawn, as I wanted to have as much time for finding a new friend as possible. I hadn't had breakfast, so the golden garlic bread had to do the deal. It was super delicious and I wished it wasn't that expensive, so I could buy more of it, but for now one was all I had. Eating the bread I left the town of beginnings and after a few minutes an old gypsy woman came towards me and mumbled something about her food being so good one could tame animals with it. I remembered that this was what the brokers had told me about, so I listened and nodded as she told me her story. In the end I smiled at her and she handed me the food, so now I was good to go. - golden garlic bread + 3 LD -> +5 LD for the thread
  3. Kirbs huffed in an annoyed manner as she threw a rock at the ground. Whatever, I can do this quest by myself. I don't need anyone helping me! I've gotten stronger. I can practically one shot them! One thing Kirbs hated the most were quitters. If they were quitting over something stupid, then yeah, she was fine with that. But when someone quits for the most stupidest reason, she has the right to be angry. He could've just waited for me! She told herself, throwing another rock at the ground, but he had to leave. Could've given me five more bloody minutes and I would've been done! She sat on a rock, Scarfy snaking around her neck with an amused glint in his eye as he watched his owner have a breakdown because of a simple boy. She looked at her obviously satisfied familiar and scoffed, tugging on her hair with frustration. "We don't need him, though. We can do this quest by ourself. We don't need anyone! Ain't that right, Scarfy?"
  4. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] The Slaughter of Animals

    Time to put my nose to the grind stone. It was time to start leveling like there was no tomorrow. I teleported myself to the first floor and made a break for the exit. I was about to do something i have never thought about doing in a very long time....Grinding. Old fashion RPG level grinding. Im just going to kill everything in sight in order to get as much experience as possible and there nothing in this world that will stop me. The first thing i noticed in the plain was a large population of boars. Let the slaughter begin. ID# 114351 BD = 6 Hit 14 damage I ran straight at the boars body and slashed straight through him, cutting him in two different pieces and shattering his body. A gleam in my eyes began to shimmer as i started to lose control of myself. I started to laugh like and insane man as i looked to my next target. Ryu 700/700 HP 69/70 EP ______________VS_____________- Boar #1 -dead-
  5. YureiGhostGirl

    [F01] The First Few Lessons are Free

    It was a decently warm day in the Town of New Beginnings and I was on my patrol route when I stumbled upon quaint little shop. Inside this little shop was a man. This man called himself Zackariah. Biblical as it was the man did not speak in religious tongues. "Well hello there traveller what brings you in today" he asked me very sweetly, like a grandfather would. "I was just on patrol and wanted to check out your decretive little shop sir." I spoke to him "Is there anything I can get for you?" "Actually yes dear traveller there is something I need." He spoke gently "I need someone to go and gather 5 materials out in the wilderness for a new health potion im working on. maybe if you bring them to me i can brew you up something nice too." He smiled at me and i nodded back at him. I set off in search of the
  6. RyujinSeaLord

    [F11] Natures Treasure

    Returning to the 11th floor for more material gathering for my forge was probably the best and only idea i could come up with. Luckily this quest was repeatable and i was able to invest a few points into a skill which would help highlight ores and materials for easier finding. I only hoped that it would bring even more success than it was before. Maybe this would be exactly what i needed to bring my shop back up to par. ID# 113898 LD= 10 (+1 T2 Mat) CD = 4 (+1 additional T2 Mat) As soon as i walking into the cave the first thing i noticed was some materials left strewn about on the ground. "Looks like its my lucky day after all. At this rate ill have plenty, but maybe i should keep looking just for the sake of having extras." This would be a lot easier than i thought. Hopefully my luck hold out and i can walk away with a decent amount of crafting pieces.
  7. Stats Itzal drew his sword as he walked into the back yard of his house. Velnia flying beside him. His familiar had changed of course, as he had used the name tag on her. For she now had silver scales instead of her original purple scales. And her eyes were no longer red, but instead were pale blue. In addition to her appearance, her personality as well as her element had been changed. Her element was switched from lightning into steel, allowing her to harden her scales, and even reshape them just enough to make maneuverability easier for her. As for her personality, Itzal trained her to be more focused during times of need, and around others so that his identity wasn't discovered through Velnia. Besides this fact, there was also his other reinforcements of disguises. His new outfit concealed his face perfectly, save for players he added to it's whitelist. Any player not on the whitelist would not be able to see past the black mist/smoke that covered his face. Furthermore, he had found a way to disguise his voice. Originally he hoped gear could do that. Filter his voice and such. However because he couldn't find anything, he took some time to try and come up with an alternate solution. Which he did. He in fact, learned how to speak in an American accent. It was very fitting actually, since that was his birth country. He learned a little bit more about it. All of these things combined, the only thing that could give him away without him meaning to, was his secret technique Soul Barrage. Which was only known by him, Jonathan, Jenna, Hestia, and one or two others... He thinks.
  8. "take this!!" He yells as Zuekin punches the tree he has been attacking for the last hour splintering the bark on it "finally now I can..." But before he can finish what he was about to say dozens of figures start to rise from the bushes and shrubs surrounding Zuekin they appeared to be .are from the branches and twigs littering the forest floor. "Well the broker did say there would be quite a few of them but I think that this is over doing it a little" taking a deep breath Zuekin set up into his boxing stance fists raised in front of his head and feet planted firmli on the ground "at least this is going to be fun." Flashback 1Hour ago "So your telling me if I go out and punch this tree I will be able to fight these rare creatures" Zuekin stopped speaking to the info broker only to think for literally a second before shouting "sign me up" and with that she gave Zuekin the location of the tree. As he walked through the forest he sighed a little not from exhaustion or from boredom but from excitement he couldn't wait to fight these rare mobs but little did he know he was in for one heck of a fight. Present time "We'll come on already are y'all going to fight me or are we going to stand here all day" he bellowed at the creatures before four of the stepped forward. "Ha four huh I guess it will have to do, let's go"
  9. [OOC: Sorry if the grammar isn’t correct, I was very sleepy and sick at the time, I hope you enjoy! I also hope that you'll join me in the next chapter "Crimson Caller" which is a Private Party.] Jade awoke early. The darkness engulfing the windows. She opened her menu, 1:31 AM. She tossed herself over trying to go back to sleep. She tossed and turned, she couldn’t sleep. She didn’t know why, usually at this time she could just close her eyes and drift off into nothingness, but for some reason she couldn’t. Was it the nightmares? The ones she had tonight weren't as bad as some of the ones she had recently, that must be it. I must be paranoid. Jade thought to herself. I can’t get sleep like this, I need to clear my head. Jade reluctantly threw off the covers, and put on some slippers via the menu, stepping off the bed, the floor made a loud CREEEEEAK. She opened the doors to the balcony, sitting down on one of the chairs. It was cold out, even her pajamas, which were exceptionally good at keeping her at just the right temperature were failing her. She was about to head back inside when something caught her attention.
  10. Ghost

    [SP-F1] Bad Dreams

    "Come on sis!" Jess shouted, her smile ear to ear. Jade smiled back, her sister meant everything to her. She was her life, she would do anything if it meant her safety. "Yeah yeah, I'm coming Jess, wait up!" Jade began running through the fields of flowers. White daisies. It was wonderful. She felt like she could do anything. The Jade caught up with Jess, who stopped and giggled. Jade's smile brightened as she slowed to a stop next to her sister. As Jade got a better look at Jess's face, a blue butterfly could be seen on her sisters mouth. Jess stared the thing down in awe, her eyes crossed. Jade remembered a time were a similar thing happened to her with a friend. He was kind, a little odd though, looking like a girl and all. Though Jades reaction was more "Please get it off" then "Its a butterfly!". Jess was nine, and she had signs of being a genius when she was far younger. When their mother died in that horrible accident, their father became a monster of a man. At the time, Jess was only a baby, she would never remember her mother having never met her. But Jess always saw Jade as a mother figure. He punished Jade severally for things she did not do or small things. Most of the time, Jess was responsible for breaking something when their father was drunk and angry. Jade would draw the attention to herself, causing her to take the pain for her little sister. Jade had to be strong for her sister. The sun began dipping down over the horizon, painting the sky in beautiful shades of pink, orange, and blue. Jade stared at the display, she felt safe.
  11. Pleue kicked her legs back and forth as she sat on the barren a cold stone wall. Her chocolate brown eyes were drifting off towards the sky, a sort of glazed look etching on them. Her gaze was directed towards a clump of clouds that took much of the space in the sky. Clouds in Venus are toxic, sulfur-dioxide, in fact. People would have fun breathing that in, a small chuckle came from her as she thought about that. Clouds in Saturn and Jupiter have ammonia; one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms-- Her attention was broken when she felt multiple taps on her shoulder. "Oh, hey Cha--" She cut herself off as she turned around. Not, Chase, the thought nearly brought tears to her eyes. "Hey lady, can you get off there? You're freaking out the people who live in town," an unfamiliar man asked. She blinked and focused her attention on his facial features. He had green eyes, a distinct feature she has rarely ever seen. Green eyes, only two percent of the population in the whole world has it... or it was last time I remember checking it. Her attention was once again snapped when the man's face morphed into an enraged one. Nearly squeaking, Pleue nodded her head ferociously before kicking herself off the wall with a nervous smile. "Of course, sir! Haha... sorry about that."
  12. Sentinel

    A Beginners Journey [F1-SP]

    "Trying to find this shop is a nightmare" I thought to myself. I walk around some more to finally mumble to myself "Okay this is absurd... I will just ask this shop keeper.". I walk up to the man's shop I begin to question who runs this place. As I walk in I read that the man's name is Zackariah, and after that I saw that I had gotten lost in the Town of Beginnings . I approach the old man and introduce myself, and he smiles at me as he says "It is a beautiful evening, Sentinel, my name is Zackariah as I'm sure you already read," he paused then continued "What can I do for you today?" Zackariah asks as I fidget with some old tools wondering what they are used for. "I sort of got lost and if you could point me in the right direction-" I ask before he cuts me off and says "I can help you, but you have to help me first, by fetching at least five tier one materials come back after you've found them."
  13. Out again, not something he had anticipated doing already. It was just a few days ago he went dragon hunting, and it was already time to go hunting another, or rather “hunting”. He wasn’t intending to go all out and go monster farming, it was not he wanted to do, but it seemed like it was what he had to do do make ends meet, since he had been spending a large amount of materials on buying equipment for his long journey, it would take a while, but it would be worth it at the end, hopefully. What he needed first was a Name Tag, possibly more for his own sake, did he really want to change it all? He probably had to for his own sake … 3 name tags, that was a lot to farm out by himself, maybe he should hire mercenaries or something to help him clear this phoenix. Stats
  14. Some things are better than not to talk about but some things keep on your brain lingering until you completely forget them. But not like this one, I still remember them good. It has been two years now but still remembers them quite well. But it is better to speak about them if feel down. Golden memories are once to keep and look past the bad thing that is in that memory. I keep this in mind quite well but still planning ahead is not always the best you become quite down if things don't pick up as you planned them to. So I will show you what I can remember but don't get mad at me because it has been two years already. Both I and Haru stood in the workshop of the blacksmith, it seemed like his quest could now be started and both Haru and I spoke with the NPC known as Lyle. He looked older then the other NPC we had a quest before but still, I was not worried about it. We spoke with the NPC and he told us that we needed to get him some Boar pup tusks meaning that this was going to be both our first combat that was going to happen. Haru pointed to the quest things saying that is was very easy to fight with the boars are very easy to beat. I looked at her "Think I'm ready," I said to Haru as I started to make a plan on how to defeat those boars. As I followed Haru outside of the workshop
  15. I had heard through the grape vine that the Info Brokers were saying if you wandered around Krycim long enough a shadowy figure would approach you and if you took the challenge and defeated them in battle an awesome new skill would be unlocked. So I wandered in and out of the shops and things not really interested in buying anything but just waiting for the figure to appear. Suddenly at the head of an alley I saw a strange figure, and they immediately ducked into the alley. But could that be a player? I warily moved to the edge of the alley and looked inside. There was no one else to ambush me, so I walked into the alley and the figure simply stated, “If you would like to challenge me, follow me outside the town limits. There we will fight until you have passed or failed.” The figure then wordlessly moved past me and started towards the edge of town. Quest Requirements: Quest Rewards: <<The Gemini>>'s Stats: Combat Status: USING 1 YUI'S GRACE - +1 SP TO THIS THREAD
  16. The walk from Krycim to the Waterfall of the Sage was very uneventful. I whistled merrily as I walked looking forward to the peacefulness I heard the waterfall offered. I’m not sure I need it quite yet, as I wasn’t anxious as usual lately, but it will be good to have as a place I can return to. Arriving, I noticed all of the flat rocks that looked perfect for sitting on and viewing the waterfall although most people seemed to avoid them. I sat down cross legged on the rock and began to take in the beauty of the waterfall. Sunetra, even though they hated water, also jumped down out of my hood and sat next to me. The pounding of the waterfall hitting the rocks, the warmth of the sun hitting my face and the rock underneath me, and the cool mist slowly moving past me began to lull me into a state of relaxation. Quest Requirements: Quest Rewards: Inner Demon Stats: Combat Stats: USING A YUI'S GRACE - +1 SP ON THIS THREAD
  17. My name Is Summoner, well at least it is in the gaming world but my real name is Kiran. I have been stuck in this game for a long time and I still think back of the days I did not worry about at all It was like something did change and now I need to find a reason to keep going. But all these Memories are very clear to me, sure they did happen almost 2 years ago before the accident and all but still, I enjoyed those time and I wish to tell them. So let's go back a few years and let me tell you what those days where like. "Summoner, Summoner, Come one time to get our levels up now, I don't want to keep sitting here," I hear as open my eyes to see who it is. That moment My eyes meet a good friend of mine Haru or Pettlelin in game. I nod my head and stand up from the seat following the lady in her red heavy armor and her spear and shield. My robes followed me as I try to catch up to her as she then turns around to give me a pat on my gray hair smiling, "See you need to get in charge again, Because I got lost," She says to me as I smile happy to her taking the lead to the quest we wanted to do before I fell asleep for a moment. "This way," I said to her taking a few turns before I got there standing in front of a door of an alchemist shop. "T...This is it," I said to her pointing at the door before turning to her again and waiting for us both to be ready.
  18. Seeing the post on the notice board, I grabbed it and went to meet the merchant Gatsly in the tavern. He gave me the spiel about how dangerous the Warg was and passed over an antidote for the poison. I’m sure that will come in handy but how deadly can this thing really be. I mean it has its whole pack with it, but I’ve pretty much out-leveled this floor so I should be fine. Sunetra and I walked out of the tavern and headed out of Urbus towards the point on the map Gatsly had given us. This will be a walk in the park. No problem. Just a few wolves and I’ve fought plenty of those before. I checked my gear to be sure I had everything I needed as I walked. Seeing I was fine on potions and my armor was repaired and ready to go I just smiled. This pack won’t know what hit them. Quest Objectives: Quest Rewards: Monsters: Combat Stats: USING A YUI'S GRACE FOR +1 SP
  19. I made it to the lake outside the Town of Beginnings pretty quickly to deliver Hannah’s package. I found the old fisherman packing up his wares for the day, but he took the package and thanked me asking if I’d come back in the morning. Returning bright and early, standing before him he chuckled. “Well, if this package you delivered last night is what I think it is time for me to try for the King fish of this lake again.” He opened Hannah’s package and pulled out a brand new fishing pole. “Yep, just as I thought. Well, if you wouldn’t mind I could use another set of hands to help me reel him in. There will be some good rewards in it for you.” “Yeah sure, I haven’t been fishing before though,” I replied. This should be interesting. I’ve seen Miss Neo fish, I wonder if this is where you learn it? Quest Objectives: Quest Requirements: Quest Rewards: Monsters: Combat Stats: USING 1 YUI'S GRACE ON THIS THREAD FOR +1 SP
  20. Having briefly met Hannah last night as she was leaving the garden to deliver Lyle’s package, I found my way back there the next morning. I sleepily meandered through the streets of the Town of Beginnings getting some breakfast and then finally found myself at the gate to her garden again. As I walked through it, the birds sang from the trees and I felt the warmth of Sunetra’s head on my shoulder. By the time I found Hannah near the center of the Garden I had a big peaceful smile on my face. “Good morning, Hannah. You told me last night that you might have a quest for me if I came back early this morning. What is it that you need?” The NPC girl smiled and said “It’s not as simple as you might think.” She opened the box from Lyle and showed me the ring inside of it. Quest Requirements: Monsters: Combat Stats: Quest Rewards: USING A YUI'S GRACE FOR +1 SP TO THIS THREAD
  21. It was oddly quiet and foggy, the suns rays still able to reach the ground, leaving a magical sight to those who search. Jade walked the trail in hopes of finding something to do, a voice broke the eerie silence. "Hello Dear, I see you are in need of a profession, may I interest you in Alchemy?" Jade turned to see a old woman, she was smiling sweetly and left the tent Jade completely missed, a small vial of rainbow colored liquid pulsating in the woman's hand. "A-Are, Are you talking to me?" Jade asked. "Now, I know it may seem very sciencey and scary, but I believe you can do it! And I hope you feel the same way." The woman signalled Jade to follow her into the tent, out of curiousity, Jade followed. Inside were a large amount of alchemy devices and vials, the woman moved from shelf to table to shelf, she looked like she knew what she was doing. "Now, I can teach you all about it sweety, but I seem to have ran out of some of my precious materials to give you a how-to on crafting, would you be a dear and run off to get me some? I think all I need is five, and I can help you on your way!" The woman smiled a sweet smile, she seemed to be happy someone wants to follow in on her profession. "Um, ok..." Jade said, finally acknowledging that the woman was an NPC. "...I'll be back in a little while." Jade walked outside, looking for anything that looks like a material. "Is that a... No, it's not..." Jade said to herself, thinking a small white flower was a material. 0/5 Materials
  22. As I prepared to leave the city of Urbus to go out and train Sunetra I was struggling to find a way to carry or hold them comfortably. I knelt down, and reached out and they nuzzled my palm gently letting their fire dim just a little bit. It was still hot to the touch but not burning. Thinking hard for a moment I pursed my lips. I need to find some way for them to stay with me, but not burn everything down around us. It’s not their fault they are made of fire. Wait…that’s it! I started wandering among the shops until I found one selling clothes and bought a little bit of cloth that was flame retardant. I tucked it behind my head in the hood of my armored long coat and grinned. “Okay, Sunetra, let’s try this,” I said as I lifted them up and put them in the hood. “Mrow,” they responded happily and snuggled deeper into the impromptu blanket. Quest Requirements: Quest Mechanics: Quest Rewards: Combat Stats: Monsters:
  23. As I was working in my shop I reached for a new material to use to form weapons for the day and realized I was out. Sighing, I geared up and started heading out of the Town, but on the way I heard an NPC mention a <<Garden>> in the nearby forest. Checking my New Player’s Guide I found out that places like that were awesome for gathering materials. I chased down the NPC and got directions to the Garden and headed out. I managed to skirt the edges of the boars and wolves immediately outside the town and make it into the forest without a problem. Not that they would have been a problem with my new armor, but who really needs the trouble right now? I followed the marker on the map the NPC had given me and quickly found myself on the edge of a beautiful, lush Eden-like clearing. Quest Objectives: Quest Mechanics: Quest Rewards: Combat Stats:
  24. Gryas grabbed some provisions and set out, heading to the teleportation gate in the town center of Floor 4. His destination was a farming spot he was told about 2 floors lower in the second floor where he could safely farm for materials and Col on the monsters there. He had 5 Healing Potions and hopefully that would be enough for what lay before him. He thought about sending a message to someone from his guild to let them know where he was off to but decided against it, if anyone required assistance they could message him and Gryas did not think that he would require any from anyone else. He hoped. Stepping through the gate he arrived at Urbus, the main town on the second floor. It was a quaint town, modeled after towns known to once have existed throughout medieval Europe. It was a rather calming place with a rustic design and set Gryas at ease. Leaving the towns gates and heading South into the mountainous Gryas passed many different sights as he walked, from plant life to monsters of various types,wolves, elk, some large insects. The ones he hunted this day however was a rather rare mob that spawned on the second floor high in the mountains. There was a dire bear that roamed the region, and was known to be one of the strongest mobs that spawned here. They would be a trialing but reasonably safe monster to farm in this region, Gryas had to make sure however not to bight off more then he could chew. Enemies fought in topic: Locked in gear and stats:
  25. Macradon had been through quite a lot, and it was finally time to do something about all this hectic daily life. He’d been missing his monster hunting days, his field boss rotation. It had been a long time since he last went on a quest to defeat a single boss monster, all this time he used was at raids or in his shop. It was finally time to get some free time of his own of honing his skills. He had heard of this line of monsters, dragons to be specific, that could be defeated one after the other, finally ending in a climax battle at the end against a dragon figure. If these rumors were true, Macradon would venture out with his Cerberus and begin his adventure of slaying dragons, the templar had taken the path of the monster hunter, these few first were going to be his warmup. Stats: