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  1. With her new armor in tow, the knight decided to journey off for herself and try her hand at some combat and also find time to harvest some materials, since she decided she would work on a craft while leveling up. Most players seemed to do so and she could make herself nifty items and not to mention sell them to make extra cash. The quest description mentioned a place where she can find materials easily. It wouldn’t be long until she found herself at the garden in the grasslands. The entrance to the Town of Beginnings was rather close, so if she needed to make a hasty retreat to safety it was but a light run away. If she got into danger, however, the new gear should be enough to keep her alive. That being said, she began looking around for useful materials. The abundance of materials in this area shouldn’t make it difficult to find a good amount. But even then, she still has difficulty finding anything usable. She won’t let that stop her, though.
  2. It had been several months since he discovered the grim truth. His wife, Kasier. Jenna Arno. Had died. He was worried because he couldn't find her contact info, and she wasn't returning his messages. Then one day when he was giving his respects to the fallen... Her name... He never did find out why their shared inventory didn't just give him the items. Maybe it was a glitch. All he knew was that his beloved wife was deceased. It was hard for him to process. The first month he cut all ties to anyone and spent some time alone. Near the end of that month he figured he might as well try and be productive, so he went on a walk every morning. One day Velnia was killed, only furthering Itzal's grief. And now... Months later... "ARGH!" The sound of steel piercing through the man's digital shoulder blade was the focus of everyone's attention as the seven player killers turned to look at the person who chose to ambush them. Itzal twisted the blade, activating his weapon's paralytic effect before pulling the blade out and turning the injured player into a shield against the murderer's friends. They swung their rapiers, their swords, their axes and hammers, their spears. All to no avail as he blocked them, pushing them onto their feet by tossing his victim. Itzal's movement was lightning quick, his attacks precise, his movement so ingrained in years upon years of hardening his combat skills to the point where it was more than muscle memory. It was who he was. To Itzal this wasn't a fight. It was a dance. A dance where only one was left standing. Even for those who could see through the shadows of his hood, his expression was emotionless. His eyes dead. This was his job. This was how he kept others safe. Nothing else mattered. Or rather. He had nothing else that mattered anymore... @Zandra
  3. Quest and Stats are listed above Snow crunched underneath violet's feet as she trekked to a quest spot towards, where she could farm a few Ice elementals, which would give her the opportunity to fight the <<Avalance>>, a powerful quest boss that was a danger to the lower-leveled players. She had akame perched on her shoulder, and simply followed the Icy path through the woodland part of the tundra to get to the spot, where she readied her weapon, and started to check over her inventory, a bored look on her face. the floor was filled with mostly uneventful and weak monsters aside from the occasional loot-standard monster that came about, which was fairly rare. The ice elemental's were pretty fun to fight, though! Akame fluttered into one of the nearby tree's so she could watch her master from a safe spot.
  4. Cordelia's hands tingled as she walked through the calms waters that rippled under waterfall. Was she really going to do this? Face her demons? She wondered what kind of demons she even had. What if she didn't even have any demons? She didn't know. Cordelia sighed as she found a flat rock not too far away from the waterfall. Just sit here, right? That's what the people told her to do. She. . . wasn't sure how this was going to give her a new skill but hey, she didn't question it any further. She crossed her legs as she plopped herself on the rock. So she just had to. . . sit here? What an odd quest. She placed her hands together in front of her as she closed her eyes quietly, listening to the sound of the birds chirping. The water almost silently flowing. The occasional sound of crickets humming. The sound of silence.
  5. Xian had heard about these tutorial quests for newer players, and he was interested in getting these done to help with his leveling. He needed to grind up as much as he can, and that was why he ended up going to this shop first thing in the morning. He soon meets this man named "Zackariah", who was apparently a very friendly blacksmith who helped newer players get started by providing them with a quest that taught them material gathering, an important part of the game - as materials are practically currency. Xian walked in and accepted the quest, and soon enough he was sent to the wilderness of the first floors to gather five materials. Materials can be hard to gather for new players without any boosts, but he hoped that this would be different, because apparently while doing this quest, it would be easier to complete material gathering. Xian smiled, he had been spending a lot of time on the second floor.
  6. Mina's outfit for the date >> Floor Four, The Starglades, Night time << Mina was quietly waiting in the starglades deep within the wilds of the fourth floor, fidgeting with her long coat, a faint blush on her face from the cold. She had finally figured out where she wanted to meet up with Jon again, and planned on sending him a message soon... though she needed to wait just a little bit longer so that she could finish preparing what she had brought. Mina produced a large cloth blanket that had the bonus of feeling constantly warm no matter where you were at using it, making it perfect for what she was using it for. She produced another bottle of wine, this one a beautiful lime green bottle of wine that she had purchased for a nice sum from the very same Shop that supplied her with most of her alcohol. It was by far her favorite kind of alcohol that they made, and it certainly made warming up during the cold season a cinch. She then set out an insulated basket, a pair of plates, a pair of silverware, and a pair of fresh crystal glasses that she got with her order. She remembered the conversation that she had had with Rosario about it. The friendly girl had given her loads of support for the situation, and had even given her a few foodstuffs for free. At first she had been reluctant, but Rosa had been rather insistent on the matter. Now she was grateful for it, as she could get help from her to supply the meetup. She took a deep breath, before pulling up her menu to send a message to Jon to call him over to where she was.
  7. "take this!!" He yells as Zuekin punches the tree he has been attacking for the last hour splintering the bark on it "finally now I can..." But before he can finish what he was about to say dozens of figures start to rise from the bushes and shrubs surrounding Zuekin they appeared to be .are from the branches and twigs littering the forest floor. "Well the broker did say there would be quite a few of them but I think that this is over doing it a little" taking a deep breath Zuekin set up into his boxing stance fists raised in front of his head and feet planted firmli on the ground "at least this is going to be fun." Flashback 1Hour ago "So your telling me if I go out and punch this tree I will be able to fight these rare creatures" Zuekin stopped speaking to the info broker only to think for literally a second before shouting "sign me up" and with that she gave Zuekin the location of the tree. As he walked through the forest he sighed a little not from exhaustion or from boredom but from excitement he couldn't wait to fight these rare mobs but little did he know he was in for one heck of a fight. Present time "We'll come on already are y'all going to fight me or are we going to stand here all day" he bellowed at the creatures before four of the stepped forward. "Ha four huh I guess it will have to do, let's go"
  8. Abalasster

    [SP-F04] Winter Contingency

    (Continuation from "Once More Into the Breach") Abalasster stepped out from the portal into the frigid village that was Snowfrost. It had been a while since he had been here, but with what the NPC in the forest had mentioned, he felt driven to come to this floor, and seek out whoever the hell this "Yasha" was. He wasn't given much to go on, only that this "Yasha" was attempting to kill this NPC, and caused them to flee to the first floor. This alone was enough to tempt his curiosity. "What drives and NPC to leave their floor" He thought to himself, "and should that even be possible?" Maybe he happened upon some kind of side quest, or maybe it was something more sinister. Whatever it was, the facts on the table were that this NPC wanted another NPC dead, and the floor to search was the 4th floor. Abalasster just shook his head, "Not much to go off at all" he murmured. In his mind he thought, "Well, where does one go when they have only rumors to base things on?" And thus, he began to make his way to the tavern. "If anyone knows anything" he thought to himself, "Its that lot"...
  9. Birds chirped over the houses on the first floor in the Town of Beginnings. Not much was happening after the big event with the invading fleet of water kin. The sun was high in the sky this morning. The sound of the birds was joined in with the sound of the busy streets of the town on the lowest floor on the flying castle Aincrad. A clinging could be heard beside the Rank 10 Blacksmith shop from the backyard of the plot. Stirring in his coffee, Macradon sat on a stool, relaxing after the big fight against an entire army, against a ton of minions, their handful of commanders, and their one big king. Taking a sip from the coffee, the knight contemplated “It was just like that time, back when we fought Lenoidas and his 300 soldiers … but back then I actually enjoyed fighting … now it’s just like a job that I’m somewhat forced to do. If I don’t do it, I’m not helping, if I do it, I want to do it less … what now …” he thought, struggling with the thoughts of the future. Stats:
  10. Bingo Book Mob Detail: Baldur Stats: The scene outside the circus tent was straight out of a b-roll zombie flick from the 1980s America films. NPCs were running helplessly through the streets only to get caught up by zombies and they themselves to reinforce the growing horde. Undead suddenly began to climb from fissures that rent the ground around Baldur, causing the gaijin samurai to stagger for a moment before catching his balance. "Well then, let's get to this..." He opened the bingo book and scanned through it. "Last hit on 50 seems like a lot. Better to just let them hit me and heal the damage. But I might as well see how tough they are first." Reaching down, Baldur gripped the <<Muramasa>> and focused his eyes on the nearest zombie, still off on its own, and vulnerable to the wanna-be samurai and his gorilla tactics. "Here I go!" Baldur called out, as he streaked towards the first. (Baldur uses Yui's Tear (a donor reward) for this thread)
  11. Stats are above lovelies~! Mina jumped down from the balcony, whooping as she charged out. She wasn't scared about the current situation, she was freaking Excited about it. This was so, so SO much more lively than the whole business with Miraak that had happened a while back. She had forgone wearing her armor, knowing that these creeps probably couldn't do that much to her, not with how they seemed to act at least... Oh well, not something that she was focused on. She noticed with a start that there were a few zombies that had zeroed in on some of the NPC's, and were preparing to feast on them. Not something she would just let happen, not even in a million years. She jumped from her perch in the stands, and landed near the NPC characters, and Prepped herself for this event. "A lovely Spectacle, this much is for certain... but I refuse to allow any of you to beat down any more of these poor NPC's!" she hissed, popping her skull mask onto her face. "Stupid Zombies, Shall I educate you on the difference between you and I, Ne?"
  12. Abalasster meddled with his rapier as he stood at the threshold between the Town of Beginnings and the open wild. He gazed out, captivated by where he once used to frolic, but now was too scared to leave the safety of his walls. His desire of adventure was clashing with his opposite desire to not take a risk. It was an easy decision to make, but Abalasster remained planted at the edge of civilization and chaos. "Oh c'mon" Abalasster said under his breath, "It's not that hard, just choose". But his own goading words weren't enough to sway him either way. Instead of taking a step forwards or backwards, Abalasster moved to the side, and took up the vacant spot against the wall. He leaned against it and let out a sigh. "My oh my your pathetic" he thought to himself, "Just make a decision". Abalasster turned his gaze from the open outdoors and looked back to the city. He could hear the hustle and bustle of other players and NPCs as they worked, chatted and went about their days. And it was this camaraderie that beckoned Abalasster back. "Maybe I should just go back and tidy up the shop" Abalasster spoke into nothingness. Just as he was about to take a step back towards the city, he felt something collide against his neck. It wasn't terribly hard, but it was sizable enough to notice. He looked down and the bump was a product of his familiar, Khepri. "What?" Abalasster asked, rubbing his neck. The scarab shook its head, and pointed out towards the open plains. Abalasster was shocked. "You wanna go out there?" Abalasster asked, to which Khepri responded with a firm nod. Abalasster looked back out towards the wild, and took a deep breath. "Well, here we go then"
  13. Marianne

    [Event F1] All hallows eve

    Stats are in the spoiler! Mira grimaced at the amount of zombies ripping their way out of the earth, a disgusted look on her face. Apparently even the undead monsters weren't bothered by the situation, though that was probably just because the damn things didn't even really have a proper AI! she could probably program something better with half the budget that Kayaba had, but that was besides the point. She was more or less focused on the achievements, which she wanted to get just for bragging rights... and because she wanted to get a particular item from it. the sticker looked freaking awesome~! She was busily devouring her Funnel cake, which would boost her damage by a large amount, making this much easier for her. She took note of the flame-based defensive enhancement that would boost her defense, and provide a type of psuedo-thorns against her enemies.
  14. The air was clean and crisp. The sun was shining and to Lonzo's surprised there were tons of people on the streets. Players, new players. How was that possible? Was it always this busy and he just chose not to go out and look around before? He thought everyone progressed and went to higher levels. It brought him hope that he wasn't the only one that was too lazy or at the time too scared to really do anything. He smiled to himself. That just meant more fish in the sea to flirt with and have a good time with at a bar, or some sort of event. An event with tons of food, and maybe tons of people. While he thought about that he walked into an NPC shop. The bell above him let out a chime and he looked at the NPC behind the counter. "Long time no see. Do you remember me Snow White? Well I guess you're no maiden maybe Santa Claus would be better?" "Welcome back Lonzo, will you finally accept my quest?" "Finally? Guess your mind still works. I was here a few years ago or was it one? I can't keep track of how long I've been here." Lonzo stretched a bit and felt confident after hearing tales in bars how easy the quest was. "Should I replay the quest for you Lonzo?" he asked. "Knock yourself out, old man. Tell your buddy Lonzo the quest from the start. Might jog my memory after so long."
  15. It had been a while since Drazyn had actually done much in the game of SAO besides simply walking around the Town of Beginnings, with fear of death on his mind. But now, here he was about to leave the massive town, having accepted a quest from an NPC named "Zakariah". The quest seemed simple enough; Find the old man some materials so he can craft with them and probably get nice reward, Drazyn wasn't interested in searching an info brokers list to find what the quests reward would be. If he was going to do something in this game, he wanted the reward to be a nice surprise. Something he could actually be somewhat excited about, a feeling that Drazyn had seemed to long forgotten in the past. Drazyn also saw the quest as a way to help himself change. He wanted to help clear the game. He wanted to get through it. Heck, he even wanted to play the game he had saved up money to buy. But the fear of death was just so haunting to the young adult that he hadn't let himself out of his shell. He didn't want to die. If he was going to die, he should've been in that car when his mom and sister got rammed into, not like this. He thought about how much he wanted to be with them all the time. All together as a happy family again. He had his rapier in its sheath at his side, the Breath of the Forest, in case if he stumbled upon combat. He really was hoping it wouldn't come to that. Drazyn stopped walking out of the town right when he stood before the gates. He let out a big breath, closed his eyes for a moment, and thought about why he was here. In any case, he really should've found the game much more appealing than living with an abusive family.. Drazyn tried to tell himself that all the time, but always felt like it was his fault they were that way. He opened his eyes as he began to walk forward again, out of the safe zone and into the grass lands. "I can do this!"
  16. “@Alec, I’ll leave the shop in your hands. I’ll go give Hephaestus a visit.” the grandmaster blacksmith said with a smile as he exited the shop. Formal jacket on with his sword on his back, Macradon went on a short weekend journey up to the 17th floor. On his left arm was his vambrace etched with each incident, wrapped around it was the chain to hold down Belphegor so the hound wouldn’t just scram wherever it wanted to, everything else was pretty casual as for attire goes, but something peculiar was hanging around Macradon’s neck, the Immortal Stand of Zeus. It was the item that Macradon was given to defeat Leonidas and his 300 soldiers, with power getting as strong as Zeus as lightning arced with every swing, dealing heavy blows to crowds in a single arc, this was probably gonna give him something to bargain with and see where it would go.
  17. Cordelia

    [EV-01] Ded to the Undead!

    “Jesus Christ!” Cordelia stopped in the middle of her tracks as a bunch, and I mean a bunch of zombies surrounded her. “I’m not going to have enough energy to kill off these many zombies and still get something out of it,” she muttered, a crease forming on her forehead as she readied to give an AoE attack. “Pacco!” She shouted, looking over to her shoulder and at her familiar. “Sight and then scout the zombies ahead of us. I’ll be able to kill these things quickly but I need to know how many more there are going to be so I can prepare my energy!” Pacco nodded his head stiffly, his bright red eyes flashing once before they become almost pitch black. He took off without another word, leaving Cordelia. Alone. With these stupid zombies. This was going to be just great! She’s got the whole gang here! Too bad more than half of them were already dead, though. BATTLE READY: COMBAT: ACHIEVEMENT TRACKER:
  18. While it wasn't the outcome he was expecting, or not exactly, it was close enough that the grand reveal of the event's twist was not much of a surprise. He didn't sit up at first when the undead began to flood the tent, merely opting to observe for a moment longer. The NPCs ran, some of the weaker players fled as well, and the cream of the crop all leapt into action, as they were expected to do. Takao didn't feel that same need, he had all night to get his fill, exhausting himself before the first turn would be far more detrimental than beneficial. Eventually, once the crowds of competition had thinned, he lifted himself from his reclined position and he swiped into his menu. From there, his two-handed sword «RAGNAROK» found its way into his hand, appearing from amidst a plume of technicolour particles, and he rose to stand. With a slow, dragging inhale, he set pools of bright emerald upon his quarries, and teased a smrik. "Showtime." ITEMS PURCHASED STAT BLOCKS
  19. LMB9

    LMB9 Journal

    Profile Username: LMB9 Real name:??? Age:18 Gender:male Height:5'5" About: History/personality Virtues: (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Flaws: i have a mild hearing disability which stops me from hearing certain noises in the wild and i may not here what others are saying (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory (1) dagger (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col Roleplays Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)
  20. Krysta walked past the edge of the sixth floor's safe zone, wondering what the floor had in store for her. She hadn't really been in this floor, at least, not very much at all. She was going to see where fate would take her, when she stumbled upon a friend. "Oh! Mitria! How are you?" "Pretty good, Krysta! My, do I have something to tell you!" What Mitria just said had piqued Krysta's interest. "Oh? What would that be?" The safari gear clad woman adjusted her glasses and said, "I saw someone at a peculiar waterfall. When he opened his eyes, he told me I should take a seat on the flat stones, that I would feel rested. Well, I did so, and now I'm ready for almost anything! Of course, I've also heard some rumors of something strange happening there every once in a while. Perhaps it would be good to stop by at least once if you're going to explore this floor!" Krysta asked for and received the directions from Mitria, and was on her way. Stats and equipment:
  21. Kirbs dragged herself out of the shop. Things have been bad. Really bad. Why did the world hate her? Was it trying to make her lose her sanity one by one? Was she truly destined to feel like [doo doo] forever? Was she destined to be lonely forever? --- The tired redhead hopped off the teleport crystal as she had just encountered a person. An info broker? He began to explain to her the details of this quest. It didn't seem so hard, except for that part about travelling for two days. "Alright, I'll see what I can do, see you later," she mumbled, giving him a wave as she began to leave town. Scarfy seemed to have awoken from his nap and lifted his head tiredly. "We're going out for two days again," she mumbled, her eyes drooping from exhaustion. The Nguruvilu's eyes widened as he felt the so-and-so bad memories creep up on him. "Don't worry, it's not that quest." - Tiger's Rage
  22. Furrow

    [SP-F01] The Last Laugh

    [Previous Quest: <<Tusk City>>] The woman led Furrow quite a ways from the Blacksmith’s shop before she finally sat down in a heap. She dropped all of her weight into the planks of a small bench and practically collapsed against its backrest. Furrow took a seat beside her and relaxed, letting the weight of the day roll off his shoulders. He hadn’t noticed it before, but the sudden exercise had worn him out quite a bit. After sitting around and being lazy for so long his body had lost its edge. He would need to do some basic workouts to get that back. Even though this was a game and he doubted physical training would do much of anything for this digital body of his, it would put him at ease. Who knows, maybe it would help him get more comfortable. Anything to give him an extra edge was a plus. “Well?” he asked. The two had been walking in silence since they had left Lyle’s shop. He didn’t mind waiting for her to get herself together, but he also didn’t want to waste his day waiting. Tick tock. “I don’t know where to begin,” she said, sighing. Furrow looked at her and took in her body posture. Tired, worn, defeated. Lost. “From the beginning.” “If you want me to start from there, then…” she leaned forward, placing her elbows on her knees, and started to talk. Furrow sat quietly, listening. Word Count: 237 Thread Stats: [Stats locked on 07/28/19 at 07:35 PM CEST] Edited in due to being inactive for two years and completely forgetting that this was a thing. LV 5 - HP:100/100. Stats: 4 DMG, 0 EVA, 1 MIT, 1 ACC. EN - 10
  23. It had been a few days since I had finished the first quest that hadn't been one of the tutorial quest together with Macradon, and I had decided that it was time to do some more questing and gathering, as I wanted to get a little bit of new equipment to become a better protector. After I had gotten the new Armour from Macradon and we had fought some creatures I noticed that it was nice and all, but that I wanted to have some more light armour to enhance my speed. The schooluniform was great for gathering and just basic out of combat comfort, but not what I would need as a full blown tank. Besides that I had learned from Macradon that one could get a pet that could help with fighting. He had had a three headed dog, that had helped fighting the nepents, so I wanted to have one too. I spent a few days gathering information on how to get a pet myself, and after talking to a few of the information brokers on the first floor I learned that there was a quest somewhere on this floor which would allow taming a wild animal to become a familiar. Once I had found out I dug deeper and learned that one had to find a possible partner, and that there were items that increased the chance of finding one, so I went to the seventh floor and bought one of the delicious looking garlic breads to help me with finding a friend, and increasing my chances of gathering materials on the way to where a friend could wait. With all the preparation done I decided that it was time for me to leave the town at dawn, as I wanted to have as much time for finding a new friend as possible. I hadn't had breakfast, so the golden garlic bread had to do the deal. It was super delicious and I wished it wasn't that expensive, so I could buy more of it, but for now one was all I had. Eating the bread I left the town of beginnings and after a few minutes an old gypsy woman came towards me and mumbled something about her food being so good one could tame animals with it. I remembered that this was what the brokers had told me about, so I listened and nodded as she told me her story. In the end I smiled at her and she handed me the food, so now I was good to go. - golden garlic bread + 3 LD -> +5 LD for the thread
  24. Kirbs was sprawled our lazily on a red plush chair in her shop. She had just finished the days crafts and was looking forward for some time alone. A soft ring made her jump up from her comfortable position. Looking down, she noticed a small notification appearing in front of her. Challenge of Olympus, huh? We’ll see about that! She grabbed a few things and headed off to the teleport pad. Wonder what this crap is going to be about. But it gives some hefty rewards so I’ll deal with whatever it is. She grinned and dashed off. Oh, I wonder what this Athena will look like! She’s like, supposed to be like, really pretty, right? Goddess of wisdom! I wonder what I would be if I was a Greek god. Goddess of parties, food, and video games! The Greeks really need to update their gods. This is going to be so fun!
  25. (Link to the quest is within the spoiler above :>) (Noms a golden Garlic Bread from Neo's shop (+3 LD for the Duration of the thread)) (Noms a Tofu Burger from Neo's shop (+2 DMG, -15 MIT for the Duration of the thread)) Stats are in the spoiler below :D Mina was standing outside a tent, the site of a quest location. A female NPC by the name of Evangeline Calora. She was a master alchemist that offered to teach those willing to learn about this profession. Alchemy had always interested her, and made her excited to try and design powerful potions, salves, and crystals, that could make someone's life easier. In this world, potions and crystals were a definite must-have, especially the teleport crystals. Teleport, healing, mass-healing, and antidote crystals were so expensive to buy, but when you made them yourself... they were loads cheaper! Mina smiled faintly when Evangeline offered to educate her in the ways of potion crafting, and all she had to do was go grab five of them. "It shouldn't take me too long, miss" she said softly, bowing respectfully to the NPC. "I'll be back soon." Mina began walking off, munching on an LD snack that she had received from a cook recently. that, plus the buff from her cloak and the search skill should be more than enough!