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I made a post a while ago with ALO/SAO signatures, but it's a bit outdated and isn't terribly helpful to people who want to make their own signatures. This one should be a bit more coherent, and provides links/information to help you make your own signature! It includes layered files compatible with Photoshop CS/Elements and GIMP, as well as the font file for the SAO UI Font. Just make sure you download the right one!


Here's a screenshot of what the signature looks like with a placeholder image and background.
The files include editable text layers, which should make customizing and editing the signature much easier.




(for Photoshop CS/Elements)
.psd file

(for GIMP)
.xcf file
GIMP Download

(SAO UI Font)
Note: You may need to download the font to edit the text layers. Download the file to this location: (C:\Windows\Fonts)



If you're having some trouble finding good artwork for either your character or the background itself, the following links might help you out!
I recommend you use the sites at your own risk, because you may come across some NSFW artwork. (especially on tumblr)
A good trick for finding artwork of a character with a transparent background is to google: "<character name> Render".

Character Artwork


Background Artwork
(Direct Links)


If you need help with your signature, feel free to send me a Private Message. I'll be happy to help!

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Just trying to figure out some things on your template. Great work by the way. But I'm trying to get a gif to sit where the character image is and have the stats overlay. Any tips? Videos?

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You'd have to do the stats first, compress all of those layers into one layer, and then duplicate the stats overlay and merge them with each frame of the animation. If you had video editing software that could work gifs, like Sony Vegas, it'd be easier, but with photoshop you have to do it each frame by frame, duplicating and merging the stats overlay.

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