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Favourite season

Favourite season?  

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  1. 1. Which one of the sword art online seasons is your favourite?

    • SAO
    • ALO
    • GGO
    • ALO after GGO

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I saw the title was about to flat out say winter, but then I saw the poll.

Personally, I like SAO better since the fact that people can die IRL made the show interesting. Watching the others just made it somewhat generic like a normal fantasy MMO... except you're not the one playing it.

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What Rain said. The SAO arc had a great premise. People need to work together to get out of the castle or they're all gonna die IRL. It had purpose, and stakes, and I think that's why SAO makes for a great game setting.

ALO loses all of that (as well as trashing Asuna's character). It has an interesting setting, but not enough to make it anything special.

GGO was my least favorite. It felt like fan-service the series, but he was trying to regain the high stakes of SAO, but it just didn't have that magic combination. 

ALO after GGO is my second favorite season, because we finally get into some character building, Kirito takes a back seat (maybe a little bit too much) but we finally get to see Asuna come into her own a bit more. I mean, we're not talking epic literature, but the characters that we know and love take center stage again after being abandoned by GGO.

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