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Noctua of the Owl

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Username: Noctua
Real name: Christelle Bouhier
Age: 19 -> 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"/165cm
» Koga [Fiance]
» Yukiro
» Lonzo
» Nora
» Abalasster
» Cordelia
» Tala
» None













She wasn't born in France, but her family stayed close to their roots, even while living in the United States. Growing up, she was constantly moving around the states, this made things hard for her. She wanted to make friends, but couldn't because she was unable to stay long enough to do so. It seemed like each year, her family was packing up to move once more. This because such a habit, that by the time she was ten, she just refused to unpack. She knew that the home wasn't going to stay. So when she was fifteen and her parents moved to Japan, she didn't unpack for the first year that they were there. She was waiting for her family to be uprooted once more. She was waiting for things to be exactly how she knew that they were going to be.

During her time in Japan, she started to learn more about video games. Of course, she had heard of them and played them a little bit before hand, but she never got the chance to sit down and actually play, until she was sixteen and realized that her family wasn't going to move again. After a while, she heard about the VRMMORPG game, Sword Art Online, that was in development. In a few years, it would be able to be beta tested. She did sign up for it, but ultimately didn't make the cut, so she had to wait to be able to play it like most of the others who wanted to try it early. She didn't mind the wait though, it just meant that she wouldn't have to deal with all of the bugs.

So when it was finally launched when she was nineteen, she bought her copy and her gear and joined the game. This was an escape from having to find something to do with her life for the moment. Her parents wanted her to go to college after all and she just didn't know what she wanted to do yet. So she figured that she could run away to figure it out. So, into the game she went. Everything seemed to be fine for the first few hours, but right about the time she was starting to get tired and wanted to sleep, she figured out that she couldn't log out. The moment she realized that, she was teleported to the center of the starting town, and then the Game Master spoke and all was revealed.

Unlike some of the others, she was able to stay calm. This was a benefit to her, but she had to figure out what to do. She didn't want to chance dying, so she mainly just stayed on the first floor in the main town. She did odd and end quests to gain herself some col to be able to eat and have an inn room to sleep in for the night. But now, it's been two years, and she is getting bored. She wants to get out of the game and perhaps even go and join college. But there was one problem, there is no way out of the game at the moment. So, she is now attempting to kill things to level up, to get stronger, and one day help save everyone from this game.


The Story So Far

Her first day out and about that she actually paid attention to things, she met a front lines player named Ruby. They mainly talked, but a little bit later, she learned that Ruby had died, Noctua just hasn't delved into how or why. But this was offset with the meeting of new friends as well. The first would be Koga, who she met doing the first lesson of the game. He is an experienced player, and here he was escorting Noctua around trying to help her. She almost got him killed, and would have left if he wouldn't have wanted her to stay. From there, their relationship has only grown to be where it is now, them dating.

Then there is Yukiro. Her first meeting with him when she was still level one, involved him leaving her to attempt to fight two boars alone, while he attempted to sleep on a hill. Yay her. She has soon forgiven him and likes to call him a friend. She met NIGHT in a tavern one day after hunting with Koga, and they both seem to get along fairly well at least. But it was the arrival of Koga's younger sister, Tala, the made her first enemy. She doesn't know why the girl hates Noctua, but she does, and this does worry Noctua. She just doesn't know how to express it to Koga without seeming...she doesn't know the term.

But then, it all went down hill. Things had been going so well, she and Koga had confessed their feelings. But, Tala didn't approve apparently, for she hired some guy to tell lies about Noctua in front of Koga. This caused a rift, and made it to where Noctua told him good bye and thanks for the fake love.



Calm: Even in the midst of danger or chaos, she is able to stay calm and keep a level head. This is something that she wishes she could be able to project to others, but cannot. Instead, she will talk in a calm and soothing voice during these times, hoping that the calmness that she shows is able to help others stay calm as well.

Loyal: When she makes a friend or joins a party, she will be loyal to them. She will help and do her job. If someone wants to stay in a party with her, she will do so, but she won't bug someone into staying if they want to go. Her loyalty will even go to her throwing her own life on the line to keep someone else safe.

Selfless: She thinks of everyone else first. She will give her items to someone who needs them more. She likes to make sure that her entire party or her friends can make it out of things alive. Her selfless nature will involve her jumping into the line of fire to keep someone who is weaker or more hurt than herself safe.



Sarcastic: Yes she is friendly, but with how she grew up, never having a set home, she learned to harm more with her words. She doesn't like to throw around her sarcastic nature, but there are times when it just naturally shows itself. She won't apologize for it if someone has deserved it, but if they didn't, then an apology might come, depending on who the person is.

Flighty: She doesn't mean to do it, but there will be moments when she might just disappear in the middle of the night. This stems from her not being able to make genuine connections over the years, so she actually gets scared when it does happen. She will be back, usually with a gift to apologize, but she might disappear for days on end before she can convince herself that it is safe to do so, or until she is found by the person she disappeared from.

Stubborn: There isn't a bone in her body that doesn't want to stick to the mindset that she has. It is hard for her to listen to directions that she doesn't agree with, which explains why she hasn't joined a guild. Her stubborn nature can have her sitting in a spot that is dangerous, just to prove that it isn't. If she gets hurt because of her stubborn nature, her pride won't let her admit that she was wrong about something.




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Level: 26
Hit Points: 520
Energy: 52
Skill Points Available: 13
Total Skill Points: 81
» None
» Survival [3 SP]
» First Aid - Rank 1 [5 SP]
Weapon Skills:
» Rapier - Rank 5 [50 SP]
  • » Rapier Finesse - Rank 3 [10 SP]



Shop: The Ring and Sword
Evaluation: Noctua's Athenean Crafts
A small female snowy white owl with pale blue eyes. She will never grow taller than two feet and five inches in height.
Familiar Mastery:
» Fighter - Rank 1 [0 SP]


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» Faithful Night [T1 Perfect Rapier [Accuracy // Accuracy // Damage]]
» Jack's Graceful Repose [T2 Demonic Rapier [Burn // Blight // Cursed // Burn]] >>EQUIPPED<<
» Rare Rapier [T1 Damage, Accuracy]


» Black and Tan outfit (Hat, Tank Top, Jacket, Pants, Boots) [Vanity]
» Red Dress [Vanity]
» Owl's Wings [T1 Perfect Trinket [Accuracy // Recovery // Evasion]]
» Virtuous Ascendance [T1 Perfect Light Armor [Mitigation // Mitigation // Regen]] >>EQUIPPED<<
» Black Jacket [T1 Uncommon Light Armor [Mitigation]]
» Silver Chain [T1 Uncommon Amulet [Evasion]]
» Silver Wolf Necklace [T1 Perfect Necklace [Accuracy // Accuracy // Accuracy]] >>EQUIPPED<<


» Athena's Lens (+1 CD)
» Athena's Perch (+1 AMB)


» Starter Healing Potions (3)
» Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) (5)
» Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) (1)
» Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) (1)
» Unidentified Uncommon Consumable (2)
» 1 Fish with +1 Vitality snack (+2 Energy Regenerated in Combat for one Thread)
» T1 Damage Potion (1)
» T1 Mitigation Potion (1)
<Rhaegal’s Emerald>

In Progress:

» [event] New Life Years Festival
» [private] My Big Fat Greek Wedding [Koga, Yukiro, Tala, Nephthys, Lonzo, NIGHT, Bahr, & Lessa]
» [private] New Stock [Koga]
» [private] Is That A Wolf? [Koga]


» [private] Gotta Start Sometime [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] Gotta Start Somewhere [Koga] [4 SP]
» [private] Hammer To Steel [Koga] [1 SP]
» [solo] Athena's Grace [2 SP]
» [private] Um, Wanna Hunt? [Yukiro] [1 SP]
» [private] Secret Of Medicine Of The Forest [Lonzo, Nora & Koga] [3 SP]
» [private] A Canine Companion [Koga] [1 SP]
» [private] A Flying Friend [Koga] [2 SP]
» [solo] Zombie Clowns, It Had To Be Zombie Clowns [1 SP]
» [solo] A Healing Touch [2 SP]
» [private] Second Quest, Same As The First [Koga] [4 SP]
» [solo] Thinking While Gathering [1 SP]
» [private] Not Done Yet [Koga] [3 SP]
» [private] A Canine Companion, Take 2 [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] Burning Skies, Frosted Sands [Koga, Yukiro, & NIGHT] [2 SP]
» [private] You Always Remember The Things That Matter The Least [Yukiro] [2 SP]
» [private] Technically It's Just A Double Date [Yukiro, Tala, & Koga] [2 SP]
» [solo] Hunting Solo [3 SP]
» [open] A Little Flirtations With Ulterior Motives [Lonzo, Nora, Koga, Abalasstar, Yukiro , NIGHT & Cordelia] [2 SP]
» [solo] Gotta Learn To Fight Now [2 SP]
» [private] Finally [Koga] [4 SP]
» [private] Sunder The Hearth [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] Care For A Dance Partner? [Lonzo] [2 SP]
» [private] ...Like Banging Your Head Against A Wall [Koga, Yukiro, & NIGHT] [5 SP]
» [private] 
Acceptance [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] 
What Have I Done? [Koga, Tala & Yukiro] [2 SP]
» [private] 
New Starts, New Beginnings [Koga] [2 SP]
» [event] Halloween Event '19 [2 SP]
» [private] 
Fire's My Last Name...No Really [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] 
So, How Does This Work Exactly? [Koga] [3 SP]
» [private] We Brought Our Own Luck This Time [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] Fus...Ro... [Koga] [2 SP]
» [private] Pulling Weeds [Koga] [3 SP]

» [private] Happy News On The Holidays [Koga, NIGHT, Yukiro, Tala, & Lonzo] [1 SP]


» [private] Making Friends? [Ruby]

Quest List:

» <<Feeding the Enemy>>
» <<Saying Vows>>
» «Scents of the Wild»

»[F01/11/21] <<Nature's Treasure>>
»[F01] <<Earning a Living>>
»[F01] <<Redemption>>
»[F01] <<First Few Lessons are Free>>
»[F01] <<The Second Lesson>>
»[F01] <<The Third Lesson, Is Just As Free>>
»[F01] <<The Fourth Lesson, Is Actually Free>>
»[F01] <<Secret Medicine of the Forest>>
»[F01] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 1: the Emerald Hatching>>
»[F02] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>>
»[F02] <<The Venemous Warg>>
»[F02] <<Let There Be Light>>
»[F02] <<Long Live the Queen>>
»[F02] <<Return of the Queen>>
»[F02] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 2: the Quartz Hatching>>
»[F03] <<Worn Out Welcome>>
»[F03] <<Search for the Hoya>>
»[F03] <<Elvish Rivalries>>
»[F03] <<Treant Rivalries>>
»[F03] <<Escape>>
»[F03] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 3: the Opal Hatching>>
»[F04] <<Essence of Steel>>
»[F04] <<The Night's King>>
»[F04] <<Avalanche>>
»[F04] <<Absolute Zero>>
»[F04] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 4: the Diamond Hatching>>
»[F05] <<Butcher of the Sands>>
»[F05] <<The Traveler>>
»[F05] <<Blood in the Sand>>
»[F05] <<Bloodstained Land>>
»[F05] <<Arabian Nights>> First Night
»[F05] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 5: the Topaz Hatching>>
»[F06] <<The Gemini>>
»[F06] <<Calming the Soul>>
»[F06] <<Deforestation>>
»[F06] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 6: the Jade Hatchling>>
»[F07] <<Arabian Nights>> Second Night
»[F07] <<Case of Wurms>>
»[F07] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 7: the Jasper Hatchling>>
»[F08] <<Monkey King>>
»[F08] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 8: the Sapphire Hatchling>>
»[F09] <<The Iron Guardian>>
»[F09] << Guardian of Fire >>
»[F09] <<Bandit Camp>>
»[F09] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Dragon Hunt 9: the Ruby Hatchling>>
»[F09] <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>>
»[F09] «The Gatekeeper of Fire»
»[F10] <<Wail of the Banshee>>
»[F10] <<Dragon Hunter Anthology - Judgment Day>>
»[F12] <<Lord of the Seas>>
»[F14] <<The Lich's Calling>>
»[F15] <<Bane of Blood>>
»[F15] <<The Swashbuckling Buccaneer>>
»[F16] <<Snake Out of Water>>
»[F17] <<Herculean Labor: The Nemean Lion>>
»[F17] <<Challenge of Olympus>>
»[F18] <<Just for the Halibut>>
»[F17] <<Keep calm and Ki'Raion>>
»[F21] <<The Hidden Village>>
»[F21] <<Betrayal of the King>>
»[F21] <<Trouble in the Mines>>
»[F22] <<What We Fight For>>
»[F22] <<King of Lakes>>
»[F22] <<Witch of the West>>


Edited by Noctua

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