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hey hik! i don't really know you too well, but i could tell from your recounting how much the site meant to you and how dearly you love it. we newer players will try our best to watch over the vanguard dutifully in your stead. thank you so much for the work that you've done, and i hope what we can do now will make you proud in the future.

take care; and good luck! ' -')9!!

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First off, I'm not going to say goodbye.



So there! *shakes fist*



I've been talking to you for years without SAO so that's nothing new, and you're not allowed to stop calling your Momma Zaz. Outside of this SAO nonsense, you know I'm super proud of who you've become. You've grown up a lot since I met you when you were young and scrawny and mopey. You're still scrawny, but now you're just a ball of sunshine energy and you should be so proud of who you're becoming. Please continue to tske care of yourself and be good. Check in with me soon.You know I like to know how you're doing. 

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