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Mind is Blown. Not for the faint of heart

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So... Who wants their minds blown?


Dual Wielding is not some unique or rare skill.

Yeah, you heard me, It turns out other players had it, one of which actually fought Kirito with two one handed axes. I was watching the abridged series and I came across this fantastic little... Well I don't know what it is.

As Evidence I direct you all to this scene

SAO Abridged Episode 4

If you will get to the scene at 1:27 you can clearly see 2, 1 handed axes in the corner. Of course that could be two players. Then Both axes light up with their sword skill, turning pink. Still, we haven't seen 1 player holding both yet. Then, in one glorious moment you see all the members of Rosario's gang attacking Kirito, and sure enough, 1 player is carrying and striking with both axes, not once, but twice.

I confirmed this in the actual anime as well.


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Unfortunately, that was actually a possible error on the animation company's part:


Even if it were so, then the name would be the particular difference. "Dual Blades" would mean that Kirito is the only person that can wield two swords.

I believe as well, although I'm not sure if this is correct, but it may have been possible to hold two weapons, but without the skill there would be no way to use Sword Arts, which was basically the bread and butter of every player.

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Red, you have to remember this one very important rule of any show/movie: If it came from a piece of literature/book, then there will be differences in description and story.

A very quick example:

In the same episode, Silica is seen being really defenseless after losing Pina against the Drunk Ape
In the light novel, Silica goes berserk!  She destroys one of the mobs before the second and third are destroyed by Kirito.

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