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The Weekly Link #12



The Weekly Link

Week #12

Events and floors closing up. Apologies for the rushed blog post this week

New players

     New week, new players, I hope you all give a warm welcome to @Ashrah, @Chisono, @Sparrow, and @Shadowspear27

The Weekly Riddle

   No new riddle this week, sorry. But this week we received the correct answer of "a lap" from several people. COngratulations to all who got the correct answer

New Floor Announcements

    On the behalf of staff, I apologize for the delays in releasing the newest floor. We are currently preparing more stuff than normal for a new floor and want to make sure that it is in good shape before we move forward. Look in our Discord channel for future updates.


    Remember, we're always looking for more sections to add to this blog. Any ideas you have, no matter how silly you may think they are, will be taken into consideration here. Just message me on site or on Discord (Neo, the festive mathematician#4081, at least until I decide to change my title) to send in your ideas.


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