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The Weekly Link #13



The Weekly Link

Week #13

Floor 24 has now been released! New quests have been unlocked and the labyrinth guardian is already being fought as we speak.

New players

     What a week for new players to be joining. After we spent the last few months in a stall, we are finally moving forward. Let's hope that these players are up to the task of pushing their way up to the higher levels. These players are @Alrune, @Julia, and @Penelo. I suggest that you all try to offer to do some threads with them as they acquainted with our systems (and you can always ask me to do a thread with you if you'd like to).

The Weekly Riddle

   We didn't have a riddle put out last week, but this time I've got one for you.

Plenty of sheets
But no bed in sight
It can cut you
But it doesn’t bite

New Floor Announcements

    Floor 24 has been released! With it there are two new quests: Incognito Antics and Raging Rhino. Make sure to take a look at them, and pick your path carefully because I smell some 2 part antics coming. We also have released a new patch of our systems with this floor. That's right, patch 2.6 is now out. The patch notes can be found here, and remember to re-evaluate your Gemini skill if you would like to have it changed.


    Enjoy the new floor, and I hope you all have a great weekend. And always remember, I'm always open to new ideas for segments for this blog. Let me know in a message here on site, or in the discord channel. See you all next week! (next week may be delayed depending on how tired I am after finals week)


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