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The Weekly Link #14



The Weekly Link

Week #14

Boyu oh boy do I have a lot to cover. It has been nearly a month since the last blog and I am so sorry for that wait. As a treat for being so patient, I'm going to be releasing this immediately rather than waiting for the usual 6:30 PST time to release this. As such, I apologize if I make a quick edit or two in the initial release as I may notice a typo

New players

     Surprisingly enough, there aren't that many new players to herald in the new year. Regardless of that, I want you all to give a warm welcome to the people who I have missed giving welcomes to. I'm talking about @Cremisius, @Runa, and @Scherza. If you ever need someone to do a thread with, contact me or one of our many other friendly people and we'll either start one with you right there or point you towards someone else who is looking for a thread friend.

New Content!

    With a new path released, there is also new content. For the full patch notes, please look here, but I'll give a quick summary of the important bits. Parry is not as weak as people thought it was. Due to a misunderstanding, parry was thought to only last a single turn, it in fact lasts until it is activated. Merchant identification tables have been slightly modified to include the loot die enhancement for light armor. The loot tables have been changed once more, but should be much more balanced then their last iteration. There is a new quest over on floor 13 following the aftermath of the Fallen Event, and we are now seeing a rework in familiar acquiring. It should be a bit quicker, and more rewarding to get those familiar skills now.


    Again, so sorry for the delay in posts getting this out, I hope that this won't happen again and if it does, that will be some time into the future. I'm back on a regular schedule with classes starting this week, so routine will be returning to my life. I hope to see you all around, and I'll say again to please mention any segments you may think would be interesting to see. I'm hoping to be bringing in regular segments for people to look forward to so that this blog can expand further. Just message me here on site or over on our discord channel and I'll talk with you about it.


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