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Patch Notes: [2.6.1] Hotfix Update



Floor Changes:

In the aftermath of the recent Event Bosses, the corruption that had wracked Floor 13 was halted and life has started to adjust in response. As such, Floor 13 has new quests and has been revamped. Look for its Floor Description in this thread. A quest has also been added to the Floor. 

Parry (Clarification):

  • Under the current wording, Parry's effect lasts until the user is hit with a successful attack. The energy is spent when the Parry skill is used and the cooldown starts when the effect is procced.

General Rule Changes:

  • SP Refunding Rules have been revamped:
    • Mods no longer count towards the monthly SP limit. (You still need to pay 1,000 Col per SP you refund)
    • You must refund SP used in Unique Skills (until then, you cannot use that chunk of SP).

Skill Changes:

  • Hiding:
    • Removed Rank 3 base damage upgrade (Rank 5 instead gives +1 DMG when attacking from stealth)
    • Mod: Vanish
      • Now costs 5 Energy.
  • Block:
    • New Rank 1 Mod: Mark
      • Cost: 8 SP
      • Active: Post Action
      • Cooldown: 2 Turns
      • Cost: 5 Energy
      • Effect: Effect: Roll a BD and add 2. The target’s next raw attack roll must meet or exceed the result or target the user [of mark] instead of their intended target [of the attack]. For AoE attacks, this applies to all rolls of that attack (attacks are still treated separately for the usage of MIT, Thorns, etc.). The target attacking someone besides the user will also consume the mark. You cannot have a mark and parry active at the same time. The mark will be removed if the target enters stealth (this skill has no cooldown if mark is removed due to target entering stealth).
      • Description: You mark an enemy, and are kept aware of what their movements are so as to stop them from reaching their targets
  • Parry
    • Changed cooldown to 2 turns, from 1 turn.

Loot Changes:

  • The Item Drop Table has been reworked:
«Item Drop Table»
All item drops are Tiered according to the floor they are obtained on. All loot-standard monsters drop (HP * 3) Col in addition to the following items based on the roll:
LD 1 > 5 CD 1 > 12 Nothing
LD 6 > 10 CD 1 > 4 1 Uncommon Consumable
CD 5 > 12 (HP) Bonus Col
1 Rare Trinket
LD 11 > 15 CD 1 > 4 1 Rare Trinket
CD 5 > 8 1 Rare Weapon
1 Uncommon Consumable
CD 9 > 12 1 Rare Armor/Shield
(HP * 2) Col
LD 16 > 18 CD 1 > 4 1 Rare Consumable
1 Rare Weapon
CD 5 > 8 1 Rare Consumable
1 Rare Armor/Shield
CD 9 > 12 (HP * 3) Bonus Col
1 Rare Trinket
LD 19 > 20 CD 1 > 4 1 Perfect Consumable
1 Rare Trinket
CD 5 > 8 1 Perfect Armor/Shield
1 Perfect Trinket
CD 9 > 12 (HP * 4) Col
1 Perfect Weapon
LD 21 > 22 CD 1 >4 1 Perfect Armor/Shield
1 Perfect Weapon
CD 5 > 8 1 Perfect Armor/Shield
2 Perfect Consumables
CD 9 > 12 1 Perfect Trinket
(HP * 5) Col
LD 23 > 24 CD 1 > 4 1 Perfect Trinket
1 Perfect Weapon
CD 5 > 8 1 Perfect Armor/Shield
2 Perfect Weapon
CD 9 > 12 (HP * 6) Col
1 Perfect Consumable
LD 25+ CD 1 > 4 2 Perfect Consumables
2 Perfect Armor/Shield
CD 5 > 8 (HP * 7) Bonus Col
3 Perfect Weapons
CD 9 > 12 *Map of Intermediate Dungeon
*Intermediate Dungeon maps are for a single dungeon on the floor the drop was obtained on. On Floors 1-4, this defaults to Floor 5

The sub-types of monster item drops do not need to be declared until they are identified by a Merchant. The main item type (Weapon/Shield/Heavy Armor/Light Armor) must be declared in
the thread summary.

Profession Changes:

  • Loot Die added to Merchant Light Armor Identification Chart

Familiar Changes:

  • Guidelines for Familiars clarified:
    • Must be smaller than 3 feet in any dimension (i.e. width, heighth, and length)
    • No humanoid monsters
    • Cannot be capable of direct communication (i.e. spoken languages) with the player
  • Familiar Approval Template
    • Spoiler

      Familiar Name: (the name given to the familiar)
      Description: (Describe your familiar)
      Familiar Mastery Skill: (The familiar mastery chosen; Only include after completing <<Training your Friend>>; Format as Old -> New if changing)
      Thread Link: (Link to the thread where the familiar was attained/trained)
      Refund Link: (Link to the approval of your refund; Only include if you are changing your <<Familiar Mastery>> skill)

  • Obtaining a familiar does not automatically grant you the «Familiar Mastery» skill tree.

Quest Changes:

  • Quest Revamp: «Feeding the Enemy»
    • Split into two different quests: «Feeding your Enemy» and «Training your Friend». In «Feeding your Enemy», the goal is now to find and tame a familiar while in «Training your Friend» the goal is now to train a familiar and unlock the «Familiar Mastery» skills.
    • «Feeding your Enemy»
      • <<Feeding Your Enemy>> is the new version of <<Feeding the Enemy>>. Familiars are easier to find, but now must also be tamed. Unlocking the «Familiar Mastery» skills is now handled within the «Training your Friend» quest. Look for the quest in the quests sub-section for more details .
    • «Training your Friend»
      • You can now train your familiar without changing who they are. This quest is used to unlock the «Familiar Mastery» skills or to switch between them without killing or releasing your familiar. Look for the quest in the quests sub-section for more details.

Enhancement Changes:

  • Familiar Sight
    • Applies to «Feeding your Enemy»
    • Gains +2 LD when attempting to find a familiar (was taming a familiar before)
  • [Alchemist]
    • New Enhancement: Pheromones
      • Cost: 3 Slots
      • Cap: 1 Slot
      • Effect: When used during the <<Feeding your Enemy>> quest, gain +1 CD when attempting to tame a familiar. Effect lasts for one thread.
      • Applicable to: Salves


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