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  1. Can't rp tobight, but will be happy to get the ball rolling tomorrow!

  2. Got some conflicting information...:( Want to start an SP to establish my character, but not sure if I should till i hear back from Mari...

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    2. Kiluia Seiko

      Kiluia Seiko

      Well that isn't all true. I do see why Mari questioned her intro as it doesn't actually make real sense. So she logged and and got suspended in limbo. Cool concept but can you make it a step further? Will her reaction still be the same as the others? Etc. Etc. When you say no one cares than by all means do as you wish but I think Kari herself would care. Being suspended in a limbo like state would sound fun as she's been in the game for a year but where was she?how come no one not...

    3. Kari


      Kiluia your message got cut off, but if you look at my journal you'd see -why- it happened. I can adaquitly explain it too, i just want to make sure its okay via Mari before I start.

    4. Kiluia Seiko

      Kiluia Seiko

      Will do. You can always join a role play with someone else then do your solo rp later

  3. Whoo Journal posted. Can't wait to rp with you guys!

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    2. Hyun


      Welcome :)

    3. Rusty


      Salutations! It's good that you don't have two letters in your name, so you are fine! There's a curse with that, but still welcome to Aincrad.

    4. Kari


      A curse??? Also thank you both for the welcome!

  4. Kari

    Kari's Journal

    «Kari» . » Username: Kari » Real name: Katrella Vance » Age: 19 » Gender: Female » Height: 5'2 » About: Katrella was born 3 months premature to a wealthy couple in the south eastern United States. The couple in question already had a son to inherit the family name, but the woman, Vivian, so wanted a little girl to buy frivolous dresses and dolls for. Unfortunately it wouldn't be so easy for them, due to complications with the child birth Katrella was born with a very weak immune system. Due to this she was forced to stay in a hospital room for her entire life, only experiencing the o
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