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  1. Looks like we have an FC slash xD

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Shira


      Lol, we have the worst luck with FCs. xD

    3. Rain


      Is there any Ken Kanekis? :o

    4. Grave


      I will admit to originally considering him for Grave, until I actually decided on a personality and realised Kaneki would NOT work XD

  2. @Tristan Delaney - Love your friend there! I have the same breed vv, they're the best! xD You're looking good too, I see the beard has been trimmed :) @Macradon - Well done! Must feel great! :D
  3. Shira

    Cross Syndrome Raffle


    I'd like to take part in this!
  4. Shira

    Shira's Journal

    Profile Username: Shira Real name: Akira Nakashima Age: 20 Years Gender: Female Height: 5’ 2” About: Before her birth, Akira’s household stood precariously. The priorities of her mother were very different from the principles of her conservative father. She wanted to work, he wanted a stay at home wife, that was the root of all problems. The fights the couple had were infamous. Akira’s to be father was fierce and her to be mother was fiery. Fierce and violent, fiery and passionate. A child, they said, would cure the troubles… Bad ad
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