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  1. Morgan looked over the edge of the cliff he now stood on, wondering if it would be impossible to jump off of into the water. Probably wouldn't be worth the risk to find out. He backed away from the ledge and looked around, a small path just off to the right, a steep dirt path that he'd probably stumble down if he wasn't careful enough about it. Morgan huffed. "Alright then." Slowly making his way over to it and gripping firm footing onto its steep edge. It was about fifty eight percent steep grading, he could definitely slip.

    Morgan lowered his weight backwards as he made careful steps down the path, holding onto rocks where he could for support. "Slow and steady, just like a tortuga." He reassured himself. But of course, he was not a tortoise, and his grip ripped one of the stones out from the dirt, causing him to tip forward and begin fumbling down the trail. "Filho da puta!" 

  2. A clearing came just afew more steps ahead, revealing to him a circular opening where a waterfall crashed into, creating a large lake surrounding a raised patch of ground. The patch of ground upon further inspection was actually a large rock which had to at least span one hundred meters. Morgan had never seen anything quite like it. "Well this is nice." He said with a pleasantly surprised tone of voice. Perhaps his benefactors weren't so bad at all. 

    Then another message came. 'Walk onto the rock surrounded by the water and prepare yourself.' Morgan raised an eyebrow, whatever they had planned will probably involve a fight. Morgan hadn't really gotten the hang of all the combat yet, but he was sure whatever this flame aura was for would help him. It did help him clear a path at least, that was for sure. "Hm alright then, lets see what this is about." 

  3. Morgan sighed, it seemed like his benefactors had plans for him. He had a bad feeling about what was about to happen, but if they were willing to equip him with perfect gear it probably wasn't anything dangerous. After all, what would they have to gain from killing a level five? Though you could never be sure. 

    "Ah [censored] it why not." Morgan dismissed his doubts and turned right off the path, making his way through a small clearing of bushes and branches. If he was gonna end up dying because of this at least he'd go to see God sooner than later. The dirt tracks slowly became moister, almost to the point of mud. "Where the hell is this taking me" He grumbled, the bottom of his cloak dragging some of the earth along with him. As he traveled further down, he could hear the sounds of crashing water.

  4. After having downed a potion with the label 'gift for an upstart' written on the side, he noticed a timer hanging at the top of his HUD. It seemed whatever he drank would run out in a few hours, an aura of flame surrounding him. He didn't know what it was for, but the message attached to it said he should drink it and head to a waterfall. At least he had a reason to be in this jungle now it seemed. 

    Another messaged popped up on his screen from an unknown user. 'Turn right'. 

    Morgan looked around, confused. Was someone following him? How did they know where he was? And how were they able to send him messages like this? Morgan would have ignored it, however at the bottom of the message were the initials of the sender. 'F.A', the same initials which came with the potion and other items which now rested on his back. 

  5. The Gemini

    Morgan passed through the teleporter from floor one, unexpectedly getting up to the sixth floor completely by accident. "What the. What is this place?" Morgan looked around, as it was his first time actually being anywhere other than the first floor. The scenery was lush with plant life, a tropical jungle would do that to say the least. Though it was rather pleasant on the eyes, it wasn't something Morgan was a fan of. Too many mosquitoes and other bugs for his liking. 

    Making his way through the jungle, following a beaten path, he made sure to take note of locations with plentiful sources of materials. He wasn't one for the whole crafting nonsense so far, but it was always good to know where the money was at. He swatted away flying insects and vegetation as he walked. "This place is [censored]." He mumbled to himself, accidentally swatting his hands through a thick spiderweb. The spider crawling on his hand was quickly squashed against the stump of a tree. "Yeah, no thanks."

    Consuming -
    Immolation potion: When used, successful non-critical attacks against you deal 10 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Effect lasts for one thread.

    Stats and Info:


    Level 5 -  HP: 100 | EN: 10 | Damage: 4 |Mitigation: 35 | ACC: 3 | 

    Skills - Rank 1 THSS | Rank 1 HA |
    Equipped: Travelers Chain-mail (+27 Mitigation) Templar's Bastard Sword (+3 Accuracy)

    Equipment - Pslam 65:11 (LD +3) Iron Two Handed Straight sword (+1 Damage) | Mail Armour (+9 Mitigation)
    Consumables - 5 Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 5 Healing Potions uncommon (Heals 40Hp) Damage Potion (+1) Over-Health (+50 Temp Hp) Extracted Perfume (Pheromones +3)

    Gemini Stats For Later:

    • HP: (5) x 10 = 50 HP
    • DMG: (5) x 5 = 25 Damage
    • MIT: 5 x 1.75 (Rounded down) = 8 Mitigation
    • ACC: 3 ACC
    • EVA: 0
    • Critical Hits: 30 on a natural MD 9 (Damage + Player level). 35 on a natural MD 10 (Damage + Player level*2).
    • <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack.
    • For each consumable/temporary buff a player has when facing <<The Gemini>>, it will gain additional effects. For example, if a player has 3 temporary buffs, <<The Gemini>> will have Paralyze, Bleed, and bonus DMG.
      • 1: Gain Paralyze: Removes player action for one turn on natural MD rolls of 9-10.


  6. Zakariah laughed. "Well yes I suppose a cook could make beer. However that's a matter for another time. Go now and seek out Lyel, or maybe wait until the morning that might be better. I'm sure he's sleeping right now." Morgan nodded in response. "Fair enough then. Thanks for the help old man. Take care." Morgan lifted a carefree hand, singalling his depature as he walked out the store. "Oh yes before you go, take these." Morgan turned to see the man holding out for him a bunch of different potions. "They will help you on your journey." 

    Morgan complied, taking the potions and adding them to his inventory, as he did the quest completed, and his level increased. "Huh, guess I'm not a level one newbie like the rest of the townsfolk that just ridiculed me." Morgan made his way to the tavern for the night, using some of the col he earned to buy him some rest. 

    When morning rolled around he was already on his way to Lyels workshop. The black smith stood, looking impatially at him as he pounded on heated iron.

  7. Zakariah looked at him with a mixture of disbelief, amusement, and pride. "Well, yes I suppose a perfect potion is technically success. Very well done for your second attempt I must say. You should be proud of such an achievement." Morgan swished the contents around in the flask looking at liquid, rather unimpressed. 

    "Hmm, well I'll take your word for it then." Morgan placed the flask back on the table. "Is that all then?" Zakariah shook his head. "Of course not young lad, this is just the beginning for you. Your next stop will be the blacksmith. Lyel tealeaf. Speak to him and he will teach you how to craft like a blacksmith." Morgan nodded his head along. "Alright alright I get it then. I guess I gotta do this for all the professions or something. Jeez what about combat or literally any other important feature to the game. How about beer can I make that?"

  8. Morgan grimaced as he wiped the icky potion residue that exploded on him off his black cloak. Zakariah shook his head "You forgot to brew the potion before adding the material into the flask. Try again." He encouraged the clearly disgruntled man. "Oh, right. I got ahead of myself there I think." Right, Morgan THOUGHT he had the hang of things, he could never really be sure. 

    "No matter attempt two then." Morgan tried again, this time keeping the solution over heat while it sat in the glass, bubbling just right enough for him to add the material into it. He took the flask quickly off the bunsen burner to allow it to cool while it fused with the material making a red solution inside the flask. Just like a health potion in literally any game ever. How proper. Morgan swirled the flask around half expecting it to blow up in his face. "I guess you can call this a success then?" He asked nonchalantly. 

    ID: 138493 CD: 12 Perfect success

  9. "Come this way then, to my alchemy table young man." Zakariah spoke. Morgan chuckled in a game filled with kids it wasn't every day that he would get called young man, though he was only twenty six. "Alright, teach me what all this crafting and potion nonsense is about." Zakariah nodded. "Very well listen up then, this is what you need to know about crafting in our world..." 

    About an hour passed as Zakariah attempted to wrangle Morgans thick mind around the sciences and ways to craft potions, of course it would be easy to just teach him from a game mechanic point of view. No of course Morgan had to learn about it the convoluted way that made him want to rip his hair out. No matter, it eventually clicked for him. "So I open my menu like this... and click the crafting skill. AH. Here we go." 

    Morgan attempted his first craft with the materials he picked, and not very astoundingly, it failed, blowing up in his hands. 

    ID: 138492 CD: 2 = Fail

    Req: 1 potion

  10. Morgan picked himself up again and dusted off his pants, the path back to the gate was short, and the road back to the old mans shop was just as short. It didn't take long for Morgan to make his way back through the gates and back at the entrance of the store. Morgan once again knocked, more agressively than probably would be considered polite. But that was just from the weight of his hands, it was how he always knocked, never bearing mind to it. 

    The door opened, surprisingly enough. "Do you ever sleep old man?" Morgan asked inquisitively, only half joking. The old man laughed, indeed he had a sense of humor. "Not when players are in need, no. Lucky for you huh?" Morgan shook his head and half smiled. The personalities the game provided for these A.Is was so realistic he couldn't believe it. "Alright then, how about we get started on making those potions huh?" 

  11. Crickets made their songs as the night grew colder and darker. It seemed that morgan was outside way longer than he had anticipated he would be. This lead him to wonder just how long the NPC would be waiting for him back at the alchemy shop, and if he would still be able to turn in the quest tonight. "Hmm only one way to find out. But first... one more darn flower" Morgan said grumpily as he carelessly bent down in an attempt to pick his last flower. With a resounding pluck the flower didn't break, and so it was added to his collection along with the other four flowers, resting dainty in a small pouch by his waist. 

    "Alright the quests says that should be enough for now. Time to get this back and start brewing some bee- err, potions." Was there a beer profession? If so that's probably what he'd rather be doing.

    ID:138491  LD: 18 success

    Materials gathered: 5/5

  12. Morgans gaze drifted as she spoke, trying to rationalize his abandonment. Perhaps there was a reason for it, even if love seemed like a ridiculous one. Though he hadn't need to look any further than God to understand that love makes for less than desirable circumstance. He'd just have to live with the cards dealt to him, and be over it. "Right, perhaps I'd like to know that feeling someday then." Morgan picked himself up, his cloak straightening itself out as he did, mirroring the strangers action. It appeared their time together was coming to an end, he got to eat wonderful food and exchange thoughts with a fellow player. Though perhaps he'd like a beer before calling it a day.

    "Thank you for the feijoada Mari, It was a pleasant experience getting to share a meal with you and talk about the lord and life's many mysteries. I think I'll need to do a few more tutorial quests to get the hang of game. Maybe I'll bumb into you again one day down the road and repay your kindness." Morgan placed his hand over his heart and bowed respectfully to her before heading back towards the path to the town of beginnings, he had intended to gather some more materials but he had bigger things to think about for the time being. "Oh yeah just remember no more killing or you're going to hell for real. Chao." He waved his hand back as he walked off, he had another quest to do.


  13. It seemed his reassurance in his belief and not to doubt God lead to him successfully picking his next flower, funny how that worked. He wondered just how much truth and effort went into these kinds of things. Well that was something to think about another time. He was now one material closer to completing the quest, and one material away from completing the quest. All he needed now was one more measly picked flower and he'd be able to move on and finish the damn thing. To be frank if this was how they introduced players to this game, they were doing a pretty lousy job keeping him hooked. Though when you have a gun to your head anything becomes motivation enough. Perhaps there were other things he could make apart from potions. Perhaps being a black smith would be nice, just like his grandfather, or so he was told. He'd have to looking it.

    ID: 138426  LD: 14 Success

    Materials gathered: 4

  14. Crafting a health potion would be just like making a tonic that extended ones real life even longer. It was an interesting concept to think about, everything you did in this game would directly affect your real life, as if to say this game was now their real life. But that wasn't something Morgan could exactly accept, because when the game was over he'd be back in his real body, and he'd have to return to his real life. "I suppose a priest that survived a death trap like this would make for a pretty inspirational story of their faith in God" He continued to talk to himself as he looked for the next flower to pluck, this time mildly distracted. Though what he said wasn't exactly indicative that he really believed in his faith, and that seemed to be supported by the flower randomly breaking his hands. Another sign that God was watching him. "Right.. I won't doubt you."

    ID: 138425 LD: 5 Fail

    Materials gathered: 3

  15. Morgan moved onto the next patch of grass to find a flower that would be just as easy to harvest as the one he had just taken from the patch just further behind him. "Alright this time for sure I think i've got the right technique down." Though Zakariah did warn him there would always be a level of luck behind the process, he could reduce that level of luck through careful consideration and technique. In saying that Morgan successfully plucked yet another flower from the tall grass which hid his large frame. 'Very good then." He stated as he added the flower to his collection that was now rapidly expanding, just only two more and he'd be able to go back to the old man and attempt to craft himself a potion. It was a funny idea to think about that he himself was going to make something in the game that had a real effect on his life.

    ID: 138424   LD: 19 success

    Materials Gathered: 3

  16. "I suppose its a reminder not to forget our duty to each other." Morgan said as he blew air through his nose in amusement. He had spent all his time wasted in a bar and now he was preaching about duty and what was their job to do as players in the game. He must have had some strong feijoada that was for sure. But then there was her other question. "Well..." he began.

    "When your mother was a nun, and your father a priest. Knowing you'd be excommunicated for having a child is kind of crazy, is it not? Especially when you do not have the means to raise the child and give it up the church instead? Or how about pretending your child was an immaculate conception just so you had enough time to give birth on sanctuary and labor in a safe environment? I'd say it's at least a little deranged." He didn't usually just go telling people about his parental issues but it wasn't like it was something he was grieving about. 

    "Well in any case they made their choices, and now they're paying for it in poverty. Meanwhile I lived a life handed to me at birth. It isn't a bad life, but I didn't really have much of a choice, and here I am in a new one, again without choice. Though I suppose no one made me put on the nerve gear." Morgan shrugged. "I think I'd like to personally know one day what it takes to drive someone mad like that."


  17. Morgan shrugged. "As they say in my country Cada macaco no seu galho. Or in your language, each monkey to its own branch." He knew people had their doubts, and it was hard not to. As a missionary it was his job to preach and bring people to the church, but as a person all he desired was peace. It wasn't exactly like he was the shining example of a sin-free morally centered person, not even an hour ago he was drowned in his vices. As such, he couldn't really judge anyone for their choices, as Jesus once said.. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” He whispered under his breath. 

    Of course Mari would add her own piece of advice, to stay celibate, something that was a touchy topic for him already. "Well, I wondered that about my parents. They'd have been better off if they stayed celibate. But if they did I wouldn't exist, so I guess I should be grateful for the life I do have. There's something disturbingly beautiful about falling in a type of love that drives people crazy enough to throw their lives away. Such is the longing to fill the emptiness inside us. I suppose to gain something from sacrifice, you need something to lose." His mind trailed off thinking on sacrifice and sadness.

    "But that's the thing about life isn't it? Without the sadness you cannot really know what happiness is like, what it's like not to be sad." As Morgan spoke he finished the last bowl, feeling full and satisfied. "Without hunger, one cannot know the sincere pleasure of feijoada. And without poverty, one cannot know the joys of generosity." He added with wistful smile, lifting the bowl she gave him in generosity as it faded into pixels. 


  18. "Alright Morgan lets take it back from the top. Practice makes perfect right? So lets try this again." He reassured himself, regaining his composure. He wondered briefly what exactly he would do if he did blow his lid at something as trivial as picking flowers in a field. It seemed utterly mad to him, but that seemed to be what this game was especially good at doing. Driving people mad. He had heard stories of people jumping off the side of the first floor in disbelief that they would actually be stuck in the game forever. He sighed, he didn't want to end up as one of those players that just completely lost their minds. His fingers once again gently plucked at the base of a flower, tearing it cleanly off its stem without damage this time. "Well then, I guess I just gotta not be so angry about it."

    ID: 138421  LD: 14 Success

    Materials Gathered: 2

  19. "Roman Catholic to be precise." It seemed his company wasn't very fond of religion, or at least God itself. Which was interesting for him considering people usually had it the other way around. "Hmm, well the dilweed which you speak of gave life to all things so I suppose it cannot be so bad. Any action God commits can always be rationalized through human sin. If we are so flawed and made in his image, who are we to judge? Should we not strive to be better than he? Of course we were given Christ, his son, to set that example for him." 

    Morgan sighed and leaned back on his hands, letting the bowl rest in his lap. He didn't expect after all this time to still be preaching. "And no, God forgives all sins, even if you haven't been baptisted into the church, you are still his child. Becoming part of a church is well..." He would have said choice, but he knew that wasn't the case for him. He was born into the life and it was the only path forward for him. "It's a commitment. A show of respect for someone who gave you everything. There are believers who do not partake in sacraments, they aren't to be condemned by their lack of devotion; just in the same way you would not hit your dog for digging up your yard. We're all lost sheep, doing the best we can to live moral lives. Sometimes we lose our way." 

    Morgan chuckled at her next question, it was somewhat strange someone would ask a priest if they were a celibate. "Well my position requires me to be. So I suppose I am. Abstaining from sexual desire makes the church more approachable, though it isn't exactly a sin to fall in love and want to have children of your own some day." Morgan gave a brief crooked smile before digging back into his food. Though he said it wasn't a sin, he felt the irresponsibility of his parents actions could have been avoided if they just stayed celibate.


  20. Morgan moved over to a new patch of grass feeling that he now had the hang of things. "Alright well since I've got this done and dusted how about I speed things up a bit" He mumbled to himself. Morgan thought it'd be a good idea to grab a whole bunch of them at once, and so that's what he did. Morgan opened his large hands and swept it over the grass, picking up handfuls of flowers at a time. This would sure net him some usable material at least, or so he thought. One by one each flower in his hand disappeared before his eyes. "W-What?!" Morgan looked at the ground to try to see if he could find the flowers he had just gotten, but of course they weren't anywhere to be seen. "This is ridiculous". He uttered. His eye began to twitch as frustration flushed over his entire body.

    ID: 138407 LD: 2=Fail

    Materials Gathered: 1

  21. Morgan chuckled, licking his lips as he downed the contents in his mouth. "Last time I checked God was the one who decided if you went to hell or not. And as his mouthpiece with invested power by the Church, a missionary, I have forgiven your sins on his behalf. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. The amount of sins you commit doesn't matter, so long as when you repent you make the commitment to abstain from that sin again, that's your duty. The guilt that wears your face is punishment enough while you live, the soul that was given to you by God punishes us for our misdeeds for him until we die. That is the price of the consciousness and knowledge we obtained through the original sin." Morgan looked down into his now empty bowl, attempting to scrounge the last grain of rice as the bowl dissipated in front of his eyes. "I hate when that happens."

    He grabbed Mari's unfinished bowl. "Thank you for the meal." Morgan had spoken solemnly as he dug into his next serving. He was beginning to grow full, a satisfaction he hadn't felt in awhile. It seemed this troubled woman had been through a lot, but the fact that she didn't just attack him and was ready to leave in his consideration was enough proof that it wasn't something she enjoyed. He wasn't sure what her opinion was on his religion, not that it mattered, the messages it brought and the benefits it gave outweighed the questionings of its legitimacy. 


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