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  1. Morgan wasn't exactly sure how the game just magically gave his cloak a complete wash and dry clean but he wouldn't question it considering it wasn't exactly the most outlandish thing he'd seen so far. He once saw a player walking around with a small boar in their pocket, now that was ridiculous. "Huh well would you look at that, didn't even have to press it." He turned his shoulders as he looked behind him to examine the whole quality. He'd definitely keep that in mind to rid himself of beer stains in the future.

    What followed next definitely wasn't something he was expecting, admitting to killing someone else. The words used 'player killer'? Kayaba did state if you died in the game you died for real, and if that was the case a player could kill another as if they were murdering someone in real life. It was troubling to think about, but he could tell from her expression that it weighed heavily on her. Almost as if she were remorseful for her actions. Though it wasn't the first time someone confessed murder to him and he kept the sacred seal of confession every time.

    Morgan cleared his throat and put aside his meal, making a sign of the cross in front of the woman. "By the power invested in me by the God almighty, I absolve you of your sin. You have committed a mortal sin, but by the love of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven." Morgan smirked and picked back up his feijoada and took another mouthful. "That means you're not allowed to do it again or you'll go to hell I'm afraid." 


  2. Morgan eye'd the partly eaten bowl of feijoada which she kept beside her for him later. He wouldn't object, it was her loss. He let out a 'HA' through a mouth full of beans and rice as she sarcastically called him a people person. It was true to some degree, he wasn't exactly the shining example of charm and grace when it came to socializing even though it was his job to be. 

    Though as she spoke he picked up on subtleties in her speech. "You can say that again. I just play them to pass the time, didn't expect to get stuck in this... uhh, swell something or other." He would have said something more intelligible but it was more effort than it was worth to get the obvious message across. He shoveled another bite into his mouth as he thought more on her words. "I'm assuming a profession is like some kind of job in the game? Can't imagine why someone would play a game to go to work. What's stopping you from this dragon steak you seem curious about?" He added. He pointed his spoon up at her crystal in retaliation to her pointing earlier. "Wouldn't have something to do with that big orange crystal above you would it? What'd you get it for, dining and dashing too many times?" 


  3. Morgan watched sheepishly as she tossed aside his cloak, revealing a v neck shirt made from linen with leather shoulder pads and bracers. The v neck exposed his hair filled chest, luckily for the woman in front him this shirt wasn't beer stained, not really sure what she meant about the equipping and equipping removing gunk or whatever. 

    The important part however was the fact that she was giving him the bowl for free. Victory was his. He straightened his posture and greedily grabbed the bowl beside her, not particularly caring that it was burning his hands. "Senhora you are an angel from above." His demeanor calmed as he dug the spoon into the bowl, scooping out a heaping on the dish and shoving it into his mouth with gluttony. He almost moaned as the flavors touched his tongue, relieving him of years of missing. "Simply heavenly." He added as he finished chewing and swallowing.

    As the food filled his stomach he looked up at the crystal she pointed at, adding that he should be able to find food easily. While that should be the case, he wasn't exactly an aficionado at the game. "Mm. Well, I haven't really moved from the tavern in... a while." He quickly added as to not reveal the exact length of time. Though it'd be obvious by residue of beer which lingered on her fingers after touching his cloak. "To be honest with you I'm one of the people that decided to hell with this game when Kayba locked us all in, still a level 1 with little knowledge on how this game works I'm afraid. I make enough money to buy beer selling useless junk, and I call it a day. Spend the next drinking." He added while shoving another helping into his mouth, sheer pleasure filling him with each bite. "I didn't think it was possible for this game to have... this." He lifted the bowl in his hands as a gesture to it. "Perhaps it'd be worth actually learning."


  4. Wuh-what, an hour ago! Morgan internally screamed, steadily lowering his pointed finger in defeat. The merchant could be anywhere by now, handing out bowls of heaven like they were hotdogs. He hated hotdogs. Morgan bit his tongue as she accused him of bathing in beer. "I did no such thing, just got a little on my coat is all." He said dismissively, unaware of just how beer stained it really was. Good thing it was black. 

    Morgan watched helplessly as she ate another spoonful, the stew of beans and pork resting seductively on a bed of rice soaked in its juices which rolled onto her tongue with each spoonful. He swallowed hard as she did, as if he were the one eating the magnificence before him only to be defeated when the flavor never came. He collapsed his knees onto the surface of the rock. 

    Did she say, another bowl? What was she hinting at? That she'd be willing to give him one? Or that she would torture him for longer yet? Either way he would not let the chance slip him by. Morgan stumbled off from the top of the rock landing without grace to the grass below, his head buried into the ground in a begging position. This was how you were supposed to beg in japan right? "P-please! May I indulge in this feast with you!? The meal which was gifted to mere mortals to enjoy! I'll do anything you ask!" 


  5. Having learnt how to pick flowers in an open field, Morgan was one step closer to being what the kids called a pro gamer. Though he still had no idea what the point of all the intricacies were for. He much preferred the mobile games he downloaded on his phone back home. But here he was, looking for... flowers... to pick... Morgan shook his head and hid his shame with the palm of his hand. "What has my life come to." He mumbled to himself.

    Well those flowers wouldn't pick themselves, he thought as he made his way to the crossing fields. Zakariah had told him there were plenty of herbs to be found among the tall grass in that location. Though, trekking this far from the town of beginning was more than he was used to and he was already thirsty for some beer. Without the constantly supply flowing into his muzzle the fact he never actually ate anything became more apparent with the grumbling of his stomach. But... what was that smell?


    *sniff sniff*

    Morgans pupils enlarged, and his face became serious with determination. "Feijoada." He whispered with sly determination. His eyes darted left and right. He knew that smell anywhere. He would kill for a taste of home, the dish which warmed a poor mans stomach in the slums of Sintra during its freezing winters. 

    Morgan let his nose carry him through the fields, like a dog searching for its next meal. As he made his way over a hill and climb on top of an abnormally large rock, there it was. In the hands of some ginger lady who looked down on the dish like it were some average meal to be scrounged up and eaten when there was nothing better available. "You! Where did you get your hands on that Feijoada?!" He called out from the top of the boulder, pointing right at her.

    The woman with locks of orange looked at his with a mixture of confusion and aversion. "What the [censored] did you just call me ass hat?" 

    "No, not you silly woman, the food in your hands which you do not understand that value of. FEI-JU-A-DA" He sounded out for her. "It's the food of my people! Please I must know!"


  6. Morgan shrugged off the randomly disappearing flower he picked and got to work on rummaging for another one. To be honest he felt rather ridiculous being reduced to some forager looking for flowers for some silly game potion, but at least it was at night where no one was around. If someone did catch him he'd probably feel flushed and embarrassed. This definitely had to be the most boring and mundane experience the game had to offer. "When is this gonna get interesting" He mumbled to himself as he attempted to pick another flower. This time plucking it much more elegantly than the last, due to his own distracting thoughts. 

    Morgan watched the flower closely waiting for it to disappear, but to his pleasant surprise it did not. "Huh, how about that." He tucked it into his inventory and watched it become officially added to his collection of materials. "One down, four to go."

    ID: 138350 LD: 20 = Success

    Materials Gathered: 1

  7. "Well that should be enough information to get you started, don't want to overload you all in one night. How about you go outside and gather me some herbs, bring em back and we'll get to work on crafting some potions for you. Sound good?" Zakariah opened up his posture with palms extended. "Yes, quite. I'll be back shortly then, hopefully you don't pass out on me old timer." Morgan smirked as he stood, straightening his cloak as he did. "Back in a jiff." Morgan pushed out from the alchemists store, and followed the shortest path to the exit. According to the geezer he'd be able to get some from just outside the towns gates, so far this game seemed simple enough. Though he knew he was just getting started.

    As Morgan passed through the gates of the town for the first time in a about a year he looked around the walls, noticing some flowers among the overgrown weeds. Finding the material, check. Morgan shuffled over and knelt down into the weeds, rummaging through them until his fingers found the base of the flower and plucked it. "Simple enough." Just as soon as he spoke the flower dissipated between his fingers and he simply blinked in disbelief. "Huh, spoke too soon."

    ID: 138337 LD: 4 = Fail

  8. The man who stood before him was old but charming, a friendly smile painted on his weathered face. Morgan looked above his head, Zeke, the NPC. Morgan reciprocated with a faint smile. It was about as much as he'd be willing to offer an artificial intelligence. "I'm here for the beginner lessons." Morgan noted. The man nodded as he entered. "Well of course, I don't usually have many visitors this late at night." Morgan smirked. "No I suppose you wouldn't, my apologies. Shall we commence then?" 

    Zakariah nodded "Well alright then." Zakariah closed the door behind him and gestured Morgan to sit at his table with him. Morgan sunk his weight into the seat as he lowered himself. "One of the first things you should learn about the game is how to gather materials, and how to use them to craft items..." Zakariah continued over the next half hour explaining to Morgan the intricacies of gathering materials, where to find them, how to obtain them, etc. 

  9. As Morgan walked through the town the cobblestone bricking of the buildings surrounding him brisked past him, fading into the background before coming to a sign. The sign hung from the top of the building, a copper dingy sing depicting an alchemists flask. Morgan double checked his location on his field map to confirm he was at the right place, as someone so inexperienced it helped to be sure of what he was doing.

    Morgan once again swiped away the map from his HUD and walked up the door of the facility, knocking three times with an unintentional amount of force. He wondered if the store would even still be open at this hour, but to his pleasant surprise, the light was still on. A small amount of shuffling came from behind the oaken door, and a voice called out. "Just a moment please." Locks and chains could be heard shifting before the door creaked open. "Come In."

  10. Morgan turned his head back towards the player sitting across from him as he brought his mug up to his face. "Oh, you're still here?" He mumbled inquisitively as he took a sip. He raised both eyebrows above his mug and rested it back on the table. Then came her question. "Well, if you must know. The life of a missionary gets boring when you're alone with nothing to do, so I decided to escape to a new one. Didn't expect to get trapped though, swell touch." The bitterness rolled effortlessly off his tongue as he waved his mug with his speech. Yuki was a girls name, Japanese speaker too. He knew the language, though he wasn't very fluent at all he had assumed 'ore wa' was a method of introduction used by young boys. "Name's Morgan." 

    He wondered what reason Yuki had for striking up random conversation with him, surely eating in silence would have been better than his company.

  11. Morgan chuckled. "A whole twenty four years old huh? Sure I'll entertain it. If your aims to stay away from abusive drinkers then I think you've stumbled onto the wrong table here. I've been drinking forrr, what is it now?" Morgan looked to the bottom left of his HUD, waggling his fingers in front of the numbers to check the time. "A good seven hours, I think. Who's counting." He took another sip of his beer. "Usually I pass out before that long but of course, no intoxication. So I get to enjoy as much beer as I want without any consequences." Morgan huffed as he slammed his mug back down onto the table. "Beer fills you up just fine anyway, no need to be eating some tasteless looking piece of bread, what is that, bologna and cheese? If you're gonna make the effort to eat something it might as well be something good." Morgan trailed off, thinking about the last time he actually had a decent meal. Far as he could tell he had been living off beer for the past few months.

    "Now that I think about it I could probably kill for some feijoada." Morgan gestured over to the barkeep again, the NPC rolling its eyes. "Please tell me you have some feijoada." The barkeep looked at him inquisitively "I don't believe we do. Feel free to look at our menu any ti-" Morgan waved his fingers in front of the NPCs face. "No feijoada, no deal!" His fingers pointed downwards before flicking up and down, telling the barkeep to shoo away back to his counter.


  12. Morgan looked up from the confinement of his beer mug, his eyes falling on a young girl, no.. boy? Where he was from it wasn't common to see someone with such a small stature, but the persons build and frame didn't exactly seem usual for a woman either. Though that was the extent of his speculation, honestly it didn't matter to him either way. Morgan sighed as the barkeep took his empty mug and gave him a fresh pint. He took a deep quaff before responding. "Suit yourself. Can't promise an upgrade from silence." Morgans voice was deep with a thick Portuguese accent, anyone in earshot would immediately know he wasn't a native Japanese. 

    Morgans eyes trailed from the persons pink hair and purple eyes, meeting their dainty hands holding a sandwich and drinking juice. "Isn't a tavern supposed to be for adults who drink alcohol?" His speech was laced with mild confusion. If they wanted to eat sandwiches and drink juice they could have went on a picnic.


  13. Morgan stretched out his back with two hands placed behind it, allowing for a few satisfying cracks before opening his menu. "Alright lets see here, some useless junk of a quest shouldn't be too hard." He looked at his field map, wondering if had passed by the alchemy shop in question before. Morgan squinted his eyes before spotting it, just a short walk away from here. He took a deep breath and swiped away the interface, looking down at the in game time. Eighteen hundred hours. With a heavy step he exhaled, making his way through the paved pathways of the town of beginnings. The sun was still up, but was slowly beginning to set over the horizon. It seemed he'd begin his quest in darkness, not like he needed the sleep tonight anyway. Morgan dug his hands into his pockets, his cloak resting heavily on his shoulders as he made his way through the town. It seemed the temperature was beginning to drop.

  14. Morgan looked at the man with confusion, not exactly sure what exactly just had occurred. The blonde figure walked away with one hand raised to signal his departure. "Anyway, later mister. Keep moping or don't, up to you." Perhaps the man had some merit to what he was spouting. He was getting rather bored of being a grouch and wasting his days drinking pissing and sleeping. Morgan rattled his brain for a moment deliberating on what he'd end up doing with the rest of his day anyway. "Ugh, fine, whatever." He was in a game after all, it wouldn't hurt to spend some time learning how to play it the way it was designed to. If it wasn't for him then he'd just stop and go back to drinking. He looked back at the tavern one more time, the thought of another drink enticing him. "No no no, we're not doing that again Morgan. Not like I can afford it anyway." 

  15. The man laughed again at his snappy attitude. "No, not personally. I just hate seeing people wasting away and wallowing in self pity when I'm trying have a meal. At first I was just enjoying my breakfast, but then I wanted to see just how pitiful you could get sitting there. Have to say I'm rather impressed at your commitment to beer." Morgan's face stiffened, looking at the man dead in the eyes. "So your solution is to berate me in public, is that it? What a genius you are. How about you do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay out of their business." Morgan shoved his fingers into the mans chest, pushing him back a couple steps. The man rubbed his chest with a smirk. "Alright then, suit yourself. But when you're done moping you should head to an alchemy shop and ask for Zakariah, hell give you a few tasks to start you off."

  16. Footsteps followed him from behind, a tall blond man with long hair and dark eyes placed a friendly hand on his back, a fellow player it seemed. "If you're tried of the same looks, why don't you start doing something useful with yourself." Morgan straightened himself a swatted away the mans hand, looking into the players eyes. "If you wanted me to punch you in the face you could have just asked nicely." The man laughed at his grouchy response. "Suit yourself, but at this point your brain is just rotting away. Is that how you want to die?" Morgan looked the man up and down, wondering just who in the hell would have the nerve to start talking to a stranger like some kind of paternal figure. Oh wait, he and the rest of his commune did that too. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Is there something you wanted weirdo?"

  17. -First few lessons are free
    Morgan stumbled out of a tavern his body rubbing off the side of the door as he wobbled down some steps. Though this wasn't due to any drunkenness, but more so the fact he hadn't moved from his seat at the tavern for over eight hours and became rather dizzy having not really taking care himself during that time apart from drinking beer. His feet fumbled before finding their grip, his body slouched as he looked left and right, forgetting which way he had come in the first place. Passerby's shot him stern glances as they walked past, not exactly fond of his antics at this point, it had become a common occurrence. To put it bluntly he was growing tired of the uncalled for prejudice, it wasn't like any of the other level one players were contributing anything to their escape from this hell hole either. "Bunch of hypocrites, that's what you all are." His voice declared.



    Level 1 -  HP: 20 | EN: 2 | Damage: 4 |Mitigation: 9
    Skills - Rank 1 THSS |


  18. Morgan sat alone at the tavern, sinking his emptiness into a pool of beer as he usually did. The worst part about this game wasn't the fact that he was trapped in it and he could possibly be killed and sent to heaven, but the mere fact that one couldn't get drunk off a good pint. Such a tragedy, he thought to himself. Though he couldn't get drunk, he still smelt like one. The stench of beer stained his black cloak which draped his body. He sighed heavily, slamming his drink back on the table after having sculled down the rest of the content. His eyes phasing between focus while staring deeply into the oaken wood of the table he sat at.

    How long had it been now? A few months, a few years? He couldn't tell. "Well Morgan.. this is what you wanted wasn't it? A new life?" He muttered to himself. He sunk his stature back against the chair, allowing his arms to hang loose at his side as he looked up at the ceiling. As that one saying went, be careful what you wish for. What was he even doing still sitting at the tavern when there was plenty for him to do outside. It seemed that ever since Kayaba locked everyone in a death sentence he kind of just accepted his fate and rolled over. At least it'd give the other players more resources for themselves, he'd just be a burden in a game like this. 

    The other players had already made it to floor 24 without him, he wasn't exactly needed either way. So he'd sit and drink, same as he always did. "Another beer barkeep." Morgan belched out as he waggled his empty cup at the man. He didn't have a lot to his name, the money he made off buying and selling useless junk for profit wasn't much, but it was enough for some beer. 

  19. 60175996446434092.png.7ccc29201f6454d1b2beaf6c4337ed28.png~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Username: Morgan
    Real Name: Morgan Amador
    Age: 26
    Height: 6"0 (183 cm)
    Weight:  187 lbs (85 kg)
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    : Morgan is a bit of a loose cannon with a mean temper, more often cutting others with his words than drowning them in noise. He is straightforward and honest almost to the point of being rude. Despite this however he is a man of justice and good at heart. Morgan prefers solitude but doesn't mind the company of others, his preference to isolation generally stems from his lack of ability to trust others capabilities. His sense of justice comes ingrained into him from a young age as his family are very religious and while they are inherently dogmatic he has with age learnt to follow certain principles through empathy. 

    History: Morgan was sinfully born into a catholic monastery in Sintra Portugal between a priest and a nun who were in a secret relationship. While pregnant his mother pretended that his conception was immaculate like the birth of Christ, though later evidence would prove otherwise. Though his parents were then excommunicated, he was still born on sanctuary and thus was raised as a fostered child under the protection of the church. This was due to the fact his parents felt ashamed, guilty, or didn't feel capable enough to be able to raise him in a proper environment, not really having any skills outside of the church. His last name 'Amador' was given to him by the church after the saint Amador who was a hermit that found an abandoned newborn and raised it as his own, they supposed it felt fitting to raise Morgan in his name. His first name was given to him by his mother, who was inspired by the blue of his eyes when he was born, his name meaning dweller of the seas. 

    He spent his entire childhood at the monastery, learning liturgy and ceremonial rites, and becoming the youngest deacon of the church at 18 years of age due to his special circumstances. He had began to build up a lot of bottled and repressed emotions over the years after learning the truth about his parents and how his mother lied as well as hearing of and being at the center of multiple scandals. He believes in the good that the church provides but not in its methods and practice.Though as someone who's whole life depended on the church, he wasn't sure what else to do with it. In his spare time he'd generally just play video games, both as a time killer and as a coping mechanism. Over time he sought out new prospects and travel to new places, no longer wishing to stay static, and so he became a missionary.

    They planned on setting up a new church in Japan and Morgan was chosen to lead the mission there and so he did his best to learn about the language and culture there. After a few years of preparation he finally made his way from Portugal where he grew up to Japan where the new Catholic church was being set up. He'd still play video games in his free time however and upon hearing about sword art online Morgan became excited for it, the ability to fade out from a world he wasn't actually interested in, and start over new... And so began his entrapment in the game.


    Virtues - 
    Kind of Heart: Morgan feels genuine empathy for people. A lot of his work at the church involved dealing with vulnerable people and helping them back on their feet, or at least cope with day to day struggles. Though he personally draws a line in certain circumstances as to not be burnt by his own kindness, he still makes an effort to do right by others. He has learnt over time that kindness often times does more good to a person than any amount of advice or physical remedy except in the case of actual physical ailments. Though kind he is not naive or gullible to the ways of science and understands there must be a balance between caring about and for something, and giving the person what they actually need to survive. 

    Diligence: Morgan is hard working believing in a strong work ethic and that working is inherently good. Though he often self indulges he is not one to give up on a task or leave work half done. This virtue was instilled in Morgan at a young age, always told that he must do his part and that diligence and faith would lead to spiritual salvation. While he may not necessarily believe that diligence will bring him salvation, he does believe that if someone wants something, they would most definitely have to work for it. 

    Justice and Fortitude: Morgan fights with great perseverance for a just and right world. He believes that there is an order to things and that people should get what they deserve, and that all people inherently deserve their rites as humans. He fights for these rights when he sees them violated using whatever tools he is able to utilize such as the churches resources or whatever he himself posses, though that is little. Even when his own beliefs are challenged and he is put in a position to question himself and his virtues he maintains the endurance to push through and stick to what he feels in his heart to be right. 

    Mercy: This virtue plays into the others as the ability to endure difficult circumstances, though suggesting in his ability to forgive others for their past misdeeds if they are also willing to forgive themselves and repent for their actions. Though his emotions may get the better of him at times he does his best to remind himself that people deserve a chance at redemption since all life has value, even the lives of sinners and the corrupted. 

    Flaws - 
    Wrath: When someone or something pushes Morgan to a point of anger he can become quite a loose cannon with a mean temper. He will say things he'd otherwise never say to hurt and get back at people who have pushed him to that point. When Morgan becomes wrathful it is often due to a series of events in which no redemption or mercy can be offered. Though he would never kill another person, he has no qualms about bringing them to justice or giving them a taste of what they have done unto others. In a sense he doesn't wish to wait for God to punish them and would rather act on his own accord. 

    Saudade: A common term from where he grew up simply translating to 'Emptiness'. However it is more of a longing for something which he is lacking, something that he lost long ago. His life was decided for him at birth, his parents never there for him. Though the church filled the role of caretaker, they never gave him the love and support that only a parent could provide. Though he doesn't realize it, his heart longs for real love. More than that, his heart longs for a meaning, a true purpose, a life beyond his religious confines, for his own identity. Though these things weigh heavily on him, these things he cannot realize for himself that leave him melancholic, he still has faith in a future and hope for something positive to come, such is Saudade.

    Gluttony: Though Morgan is supposed control himself and uphold the virtue of temperance, when it comes to beer he is almost unable to control his intake. He has spent many days drunk from over consumption when he has reprieve from his duties. Sometimes this affliction carries over into his work days and he usually gets a lot of flak for it. Though this is a vice that has developed in his more mature years, his peers give him some leeway considering his past and his contributions so far. This gluttony for beer also extends to some food and other alcohol on worse days, anything that helps fill his emptiness. 


    Skills - 10/11 Skill points.  Diff:1

    Utility skills: N/A
    Combat skills: N/A
    Weapon skills: Two Handed Straight Sword Rank 1 [+3 Damage] (5/50)
    Armor skills: Heavy Armour [+8 Mitigation] (5/50)
    Extra skills: N/A


    Gear - Set A, Basic Package [+2,500 Col, +10 T1 Materials]

    Equipped: Travelers Chain-mail (+27 Mitigation) Templar's Bastard Sword (+3 Accuracy) Crucifix of the Lord (+3 Evasion)
    Equipment - Pslam 65:11 (LD +3) Iron Two Handed Straight sword (+1 Damage) | Mail Armour (+9 Mitigation)
    Consumables - 5 Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 5 Healing Potions uncommon (Heals 40Hp) Damage Potion (+1) Over-Health (+50 Temp Hp) Extracted Perfume (Pheromones +3)

    Items from Firm Anima: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19082-items-for-an-upstart-morgan/?tab=comments#comment-600075


    Relationships -
    Friends List: N/A
    Mari - Met her while looking for some materials, found feijoada instead.Exchanged conversation about God, love, and told her of his upbringing. He also absolved her of her sins of murder, telling her if she ever did it again she would be sure to go to hell. He thinks they're on good terms. Can't hate a girl with feijoada.


    Thread List - 
    2. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19078-f1-sp-how-do-you-even-play-this-game/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-600079 +4 SP +400Col +5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) + 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) +1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)
    http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19084-pp-f2-excuse-me-where-did-you-get-that-this-is-some-a-grade-level-poopydinks/+2 Sp +200 Col

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