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  1. 'Pull her into the open field and kill her then, huh? That's one way to bypass the safezone. Can't imagine anyone would just stand around and watch that happen without someone saddling up to white knight for a gothic damsel in distress.' Sketch checked his twisted desire to smile in the light of the sadistic humor. "Well," he replied to @Dazia's inquiry with a shrug. "When you've lived in the Town of Beginnings, rumors tend to spread. I hear you're a fairly good duelist." He paused to let the words sink for her. Yes, the implications were clear. How much did he know? Maybe later, she
  2. It seemed that everyone enjoyed Blueberry's cake. Sketch simply couldn't. He wasn't much for cake. Just felt like a mouthful of damp, sweet bread. Either way, the budding baker's beautiful blueberry cake received plenty player praise. The ladies all seemed to pool together as they talked about alchemy, baking, cookies, and skills. Meanwhile, the gent who Koga nearly turned into a human sheath for a dagger decided to take his angry scowl and turn it into interest. It seemed that this fellow took great interest in all things pointy and designed for damage. Sketch couldn't tell if it was his body
  3. Zajcica quite literally went off. Considering her height and soft appearance, her words were jagged and crass. The point of her words seemed focused on individualism, but the lackluster emotional involvement still kept Sketch hesitant to completely disarm himself. "I don't recall slinging an insult," he quipped back. She continued past him toward the exit. It felt like pity-- a self serving need to casually helping a weaker player as though it were something to pass the time. He was some animal or pet that needed help crossing the road. His face scrunched up in disapproval and he begrudgi
  4. "Noob," Sketch scoffed. He paused, then shrugged. "Fair enough." 'I mean, she's not wrong, but to just come out and say it.... Wait--' The menu appeared with her name, invite request, and basic stats: health, stamina, level... "Woah," Sketch looked beyond the party menu with a skeptical look. Were it not completely insensitive to ask, we would have inquired her age. He pulled his head back behind the menu and hit the accept button to make it disappear all together. Shortly after, she presented him with some items. He took them from her reluctantly, one of which was actually food
  5. The two clowns exchanged a few more words but despite the second's entrance, an air of experience hung about him. Sketch took interest in this. He approached the Monument of Life beside the fellow and eyeballed the names in the area he was looking. The guy was busy berating the insensitive prick that already made his way for the exit. People like that would end up crossed out on this monument soon enough. There are no police here, and all it took was one simple math equation to broil your brain in a nice, steamy, bone cocoon. Shame, but it was certainly not Sketch's job to check people from th
  6. Sketch felt the tap on his shoulder. His muscles tensed and head snapped over his shoulder. 'The heck?'There was nothing. He snapped his head to the other side, remembering that old fashioned trick of misdirection used in High School and back at the office in the real world. 'Nothing? Am I losing it?' He checked the other side and actually spun around. It wasn't until the color of pink slipped low into his periphery and his head adjusted to the difference in height. There she spoke, the culprit, covered in ice creel and smiling. Sketch looked up beyond her, over her, and nearby.
  7. Sketch left the artificer's shop and the worn, wooden door slammed shut behind him as if the old man himself pushed a sense of urgency to the task. 'Five materials,' Sketch mentally repeated. He pulled up his UI and flipped through his menu to produce the Player's Guide. As he poured over its contents, he threw the tip of his thumb between his teeth for a nibble. "Materials... Materials... Materials..." he mumbled to the raised brow of higher level players walking by. He came across several notes about the mechanics for material gathering. It broke it down into a few groups between j
  8. When Sketch met the guy in person he was shocked to see the fellow from a while back. Despite his choice of humor, Sketch recognized him to have more under the layers than jokes. He thanked the guy who was surprisingly humble about the exchange. To both thank him and apologize for his brash judgement back in the day, Sketch dumped over all the savings he had. 'Can always get more,' he thought to himself. With a two finger salute, he parted ways with the familiar stranger and checked off a few things from his To-Do list.
  9. Hey, I'm looking for anyone or anything to help me snag a travel buddy. If you'd like to point me in the right direction or help a guy out, I have some 2,500 col and 10 T1 mats to offer up. Let me know, Sketch.
  10. From the back of the tavern came a bubbly girl with pink hair and a plate of baked goods. She reached over him to place the sweets on the table and began to introduce herself. He couldn't help but turn a sideways eye at her, then glance down at the blueberry cake she felt so proud to share. "I'm good," Sketch commented, pulling his elbows off the table and sitting back away from the cake. "Not much of a cake guy. Now, if we were talking pie or a tart..." She then ousted the little one hiding in the corner. Sketch shook his head. 'So much for subtlety.' The server came aroun
  11. Sketch chuckled at the notion of trying every drink. He remembered a time not too long ago where bar hopping and getting one another absolutely plastered was a good time. Alas, SAO lacked the finesse of intoxication, but the taste of a cold drink would still serve just as refreshing and nostalgic. "I do believe that's the talk of a potential new drinking buddy," Sketch whimsically replied with a grin. Breaking back to discussion, Koga flagged a server over to take orders. He chose an ale, something light. The server didn't so much as bat an eye and turned to Lishuu to take her order
  12. "Well, nice to meet you Astralain," he replied. 'So casual to flaunt the idea of her real name...' He thought. Then again, several of those too mortified to leave the real city exchanged real names in a desperate attempt to cling onto that reality which now felt like a dream to him. Sketch preferred the illusion of privacy. Maybe one day, he would confide in another. When they arrived, Sketch eyeballed the establishment. In his years in the Town of Beginnings, he had to admit he didn't recognize the joint. Given the size of the first city, this came as little surprise. Still, the fac
  13. Thankfully, his interjection did not end in rejection. Sketch nodded toward Koga. ”Thanks,” Sketch replied quickly. The two girls exchanged a few words and Sketch directed his attention to the blonde with a raised brow. He diverted back toward Lishuu’s excitement toward root beer. As a group, they moved to the location with Koga at the point. As they walked, the blunette elaborated more of her personal story to the blonde. They seemed to be getting along. Sketch picked up a few pieces of interesting information. Much like himself, Lishuu lacked experience outside the city walls. Give
  14. The larger of the men walked right past Sketch, and his blue eyes trailed him into the distance. 'Couldn't swallow his pride... how petty,' Sketch thought with a scowl. He turned his attention back to Lishuu and her other friend. This one, on the other hand, seemed far more in tune with the consequences of his actions. Perhaps due to defeat? Perhaps due to the weight of her words? Another girl joined the scene all the while Sketch watched from a small distance. By now, the cover of bystanders dispersed and left him exposed to the side of the ally. He and less than a handful now linge
  15. Sketch continued to the exit, but the second of the two clowns blocked his path. His steps paused and the brunette sucked in a breath. Further confrontation would only make him a hypocrite. However, as though this stranger seemed to be subtly urging Sketch to stay, he picked up on the continued conversation behind him. His attention captured, Sketch turned back toward the assembled players. The man he learned to be named Alkor spoke to the girl most offended by the earlier display of insensitivity. In his words, Sketch heard wisdom and experience. Of all those present, Sketch felt incline
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