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  1. The duo of players had hardly gotten feet away from the quest giver before being stopped by by others. First, a boy probably not much younger than her and Setsu. Given his short response, Mei could already tell he wasn't well versed with strangers. He seemed like someone who wouldn't offer much to a conversation unless given something to go off of. The other woman, quite the beauty from what she could tell while blindfolded, her armor suggested she wasn't such a new play like they were. At least by comparison. "Hey guys!" Setsu would speak up before the girl offer a polite wave to them. H
  2. The two silver-haired friends would find themselves in their normal venue of the first floor's main city: The Town of Beginnings. The place seemed to be thinning out more and more as the floors were cleared out above, but there were still quite a few people that had decided to stay behind and hope other could win their way out of here. All things considered, Mei was not happy about how long she had taken to get motivated to join them, but given the situation, who could really blame her? Even the brave could be afraid to die. Her and Setsugekka (Setsu she called him for short) would get to
  3. A soft breeze filled the streets of Coral. Two clad in black stir the floor's teleportation terminal to life. He and she take a moment to soak in the rustic atmosphere of the city, then look upon each other. Meikyo would give her friend a soft grin. "This seems like a great place to practice the sword talent, don't you think?" Her alluring but soft tone hid her more serious nature for anyone looking on their conversation. "It looks like The Town of Beginnings, if not a little more home-y." "Perhaps, but still, I like the atmosphere." The girl would proclaim as she stepped down the termina
  4. Meikyo Gekko ~ Tranquility in the Moonlight Mei Suzaku, 19 Japanese H: 157cm; W: 63.5 Mei is a quiet teenager who was born in Kyoto, Japan. As the oldest of three kids, expectations were high for her. Despite her parents' good intentions Mei found herself insanely pressured to meet those expectations. By the time she hit high school, this pressure only continued to consume her and in turn she quickly fell down a hole of depression. Seeing thier daughter struggle, Mei's parents decided to have her take up a hobby of her choice. She chose swordplay. Mei's siblings soon followe
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