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  1. "Who do you think you are?" The question would fall flat in the air for a moment as dusk mused the question. A smile began to form his face. "I'm just a man that enjoys knowing things. When I want to know something I simply can't resist seeking it out." Those silver eyes bore into the Chimera although took note of the woman scribbling in a dark notebook behind him. "Like the falling of an apple from the tree, you sprout from the whims of Beelzebub. As the most recent of his offspring, it is you that carry the most relevant information. Tell me, what is he trying to do?" The chimera
  2. Beelzebub would adjust the spectacles that rested on the ridge of his nose before turning away from Kruren. "I hate to cut our conversation short, but I do have other matters to attend to. Try to lighten up, you will do nicely in your new position. I am counting on you." No words would respond from the other. Light would flare from the room as flame consumed the Devil, leaving ashes to litter the air. dusk's sigh would match Sam's, revealing his distaste. Beelzebub's lackeys were much less interesting than the anomaly himself. All of the minions were just creations of their master, trying to p
  3. It was this part of his plan that was flaky. Just how could he take the reflection of the demon and bind it? He had but one idea, a strange one. What if the demon were to be killed by the reflection? Would then the reflection be trapped to the glass? That was his only hypothesis. dusk would slam the glass into the demon's right in between the horns that jutted from his head. "Let's hope this works. I only get four chances." The demon would struggle against him but dusk's hand held its head down firm on the ground. It would lay there until it died amongst all of the corpses he had witness
  4. The whirl of a blade returned to him and the man would catch the silver circle in his hand. He almost felt bad for the demon, assuming he was correct: it would never get the chance to have a will again. dusk watched as the creature began to grotesquely regenerate his arm. Disgusting. His free hand would reach to his other side finding yet another chakram. Twins the weapons were. Throwing them both at one, the blades would hiss through the air until they had both met their mark and ripped the demon's legs from underneath it. dusk would push forward, catching both weapons out of the air before u
  5. Shuffling was heard behind the man as the girl moved in front of him. Foolish wasn't this little flower? Internally, he sighed but if the girl's life was lost it was of no consequence to him. People died every day, perhaps he would at least get some data out of the fight that ensued? Perhaps Beelzebub himself would join the fray? The girl would notice very odd things from the figured in front of her. One of them had been known to the public before while the other was completely new. The voice unknown to the girl would speak more, protruding from a man with sharp features and golden spect
  6. The scene that flooded his eyes caused him to simply close them. Corpse's lined the room in front of him and included in them was the bodies of both of those that were responsible for his upbringing. A cackling laughter filled the air of the room, echoing off of the walls. 'Wish you didn't have such acute senses now don't you? You're frozen in fear with your eyes closed aren't you? This was far easier than I thought!' The sound of a footstep would once again become audible throughout the air. Silver eyes snapped opened and a circular blade was pulled from his belt. Hurling the weapo
  7. His eyes would become trained on a basic black door, one that hadn't existed in the room back in the real world. He had noticed it instantly upon arriving. Something out of place that obvious was more than sure to catch his trained eye. Stepping forward, a hand would reach to the silver chakram at his side much like that of an officer having his gun at the ready. Pushing through the door, he would find himself in an utterly black room. The door he entered closed behind him leaving him in total darkness. "I can hear you there if you're trying for some sort of sneak attack." His words
  8. Stopping on a small stone slab, silver eyes would peer into the water's depths. Certain a serene view but nothing stood out to him as why this waterfall would be different than any of the others. Slowly, he would take a seat on the small slab of stone he stood silently on. What had the rumor been? Meditate on the rock? Closing his eyes and clearing his eyes, he focused entirely on himself instead of the world around him. After a short while of doing this he would find himself pleasantly surprised that it had worked. Silver eyes opened to a familiar scene. An incident room. His eyes almos
  9. Passing through the jungle trees. He would wade through the plants and foliage as if they were a river. Garbed in black, silver eyes would peer forward in search of the waterfall he had heard of. Unlike many other players, he was uninterested in playing the game at its base level. Quests, floor bosses, events, they all disinterested him. He would leave the others to their work, he wasn't the hero after all. No, instead he would hunt down and destroy the shadows at their roots. The sound of flowing water was the first indicator that he had drawn near. The Waterfall of the Sage was a place
  10. [ d u s k ]  Demons. Creatures created from the grudges, desires, and sins of humans. Normally when referring to such creatures he would mean the anomalies that traveled the floor of Aincrad. However, perhaps the anomalies should be referred instead as 'devils'. Out of the three known, Beelzebub was the only one to have made much of a move. The other two simply waited quietly on the twe
  11. The wind picked up, blowing ash into there. This floor was difficult to breathe in, much less see in. Disgusting. He hated it here. The sound of the wind would not however drown out the sounds of the falling footsteps that drew ever so near. Turning his head ever so slightly, he would watch as a feminine figure raced past him. Silver eyes watched on as she entered the Shattered Orrery. A flare of annoyance would rise inside of him. Who was this girl and why was she carelessly getting in the way? Not to mention, her haste would surely alert the monster within should she not learn to tread light
  12. [ d u s k ]  Hidden away at the northern limit of the floor of red skies rested a peculiar mechanism. A mechanism as to which there was yet no explanation. While the floor itself still continued to progress itself as Beelzebub continued to craft a story, the man would watch it progress. Simple as that. Beelzebub's actions may be known to him, but they didn't quite make much sense
  13. dusk


    [ d u s k ]
  14. dusk


    i n v e n t o r y w e a p o n s a r m o r s a c c e s s o r i e s
  15. dusk


    NAME Faust Kage AGE 29 GENDER Male HEIGHT 180cm WEIGHT 72kg BIRTHDAY 4/30 ORIGIN UNKNOWN Thematical Music [main] [battle] [descent] d u s k "All beauty has a dark side. Heaven cannot exist without Hell." --Gemma Malley Everyone enjoys the tale of the hero, poised with their blade in defense of the world. To drive back the darkness is a noble feat, b
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