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  1. The boy seemed to be both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time as Kylissia was looking him up and down. Now she wanted to see if she could get a reaction out of him for the fun of it, so she decided to see if a wink would tease him. After Kylissia gave her username to the redhead and Yona, the redhead would introduce himself as Sorun. Yona would then send party invites to Sorun and Kylissia. Once the invites were accepted, boars emerged from the overgrowth, and they didn't look very friendly. Yona would rush towards the larger one, as another lesser boar would emerge and join up
  2. The redhead accepted the Amber and pulled out an axe that turned out to have ran out of durability. The brunette girl would then give him some equipment to replace his lost item and current gear. He should be ready soon. The brunette girl pointed out that Kylissia and the young man would need to reveal their usernames if she was to send them party invites. Which, Kylissia was fine with, but before she could speak, the brunette girl sighed and asked to be excused for a moment, and would proceed to run off, leaving Kylissia and the young redhead alone for a short moment. Kylissia looked bac
  3. All three of the players seemed to be in agreement that for this young man to have been out for a year wasn't the most plausible, but the evidence seemed to suggest it for the time being. For now, it would be best to simply help him out, perhaps even invite him to join the party. Kylissia looked over towards the brunette girl, as she was the highest level player of the three. "We should set up a party and have him join in, we'd be able to accomplish more by working together." She suggested. Sure, the Brunette girl was of a higher level, but they might be able to handle themselves...hopefu
  4. Kylissia FC: Assassination Classroom - Irina Jelavic
  5. The young man would proceed to speak of what he remembered, though he seemed to have some mild difficulty at first. Whatever he'd been through, it must have been harsh. Only one thing seemed familiar enough to recognize, though... The brunette girl believed he was merely speaking only of dreams, which may have partially been the case. "...But there actually was a storm, wasn't there?" Kylissia pointed out. The brunette looked over to Kylissia with a confused expression on her face, before claiming that no such thing happened. "That's what I'd thought, too, but when I spoke to others about
  6. My, things have been getting pretty interesting lately. A player who carried herself with confidence was higher level than Kylissia, and didn't seem to mind carrying. Fear had gripped most of the playerbase, but the time was coming for the masses to do more than just sit around the starting city, afraid of being killed by the weakest possible foe. Kylissia knew this, and how could she enjoy what was around if all she did was stay in one settlement? It wasn't long before the two came across a male player, lying down on the ground. At first glance, just anyone might simply assume he wa
  7. Kylissia had been needing to get more items before setting out, and she'd heard of just the place to do so. There was an Artisan shop within the starting city, but since it was within one of the shadier locales of the settlement, Kylissia decided it was best to equip her new armor before going in. Once she reached the shop and entered it, she would look around to see what was around or if anyone was there. There wasn't anyone at the counter, maybe the shopkeeper was busy? Kylissia would continue to look around for the time being, eventually finding an amber and a crystal, both having some
  8. Kylissia had been needing to get outside the starting zone for some time now, but she would need some equipment first. Problem was, however, she couldn't find many available Blacksmiths within the Town of Beginnings, leaving her to seek out other ways to get some gear for herself. She was able to convince someone to escort her to a rumored blacksmith said to be on the seventh floor, so she at least had that going for her. Upon arrival, she would take a look around, before being greeted by the shopkeep. There were plenty of players who had become blacksmiths, but she'd never seen a male bl
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    <<Kylissia>> Profile: Username: Kylissia Real name: Rebecca Lenoir Age: 25-27 Gender: Female Height: 6’3” Birthday: October 28 Background: Personality: Virtues: “The Flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” Flaws: “You fell in love with my flowers but not my roots, so when Autumn came you didn’t know what to do.”
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