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  1. Oh...the look on his face...adorable and priceless. "Oh, how cute!" Kylissia thought. "My words dug right down to him, and the way he's blushing...!" Kylissia loved seeing how people reacted to her whenever she took opportunities to flirt or tease, she found it all endearing. She'd been close to having a lover or two before, and she loved nothing more then making their hearts melt...and she was very fond of people she believed to be endearing. As endearing as Kylissia currently thought Sotarou to be, there was the reality that the two were merely acquainted, and to try for affecting
  2. Sotarou's impressive attack would damage both of the remaining wolves. One was slain, and the other was barely alive due to the amount of damage it had, leaving red marks that probably signaled grievous wounds on it. Sotarou offered for Kylissia to finish it, as well as a nickname option as well. "Kyli, hmm? I like it, it's a cute nickname." She thought. Now she wanted to do something for Sotarou. Considering his username and appearance, one easily came to mind... Looking to him with intrigued yet sultry eyes, and a grin that was warm yet somewhat playful, she placed her left index
  3. Kylissia chuckled, nearly a full-on laugh, as once again there was miscommunication. "Oh trust me, I haven't forgotten. I simply think there are more canine creatures that are potential familiars on this floor rather than the common wolf, is all, and some of them may be less aggressive than what we've just battled with." She noted, hoping to reassure him that she hadn't lost sight of his goal for the day. "Though I have my doubts that larger creatures like the dire wolves will be possible to ally with, from what I've heard, familiars all tend to be smaller..." Kylissia chuckled at
  4. Kylissia understood what Sotarou meant. Of course, the mind was always the strongest tool of a human being, it could understand how a world works, and either create or find, then utilize something that allows them to affect the world around them to their benefit. This game was no different in terms of how the mind could survive out here. Make use of the skills, professions, and systems of the game, that they may be used to your advantage...of course, there was indeed something in charge that would probably notice if something ever got too broken. "Well, this is one of th
  5. Trees were everywhere on this floor, not much stone to find and break down... While it was true that there are some more organically sourced parts for trinkets that exist, Kylissia would need precious stones and metals for the profession she was aiming for. She looked around the area as Sotarou was trying to cut a tree down with a katana...unless the world and weapon logic was the same as that in Breath of the Wild, that wasn't likely to work. Just as Kylissia noticed an odd stone nestled at a tree trunk, Sotarou made his attempt, but the entire tree was destroyed. Kylissia felt sorry for the
  6. Kylissia was learning more and more about this boy the more she stuck around him. He was hopeful and intelligent, but terribly unlucky. He would not like Gacha Games... Oddly enough, Sotarou seemed to have the impression that Kylissia was aiming for a Tank Build. "Oh, the Thorns? I have that on my armor because it can't use Evasion properly, I'm more of a damage dealer myself, the armor was just personal choice." Kylissia explained. "I'll definitely think about my build as I improve, of course, so maybe someday." She added. He really wante
  7. Kylissia focused on climbing up and getting back onto solid ground while Sotarou attempted another attack. Once she'd managed to climb up and gat a footing, she noticed the wolf dodge Sotarou's attack... This was her chance. Kylissia wasted no time in activating her sword art. Her weapon glowed, she took position to swing... "Peekaboo." The wolf turned it's head just to meet Kylissia's weapon head on, it would not be around to see tomorrow. Kylissia sheathed her weapon, now that all active enemies were slain. She sighed
  8. This wolf was a clever one, being able to tangle with Kylissia in a way that kept it from taking too many hits...but it's HP drained anyway because there was nothing it could do to prevent the thorns damage it suffered with each successful hit. However, based on what happened next, it seemed like it was taking this problem into account and trying to make a last ditch effort to give itself a small chance of winning. The wolf began to circle around Kylissia, who just stayed on guard, waiting for the opportunity to strike where an opening is. The wolf gave itself a false opening,
  9. The wolf looked to Kylissia after Sotarou spoke, it was probably making a connection to the situation...that is, that's what Kylissia had guessed when the wolf caught her blade in its jaw when she attempted to attack. "Oh...so you want to play then, do you?" She remarked, as her eyes narrowed and a smirk formed on her face. Taking full grip of the hilt, she was ready to keep this from going to the wolf's advantage. "Very well then, let's play!" She said as she began to swing around, to the point where the wolf could no longer hold a grip on her weapon, being flung a fair distance in meters. It
  10. Kylissia wrenched her weapon free from the tree, just in time to witness Sotarou's sword art. Impressive as it was, it was apparently dodged. Both wolves remained. Kylissia took a second to plan out her movements, wondering how would be the best way to defeat them. When Kylissia activated her sword art, the larger wolf was preparing another attack against Sotarou. The other wolf dodged her attack, mainly because her focus shifted to the more immediate threat. Kylissia's weapon hacked, slashed and struck the larger wolf before it could reach Sotarou, and her weapon was
  11. Sotarou's attack caused the wolves to split their gazes of aggression. One of the wolves was killed, three remained. Kylissia would take this chance to attack while they were disoriented. The greater wolf would once again leap out of harm's way, but one of the wolves was not so lucky, and met its end at Kylissia's blade. One wolf turned out to be a bit more clever, waiting for Kylissia to reach it, before leaping backwards, in which her weapon would get stuck in a tree. Kylissia let out a strained grunt as she struggled to try and free her weapon. She was able to use her
  12. Kylissia watched the enemies appear. It was clear they'd figured out their surprise had failed. The aggressive gaze of the monsters, their healthy appearance, despite their yellowed fur...if this game was as lifelike as it was claimed to be, then they weren't exactly hungry. Of course, carnivorous animals and predatory hunters could still be hostile to travelers if they felt threatened or were too territorial for their own good. Regardless of which possibility it was, the pack's leader did not look willing to let the players have a chance to leave their hunting grounds.
  13. Crossing the bridge, which appeared to be outstretched tree trunks that crossed over the gap to the other side, would be how the two players left the safe zone, it seemed. The safe zone's guards looked at the players as the two passed the border, looking upon them as though they were an unusual sight. The guards didn't appear to be human, so it made enough sense, maybe humans were rare on this floor within its lore. Kylissia simply smiled warmly and waved as she kept walking alongside Sotarou. After crossing the natural bridge, Kylissia would take in the sight of her s
  14. Kylissia listened carefully and attentively to Sotarou's answer. "Aww, how sweet..." Kylissia remarked. "I've got a good feeling about this day...I'm sure you'll find the Koba of this world, Sotarou, no doubt." She added with a gentle, warm smile, assuring him that this day would be a success. Sotarou turned to look at the safe zone's exit, and thought aloud to himself as he took deep breaths. Kylissia silently listened, as the boy revealed more about his past within this game. Individuals in black cloaks...they must have been a unified outfit of sorts; a Guild or organization. Kylissi
  15. Kylissia began to wonder if the black storm had anything to do with the destruction of Sotarou's quest item. There were quite a number of changes that had happened since then, it almost felt like starting over, with a revamped cast of NPCs, and a brave new world to boot. The Gypsy NPC approached Sotarou, most likely to refresh his quest. As Kylissia watched the interaction unfold, it seemed to be the case. A part of the NPCs words stuck within Kylissia's mind, "Find a Soul that pairs well with you." This could be applied in a number of ways, but due to the context, it was clearl
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