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  1. Sotarou just stood up, dusting himself off of the dirt covering his outfit. He took a calming breath, recovering from the wind being knocked out of him. He looked at the loot gained curiously and smiled a bit. "Well, seems easy enough to divide the spoils there. Even split seem okay to you? We each get one of the consumables, the Col can be split 50/50, and then since I get my own materials anyway, you can take those if you want them. Otherwise, one for each of us. Does that sound okay?" Discussing this topic seems to have helped him to forget the earlier thoughts that were hitting his mind li
  2. Sotarou heard the words that Kylissia had spoken... but they only barely registered in his head as he kept thinking about scenarios and whatnot, why this girl out of everyone decided to come with him in the first place... was he singled out...? He'd heard of women like this in the real world, older women who prey on the younger guys... cougars, they were called...? But everything he'd heard, they were MUCH older... Kylissia couldn't be much older than... what... early 30s? Late 20s? Certainly older than him, but definitely not those 50+ year cougars. So probably not that... but then... why...?
  3. It wasn't so much her calling him Sota-kun as much as the WAY she said it... something about it... Sotarou felt a little... off by it. He hadn't really thought much about girls growing up, his responsibilities were always on the forefront of his mind. But since coming to this place, those responsibilities were more in the back of his mind, reminders of his dog, of his dad, of the forge back home... and yet here he was now, those thoughts pushed back and all he could think to say was "I-I'm okay! Perfectly fine! Just... y-you threw me off a bit there... calling me Sota-kun..." He seemed a fair
  4. "Sota-kun~" Sotarou literally faltered just as Kylissia woulda finished the wolf off! Had she not finished it off, he likely woulda been dog chow from how hard he had froze from that nickname! "Wh-wha..." His previous hardened demeanor and dour mood gave way to embarrassment apparent, complete with a bright flush on his face. "O-o-okay, then...!" This... was something he wasn't used to having happen to him. Girls never really paid attention to him in school, so... what was Kylissia thinking here...? Did she like him...? His embarrassment was increasing more and more by the second as
  5. The wolves came. And they both hit pretty decently. He winced, but they were hits his armor was well equipped to handle. He quickly turned to let the most of the bite force be a scrape than a chomp. "Not today, pups." He quickly sheathed his blade as he finished his turn away from the wolves. "And another turn. Mangetsu!" The Fuko spin he'd done, his natural turn away from the wolves was the exact opposite, which he leaned into said spin, letting his blade turn and attempt to cleave into the two remaining wolves. The first hit this fight left both these wolves decent marred by the damage of
  6. Sotarou just looked weirdly at Kylissia as the pair began their trek to another area of the floor. "Uhh... did you already forget I was looking specifically for a Wolf or Dire Wolf-like creature to pair with? The whole leaving Koba behind in the real world thing...?" He just sighs. "It's fine if you forgot... we've all been in here for ages now... and it's difficult even, for me, to remember the real world... we've just been doing everything in here and gotten so used to it... I wonder... if we ever get out of here, will we keep forgetting we're in the real world and trying to pull up our menu
  7. Sotarou nodded to Kylissia's words. "Hence my focusing. And I can fell a tree no problem, but again. You said it yourself, it's all about precision. My strike was off-center, which damaged the tree. A weapon can be a tool if you know it inside and out." He holds the Katana out in front of him, examining it in earnest. "I know all my blades, because I craft them myself. Both Sokuchi here, as well as Raikiri. I know Sokuchi can handle the stresses of striking a tree. Raikiri wouldn't have the precision to handle such a feat." He takes one last look around the area a bit. "Well, seems luck is out
  8. Sotarou gave a nod to Kylissia. "Fair enough, I suppose." At the same time, he was already going between the trees to find a good one to turn into Material. Can't be too big it might not work, but can't be too small that it would literally give nothing. After finding a smaller tree whose truck was about twice as thick as his forearm, he nodded. He took a few steps back from the tree and got into his horse stance. He took a breath... he had all the time in the world... no danger... no fear... no worry... his heartbeat was slowing back to a normal pace... resting heart rate... he could feel it..
  9. "Are you alright? You're not too rattled, are you?" Sotarou gave a sigh as he sheathed his Katana again. He gave Kylissia a nod. "I'm alright... just... this was the annoyance I had dealt with the last time I had done this solo. Just me and the enemies all missing each other over and over again... dragged on forever... it was kinda why I asked you to come with. I didn't know your armor had Thorns, though. So that definitely helped to speed things up. But you do seem to have trouble holding aggro. I could make you a weapon to help with that, if you'd like." He took a calming breath afterwa
  10. Sotarou was still not reliable with the Quick Change system, but he figured it was an important tool! So Raikiri, before it could fully start glowing for the sword skill, swapped once more into the familiar Sokuchi. It then began to glow and Sotarou attempted ONCE AGAIN to strike at this wolf! Drawing the blade out of its sheathe for another skill, he called the name again: "Hakaze!" But for SOME REASON... some divine, all-seeing viewer from above decided that this wolf wouldn't die by our hands directly... because it had been bashing itself into Kylissia's thorns damage, which was the only th
  11. The wolf spun like crazy with Kylissia's last attack! Hopefully it being dizzy would help with Sotarou's strike! Another technique is called out to the strike: "Hakaze!" A pair of strikes lashed out at the wolf... but Sotarou did have a little more frustration as to the fact of each of us missing like crazy... this was getting out of hand now... he then had a memory from his childhood, one where his dad was teaching him proper techniques to wield a Katana... he remembered being hit in the head with the wooden blade, and his father chastised him about being too reckless! Wild swings would just
  12. Sotarou witnessed this woman take out one of the remaining wolves... and he took the dialogue moment to try and get a sneaky hit in from behind. "Hakaze!" The blade went forward and thrust fast and hard towards a vital spot on the wolf. His aim was nice and true... but the wolf just barely noticed and dodged out of the way of his attack! "Oh come on! This is getting ridiculous! I've only hit twice today! Do I need to swap back to my Sokuchi...? Probably better to start with Raikiri, then swap to Sokuchi after... I'm still figuring out sword-swapping..." He just grumbled as he lamented his
  13. "Sotarou, look out!" Too late, as the quick wolf was speedy and hungry! And it landed a very clean blow against Sotarou's arm! He managed to pull it free from the grasp, but it left a pretty neat gash! Luckily, his armor was plated enough to avoid losing the arm entirely! "Damn! Not cool! Bad puppy!" Sotarou quickly sheathed his blade, it disappearing before a separate blade manifested right where the original had been. (( Quick Swap Effect Used: Sokuchi exchanged for Raikiri )) He grabbed the new blade, jumping into the air and right in between the two remaining wolves! "Aaaaarrrrgh! Man
  14. "Sotarou, I've got their attention, strike them now!" He didn't need to be told twice! Grasping the blade while still sheathed on his hip, his low horse stance was poised to strike! Dashing forward and unsheathing his blade in one fluid motion, a huge gust of wind erupted from the blade and almost looked like smaller blades forming a cone to slash all the wolves in front of him, leaving Kylissia intact! "Iai Style: Tenka Goken!" The blades pierced cleanly through the first two Roaring Wolves, however the remaining two managed to dodge just out of the attack's range! Their howling was
  15. *SNAP* Sotarou was immediately on edge as he looked around at his surroundings... followed immediately by a cavalcade of growling... which seemed to sound like it was surrounding the pair... "Damnit... I shoulda been paying more attention... we were the ones being hunted..." Out of the shadows of the forested floor stepped out healthy-sized Roaring Wolves. A pack of 4, surrounding the pair and snarling angrily. Sotarou gave a very nervous chuckle at the wolves... "I... don't suppose any of you would enjoy being called Koba...?" One of the wolves that looked much bigger gave a loud sn
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