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  1. placeholder Teddy & Wolf 2 209793 BD: 7 (Hit) | MD: 3+3=6 (Hit) <Proc THRNS> Wolf 3 209794 MD: 7+3=10 (Hit) <Proc THRNS> Wolf 6 209795 MD: 5+3=8 (Hit) <Proc THRNS> Theodore Bell HP 13/20 (-3 after mit) | EN 20/20 | DMG 4 | MIT 14 | THRN 18 Wolf 1 | 0/50 HP | 12 DMG | 3 Acc Wolf 2 | 0/50 HP (-4 hammer -18 THRNS) | 12 DMG | 3 Acc Wolf 3 | 0/50 HP (-18 THRNS)| 12 DMG | 3 Acc Wolf 4 | 0/50 HP | 12 DMG | 3 Acc Wolf 5 | 0/50 HP | 12 DMG | 3 Acc Wolf 6 | 0/50 HP (-18 THRNS) | 12 DMG | 3 Acc LOOT
  2. It is nice to see that they are accepting of my ideas. Though I hope it doesnt dissuade them either Teddy thought as he looked to his companions. Then something was said that made him laugh. “Whellll Ah tell you what, Ah cant guarantee mah lahfe out of hear, the ol’ doc says Ah need to lower mah cholesterol but Ah tell ya’ Ah just cant seem to convise mahself to let go of those spahsy scrambles. Ah mean really, tellin an old man lahke me to change? How dare he, Ah say! How Dare!” Teddy said in jest as he let out another honking laugh. “No but really none can say how many years Ah have left. I
  3. Teddy smiled as he saddled up for the next round of strikes. Three hits and once again the flames that surrounded the old man burst once more into golden fire. The particles raising from them painted the picture of his stories on the wind generated by the constant movement of himself and his adversaries. Though he could not see the tales leave his tongue and becoming a visage in the roaring fire as though the game was reacting to his speech. No instead he thought back to the trials of Kyrial and brought down with force the hammer on one of the savage beasts. He watched as four of the beasts er
  4. Teddy stood still for a moment as he attempted to open his menu. Still enough that things would have an easier time hitting him. Before he knew it he was being bombarded once more. The flames flew as the hp of the wolves fell substantially. The flames licked their way to each one by one. Teddy felt the impacts but didn't let that stop him. He was on a quest to find the right item. After a moment, which felt like ages, he opened his Battle Ready Inventory. He had attempted to click on the song crystal, to do some lesser healing. Unfortunately the ol’ man's fingers found a different purchase, th
  5. Teddy smiled, the hammer still didnt find much purchase but he didnt mind it much as the fires roared to life once more. The feeling was intense, the heat threatening seemed as though it might threaten him as well, but like the fire of an alchemist, the fire avoided him as though by choice he did not burn. The same could not be said for the wolves though. They bounced back from the onslaught but not without dealing some damage. Teddy looked at his health bar when all was said and done and began to worry. I will have to do something to fix that, I think. I might have been a bit over ambitious w
  6. Teddy smiled at Levi. “Whell, color me impressed. You are doin’ far better then the other day! Perhaps that practice was all ya needed!” He continued his walk to the pack. Lets see, looks like 6 of them. I should be able to take them thanks to this fancy shield. I guess we will see. In a fast but firm motion, Teddy slung the kite shield in front of him, and began the charge. He watched as the health bars appeared over the head of the pack. He swung, the hammer racing through the air as though it was that of a blacksmith on iron. Though it found no purchase, not all was lost though
  7. Teddy took a deep breath as he fumbled, opening and then accidentally immediately closing the menus. He could feel himself sweating harder doing this than he did fighting that boar. He finally found it though, after much struggling. He clicked inventory and then, slowly he found his way to the thing he was looking for. He tapped Eleanór a Rún, and hit us. He was surrounded by a wave of sound, a beautiful song overtaking him. He smiled, the tones were pleasant and soft. He didn’t Understand the music necessarily. Which he found strange. Didn't Zenshu say this game was supposed to translate the
  8. Teddy smiled at the scene in front of him. He could feel the breeze, the warm sun on his skin. His thoughts wandered to how these games operate. He wondered how one could create such realistic things. It was not as though he was actually feeling these things, right? It occurred to Teddy that he had no idea what was going on with his body in the real world. Levi was in the game, and Teddy lived alone I wonder if anyone found me. If they took me somewhere safe. Perhaps I should have let Levi put me in that senior living center when he recommended it. But That would be too restrictiv
  9. This really was a ride. The feeling of flying through the air. The rush of dopamine on a successful block. It felt as though time itself was bending its will towards them, or maybe it was just the adrenaline. Teddy used the momentum as the boar came rushing past again to throw down the hammer once more. It was unfortunate that he swung too soon. The large hammer hit the ground in front of the boar as it went spinning and tumbling out. A loud cracking noise, as though a statue breaking rang out as the hammer shattered a large rock. Teddy sighed as he prepared for the next attack, hoping this on
  10. Teddy was happy to listen to the various conversations going on. The fact that he was involved was more than enough to satisfy him. He smiled as he listened to Levi encourage the climbing followed promptly with Zenshu condoning and warning against it. Come on, he thought She can't do this any more. The least we can do is encourage her and allow her to feel well about being able to do, now, what she couldn't do due to her injuries. I am sure it is a wild feeling gaining back the faculties once lost. expressing interests that she can't in the real world here. Though he wouldn't let that come ou
  11. Theodore steadied himself, watching the boar closely. He wondered what it would take to kill this thing. “Ah dont own any weapons that Ah dont sell.” He explained to Levi as he did his best to keep focus. “Ah mean, Ah know hahw ta’ shoot but Ah have never done any physical combat before… or at least not with a hammer. Ah dont think it really matters all that much though. Perhaps everythin’ is fo-” He was swiftly cut off as the boar gained its bearings and leveled an attack against the old man. Ricocheting off the shield and spirling out in a whirlwind of flame. The shield had erupted into flam
  12. Teddy was happy with how this was going so far, the first strike was well placed and his mind began to wander. The stories of his adventures as a player swarming. He wondered what would make the best story, after all some are better experienced than played. It wasn't long before time caught up with him though, the boar rushing past in another failed attempt at a strike. Attempting on the fly, still a bit dazed from the deep thought, Teddy swings the hammer down. Attempting to catch the boar in an opening as it rushed by. Though the unfamiliarity with these things was more than he w
  13. He looked at his son with a smile. “So how do you feel about me spinning you a yarn? I will be as The Fates spin for Odin. Stories of triumph and mystery, of love and hurt, of chaos and law. Ah know you said that you were interested in them when we were walkin’ over here. Is there one in particular you are interested in?” Teddy began to look around, as he figured out what he would want to start with. There was a small group of boars nearby that he had considered facing but perhaps that should be once he got the hang of it. He then saw another boar, one that was by itself. He made
  14. The old man smiled at his son as he came out and admired his new gear. “Aye Ah am sure that this stuff is hahgh quality. The shopkeep gave it to me for free in exchange for bein’ some advertising’ for ‘em. Wouldn’t want your clients dying with your stuff on, be bad for business. He He” Teddy thought for a moment, “Ah am not sure that if ya are lookin’ for hand wraps that a blacksmith is the rahght way to go… unless this game is different from the knowledge from tabletop gaming, Ah’d say you are probably lookin’ for a tailor or similar.” He smiled listening to Levi talk about going
  15. Teddy listened as intensely as he could to Zenshu, his hand unconsciously reaching to the left breast of his armor, only to find that there was in fact no pocket there, no pen, no notepad. Things started going over his head and fast. He perked up a bit when Zenshu offered to help him make a plan. “Ah would greatly appreciate the help in planning, An’ perhaps Ah could figure out haw to rahght some o’ this down. Ah must say the ol’ noggin aint what it used to be” Teddy said giving a meek smile and tapping his head. “But, nothin’ some repetition wont fix Ah’m sure.” After the rest, Le
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