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Tricolor_Mina [the Diary of Nobody]

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~Image result for black rose designTricolor_minaImage result for black rose design~

Username: Tricolor-mina
Real name: Violet Minatsuki Hitsue
Age: 25-> 27
Birthday: April 4th 
Height: 5' 3"


<<To someone like me, the color red resembles tears>>


Image result for black rose design>>About: History/personality<<Image result for black rose design


Violet Minatsuki Hitsue was born to Chiyuki and Tomoya Hitsue in Hokkaido, Japan. Her mother works as a police officer, while her father works as a Surgeon. She is the second oldest of three siblings, an older brother named Akane, and a little sister named Shiro. for the most part, her life was pretty normal for a kid with a cop and a doctor for parents. She was a fairly smart child, even managing to skip a few grade-levels in order to attend a police academy located in Tokyo, where she graduated towards the top of her class. Violet practiced Violin and Guitar, as well as a bit of singing and Dance, and competed in dozens of regional and National tournaments, winning quite a few of them. It was there in one of her dance classes where she met one of her closest friends, Marianne, who was a transfer student from the US. The other girl was rather shy, and barely even spoke to her the first time they met, and was always avoiding speaking directly to Anyone. it was pretty obvious that Marianne barely even spoke to her own parents! Eventually, though, they became friendly with each other, though Mira still chose to keep her speech to various texts, which were abundant. Mina eventually made it into a police academy that was rather popular, and graduated with full honors. She went back to college, and studied in negotiations and profiling, aiming to help people out more than she would need to hurt anyone.

Eventually, she moved to the states, where a police station in Los Angeles was hiring new officers, and was in desperate need of a police negotiator. She was hired quickly, and she found the difference between being a Japanese police officer, and an American police officer. Here, she met someone who was very close to her, and became someone she desperately cared about. Declan Cian, a higher-ranking police officer that worked with the sheriff. He was a rather eccentric person who enjoyed weird and unique things. They became quick friends, and frequently came over to each others homes to hang out and play games. She taught him how to dance, and he helped her with her marksmanship (something that she was doing pretty bad with at the time).

That's where the nice part of the story ends, actually.

One fateful day when she was on her day off, she was driving her motorcycle down the road, heading home from a friend of her's house , a truck came flying from the side, hitting the tail-end of her bike, shooting her off quite some ways down the road. she was still rushed to the ER with severe injuries. A broken leg, severe road rash on her back and left arm, and various injuries around both eyes, leaving the left side of her face partially disfigured, and permanently blinding her in that eye. She was eventually cleared to return to work, though she was required to stay out of range of anyone that could attack her, and she needed to stay in police vehicles to avoid being seriously harmed due to her lack of perception. However, that didn't last as long as she wanted it to, as her team was called in to a massive gang shootout involving two rival gangs, and several innocent civilians. Violet found herself screaming out of pain and rage as both her team leader and Declan were both shot, with the former dying instantly, and the latter being clutched in her arms, while she sobbed over him. She  utterly snapped, and shot 6 of the gang members dead, and severely wounded 2 more, the remainder managing to get away. the days and months began to slowly blur together after all of that, a mess of memories that didn't even feel like her own. numerous funerals, charges dropped due to emotional distress, having to explain to a sobbing mother and her children why their father wasn't coming home... It essentially broke her. She stopped leaving her house to do anything, she threw herself into games with renewed vigor, and had friends bring her basic necessities when she needed more (she still took care of herself despite all of this, to honor her friend.)

Mina has multiple hobbies that she had taken up in the real world, like playing the Violin or guitar, typically with some kind of accompaniment for it (Such as Piano or bass). She even won a few regional tournaments back home, though she never made it to nationals, it was still a major achievement as she was mainly self-taught. Violet was also a rather powerful martial artist that ranked as a black belt in Karate, and was working on her 7th Dan in kendo prior to being imprisoned in Sword art online, leading to her dominating in her physical courses while attending the Police Academy. Strangely enough however, Violet is rather good at dance fighting.

IRL, Mina was a very outgoing and kind person, often going out of her way to help out other people prior to the incident that ruined her life. She was rather deceiving in appearance, being rather small for someone who could easily lift and throw someone that is nearly double her size, and used it to her advantage when fighting students who bullied those who were weaker than them. In game however, Mina changes drastically, and becomes a moodier, rougher person. She is more inclined to make rather rude comments, and be self-depreciating, along with making various kinds of dark-humor jokes.

Dance Fighting
Martial Arts
Instrumental Music
Classical Music
Soft Rock

Hard rock
Rude People
Being ignored

Real life Appearance


45+ best ideas hair short anime girl black #hair #blackhairbalayage

In game Appearance


Favorite tweet by @stem04


Guild Uniform(s)


 KoC Uniform Variants 1 and 2



Image result for red rose designsVibrant Roses (Virtues)Image result for red rose designs

» Sense of Justice: Violet's mother is heavily involved in law enforcement, so she always tried to toe the line and follow the rules set by her parents to the best of her ability. The way her mother did her job as a police officer always had inspired her to want to take up a life of crime-fighting whenever she could.

» Natural Leader: Mina has a natural ability to lead, and tries her best to make the best decisions for everyone when she acts. She was known for being able to persuade just about anyone into doing something that she requested, though it tended to only work once, and only on strangers. In game, it translates to her being a willing leader, and willing to take damage and allow for weaker and younger players to escape from danger.

»Analyst: her years spent studying to become a criminal analyst have made her highly studious, and have also resulted in her doing her research in most situations. As such, she'll usually pay close attention to pamphlets and newspapers that are released, as well as researching any quest in high detail, even going out of her way to ask people about what they might encounter when taking one.

Image result for black rose designBlack roses (Flaws)Image result for black rose design

»Fierce: Violet has a vicious temper when she becomes angry, and is very prone to mood swings.

»Sarcastic: Mina is very harsh, and will often use sarcasm in normal conversation. She makes use of self-depreciating humor and morbid jokes, often making others uncomfortable on accident.

»Broken: Mina's past has left her with a great deal of deep emotional scars, and many, many visible ones. She tends to spend her time when not in the presence of others crying, or sitting in a ball in the back room of her shop, barely even moving unless she's going to eat. This trait has lessened slightly due to the influence of <<Morgenstern>>

»Lack of self-Preservation: Mina is all too willing to sacrifice herself for the safety of others, almost to the point of being fanatical about it. She values the lives of others over her very own, often leading to arguments about her disregard for her own safety. It also often leads to thrill-seeking behaviors, such as diving from steep cliffs, and fighting large monsters on her own.


Alchemist R5


SP Total: 67

Amount used:  66

SP left:  1
>Utility and Mobility<

Cost: 10 SP
Effect: Obtain additional materials after a successful out of combat gathering based on a natural CD result:

  • CD 1: No bonus materials
  • CD 2-5: 1 bonus material
  • CD 6-9: 2 bonus materials
  • CD 10-12: 3 bonus materials

Description: After hours of searching for materials, you found the good spots, and your trained hands can get more from each spot.


>Armor Skill<

»Light Armor
2 Ranks
13 SP
Effect: Gain mitigation based on your rank in the Light Armor skill. May only benefit from one armor skill at a time.

Rank 1: 5 MIT

Rank 2: 8 MIT (Current Rank)

Rank 3: 12 MIT

Rank 4: 18 MIT

Rank 5: 25 MIT

Description: You become proficient with light armor.

>Weapon skills<
»One-Handed Rapier:(35 SP)
4 Ranks
The effectiveness with which a player can use one hand thrusting type swords.

>Skill Mods<

[Rank 3 Mod] <<Weapon Type>> Finesse (8 SP)

2 Ranks



[Unskilled] -> Rank 1 - Novice

[Novice] -> Rank 2 - Expert 

[Expert] -> Rank 3 - Grandmaster

It takes a total of 10 SP to Grandmaster this mod.

Effect: Reduces the energy cost of Sword Arts for the specified weapon type by an amount equal to this mod's (Rank). Energy costs cannot be reduced below 1.

Description: After practicing with your weapon, you become used to its feel and power.


>Sword Arts<

Rip Ravine - x2 - (2 Energy) - A simple two-hit sword art that traces a "V" pattern.

Accel Stub - x3 - (3 Energy) - A chain of three nimble thrusts aimed at the target's torso.
Quadruple Pain - x4 - (4 Energy) - A series of four graceful thrusts aimed at the target's joints to immobilize them.

[x5] Neutron - (5 Energy) - A single high-powered thrust, that pierces the opponents body.
[x6] Crucifixion - (6 Energy) - A six-hit thrusting sword art that traces the pattern of a cross into the target.
[x5 MA Stun] Twilight Resurrection - (8 Energy) - Four high-speed thrusts, followed by striking the opponent in the head with the back of the fist.
[x7] Shooting Star - (7 Energy) - The user springs at the target at high speeds before making several quick thrusts into the opponent.
[x8] Penetrate - (8 Energy) - Four high-speed thrusts that penetrate the opponents body and deal considerable damage.



Col: 550

»Cherished Rose

»Guilty Thorn

»Midnight Rose

»Performers Rose

»Crimson Rose


»Fell Crescent

»Soul fragment


»Matriarchs stinger (T1 item- +1 Dmg)

Where I obtained Fell Crescent, Soul Fragment, Cherished Rose, Salamander, and Hoozuki



Image result for black rose designEquipmentImage result for black rose design

»Soul Fragment

 -One of the first weapons I ever crafted, I really hope that one day, I'll get a new rapier that holds the center gem of this blade

<<T1 Rare Rapier>> 1 bleed, 1 Damage

»Cloak of Duality

 -Given to me as an apology from a member of the Azure Brigade (On my first adventure oddly enough) I'll eventually replace it, but I won't get rid of it for nostalgia's sake.

<<T1 Rare Light Armor>> 1 EVA, 1 Thorns
Image result for black rose design>Roleplays<Image result for red rose designs
» [OP-F1] a small adventure.(Complete) Participants: Evac, Tricolor_mina, Manta Gaul, Zelrius, and Maximum.
» [pp-F1] Feeding the Enemy.(Complete) Participants: Evac, Tricolor_mina. (significant reward from quest: Akame the feathery dragon/Title of Black rose dragon tamer)
» [Sp-F1] Earning a Living.(Complete) Participants: Tricolor_mina. significant rewards: Profession of Blacksmith.
» [Op-F3] (started by Rin) Troubled times.(Complete) Participants: Rin, Itzal, Macrodon, Tricolor_Mina.

» [PP-F3] (started by Itzal) Voices in our head. (complete) Participants: Itzal and Tricolor_Mina.

» [OP-F1 A new life] (Started by Vigilon) (Complete): Participants: Vigilon, Itzal, and Tricolor_Mina (Rewards from thread: 1 sp, 2 mats (Sent to shop), and 133 col)

» [PP-F4] <<Avalanche>> (Mina) (Incomplete) Participants: Kasier and Tricolor_Mina.

Completed role-plays list:





»Evac: friend(familiar: Nix)

»Rags: Acquaintance

»Rin: Friend

»Itzal: Close Friend (Familiar: Velnia)

»Kaluluwa: Acquaintance  Dead

»Vigilon: Friend
»Kasier: Friend

»Kirbs: Friend  Dead

»Mars: Mutual Dislike/Hatred

»Baldur: Friend

»Hestia: Good friend

»Night: Acquaintance

»Nora: Acquaintance

»Neapolitan: Acquaintance

»Hikoru: friend/Ex Guildmate

»Ky0to: Friend/Ex Guildmate

»Black: good friend

»Domarus: Close friend

» Shield: Friend/Former Guildmate

» Mari: Acquaintance

» Bahr: Acquaintance

» Lessa: Acquaintance

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The Arbiters Hand

Work in progress...


Founder: Rosa (NPC Character, code name: Ace, has an owl familiar named Charon)

Regular appearance (Rosa)



Guild Uniform (Joker)







The arbiters are an elite subgroup within the arbiters hand, and are named in accordance with the four suits of a standard deck of playing cards. Each of them specialize in a specific set of skills, such as healing, damage, status effects, and scouting. They follow the orders of their leader, and are Loyal to her completely and utterly, and rarely question her orders, if ever. Their uniforms are different from everyone else in the guild, and are dressed in Jester Uniforms when on active duty.


Olenna (Spade - Assassin [Raw DMG])

A very stoic woman that tends to only speak when necessary. She is very dedicated to protecting Rosa, and often protects the younger, less powerful members of the guild.

in uniform




Glenn (Heart - Healer)

A polite, if a bit eccentric, person that plays with those that he perceives to be threats. Resembles a certain someone that Rosa deeply cared for.

in Uniform



Out of Uniform




Kuran (Club - Assassin[DOT])

Kind and caring, Acts on instinct when in combat. Dislikes outsiders who overstep their boundaries in conversation with his guild-mates.

in Uniform




out of uniform




Fiora (Diamond - Scout)

A gently, friendly girl that has an air of innocent curiosity, but is still just as dangerous as her teammates.

in uniform






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Character Arcs

Arc 1 - The Aimless


Image result for inori yuzuriha 

This arc is as the title says, thread after thread of acting aimless, not guided by any particular reason. these threads include all of her earliest threads, with small events occuring during them that are significant. It was during this period of aimless action that she made close friends, and her greatest allies.

Arc 2 - The Guiding Star (In progress)


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