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Airi's Journal

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Level 6 (1/2 SP to Level 7)

Solo Player

HP: 120 | EN: 12 | DMG: 3 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0

R2 One-Handed Curved Sword


Basic Information

Real name: Elizabeth Gray
Age: 15
Gender: Female




Elizabeth Gray, also known as Airi in-game, is the perfect example of someone who suffered the severe (movie-cliché) consequences of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before SAO, her life was going in the right direction. She was a part of the high class in society and could buy anything her parents allowed her to, studied in an expensive school and maintained average grades, and had just the right amount of friends. The only problems she'd ever had with her life was her lack of romantic relationships and excitement. But like everything else, her life had to go wrong at one point or another.

It began when her only male friend bought two NerveGears, along with two copies of SAO. Originally, he had planned on keeping one set and giving the other one to his girlfriend as a very expensive birthday plus one-year anniversary present. (Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't happen often in her school, no matter how much money the students' families have. They usually just buy each other an expensive bouquet of flowers and such). However, just a few days before that date, someone gave him a tip and he investigated until he discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him and broke up with her after a fight that apparently lasted for hours.

Here's the part where everything went wrong in her life. The day after said breakup, he walked past Elizabeth in the hallways without saying hello and she couldn't find it in herself to ignore him even though he had a really scary face that day. So she walked home with him in an attempt to comfort him. It was mostly just him being bitter and angry about the whole situation and saying that he really thought they would last forever and her murmuring a few comforting words and all the advice she could think of. But once they reached her house, he took out a medium-sized box containing the gift meant for his girlfriend and handed it to her a bit forcefully. "Here. Keep it. Do anything you want with it, but just don't return it to me. Don't give it to...her, either. I don't want to see it again, but I don't want to see something so expensive in the trash either. And it's my thanks to you as well. For, you know, talking." Then he walked away, leaving her dazed and with the box in hand.

She didn't really play games. In fact, she thought of it as a major waste of time. But here was a copy of the first VRMMO in the whole world, something that most people are pushing each other in line at the game store to have by now. It was, as they call it, the gadget that could start a new technological era. And it was given to her, specifically. At that moment, Elizabeth Gray couldn't say that she would give it to someone else who would want it more. So she made the fatal decision to keep it and start playing on the day the servers open.



Polite - She talks in a respectful and well-behaved manner. Additionally, she makes sure that she never makes any rude gestures in public and carefully thinks of what she would say before actually saying it. In a way, it makes her leave a good first impression and gain people's trust easily (since all they would see is a girl who's nice to everyone and wouldn't think of doing anything that's not morally correct).

Cautious - It's almost self-explanatory. Unlike other low-leveled players who normally get themselves killed off due to pure recklessness and overconfidence, she shows a level of caution and decisiveness in a battle. She's not afraid to run away if a situation goes completely out of control since it's what people do so they could live to fight another day. She wouldn't trust other players easily, even though she shows off an innocent and naive personality, because she thinks that trusting too much (or being gullible, in a better word) is what makes a perfect victim for player killers.

Observant (surroundings) - This one only applies while outside the safe zone or in a duel, since she thinks that nothing bad could ever happen inside a place where you can't take any form of damage. Hardly anything can sneak past her, unless its stealthed. It could make her difficult to corner and ambush. Usually, she could tell with a few second's worth of staying still and observing if something is amiss and react accordingly. She can't observe people and her surroundings at the same time.

Observant (people) - She knows how to read people and she does it well. She knows that people can say one thing; but the tone of their voice, their gestures, their eyes, and their facial expressions can say a different thing. She can tell what topics they don't like talking about, what types of people make them uncomfortable, and whether they're lying or telling the truth. And best of all, she can remember them well (while the other things which she cannot remember are written in a notebook). So whenever she holds a conversation with other players, she observes their actions in a conversation and analyzes them, all while keeping a pleasant, unsuspecting appearance. 

Wordsmith - She knows how to string her words together. She's not necessarily a sweet-talker, like most people who call themselves wordsmiths are, but she knows how to talk. She can comfort any player with any problem, using her sweet comforting words. She can inspire groups of people to fight, as well (something she learned in real life, while attending a public speaking course). With the right words, she can even convince a player who trusts her well enough that dying for her is a completely heroic act. (She also knows how to talk in a poetic manner, but finds it not very appropriate to use in public. People like hearing sentences they can understand, after all).


Manipulative - Listed as a neutral, because even though it's useful for her, it's a bad thing in the moral sense. She's not a sweet-talker, nor is she the type that manipulates others by way of threats, showing dominance, and blackmail. In fact, she thinks of those two methods as cheap and artless. Rather, she does it slowly. She acts like she genuinely trusts them and only wants to be their friend, worms her way into their hearts by being with them in their difficult times, and slowly builds their trust in her. Once they have enough trust in her, she then starts poisoning their thoughts with her words, pushing them like chess pieces into a role she wants them to play. All the while, most of them would never realize what she's actually doing to them.

Obsessive - Even though it is stated in her flaws that she's distrustful and even selfish, Airi can be insanely loyal to somebody once she gets very close. She would never think of betraying them, not even once, and would put anything and everything at risk just so they would be safe. She would even turn very possessive when it comes to them, would get jealous of other people who have seemingly better relationships with them, and would never leave their side if circumstances allow it. It can be a good thing for her since first, they would be her pillar of support, someone she could lean on and ask for advice if she ever has problems; and second, her overprotective tendencies might just save their life. But for obvious reasons, her loyalty can also be bad for her. If they die or leave her, her love for them would stay and she would blame herself for their leaving often, turning self-destructive in the process. 


Coward - Airi's cowardice is the root of all her flaws and the big reason why she stayed in the Town of Beginnings for months. But even after she made the decision to help the other players clear the rest of the floors, the fact that flaws are hard to get rid of remains. In fact, around half of it still remains within her. She hates taking big risks and avoids them as much as possible. She would take only the safest option in battle, even though it would yield the least benefits. She would refuse to leave the safe zone by herself if PKs begin to increase. She would, at times, hesitate whenever she gets in close to a mob to attack and spend more time defending than attacking. Oftentimes, her cowardice greatly affects her attitude in a battle and her decision making. 

Selfish - Airi prioritizes her own safety over the well-being of others. She's the center of her own universe, the only important thing in her world, and nothing can change that. The others be damned. Her choices revolve around either her safety or her reputation. There's never is and never would be third choice.

Distrustful - She may like having the other players' trust, but that doesn't mean that she would trust them to watch her back as well. This is a death game, after all. You can't just let someone walk behind your back while they have a weapon equipped. Players who team up with her would notice how she either walks beside or behind them (it's not a sign of equality or submissiveness, it's a sign that she doesn't want to entrust them with her safety), how she's always at battle-ready outside the safe zone even though there aren't any mobs in sight, and how she would occasionally be caught watching them while they're fighting and silently assessing their battle skills. She would also refuse to disclose personal information with other people, opting to lie about it instead. Fortunately for her, she's a smooth liar.

Liar - She wears a facade, the personality of a sweet, pure, and innocent 15-year-old who is definitely not memorizing every single piece of useful information a player says and wouldn't harm anyone. It hides the less attractive, less approachable parts of her and lets her tie her hypothetical strings of trust around other players easily. At times, her thoughts would say one thing, and her facade would say another. However, the more perceptive players of SAO might be able to notice that her appearance was a little too pleasant and inviting, her voice a little too soft, and her words a little too pleasing. None of her actions are genuine, but everyone believes the opposite.



Available SP: 1
Used SP: 13
Skill Slots: 1 | 3

Utility and Mobility
» Rank 0 Search and Detect (0/5 to Rank 1)

» Rank 0 First Aid (0/5 to Rank 1)

» Rank 2 One-Handed Curved Sword (0/10 to Rank 3)



Skill Mods



Col: 1090 | T1 Mats: 2



» Starter Iron Curved Sword [Vanity]

» Starter Cloth Armour [Vanity]



» Starter Iron Curved Sword [Vanity]



» Starter Cloth Armour [Vanity]



» x5 T1 Health Potions of Uncommon Quality [+40 HP]
» x1 T1 Damage Potion [+1 DMG]
» x1 T1 Over-Health Potion [+50 Temp. HP]


Completed Threads


[OP-F1] Such A Great Game - (Gained 100 Col and 1 SP)

[OP-F1] Resolve - (Gained 100 Col and 2 SP)

[PP-F1] First Few Lessons Are Free - (Gained 600 Col and 5 SP)

[PP-F1] Fragments of the Past - (Gained 290 Col, 2 T1 Materials, and 1 SP)

Friends List

  • Hei
  • Mist
  • Dominion
  • Floofy
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