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  1. Just a question, how long would the weapon skill re-spec thing be available? I'm planning to build full support and I don't think a curved sword would be the best weapon

    1. Kisodeth


      Thats only available to players who from the last patch had either Wild Dance or Whip. You cant freely change out of a weapon class unless you get permission from a higher up. 

    2. Takao


      The weapon skill respec was for players that existed before major Sword Art changes. It's unavailable to new players. There will be a full skill+profession respec when 3.0 is released, however.

    3. Airi


      I guess I'll just re-spec when 3.0 comes out. Thanks, by the way!

  2. To everyone I have threads with: I have exams today and tomorrow so replies will be coming in a lot slower. Also, I'm going on a pilgrimage two days from now so I won't be able to post anything that day. That's all~

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    2. Vale


      Keep focused, give that test a Domly punch. It's a Lee! Hai Lee :3 It's Dommy Lee. :3

    3. Aoda


      No worries, good luck!

    4. Husky


      Good luck on the exam and a safe trip!

  3. Just posted my first roleplay thread~ 
    It's open-party so is anyone willing to reply? If you want the link, just ask.

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    2. Macradon


      Welcome to the family!

      I'd love to join!

    3. Stryder


      Welcome to the game!!! Joining would be great!!

    4. Airi


      Thank you! Here's the link to the thread, by the way: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14408-op-f1-resolve


  4. Airi

    Airi's Journal

    Airi Level 6 (1/2 SP to Level 7) Solo Player HP: 120 | EN: 12 | DMG: 3 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 R2 One-Handed Curved Sword - Basic Information Real name: Elizabeth Gray Age: 15 Gender: Female - About History Elizabeth Gray, also known as Airi in-game, is the perfect example of someone who suffered the severe (movie-cliché) consequences of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before SAO, her life was going in the right direction. She was a part of the high class in society and could buy anything her parents allowed her to,
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