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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor (mobile game)


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Hey guys! @Neopolitan and @Dustin Have put together an SAORPG guild on the mobile game Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

It's pretty fun, and there are several of us playing it right now. If you haven't seen us talking about it on the discord, here are some pictures of what the game looks like.

The game takes place during the "Aincrad" arc, though like the other games, it sidetraks the main canon in order to insert you as a peer of Kirito, but you create an original character, and you get a sidekick you can name (Mine looked like Hestia, so I named her thus). For a free to play game, it does a good job of not being in your face begging for money, and gives you a reasonable supply of their token you spend money to buy, but for free for hitting milestones and achievements. I've spent a total of 3.99 on the game so far and I am (Currently) the third highest level character in our little guild (of those who have joined so far).

SO if us talking about the game has got you interested, we have a discord channel set up, and a guild in the game. Just message Neo or Dustin for an invite.

You can reach Neo in game at her player ID#224803721

And you can reach Dustin at player ID#

Also, it's untested by anyone on the site yet, but a steamer I followed for this game is the one who gave out the info, but apparently there's something called bluestacks emulator and it'll let you play SAO: IF on a computer.

Hope to see you in game! Link Start!









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