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[F01|R10 Artisan] The Evening Star --- Open!

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The Evening Star

 Current Rank: 10
 - Trinkets
 - Jewelry
 - Sculptures

Located somewhere down the south-eastern wing of 
the Town of Beginnings, there lies a small store 
called The Evening Star. In a shady alley, it stood 
in a unique position, where sunlight still managed 
to catch itself upon the shop's doorstep from above, 
rays giving a glittering shine to the blue wooden 
exterior kept polished to a tee. A large set of 
crossed windows bear an opening into the store's 
interior from the outside, though it is partially 
obscured by a large thicket of green foliage potted 
outdoors in a horizontal blue planter. 

A white sign with a red trim reads "OPEN" behind 
the store's front glass door.

[✦] Were the door to open, a bell would tinkle gently, the announcement of a curious customer's entrance. Down the tall steps would reveal a small space, with wooden shelves marking the various bits and bobbles the store has on sale. Each of the items sit on a square paper, indicating its value by color.

One would expect to see someone at the wooden counter on the opposite side of the hall, but it appears to be deserted. Instead, the zone behind it is occupied by multiple square shelves with individual materials behind them. A few indoor plants, and a variety of crafting stations and tools could be seen too, along with a doorway to the back.

Despite its lonely appearances there is, however, someone manning the shop. By the steps, a young lady in casual clothing would be drinking tea or jotting down on her journal, on a round table cornered by wall sofas. She'd watch newcomers expectantly, giving a curt greeting as they met her eyes and grinning if they seemed in any way anxious (with her constant sharp expression, they most often did). But, if they expressed interest in her goods, she would do her best to talk business.

"Is there anything you're looking for?"


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✦ WARES | last updated: 06/04/22

purchasing instructions.

  • Payment is accepted in either col or materials.
  • Please remember to quote your items' craft IDs when stating your purchase. 

ACCURACY III, EVASION III | cost: 500col / 3 materials


Arrowhead Brooch | TIER 1 TRINKET | ACCURACY III
[desc.]: A golden arrow-head with a pin fastened to it. It's modern and minimalistic.
[ids.]: #185467

[desc.]: a chunk of amber. scraps of a larger crafting component.
[ids.]: #205222, #205238, #205237, #205228


[desc.]: A set of donut-shaped rings, too thick to be worn on someone's fingers. They're golden and shiny, but plain. Fits well into one's pocket. Try not to drop them.
[ids.]: #150584

feather. | TIER 1 TRINKET | EVA III
[desc.]: a small feather. remnants of a long-forgotten entity.
[ids.]: #205226, #205227

LOOT DIE III | cost: 500col / 3 materials


crystal. | TIER 1 TRINKET | LD III
[desc.]: a blue crystal. scraps of a larger crafting component.
[ids.]: #205221, #205220, #205219, #205218, #205217, #205216, #205224, #205223

miniature. hand-cranked. plays songs off a paper strip punched with holes. only one is provided with this instrument.

  • cost: 500col / 3 materials
  • craft ids:
  • #203384 | [•] | tomorrow and tomorrow.
  • #203390 | [•] | monster.


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  • Payment is accepted in either col or materials.
Tier 1 2 3 4 -
  Col Mats
Uncommon 200 500 800 1100 2
Rare 350 650 950 1250 3
Perfect 500 800 1100 1400 5


  • Taunt | Accuracy | Evasion
  • Keen | Recovery | Ambition
  • Quality | Prosperity | Loot Die

commission form.
if you're uncertain of what the item should be or want to leave creation direction
to the crafter, please say so somewhere in the form below.

  • Item Name: [ Please fill. ]
  • Item Type: [ Select: Trinket | Jewelry | Sculpture ]
  • Item Tier: [ Select: 1 | 2 | 3 ]
  • Item Quality: [ Select: Uncommon | Rare | Perfect ]
  • Enhancements: [ Please fill. ]
  • Description: [ Please fill. If you're uncertain of what
    the item should be or want to leave creation direction
    to the artisan, please say so here. ]
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rank: 10    | daily crafting attempts: 11+1+2     | cd tool: [thread]    

Breath of the Fields | [#127138] | TIER 1 RARE TRINKET | PROSPERITY I, RECOVERY I
[desc.]: a small cylindrical glass bottle, with a bed of moss and a leaf-folded crane in it. made to be worn like a pendant.

Silver Crescent Hairpin | [#127260] | TIER 1 PERFECT TRINKET | AMBITION
[desc.]: a carefully crafted silver hairpin, shaped into a crescent moon. it holds strong sentimental value to the one who crafted this.

Maneki-Neko Figurine | [#127260] | TIER 1 PERFECT SCULPTURE | LOOT DIE III
[desc.]: made out of white ceramic, a smiling white calico beckons in fortune with the wave of its upright paw. in another, it holds a konban coin, perfectly rippled and laden in gold. some intense calculations have had to been carried out by its crafter to allow the cat's paw to beckon continuously without fail.


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Merging posts to create space in shop posts.



Ren placed her journal down, a few scribbles for ideas and notes on paper. Sipping her tea, she thought about what items might be best to create first.

In truth, the items she had penned down were sentimental objects she had been using before she was trapped in the game. Still thinking it over, she placed down her cup, and moved over to the backroom. The items on her list had consisted mostly of silver; while it wasn't especially precious, Ren did only have a handful of resources to work with.

The resources the game had on crafting an item were exceedingly detailed and useful. She'd first have to cut out a bit of metal she liked, usually with the help of a reference material. Next was shaping the metal; she wasn't a fan of this due to her past experiences -- Oh.

"Shoot," she muttered through gritted teeth, having snapped the piece she was working with in half. It faded into light, and she sighed, picking up the spare she had set aside for the occasion. If nothing else, I'm grateful for the foresight...

Then came soldering, which allowed her to attach the pin onto her craft. Finally, polishing the discoloured material, after being exposed to the heat. 

When Ren was done, she was spent, but could rest easy cozying up on the couch. Upon her face, she wore a wide grin that paralleled the glimmer in her new hairclip.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft

ID: 127260 | CD: 12 | Success! (Perfect)
ID: 127261 | CD: 3 | Failed

Result: +13 (+9, +4) XP, -2 T1 Material, +1 [T1E3] Perfect Crafted Trinket




Donning her hairclip, Ren set about to do work. In the morning, she set some tea on the stove and, having had a cup, she would begin work on her journal. The sketches she laid out were intricate, with detailed components to each item carefully planned, before she began work on her craft.

Her thoroughness doesn't necessarily account for her skill, though. Today, she'd broken a craft with a quick slip of the finger. "Rats," she muttered, quick to recover from her mistake.

It must be beginner's luck, she guessed at the end of the session, as by the time she was done, she had two identical lapel pins -- red crosshairs, with a golden trim. She hesitated keeping one for herself, but came to the conclusion that she should. Wearing an item I've made... it brings about a special kind of joy.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127326 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127327 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)

ID: 127328 | CD: 2 | Failed

Result: +20 (+11, +6, +3) XP, -3 T1 Material, +2 [T1E2] Rare Crafted Trinket




There came the tinkering of metals, a hushed curse, and the placement of tools on wood.

Perhaps she should put on some music soon. The quiet, she thought, while brought her solace, was also quite deafening if you paid too much attention to it. Going through her notes again several times, Ren planned to figure out what step in her plans led her craftsmanship awry.

She couldn't find it. Sighing, she leaned back in her chair, albeit dangerously so, and clicked her tongue. Maybe some days just be like that.

Placing her journal down with her pen, she scribbled a note for her future self as she picked up the prototype piece she had been working on, examining it under the light. A few key details, and her work for the day would end early.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127523 | CD: 5 | LD: 12 (7+5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 127524 | CD: 6 | LD: 7 (2+5) | Salvage (Fail)
ID: 127525 | CD: 8 | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 127526 | CD: 3 | Failed

Result: +20 (+8, +8, +4) XP, -3 T1 Material, [T1E1] Uncommon Crafted Jewelry




A new day meant a few more attempts at this new design of hers. While she wasn't entirely capable of figuring out what went wrong, she did, in fact, manage to create a form of it once again. A little sturdier, this time, as she liked it. It clipped onto her ear with ease.

Today marks the fifth day, right?

Setting aside her tools, Ren proceeded to clean up her desk and sweep the floor of dust. Maybe she should open soon. Her workshop was in dire need of materials, and so was her col pouch... tentatively.

There was an issue that bothered her specifically, though. She lifted the pendant she was wearing, examining over. Breath of the Field... felt sentimental. Maybe she should hang it up somewhere, for display rather than offer it for sale.

A moment's pause, and that was what she decided to do.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127626 | CD: 2 | Failed
ID: 127627 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127628 | CD: 3 | Failed
ID: 127629 | CD: 7 | LD: 13 (8+5) | Salvage (Success)

Result: +22 (+10, +8, +4) XP, -3 T1 Material, [T1E2] Rare Crafted Jewelry




If there was a sign from a power up above to tell Ren she should Just sell her stuff already!! ... it would be this.

Ren sat in the silence of her own workshop, dumbfounded at the bulk of items she had successfully crafted, after having been on a roll.

"Um... What... should I do...?"

The artisan pondered on this for a moment, on her fears for her new shop, and the success of her craftsmanship. Scooping up her tiny bobbles, she placed them onto their respective displays, brushing off any collected dust that had gathered whilst they sat empty. She'd have to write out some kind of price listing for them, of course, but while she was setting up her shop, she figured she'd take her time doing so...

Until the end of the day seemed fitting.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127707 | CD: 10 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127708 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127709 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127710 | CD: 8 | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 127711 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)

Result: +38 (+23, +10, +5) XP, -5 T1 Material, [T1E2] Rare Crafted Jewelry (4), [T1E1] Uncommon Crafted Trinket



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As quickly as her luck came, it left her, and she was short on materials yet again. Ren grumbled, flipping through her notes. Had she missed something out again? It would be most like her, in that scenario. She tried to recount what she had done, writing her steps down on paper for future references under 'WHAT NOT TO DO', but found herself crossing out most of the steps; they weren't part of the problem the other times.

She collected the last material she'd salvaged and sorted into it's rightful place in the cubby shelves, before cleaning up her desk and heading to bed for the night.

I'll... figure it out some other time


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127816 | CD: 4 | LD: 10 (5 + 5) | Salvage (Fail)
ID: 127817 | CD: 3 | Failed
ID: 127818 | CD: 3 | Failed
ID: 127819 | CD: 5 | LD: 24 (19 + 5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 127820 | CD: 2 | Failed

Result: +22 (7, +10, +5) XP, -4 T1 Material

Edited by NIGHT
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A tinkling of the bell, and NIGHT knew someone had entered the shop. In came Nora, appearing dazzled by the selection of items. When she was ready, Nora waved over to NIGHT, approaching the eagle enamel pin she'd made. "Hi NIGHT, can I buy this one for 600 col?"

"Sure," the artisan replied with a smile, placing down her drink. Picking up the item gently from its display, she went behind the counter and brought out a small piece of translucent paper. With care, NIGHT placed the item in the center, folding up the item into a nice square pocket, placing a tiny star sticker to seal it up at its edges. She handed the small package over to Nora. "Maybe it's just me, but with your style," NIGHT added, "I can see this pin complimenting you quite well."

"Thank you for your patronage!"


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Nora happily accepted the pin and electronically send over the required col through the game system. She holds the paper folding in her hand, examining the seal, she always find this kind of tings fascinating. She can't wait to try this this little pin on after she gets back to her shop as well. "Thank you Night! You got some really usefully merchandise for sale, here! Please continue to do your best work and I hope to shop back again~!!"

-600 col

+[T1E2] Silver Eagle Enamel Pin

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Today was salvage day.

If NIGHT was to be believed. In actuality, her efforts had been less than satisfactory, and so she set out to attempt salvaging as much materials out of her preparatory work as possible. Best to start from scratch with them, if her plans weren't working out. Maybe if my hands were steadier...

Of course, things weren't so bad. The practice was more than well received, and any experience in her line of work meant better results to be yielded in the future. Collecting the materials to be reused, she sorted them accordingly in their cubby spaces, before cleaning up her desk, putting the day's work to an end.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127899 | CD: 6 | LD: 22 (17 + 5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 127900 | CD: 1 | LD: 5 | Fail
ID: 127901 | CD: 5 | LD: 19 (14 + 5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 127902 | CD: 4 | LD: 13 (8 + 5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 127903 | CD: 4 | LD: 22 (17 + 5) | Salvage (Success)

Result: +24 (9, +10 + 5) XP, -1 T1 Material

Edited by NIGHT
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Things went a little smoother today, NIGHT figured. Her confidence had been restored from yesterday's 'salvage training', prompting her to go all out for today's crafts -- until she ran out of materials. Holding up four items to the light, she wondered if she would ever create something of perfection ever again. Maybe it was just luck at this point.

NIGHT set the items down on their respective displays, tagging them with a price, before sweeping the room of any dust that had settled within the past few days. At the end of the day's work, she rested by having some tea on the couch. For now, she had ran out of materials for the shop, which would usher her out, back into the world to adventure.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft

ID: 127967 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127968 | CD: 6 | LD: 8 (3+5) | Salvage (Fail)
ID: 127969 | CD: 10 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127970 | CD: 11 | Success! (Rare)
ID: 127971 | CD: 10 | Success! (Rare)

Result: +37 (22, +10 + 5) XP, -5 T1 Material, [T1E2] Rare Crafted Trinket, [T1E2] Rare Crafted Sculpture (2), [T1E2] Rare Crafted Jewelry

Edited by NIGHT
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Nora knocks on the door of NIGHT's shop, hoping that the shop keeper is here today. When opening the door, she lightly speaks. "Hi NIGHT! You here? I want to buy something from you, and I was hoping that you have some loot dice already made." Quickly going up to the store's board and looking through the items in stock, she found 2 trinket that might help her in her quest, they both look kind of cute, but she can only get one. "This is really cute, can I buy this from you?"

[T1E2] Amber Clover Pendant
"JEWELRY: A four-leafed clover, preserved and cast in resin, fashioned as a piece of amber and made to be worn as a pendant. Made to be one of a few. Has tiny gold flakes inside, making the piece glisten gently in the dark."
-- [ Loot Die II | +2 LD]


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Looks like Nora came in again.

NIGHT set down her tea, rising to attend to her friend. After hearing about what she was looking for, she repeated, thinking. "Loot dice, huh..?"

Nora pointed out the item she wanted -- between the two available, the amber clover pendant seemed to stand out.

"Sure, I'll package the pendant for you. Are you planning to gather with it? I think it might be of use in that situation." She headed behind the counter and started to fold and roll the item in with a paper cover, before tucking it in and sealing it off with a sticker.

NIGHT handed over the item, and bowed to her kindly with a smile. "Thank you for your patronage. I'm really glad you find use in these trinkets."


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"Thank you NIGHT!! Once again, splendid work! This design is so very cute..actually, all of your craft looks super cute XDDDD. Please continue with all this amazing design, and I hope to shop back here again soon! Oh...I send you the col yesterday and you should have received it in your bank account already. I will come back and visit from time to time to see your new goodies XDD " With that, Nora carefully place her new trinket into her purse and went out to try the trinket on some poor boars outside.

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It had been a while since she'd gotten back to crafting, having been on adventures during the down time. Setting down Nyanko from her latest expedition, she changed into her casual clothes with a few finger gestures, before heading over to her desk, placing materials down on the wooden desk.

With Athena's Lens, it was easier to examine her items as she was making them. A tweak here, an adjustment there, but it didn't really seem to make much of a difference. The lens was just a tool, after all. NIGHT huffed as she leaned back in her chair, making peace with the idea that she'd just have to practice a little more before she got back into the flow of things.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft
Athena's Lens: +1 CD

ID: 131293 | CD: 8 (7, +1) | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 131294 | CD: 4 (3, +1) | LD: 10 (5, +5) | Salvage (Fail)
ID: 131295 | CD: 10 (9, +1) | Success! (Rare)
ID: 131296 | CD: 5 (4, +1) | LD: 25 (20, +5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 131297 | CD: 9 (8, +1) | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 131298 | CD: 6 (5, +1) | LD: 17 (12, +5) | Salvage (Success)

Result: +35 (17, +12 +6) XP, -4 T1 Material, [T1E2] Rare Crafted Trinket, [T1E1] Uncommon Crafted Trinket (2)

Edited by NIGHT
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Okay, perhaps that went a bit too smoothly. Was Athena listening? Maybe she could hear her disappointment from the previous day and decided to send a blessing her way.

NIGHT held up the three crafts in her hand, adjusted and modeled to perfection. It almost felt like luck was getting back at her for not succeeding before. She hadn't seen such fine work from herself in a while, so she immersed herself in it, patting herself on the back for once.

Placing them gently on one side of the table, she took her time to fan away the fading particles from one of her less successful attempts, and set back her extra materials from the day's work on her stock shelves.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft
Athena's Lens: +1 CD

ID: 131321 | CD: 13 (12, +1) | Success! (Perfect)
ID: 131322 | CD: 5 (4, +1) | LD: 8 (3, +5) | Salvage (Fail)
ID: 131323 | CD: 4 (3, +1) | LD: 24 (19, +5) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 131324 | CD: 13 (12, +1) | Success! (Perfect)
ID: 131325 | CD: 12 (11, +1) | Success! (Perfect)
ID: 131326 | CD: 4 (3, +1) | LD: 21 (16, +5) | Salvage (Success)

Result: +48 (30, +12 +6) XP, -4 T1 Material, [T1E3] Perfect Crafted Trinket (3)

Edited by NIGHT
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NIGHT had barely managed to scrape by using the last of her materials up before she completed her day's work. The myriad of different results were what she had expected too achieve in the past, but were only now being reflected in her efforts. She wiped her brow, satisfied with the results of her crafting session, before setting the newly created items aside, bracing herself to start clearing out her desk.

"Mrrw?" A chirping came from below her table, before the shadow leapt over onto its surface. Nyanko brushed up against her hand, curious as to know what was happening in their home. The artisan giggled, picking the small creature up and gently soothing them. Clean up can wait.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Athena's Lens: +1 CD
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft
Loot Die: +3 LD

ID: 131341 | CD: 4 (3, +1) | LD: 23 (15, +5 +3) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 131342 | CD: 10 (9, +1) | Success! (Rare)
ID: 131343 | CD: 8 (7, +1) | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 131344 | CD: 9 (8, +1) | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 131345 | CD: 4 (3, +1) | LD: 24 (16, +5 +3) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 131346 | CD: 13 (12, +1) | Success! (Perfect)

Result: +41 (23, +12 +6) XP, -4 T1 Material, [T1E3] Perfect Crafted Trinket (1), [T1E2] Rare Crafted Trinket (1), [T1E1] Uncommon Crafted Trinket (2)

Edited by NIGHT
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The scales continue to tip in NIGHT's favour, but she couldn't tell if it was sheer luck, or sheer skill, at this point. Athena's lens had been a boon the past few attempts, and it shined through once again here. As she touched up on the last item, her gaze wondered over to the items lined up on her shelves, if she should by any chance recycle them by any other means.

Perhaps she should, one would advise her. But the artisan was sentimental, just like her tutor, she guessed. The woman sighed, clambering out of her seat, ready to clean up and end the day's work where it was.


ATP Member Bonus: +5 LD on Salvage, +2 XP/Craft
Athena's Lens: +1 CD
Ambition: +1 XP/Craft
Loot Die: +3 LD

ID: 131557 | CD: 8 (7, +1) | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 131558 | CD: 8 (7, +1) | Success! (Uncommon)
ID: 131559 | CD: 13 (12, +1) | Success! (Perfect)
ID: 131560 | CD: 3 (2, +1) | LD: 14 (6, +5 +3) | Salvage (Success)
ID: 131561 | CD: 10 (9, +1) | Success! (Rare)
ID: 131562 | CD: 12 (11, +1) | Success! (Perfect)
ID: 131563 | CD: 13 (12, +1) | Success! (Perfect)

Result: +58 (37, +14 +7) XP, -6 T1 Materials, [T1E1] Uncommon Crafted Trinket (2), [T1E2] Rare Crafted Trinket (1), [T1E3] Perfect Crafted Trinket (3)

Edited by NIGHT
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