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[F9-PP] Hot and hotter <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>>

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Floor 9
<<Burning Phoenix Feathers>>
Recommended Level: 15
Repeatable only for the drop "Name Tag" | Party Limit: 4
Credit Goes to: @Hikoru


  • 1025 Col
  • 1 SP
  • Nametag [Special Consumable] - On use of a Weapon or Piece of Armor, it can change the name or description of the item. 


  • At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts)
  • Must find at least 5 Basic materials by normal means [No fighting mobs, have to search the area. These Materials are used to make the Nametag]
  • Must fight 1 Phoenix for a Phoenix feather.
  • The Phoenix has to meet the loot minimum for players, not the floor itself.
  • A Phoenix Feather can only drop once per thread.


You heard that both a Blacksmith and a Tailor have found a way to change the name or look of a weapon or an armor that you may have. This interested you, and you go to one of them. Both of them tell you that they can help you change the look of your weapon/armor, but they need specific materials dropped, along with basic materials as well. They give you the location of where the special material is dropped, a Phoenix Feather, and ask that you go and retrieve it. They warn you that the Phoenix is powerful, and could be a challenge, so be prepared to fight.



<< Phoenix >>
HP: Highest Level Players Loot Minimum
DMG: Highest Level Players Loot Minimum
MIT: Highest Players Tier * 25
ACC: 2
EVA: 2
<< Hellstorm >> : On attack rolls of 9-10, the Phoenix raises to the skies and with a flap of its wings shoots feathers upon the player with the most hate, dealing 50 more damage to its base, additionally the player suffers Burn damage at 24 damage per turn for two turns.

Zandra sat up in her bed, raised her arms high into the air and yawned. Her sleepy face looked out thru the window where the sun was rising  over the ocean, and Zandra felt that she should go up by now. She rose and left her bed, headed straight for the bathroom where she went into the shower and turned on the water. She felt her hair get soaked wet and the warm drips of water rolled down her skin. To start the day with a shower was the best. When she was done, she stepped out into the bedroom where she leaned against the window and felt the wind dry her hair. An hour later she decided that she would take herself together and do a quest today that she had planned to do for a long time. So she equipped her clothes and headed to Yogan village on floor nine. She exited the teleportation gate with the kingseagle on her shoulder. She took a moment or two to take in the hot air on the floor she had rarely been visiting.

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Cordelia stretched her arms as she hopped off of the teleport pad. Time to finally get the item she had been so eager to get! She honestly, honestly just wanted to change the name of her katana. Haunted verdict seemed a bit too. . . what was the word, morbid? It made her sound like she was some kinda of ghost judge. She sighed and shook her head.

Cordelia popped her eyes open and met with an unfamiliar yet familiar face. "Oh hey!" She drawled, bounding up to the girl with her own bird on her shoulder. "You were at the Obsidian Invasion weren't you?" She asked, tilting her head as she beamed at the girl. "I saw you you slaying the skeleton archers with some other white haired guy, but it was pretty cool too look at," she beamed, giving her a grin. "You're on the front lines, aren't you? I'm sure that I've heard about you somewhere. . . or not, I have really bad memory."

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Zandra her a voice and turned her head towards the source of the sound. It was a young, female voice. As her eyes fell on the person, she saw a young girl probably not even twenty years old yet. She felt a faint shadow of a blush as she herd what she said. By some reason, the girl recognized her face. But she had no idea of who this girl was. She was also surprised she could recognize her since during the battle she had been wearing heavy armor covering lower part of her face. Not only that, she also called her cool. Zandra thought to herself that she had to keep a lower profile. First she gets a fan and then someone else calls her cool.

Zandras eyes had looked to the side, didn’t wanted to meet eye contact of emberresment that she don’t rembered her. What to say? She didn’t wanted to sound rude like lower tiered players wasn’t worth remember the name of.

‘’Hello there.’’ She started. ‘’Yes I was. I am surprised you remember me. Myself I had my thoughts on the battle so sadly I don’t remember much about the other players that was there. Had all my focus to hold back the skeleton hordes.’’ Then she stretched forth her hand. ‘’My name is Zandra, and this girl is Zita.’’ She nodded to the kingseagle that sat on her shoulder and let out cry as saying hi the the human. ‘’It is a pleasure to meet you, can I ask of your name?’’

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