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[PP - F1] Hunt Less, Gather More

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Floor 1
<<Earning a Living: Gatherer>>
Party Limit: 2 | 20+ Posts
Repeatable only if changing professions or escorting another player.
Escorting another player will only yield standard thread rewards.


Quest Rewards: 

  • 300 Experience Points
  • <<Gatherer>> Profession
  • A Demonic Shard
    • May only be acquired once. Players are ineligible for this reward if they have already completed the Fisher quest.
  • All Gathered Materials


  • Roleplay the following:
    • Talking to Giovanna.
    • Receiving Giovanna's <<Cursed Compass>>.
    • Using the compass to locate and acquire a Demonic Shard.
    • Bringing it back to Giovanna, and return the compass.
  • Search for a demonic shard.
    • The shard is located on material rolls of LD: 15+ CD: 6+.
    • You may keep all non-shard materials that you find (LD: 14+). 
    • Specify in the Roll Purpose that you are searching for materials.

As you approach the cozy campsite, a woman in green emerges from the wagon. "So, it appears you've found me," she comments, though not unkindly. "I tend to move around quite a lot, but someone always finds me. I suppose you are looking for some herbs?" When you explain that you are interested in learning more about gathering, Giovanna's emerald eyes widen. "Most simply expect me to gather their materials for them, but few truly care about the process itself. You surprise me." Digging into the pocket of her dress, Giovanna draws out a small compass, then offers it to you. "You may borrow my compass. Dark magic has made it capable of locating an incredibly rare item called a Demonic Shard. Should you find one, and bring it back to me, you will prove yourself worthy of my teachings. Take care, and may good  fortune travel with you."


<<Giovanna Tarragon>>
Prefers plants to people, which no one can really blame her for.



Applying Mega Slime Farm (Last used on 11/15/2020)
Lessa | HP: 800/800 | EN: 112/112 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 122 | ACC: 2 | BH: 40 | LD: 3 | H.M.: 8 | HLY: 8 | REC: 3 | THRNS: 36
Lessa consumes Berry Crumb Bar (178000-1) LDIII

Lessa, The Empress
Level: 31
Paragon Level: 34
HP: 800/800
EN: 112/112

Damage: 23
Mitigation: 122
Accuracy: 2
Battle Healing: 40
Loot Dice: 3
H.M.: 8
HLY: 8
REC: 3

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Arcael's Might (T4 THSS - DMG DMG DMG HLY)
Armor: Empress Armor (T4 HA - HM HM THNS)
Misc: Neutron Star Necklace (T3 TRINKET - ACC ACC REC)

Heavy Armor R5
Battle Healing R5
Fighting Spirit

Active Mods:
Iron Skin
Vengeful Riposte
Emergency Recovery

Inactive Mods:

Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystal: 5
Berry Crumb Bar (LD3): 2

Continuation from exchange here.

Though it was silly, Lessa found herself blushing beneath the stranger's praise. "It's really not all that exciting," she told him. "Though I guess if I'm the first crafter you've seen work, this probably looks like sorcery or something." Her smile never wavered, but the woman tilted her head a bit as she studied the young man. How strange it was, that after so many years, someone could appear so completely out of place. Lessa's stomach lurched as she recalled her own fascination with the world, and her wide-eyed awe in the beginning. But that had been so long ago. This Roxis player came like a breath of fresh air.

So she waved her hand through the smoky air, shoving away his offer for payment. "It's on the house," she informed him. Before he had the opportunity to argue, she explained, "Somebody helped me when I was new, and I owe them a lot. I figure I can just return the favor now. Keep paying it forward, you know?" Even as she spoke the words, a sudden though occurred to her. "And you know, actually, there's a brand new quest that showed up with the recent update. It doesn't look like there's any combat, so you don't need to worry about being new. It'll hook us both up with the new gathering skill. I've been meaning to do it, but dragging my feet because I didn't want to do it alone. If you're up for it, you could pay me back with your company?"

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Level: 1
HP: 20
EN: 20
DMG: 4

- +3 DMG when wielding 2HSS

     Roxis was shocked by Lessa's kindness with her offering the weapon she just made for free. He gratefully took the blade from her with a smile as she pushed away his payment offer. 

"Sure, that's the least I can do."

     A quest for a gathering skill? Roxis couldn't help but wonder what it would entail. Doing a quest would definitely help Roxis a feel for the game too.. In the back of his mind, he knows he's probably going to be here for a while finding his friend. Roxis looks down at the black blade Lessa made and adds it to his inventory. 

"If I'm being perfectly honest with you, I haven't accepted any quests since I started this game so I really don't know how."


     He gave a half hearted grin through the smokey air of the shop. It was almost embarrassing to admit that he really didn't know what he was doing in this game yet. But still, Roxis wanted to repay Lessa's kindness so he might as well be open about it.

"If you wouldn't mind, could you explain how we would do that?"

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Not a single quest? Roxis certainly wasn't the first she'd ever met who avoided the game for as long as possible, but most had at least attempted the starter quest lines. He had so much to learn, and Lessa was grateful that she'd bumped into him. If nothing else, she could look out for him, and make sure he picked up a level or two before trying anything really dangerous.

"It's pretty easy, once you get the hang of it." The woman summoned her HUD with a flick of her wrist, and with a few button-presses, shared the quest with her new companion. "Just hit the little blue button on your pop-up," she explained. "I already picked up the quest, because like I said, I've been meaning to do it. Once you accept it, we'll be in a party together. We'll each have to meet our own requirements, but at least we won't be working alone."

A sudden thought occurred to her, and Lessa also sent Roxis a trade window. In it sat an item called Berry Crumb Bar. "Go ahead and accept this trade. Once you get that item, go ahead and eat it. It's really good, and it will boost your ability to find mats for the next few hours. I figure it'll be a really big help with this particular quest."

Lessa gives Roxis Berry Crumb Bar (LDIII) [177880-1]

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     Just as Lessa had said, a little pop up menu opened right before Roxis. He followed her instructions and pressed the little blue button to accept the quest with her and join her party for the quest. Roxis couldn't help but wonder what exactly it meant to be in a party together. Bur surely, that was info that would come in town.

"I really appreciate the food. I'll have to take your word on the fact it will help."

     On the second window in front of Roxis, he accepted the trade the Lessa had offered him. He swiped his finger down in front of him and as he scrolled through his menu, he found the item and consumed it as instructed.


Roxis eats Berry Crumb Bar (178000-1) LDIII

"So, do you know where we need to go to start this quest? If you don't mind, I will let you lead the way."

     A bit of eagerness started to build up inside of Roxis. This world was clearly much different to the world he grew up in. Although, there really wasn't much that he could complain about it so far. The people he's met so far have been really kind. Although, there was still a level of discomfort in him after what he heard about the orange players.

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"Yup," the blonde responded, motioning in the direction they were already walking. "There's a clearing not too far outside of town. That's where I last heard the quest-giver was camped out. Apparently, she moves around a lot. But if we're lucky, she'll still be there." After only a few minutes of walking, the pair found themselves at the city gate. "This is where the safe zone ends," Lessa explained conversationally, gesturing to the invisible barrier. "I'm not sure how much time you've spent outside the city, considering how little experience you've had. But if you go this way again, make sure it's with someone who can protect you. The first-floor boars have killed way more people than the floor bosses have. They can be deadly if you're not prepared."

After another fifteen minutes of walking and casual conversation, Lessa and Roxis crested a small hill, and found themselves on the edge of a cozy campsite. "Yup," Lessa explained, grinning. "Still here. We lucked out."

Even as Lessa said the words, an NPC in a green dress stepped out from behind the cart. "So, it appears you've found me. I tend to move around quite a lot, but someone always finds me. I suppose you are looking for some herbs?" 

Lessa shook her head. "No, actually, we were hoping you could teach us something about gathering? I'm a blacksmith, for example, but I'm terrible at finding the ore I need to do my job. Maybe you could help?

The quest-giver's eyebrows rose. "Most simply expect me to gather their materials for them, but few truly care about the process itself. You surprise me. You may borrow my compass. Dark magic has made it capable of locating an incredibly rare item called a Demonic Shard. Should you find one, and bring it back to me, you will prove yourself worthy of my teachings. Take care, and may good  fortune travel with you."

With a quick nod of thanks, Lessa accepted the offered item. As soon as she did so, the quest information updated. "Alright," she announced, turning to Roxis. "Looks like we're on our way."


Searching for Demonic Shard

ID# 189913 Craft: 5 Loot: 13 +3 = 16

No shard found.
One mat found.

Total Mats: 1


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     So, they needed to find an item called Demonic Shard. Roxis pondered on what the item was or what it might even look like. In his head he pictures a jet black stone with a red aura around it. Although he couldn't be certain as to what it actually looks like. Roxis turned to Lessa in hopes she would have an idea of what they're looking for

"So Lessa, have you ever heard of this 'incredibly rare' item?"

     Roxis glanced down at the compass in Lessa's hand. It was surely a strange compass as it didn't seem to be pointing north. Roxis made sure to keep pace with Lessa as they followed the guided directions from the compass. If this little device was going to lead them directly to the stone, this should be a really easy quest. Almost a perfect starter quest for Roxis and his lack of experience. 


Searching for Demonic Shard

ID: 190290 Craft: 7 Loot: 1+3=4

Nothing found


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"The Demonic Shard?" Lessa asked, then shook her head. "No, I've never heard of it before. And honestly, I can't know if it has always existed, and I've just missed it, or if it is new with the update." At the mention of the world-wide patch, Lessa's lips drew into a thin line. "So much has changed since the big overhaul. New quests, new NPCs, new locations, and new items. So it wouldn't surprise me if the Demonic Shard was one of them."

The compass' needle began to tremble slightly, and the woman came to an abrupt halt. Her gaze remained fixed on the tool, and she mumbled, "I think we might have something." Then, as abruptly as it had begun to move, the needle went still. Lessa heaved a sigh. "Nope," she corrected. "I guess not."

Then she glanced toward Roxis. "What about you? Had you heard of it before today?"


Searching for Demonic Shard

ID# 191069 Craft: 3 Loot: 1 +3 = 4

No shard found.
No mats found.

Total Mats: 1


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     Roxis looked down in slight embarrassment as Lessa approached her question. With everyone in this game beginning so long ago when the game launched, Roxis had forgot that people had gotten so used living in the game as though it was everyday life. He was almost certain that his answer would surprise her.

"No I haven't. Actually, I just started this game a couple days ago. This is all extremely new to me."

     A discouraged look came about Roxis face when a flicker of faint hope of finding the item came across compass. Surely this must be the item they need to find this mysterious item. We they possibly too far away from the item? Maybe they would need to walk closer in a direction to get the compass active again.

"Can I take a look at it?"

     Roxis stretched his hand out towards the compass. Just maybe, his hunch could be right and it would give them a direction to go at least.



Searching for Demonic Shard

ID: 191072 Craft: 3 Loot: 8+3=11

No Materials Found

No Demonic Shard Found


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After half a decade in Aincrad, very little surprised Lessa anymore. Of course, Roxis' statement, and the nonchalant way in which he delivered it, completely blindsided her. As her blue eyes widened in shock, she nearly bobbled the compass. "You- I- what?" Those were the only three words she could manage when she finally picked her jaw up out of the grass. Then she inhaled, exhaled, and asked, "You just joined? I mean, after all this time, and after you saw what happened to all of us? You still joined the game?" 

She looked as though she might say something else, but the compass suddenly did a quick three-sixty, then quivered excitedly to her left. When Lessa turned, she noticed something shiny stashed in a tuft of grass. All thought of Roxis and his late arrival were lost as she took a step toward the prize. "I think we found it."

Stooping, the woman plucked the Demonic Shard from the dirt, then held it up for examination. It shimmered wildly beneath the hot sun, and Lessa found herself squinting to take it all in. She offered the compass to Roxis. "Looks like it's your turn."


Searching for Demonic Shard

ID# 191670 Craft: 10 Loot: 19

Demonic Shard located!
No mats found.

Total Mats: 1, Demonic Shard


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Searching For Demonic Shard

ID: 191678 Craft: 4 Loot: 14

No Shard Found

1 Matieral found

Total Materials: 1

     Bewilderment appeared on his face as Roxis watched Lessa find a Demonic Shard so effortlessly. Surely he would have the same luck right? He took the offered compass from Lessa and stared down at it as it's needle gave a slight flicker towards north east of where they were before it went still again.

"I don't think it's close. Maybe if we try walking this way?"

     Slight disappointment was audible in his voice. Roxis gestured for Lessa to follow him with a wave of his hand. As he walked, he remembered Lessa's shock when he told her he had only just joined. Well, there was no harm in telling her why exactly he joined.

"Yes I heard about everything that happened since five years ago when everyone first dived in. I was actually planning on doing it myself then but I unfortunately got stuck working. My closest friend did even up playing though and it's been rough without him. I realized I really didn't have much to live for in the real world, so I just jumped in to find him. Although if I'm being honest, I'm enjoying this world more."

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Pain flashed in the woman's blue eyes, but it did not extend to her facial features. Instead, she merely offered Roxis a small smile, then nodded. "Sure," she answered. She stood a moment, watching the other Player move on ahead while she attempted to bury the hurt. Why? Why had he made the decision to join the game, knowing full-well what he was doing? He could have stayed in the real world, surrounded by the familiar, and the people who loved him. Instead, he had donned the Nerve Gear, and signed himself into this prison as if it were some fancy hotel. And he preferred this world?

Perhaps a just as valid question was why that bothered her so much.

Finally, Lessa drew in a long breath through her nose, and exhaled through her mouth. Then she moved up behind him, scanning for materials as she went. "So," she began, forcing herself to move on from her thoughts. "Do you have a primary profession in mind after this?"


Searching for Mats

ID# 192443 Loot: 14+3=17

Mat found.

Total Mats: 2, Demonic Shard


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     As Roxis continued to walk forwards, he heard Lessa exhale what sounded like a deep breath. He realized just how much he might have unloaded onto her about why he just joined the game. It was clearly better to step away from that subject, at least for the time being. Her next question towards him had brought up something he hadn't thought about before. Choosing a profession.

"Well I honestly haven't thought too much about it. Maybe a Blacksmith like you? I really like what you made for me." 

     Roxis gestured to the black sword on his back that Lessa had made. It was like magic watching her make it. Maybe it was something he could learn to. Though a bit of doubt, crossed his mind as the idea sat with him. He ran his hand through his spiky blonde hair as he gave Lessa a half hearted laugh.

"Although, I don't know how good I would be at it."


Searching for Demonic Shard

ID: 192468 Craft: 12 Loot: 2

No Materials or Demonic Shard found.

Total Materials: 1


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“I’m sure you’d be great,” Lessa countered. “Besides, we’re lucky enough that the system can bridge a lot of gaps.” She walked along beside him, gaze picking through the grass for materials she could use in her forge. “I figure I’d have made a decent enough blacksmith in the real world. I was always physically strong, and I never minded the hard work, or getting dirty. But ‘tap something three times and it turns into a sword’ good? I could never do that. The game sucks in about a billion ways, but at least it helps us with our crafts.”

No clumps of ore caught her attention, so she shifted her gaze back to Roxis’ face. “If you decide that you want to be a blacksmith,” she continued, “feel free to come back to my shop. I can give you a crash-course. Like I said, the game does a lot to get you going, but knowing what tools to use, and when, can be hugely helpful.”

(No mats found. *Fill in ID ASAP.*)

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     Roxis continued to stare amongst the compass as it continued to barely hesitate with each passing step. Though it seemed like they were on the right path. Meanwhile, Lessa's generous offer kind of excited him him. He glanced up from the compass to her to express his gratitude.

"That would be really helpful! I wouldn't want to burden you though."

     He glanced down at the compass in his hands, the needle still wasn't moving much. With a intense gaze upon it, Roxis brings the compass to his face to inspect it before bringing it to his ear as if trying to listen for something.

"I am starting to think this thing doesn't like me!"

     Roxis looked at it for a couple moments before he held the compass with both hands and he started shaking the device like a child in hopes it might do something different but alas it only made a slight rattle.


Searching For Demonic Shard

ID: 192587  Craft: 5 Loot: 1

Nothing Found

Total Materials: 1


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