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[PP-26] The Cold Hand of Expectation

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As forces gathered to the frontlines, Freyd found himself staring about the room at the various faces gathered.  Most were familiar, certainly including those from his guild.  Come to think of it, he knew them all in some way or another.  

"How did that happen," he mused aloud as he laid out provisions to share with comrades.  Shiina was practically throwing mass healing potions at people, but they were all so frightened of her that no one dared receive them, for fear they'd somehow be paralyzed to the tune of a whoopy cushion by the woman's antics.  He couldn't really blame them, though he knew her head and heart were actually in the right place.  A few random gestures manifested a campfire and a few stumps for any who were willing to stay awhile, share and listen.  There would be frenzied tension aplenty in the hours ahead.  The might as well enjoy the calm before that storm front broke and cast them into Hell once more.

Pulling back his cowl was akin to lowering his shield, exposing a wild mop of mousy brown hair dangling annoyingly over piercing blue eyes.  It was a rare invitation by the man they called The Whisper in Shadows, to be plainly seen and approachable by those willing to chat before committing themselves to the deadliest battles Aincrad had to offer.  This was only his second time, and the press of doubts and fears were not far behind or easily forgotten.  

If nothing else, he could offer to assuage the same in others, and give them hope.

@Koga @Hirru  @Baldur


Freyd | HP: 1000/1000 | EN: 134/134 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 78 | ACC: 5 | BH: 55 | LD: 5 | FLN: 16 | HLY: 16 | PARA IMMUNE | REC: 8

Full Stats:


Freyd, The Whisper in Shadow
Level: 31
Paragon Level: 87
HP: 1000/1000
EN: 134/134

Damage: 24
Mitigation: 78
Accuracy: 5
Battle Healing: 55
Loot Dice: 5
FLN: 16
HLY: 16
REC: 8

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Samael's Pride (T4 Hammer | Holy 2 | Fallen 2)
Armor: Fallen Angel Garb (T4 LA | Mit 2 | Rec 2)
Misc: The Shadowed Rose (T3 Trinket - ACC 3 | Para Imm)

Custom Skill:

Hammer R5
Battle Healing R5
Light Armor R5
Searching R4
Quick Change
AoE Shift
CM: Damage 3
Familiar: Grappling

Active Mods:
Night Vision

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:
Forgotten King’s Authority
Hiding R2

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystals x7
Mass HP Rec [Inst] (+30*T HP) x7
Mass HP Rec [Inst] (+30*T HP) x7
Crystal of Divine Light (Reusable) x1
Rhino's Horn (Reusable) x1
Hmr.Pk: The Thing Behind All Lies (T4 Demonic WH, AA, Blight, Static, Para.Ven (Off)) x1

Housing Buffs:
Rested: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)
Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
Delicious: Turn 3 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Feast. A Feast contains 6 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Skylight (Searching): +1 Rank to the Searching skill.
Angler: +1 material gained when fishing
Advanced Training: +10% Exp to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll
Decor [Potted Tanabata Bamboo Tree]: This buff affects the player and their choice of up to two party members.

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.

Scents of the Wild:
Kumatetsu Statue: +1 Base Damage for a thread

Wedding Ring:


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The gaijin samurai wasn't always among the first to show up, but he always tried to be. This time, he and the JL crew came together to make sure everything was organized. While Firm Anima was always a major blessing to the frontlines, having provided a significant amount of the buffs they consumed, Baldur had been pushing his team to always be prepared for several floors now. At the very least, he know that Calrex as well had bought several floors worth of consumables to make sure they were never running around unprepared. Now, seeing two raids in a row come almost completely buffed, brought a smile to his heart. He passed group heal crystals he had requisitioned from Raidou to supply the entire floor 25 raid to his party, Party 1, of the raid. With that done, he had... time on his hands. He walked about, saying hello to old faces, checking to make sure people were ok, and then noticed something odd.

A fire in the entry room safe zone.

He walked over, recognizing the face of Freyd. Someone he didn't know well yet, but had certainly made an impression at the planning meeting.

"Ohayo, Freyd-san. It is good to have you with us. Shield speaks highly of your strength in a fight, and while I know Raidou-san little outside of our negotiations, it seems he surrounds himself with skilled people." Baldur held his hands out to the fire for warmth he didn't need, but enjoyed none-the-less. "I look forward to seeing it first hand."

Normally, Baldur was all business in advance of raid, but he knew that morale was necessary to build. He didn't feel like making a big speech full of platitudes and bravado, they never seemed to work. The same message didn't work for everyone. It required a more soft touch. Something tailored to people based on their motivation. For that, he needed to know who he was fighting along. They needed to forge bonds.


Baldur | HP: 860/860 | EN: 120/120 | DMG: 28 | MIT: 98 | EVA: 4 | ACC: 8 | BH: 43 | AA | BRN: 56 | | KEEN: 1 | REC: 4

» Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai vWKwiqS.png

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 880
  • Base EN: 122 (includes 20 for Energist)
  • Base MIT: 78
  • Base ACC: 5 (includes AA and does not automatically miss on 1s)
  • Base DMG: 23 
  • Base EVA: 2
  • Battle Heal: 44 HP
  • Keen: +1
  • Recovery: +4 EN

» Items Equipped:

  • Warden's Fury - Absolute Accuracy/2 Paralyze
  • Muramasa - Absolute Accuracy/Fallen/Blight/Burn
  • Ethereal Tether - Zanshin - Absolute Accuracy/Keen/Freeze/Burn
  • Montsuki haori - 48 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION/+4 EN RECOVERY
  • Emerald Teardrop - +2 ACC/+1 EVASION
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Medium Damage Potion x7 | Rare T2 Item | +2 Damage
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x1 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x7 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • Max T2 HP Recovery Crystal II x4 | Perfect T2 Item | +180 HP
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • HB: Max Vitality Snack x2 | Rare Tier 2 | Grants +12 Energy
  • EWL: Muramasa or Warden's Fury
  • EWL: Emerald Matagama | Perfect | +3 Accuracy
  • SC: 


» Skills:

  • One Hand Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | 
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | 
  • Battle Healing | Rank 5/5 | 
  • Light Armor | Rank 5/5 | 
  • Charge | Purchased | 
  • Quick Change | Purchased
  • Extended Weight Limit | Purchased
  • Energist | Purchased
  • Combat Shift | ST Specialist

» Extra Skills:

  • Concentration | Equipped
  • Survival | Un-equipped
  • Meditation | Equipped
  • Parry | Equipped
  • Forgotten King's Authority | Equipped
  • Shatter | Not Yet Unlocked

» Mods:

  • Meticulous: Equipped
  • Emergency Recovery: Equipped
  • [Mod Slot Empty
  • [Mod Slot Empty]
  • [Mod Slot Empty]
  • ADD-ON Ferocity: Equipped
  • ADD-ON Stamina: Equipped
  • ADD-ON: Precision: Equipped
  • ADD-ON: Resolve: Equipped

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Rested: -1 EN on first 2 uses
  • Tasty: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 BR item slot
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Angler: +1 Mat when fishing


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k o g a the elder wolf


  • none


Koga | HP: 700/700 | EN: 108/108 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 30 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 2 | BRN: 56 | BLT: 32/20 | FALN: 8 | REGN | 13 | B.HEALING: 33/66


equipped battle-ready inventory
  • None





  • Mastery: Damage III | Gain 1 * Tier Damage per rank | 15 SP
  • Battle Healing V | Recover 5% (rounded down) of your maximum HP at the start of your turn | 30 SP
    • Emergency Recovery | When non-fatal damage would leave you with 25% or less of your maximum HP, recover 10% of your maximum HP after the attack resolves. Effect cannot occur more than once per thread.  When activated if the player has lower than 10 energy remaining, simply reduce the player's energy to 0. | 6 SP
      • EN Cost: 10
  • Energist | Increase Base Energy by 5 * Tier | 8 SP
  • Howl | Gain +2 Hate against up to 4 targets | 10 SP
    • EN Cost: 2 EN
    • Cooldown: 2 Posts
    • Focused Howl | Gain +4 Hate against a single target | 5 SP
      • EN Cost: 4 EN
      • Cooldown: 4 Posts


  • Curved Sword I | +1 DMG when equipped with a Curved Sword | 4 SP
  • Katana V | +7 DMG when equipped with a Katana | 30 SP
    • Stamina | Reduces the energy of all Katana attacks by 2 EN | 4 SP
    • Ferocity | +2 DMG when using Katana Sword Arts | 4 SP


  • Light Armor V | +30 MIT when equipped with Light Armor | 30 SP
    • Meticulous | +1 DMG when equipped with Light Armor | 4 SP
    • Resolve | +1 ACC and +10 * Tier HP when equipped with Light Armor | 6 SP


  • Familiar Master: Rending | You and your familiar attack in tandem, applying Rend [7*tier unmitigatable damage] to the target that lasts for two turns. | 10SP
    • Cooldown: 5 Posts
  • Survival | Increases Healing effects received from all sources by 10%. Grants immunity to all damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.


  • none




Koga paced back and forth as he awaited for the appointed time. He wasn't necessarily the kind of person to show his nervousness vocally, he'd always been a physically restless person. He could remember countless times his father had told him to stop shaking his leg or tapping his foot. And he hadn't even been the slightest bit anxious those time. Now though, one might've guessed that the man had walked in back and forth enough times, he might as well have walked all around the Town of Beginnings three or four times over.

It certainly felt like it at least, as Koga finally decided to at least attempt to sit down for a little. The man approached the campfire he'd seen Freyd establish not terribly long ago, and sat himself down on one of the wooden stumps, nodding to Freyd and his own party's captain. His leg didn't stop moving though, even as his hand instinctively reached up for the necklace hanging from his neck. The swordsman brought the silver owl pendant up to his mouth and put the clasp between his teeth as he stared into the campfire's orange blaze. He had meant to get rid of this a long time ago, seeing as his and the pendant's artisan's relationship, and possibly even their friendship, had ended long ago, but at the same time, it was still the only accuracy trinket he had.


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Direct acknowledgement seemed best, and Freyd had never been one to weave banter with any true skill.  His tone was pleasant and respectful.  He'd seen the gaijin samurai's skill first hand in the battle against Shadow, yet had somehow failed to provide him with the same impression.  Freyd took no offense.  He preferred not to be noticed.  It made everything easier, especially when you didn't even have to hide to make yourself invisible, or light a fire for people to actually see you.  A smile alighted on the man's normally dour expression, perhaps from his own thoughts as much as the notion of company.  He wouldn't insult him by bringing up such petty matters.

"I've heard many good things about you as well.  You spoke well at Ariel's meeting.  It seems that we share a common perspective on the coming battle - which is to say that none of us really know what to expect."

A blackened form came out of the shadows that might have been a reflection of himself, if they'd not met before to know the differences.

"Koga."  Another statement, made without judgement.  "Heh."  Freyd nodded appreciatively.  It was no small leap to have joined the front lines compared to the man's prowess the last time they'd met.  "I'm glad you've decided to join us.  No riding rowboats over waterfalls into bottomless lakes this time.  Yes?"

His fidgets were wearing grooves into the flagstone.  The least he could do was offer a nostalgic memory or two with the hope of putting him at ease.

"You'll both be in the first group, then, I suppose?"

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After thanking both Baldur and Simmoné for their help, there was a little bit of wait as the rest of the front liners were on their way.  It was taking quite a while for all of team three to get here, so it wasn't so strange to see something like this come out.  Especially with a certain someone already seated on one of the few stumps.  The healer was greatly appreciative that Freyd had joined them on this raid.  His capabilities were a great asset for the front, but more so, the healer kept the Whisper in high regard.  A good friend to have around to keep one on their toes, as well as, keeping a smile on ones face.  Hirru has never met a player that could still have such a sense of humor, after so long in this place.

The next to sit down was the azure samurai himself, Baldur.  His friend and mentor that could settle ones mind and talk about the ways one would best work around it.  There was so much that the two of them had went through, from first meeting on the tenth floor to kill a banshee, to revealing the healer's most unsettling secret.  He is one of the few that knew of his mental issue, and more so accepted him for it.  Even after his disaster brought ruin to the front, here they all were to breach into the twenty sixth floor boss room.  Hirru was sure to repay the favor of believing in him, today.

Lastly, a surprising twist, was one of the newest members to the front lines.  The boy must have been nervous, because he was pacing this way and that for some time.  Even after telling him that Hirru would be their healer, the unease must be kicking in.  The healer felt that too when he first joined the front, though his unease was coupled with a few other things.  With so many veterans, and a few newcomers, it was probably best that he sat down and calmed his nerves.

The healer would do the same.  As he approached the group, he heard something interesting.

"What's this I hear about riding rowboats over a waterfall?  Didn't take you for the daredevil type, Koga."

Hirru would question as he motioned to place his helm beside one of the unoccupied stumps.  His new armor was a little cumbersome, so sitting down was hard, but not impossible.  It just took a bit.



Hirru | HP: 840/840 | EN: 94/94 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 122 | BH: 41 | HLY BLS: 32 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 36

Hirru Lvl 31 (PL 40)

840 HP (+160 PL)
96 Energy (+16 PL)
1 Base Damage
5% Battle Healing
8 Recovery
122 Mitigation
32 Thorns
32 Holy Blessing
20% Life Mend


Paladin's Oath ..................... // +36 Holy Blessing / +20% Life Mending
Light's Embrace .................... // +8 Recovery / 32 Thorns
Bulwark ............................ // +72 Mitigation
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Lun'Rael's Insignia ................ // Unique Vanity |
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x6 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]


Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 5: +35 MIT
Battle Healing ..................... // Rank 5: +5% HP each turn
Extended Weight Limit .............. // +2 B.R.I Slot

Extra Skills (Max 4)

First Aid .......................... // Rank 5: +20% ST-H / -15 EN
Leadership ......................... // Rank 5: Command the Front w/ Buffs

Skill Mods / Addons (Max 5 Mods)

Iron Skin (Add on) ................. // +15 Mit / +60 HP
Field Medic (Add on) ............... // +25% AOE-H / -15 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Hyperactive (Add on) ............... // +3 EN Regen for 3 turns / -5 EN / 3 turn Cooldown

Large Pockets ...................... // B.R.I. slots each can contain 15 same type items
Barrier ............................ // -15% Dmg shield AOE / -15 EN / 2 turn Cooldown
Energize ........................... // +8 EN ST / -10 EN
Steadfast .......................... // +1 ACC AOE, -1 ACC self / -6 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Press The Attack ................... // +(Target Tier) Dmg, -(Cumulative)Dmg / -10 En / 5 turn Cooldown

Housing Buffs

Rested ............................. // -1 EN for 2 uses
Relaxed ............................ // OOC HP regen 5*tier Rec EN after 2 turns
Filling ............................ // Increase food by +1 T1 slot
Multipurpose ....................... // +1 LD, Stealth, Dection, or Prosperity to 1 post
Practiced Angler ................... // +1 EXP & +1 LD & CD to attempts


Edited by Hirru
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"Freyd," Koga greeted back, as Hirru joined them, a nod of acknowledgement from Koga again. "Heh, yeah," the man chuckled when asked about his mentioned adventure. "Not so much a 'daredevil' as I am deathly curious and perilously stupid," he replied, sitting up a little more. "Eh- don't worry though, Party 1 won't have to worry about any of my shenanigans. I'm not in the business of putting others in danger."

A quick look over the green-haired man's new choice of apparel had raised some questions in Koga's mind but, he was not one to judge others based on appearance. Hell, he'd been wearing the same raggedy-ass jacket since his second month in the game.

Instead, Koga turned his attention towards the upcoming fight. "So, any tips for the new guy?" Koga asked the three more experienced Frontliners, his voice a bit steadier than he felt. "Don't really think any of the field bosses are much of a match for whatever the hell we're about to face."

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As the gaijin samurai warmed his hands on the fire, Koga wandered up and sat down. The youth seemed anxious. Not necessarily nervous, but he had a lot of energy without a place to put yet. The waiting was something that took time to get used to. People were either under-prepared and rushing around, or came prepared, and then had to wait for everyone to be... it was unfocused time some found rough. Especially in the early days. But then Freyd addressed them both.

"I've heard many good things about you as well.  You spoke well at Ariel's meeting.  It seems that we share a common perspective on the coming battle - which is to say that none of us really know what to expect."

Freyd apparently also had some experience with Koga as they exchanged a few words about a waterfall. Interesting.

"You'll both be in the first group, then, I suppose?"

Baldur nodded in response to Freyd's question, then jumped back to something he had said earlier.

"I'm sorry you had to see me out of sorts like that. People always want to get distracted on useless tangents. Sometimes, cynically, it feels like they just want to hear the sound of their own voice, but then not everyone goes to these things enough to realize that we spent so much time arguing about possessions in the last fight and it wasn't even a thing. There's a place for conjecture and brainstorming, but it's after the important details are worked out."

Baldur then opened his mouth to include Koga in the conversation, when Hirru walked up at did just that. The gaijin samurai nodded, wanting to hear more of this story. Baldur gave a soft chuckle at the young man's explanation of his daredevil stunts. It was reassuring that he knew how to operate in a team.

"So, any tips for the new guy? Don't really think any of the field bosses are much of a match for whatever the hell we're about to face."

Baldur shook his head. No, there weren't any Field Bosses who were much of a match for floor bosses. They were a classification unto themselves.

"There's not really much out there to prepare you other than the labyrinth guardians. You're always welcome to come along on a scouting mission in the future as well." Baldur laughed slightly then knocked on Hirru's shoulder pauldron, "Though Hirru here is much more of a scout than I am. I'm usually the dead weight until we find the boss."

He glanced down at his old friend, then briefly over at Freyd, realizing that this wasn't his first boss fight. They had fought together before, but Baldur held the blush of embarrassment in.

"The biggest piece of advice is to stick together. We live or die in this together. Not that we've got to worry about dying to this floor boss, but by working as a party, we almost eliminate that as an option. If Shield ever utters the word run, you get that teleport crystal out and go. Don't wait for one more thing, just go. Barring that, keep your wits about you, hit the boss hard, don't get hit yourself. We win by making his hits hit points hit 0, and ours don't. I know that's an oversimplification, but that's what it boils down to. There will be bullshit that gets thrown in our way to try and obscure that, or make it harder, but that's just the window dressing of the fight. The real challenge comes in remembering to keep an eye on your parties health bars, and getting whatever obstacle is in our way, out of the way, so we can deal more damage to the boss. Sometimes that even means taking damage we could otherwise avoid, because ending the fight sooner is the better plan."

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A relaxed smile curled extra-high at the corners when Koga declared his penchant for trouble, mixed with confirmation that he had no intentions of endangering others in the coming battle.  The man meant every word, without doubt, but misfortune also tended to follow those who anchored themselves to such habits.  They could only hope that he'd fully shaken free of its influence and learned his lessons.  Otherwise, the players at his side would be the ones to suffer.  If he'd truly rewritten his decision-making algorithms, all the better.

"Agreed," he spoke, firmly reinforcing Baldur's point.  "Conjecture is all well and good, but it can't be assumed as fact, nor preparations made around it as absolute.  That's the sort of nonsense that will get people killed, and not usually the ones holding to the false assumptions."  Freyd was clearly unimpressed, possibly even frustrated, by the behavior which Baldur had referenced.  "It was why I chose to leave when I did.  Drawing out the conversation was only going to cause trouble."

"Speaking of which," he said, turning to Hirru, "you're not dead.  Can I assume that if hatchets were, indeed, buried, the rest chose not to place them in your back?"  Noticing the new gear, the Whisper rapped a knuckled on his resting helm, and added a taunt with a degree of jovial mocking: "Or did they perforate you so thoroughly that you finally went and got some new duds?"  

Keen appraiser's eyes surveyed the Jade Hunter's new outfit, taking into account all the little tells and details that gave hint to its function.  Freyd's choice of profession was no accident.  Every part of him was focused upon analyzing and deconstructing the world around him to help him achieve his goals.  It wasn't really all that different a practice than Baldur himself used when assessing a foe in the opening moves of a fight.

"Healer, now, huh?  Good.  Shield it going to want you at his back, as will the rest of your fellows.  I think it suits you."

Tuning back into the conversation between Koga and Baldur, he chimed in with two cents of his own.

"I've faced most of what Aincrad has to throw at us, yet somehow have yet to take on a Labyrinth guardian.  Maybe I just haven't been active long enough.  Taking on Sand's Claw solo seems a pretty good comparison to the level of danger we'll tackle inside.  If I'd tried to do the same against the Slime King, I'd probably be nothing more than pixels right now."

Reaching into his own shadow, sitting casually at his side, yet not quite matching his profile, Freyd pulled forth a handful of long sticks and a bag of white fluffiness.

"Baldur's right.  Trust your tank.  Listen to your tank.  And never hesitate if the order to retreat is given.  You may not get more than a breath to act before people die."  

Holding out his collected goods, he stuck one fluff ball on the end of one kept for himself and thrust it forth to hover over the flame around which they had gathered.

"Anyone else want to roast marshmallows?  We sell insurance at Freyd Edges, in case you burn them accidentally."

A grin steeped with a touch of unhinged madness crept over the odd man's features.  Nothing pleased him more than a little non-sequitur to throw off expectations.

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"Well, I don't take this too bad, but try not to run in front of the boss when the hate is being set?  Shield should be able to deal with the hate side, but don't go getting a fifth of your health reduced again."

Hirru had to remind the boy about the little thing that happened not to long ago, back when they were taking out the Wicked Wood for his consumable item.  Speaking of, where did he leave that thing?  He looked around in his inventory, however, the bloody things weren't there.  He must have forgotten them in his new room at Baldur's.  He sighed just as Baldur was setting him up for another scouting raid.  With what the healer had now, he was not going to be any good in a scout

"To be fair, as I am now, I won't be too good on the scouting path until I change back, or work on ways to integrate scouting into this build."

The healer nodded to Freyd when he mentioned the little meeting after the meeting.  He groaned at the lack of axes in his back only meant that he would have to go through more story time some time later.  NIGHT and Koga were the most recent ones that got to know it, but they both seemed to somewhat understand.  NIGHT more so than he thought.  How odd..  The healer rubbed the back of his green hair.

"Barely anyone came.  I had to find the only person that wanted to talk about it, and it wasn't even for the thing they stated they wanted to talk about.  I swear, I feel like I'm never going to live down that day."

He sighed while taking one of the sticks and a fluff ball.  What in the ever living world was the Whisper now giving him?  Marshmallows?  He would have to give it a try.  While placing the white fluff on the stick, he held it near the fire.  Was this how one was supposed to do it?  He couldn't say, as he had not done something like this.. at least.. not that he could remember.

"What was that about advice?  Well, I've already told you something not to do.  A more appropriate way of saying that would be:  Do not go off the beaten path.  If you try to work outside of orders given, especially how I did, it's just gonna be rougher on you and for all of us.  Keep together, and we'll be pushing through this boss in no time."

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"Barely anyone came.  I had to find the only person that wanted to talk about it, and it wasn't even for the thing they stated they wanted to talk about.  I swear, I feel like I'm never going to live down that day."

The flicker of firelight dancing across his features gave Freyd a veneer of warmth that often seemed lacking.  For this moment, at least, he wasn't the cold, distant, ceaselessly logical machine that churned through content like a fat kid through their collected Halloween treats.  

"Then you need to stop trying to live it down."  Still blunt, apparently.  "Seriously, if people are going to judge you for actions that go that far back, they're the ones with the issues, not you.  I've heard your side of the story, Hirru.  It took an exceptional quantity of intestinal fortitude for you to do what you did.  We're all going to need to kind of guts to get us through to the end, before this is all over."  Pulling back his rotisserie rod, he pulled a perfectly golden lump back from the flame, blue gaze flitting to both Koga and Baldur to gauge their reactions to his words.  The analytical engine between his ears couldn't ever be fully turned off, and he was curious to hear their thoughts on the matter.

"Also, it's a really weird thing, but it turns out that the fishing skill somehow influences your ability to perfectly roast marshmallow."  His face scrunched up a bit at the initial blast of internal heat caused by stuffing the entire goodie into his gob.  "Mmm.... so gwood.  Woo shood twy it."

@Koga @Baldur


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Koga listened as other spoke, making mental notes as best he could as he too took a marshmallow and began to slowly roast it over the fire, gently rotating it. Had to distribute the heat evenly.

"Hey now," Koga said as Hirru mentioned they're recent farming run against the Wicked Wood, "That second hit, not my fault. And besides there was no way that boss was gonna be able to get anymore than maybe one more shot on me before we took him down. I was fine." Koga smiled as he spoke, clearly not bothered by the friendly advice, "but yeah, I got it. Stand behind the big shield, can do, will do." Which is more than could be said for some people...seriously, the giant blue glowing rectangle? Yeah you stand behind that, not in front!

"Just keep your guts inside your body," Koga added, bouncing off what Cro had said. "The kinds of people here right now, if I know anything, they're far and few between. We can't afford to lose anyone, and besides," Koga took his marshmallow from the flames, toasted just right, "someone has gotta tank for me when we're pruning some branches."

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Hirru's words seemed to strike upon something within Freyd.  He was much more forward than he had been in the last few days that the hunter had known him, which.. actually didn't surprise the healer.  The cacophony of oddities that came off of Freyd at times, made the healer really consider his sanity.  However, it was times like this that made Hirru understand that these words are for his own good.  He was right, that if everyone was still having issues with the past, then it was their issue; not his own.  Although, it seemed that he was much more of the story teller than he had thought.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just putting too much thought into it.  It's about time I let it go too."

The healer said as he pulled back the rod to find a brown fluff ball with a slight black mark on the far side.  Hirru wondered if he had done it right or not.  He mirrored the actions of Freyd and Koga to take the mallow of the marsh off the stick.  Plopping it into his mouth, the taste was something odd.  Sweet, but with a hint of ash.  Hard, but sticky?  All in a hot package.  The urge to suppress himself was starting to climb, as a new experience was starting to show upon his face.  The surprise was evident.

"Huh, I guess fishing does do something, but I'm not that high ranked, so I can't say."

He would then turn to Koga.

"Don't worry too much.  We've got a large amount of us here, so we should be blazing through this.  I don't quite remember the last time we had four teams worth in a raid.  Usually, it has been only two or three teams.  How many did we have in the twenty fifth?"

@Koga @Freyd @Baldur

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"We had four teams for the 25th floor." Baldur chimed in after losing his thoughts to the dancing flames. He didn't partake of the marshmallows, but he did raise his hands to the fire to warm them from a cold he felt that was no present in the room. Image of the boss fight, of the PK attempts, the fallout and the meetings thereafter. He had lost people he thought were friends, betrayed by those close to his heart. They had managed to patch things up with Hirru, and his explanation made complete sense to Baldur. Had he been in Hirru's shoes, he may have made the same choice. The fallout had been devastating. The Frontlines were still being rebuilt because of the fallout of that floor. However, Baldur was hopeful that elements that had been cut off from the Front as it is now would help it grow into something better and healthier. So far, the Frontlines were finally shaping up into what he had always wanted them to be.

"Freyd is right Hirru. You know the people it is worth talking it out with, the others don't need justification. She will probably continue to bring it up every boss meeting, but there's nothing we can do about it. Best to just ignore her, she doesn't contribute anything to the meetings anyways."

Baldur suddenly gave a smirk and turned to look at Koga, "Why is it your fighting style seems to remind me of Cro." A little bit of mirth returned to the gaijin samurai's blue eyes. He reached into his inventory and pulled out one of the buffing foods he'd need for the boss fight and began to nibble on them.

"We had to stretch for four parties this time, but we had just a few more than 3 parties with those that showed up ready. I'll be curious to see how many return for the next round. We always seem to get a few new people each raid, and lose a few old ones and pick up some new ones for the next. If we can keep a good core group of consistent teams, it'll make planning and progression move much faster going forward. I'm a little worried about how blind we are going into this boss fight, but hopefully with a refreshed frontline, we can do some more scouting of the next floor and be solidly prepared."

Hey hadn't even started this floor boss fight, but already Baldur was planning for the next floor. They would see what the info brokers would turn up, and spend a little more time digging into them.

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  • 3 weeks later...

"To be perfectly honest," Freyd chimed in after swallowing his latest golden ball of gummy mouth balm, "I feel like a bit of a fraud pretending to spout some semblance of profound wisdom about these things."

Not the words one might expect to hear from the ominously clad warrior, but Freyd had a penchant for delving into the unexpected.  Pursing lips and a brief exhalation made it hard for his companions to read whether the pause signaled some difficulty in the admission or other underlying intent.  The truth was, typically, somewhere in between.  

"This is only my second raid," he admitted, his voice soft but steady - an odd mix of veteran apprehension.  Freyd's gaze focused on the flame, firelight reflecting in the steely blue-grey of his eyes.  Each man at his side had their own experiences and expectations for the coming conflict.  Tone confirmed that some part of him still shared the sorts of stresses and uncertainties that he assumed Koga must be facing. Hirru had historical hardships steeped in past actions and baggage in the form of doubts and expectations placed upon him by others, let alone those he inflicted on himself.  Baldur, though they'd had little personal interaction, was a known and respected quantity to many.  It also meant that he knew the risks and potential consequences that carried from what they were about to endure.

"In a strange way, we've all been drafted for a war that we never expected to fight.  Some opt out for any number of reasons, legitimate and otherwise."  Lifting his head, they saw the measure of his intensity.  Odd as his behaviour and perspective might sometimes be, none of them could doubt that Freyd was keenly aware of their circumstances. 

"Whatever concerns you may have about yourselves, or those fighting at your side, remember this: they are the ones who chose to be here.  You, chose to be here.  Whatever comes, once we engage, we can all rest assured that none of us were cowards."  A thumb wrapped in black leather jerked up and over his shoulder. 

"Same goes for everyone here.  Even the assholes in the bunch."  He chuckled, suddenly realizing that his words might have implied including some of his comrades in the declaration.  A hand waved through the hazy smoke wafting from their fire to dismiss the gaff.  "I only meant to include myself, by the way." Surveying the others milling about around them, most were familiar to greater or lesser degrees.  Guildmates from Firm Anima were fielding a strong presence, swelling his pride as much as his concerns.

"They've come to place themselves on the knife's edge, for all of our sakes.  We all have our own reasons why.  Mine is simple enough: to ensure that whatever must be done gets done, whatever that may be, and to push us forward to the exit."  A forceful prod of the simmering embers trapped between them emphasized the harshness behind his words.  "There's nothing noble behind that sentiment," he added. "I'm an ends justified the means type of person, and my goal is to get everyone out, whatever that may entail.  But I am curious: what made each of you choose to put your necks on this particular line?  What's keeping you going, after all this time?"

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Koga slowly nibbled around his marshmallow as the veterans each spoke, the well-toasted skin peeling off to reveal the nearly gelatinous, gooey insides. After a point, it was much too sweet for the man, and although he made the effort to actually finish the snack, the look of pleasure had long passed by the time he was done.

For some reason, Koga wasn't quite surprised that Freyd was the one to ask the question that Koga found most disconcerting. Why was he putting his neck on the line? What's kept him going? He was even more surprised to find that he was the first to respond. "Easy," he replied, the rapid tapping of his foot returning in full force, shaking the stump he was sitting on. "I wanna stick it to whoever made this fucking game." Flames flickered in Koga's eyes as he stared into the warm light. "We've all lost people we cared about in here. I want to flip a big ol' bird at the guy and say, 'fuck you man, we made it.'"

Tsuki, Hikaru, all those he started the game with who were dead, missing, or otherwise wiped off the face of the earth. He wanted revenge. It was as simple as that. Selfishness.

But, Koga sighed anyways. "Honestly though, that's just a part of it," the man admitted. "I think...for once in my life, I feel like I have a purpose. That there's a reason for being." Koga put his hands together, interlacing his fingers as he leaned forward, elbows resting on knees. "And I will do everything it takes to see it through. Even if that mean's my life. I don't know what's gonna happen to us once we're out, but at least for now, I know what I have to do." It was still a selfish reason. Koga wasn't above admitting that, but it was the only reason he had. This world, this singular goal was the only thing in his life that had ever been clear in the slightest, and he was desperately holding onto that.

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"A war, huh.."

The word was fairly familiar to the hunter, as he remembered quite a few floors that had residents fighting each other, in these so called 'wars'.  The treants and the wood elves of the third floor, or at least they were on the third floor.  The dark elves of the twenty third floor had seemingly been at war with the wood elves of that floor, which turned into the catastrophe that the players saw.  There was so much that he had to relearn, as the issue of the 25th floor made things slightly different everywhere.  Hirru had to reevaluate the lore of each floor again.  He sighed.  So much work for a hunter that doesn't have his skills anymore.

Hirru looked to the stick and then to the fire.  It's flames seemed to lick at the air, with the occasional crack and sputter from when Freyd poked at it.  He would ask for another of those fluff mallows, or whatever they were called.  He needed to keep his mind away from..


Ẅ̶͕̫́̎̾͒̒̒̚͘͝͝h̷̹̱̩̘͆̓͒̍̋̈́̎͛͠ä̸̙͇̤̺́̈́̉̓͘͝t̵̛̞̙̼͓͕̞̳̉̈̀̑̐̎͐ͅͅ ̸̘̟͗̐̊̈d̸̢̰͑̐̆̐́͆̽̚̚͝͝͠o̷̖̹͙͚̙̖͔̣̗̹̮͎̰̙͒̿̈͝ ̶̛̤̈́̏̎͗̊̀̀̿̑̀̃̌̕͝y̸̲̥͎͇̗̬̯͗̓̐̉̊̿̿̈́̓̏o̴̩͉̲̮̘͉̤̣̺̩͇̹̪̎̿̉̇̃̌̎̆͆͆̂̕̕ụ̴̦̤̝́̀͌̊̾͐͘̕ ̴͔̈͑̃̽͆̐̈́̽̆̇͗̎̌r̴͖̺̖̤̗͔̫͓̟͉̫̬̝͊̎̿̽͒̐͗͘͝͠e̸̛͎̟͈̪̗̟̯̰m̸͈̗̙͕͒̈́̐͗͂̚e̷̳̫̼̩̻͕̲͙͙̞̤̝̬͛̒͐͂͆͂̓̿̄̀̊͘̚͠m̵̡̘͈̐̌̏̌̃̑͑͌͝͠͠b̸̡̳̖̰̰̹̥̯͕̒e̶̲̤̰͘r̴͙͠ͅ?̴̨͙͈͈͉̣͖̗̞͙͕̠̱͛
̷̭̖̘͖̟̭̘̮͍̱͕̎̏͑͊̎̿̇̄́̍̎̍͘̕̚̚I̸̢͖͕̬̜͚͇̤͕̪͙̩̟̦͊̈́͘͜ͅ ̸̢̞̪̗͐̑͛̑́̎͑̈́d̴̫̗̰͇̼͔͌͌̈́̇̌͛͌̾̍́̏̓̋͌̂ȏ̸͇͙̙̦͓̭̰̉̀̂̍̊̒̊̽͂͝ͅǹ̷̈̇̋̋̓͒̉͑̄͝͝͝͠ͅ'̶̢̛̥̘̠̙͍̜͉̳͙̣̠̤̔̂̔̈́̒̽̋̈͑͆͑̇͜͝͝͝ͅt̴͉̹̠̞͔̩͙̞̮̲̍͂͒̒͂́͂̄ ̸͖̦̑̔͛́̓̀ķ̷̛͓̬̤͓̗͈̗̺͔̈́́͋̊̊͊͌̈́͒͘͘͜͝n̵̡̳̟̦̱̞̤̻̤̬̺̲̒̃̈͐͋͋͂̓͑́̌͝ŏ̸̢̜͉̻̟̘̌͑̈͑w̴̡̡̩̠͓̰̻͇̲̤̜͓͌̓̒́̍͌͊̎̊͋͐ͅ.̷̲͙̦̝͉̫̘̬̹̲͚͎̌̄͊̍̈́̋̆̌̀͐̕ͅ ̸͍̩̮͕̹͛͑́̿́̏̂̀͆̓̾̍͛̍͗̕͜ ̵̛͇̖͔͉̰̳͎̞̺̬̩̥̑̏̀̄̄͝Ṱ̸̬̀͒̽̈́̂h̴̡͈̱̞͉̪̜͘ͅe̴̢̢̠͓̮̳̱̱͚̳̼͇̒̂̉̾͋̀͆̏͝r̶̜̮̞͖̍̎̍̈́̊̍͘͘e̶̮̼̘̦̿̑̋͛ ̵̧͍̬͇̯̲̝͍̰͍͙͎̘̼͂͂̑́͠į̷̖̥͚̥̦͈̮̺̲̺̓̊̾̋̊̒͛͂̍̌̃š̶͔̤͙͈̣͈̮͓̪̥̬̟̣͈̉ ̶̢̲̣̯̼̰̪̳̼̹̫̺̇̄͆̋t̸̢͙͕̥̣̲̙͚̭̞̼̫̼̩̘̉̃͐̓́̂̈͆̋̄̓̓͑̎w̶̻̍͛̿͠i̶̩̪̺͆̈́̓̽͑͛̋̾̂͐̆̄́̕̕n̸͓͔̼͙̿͛͗̌͗͌ͅg̷̤̳̪̠̪̬̒̽̀͆̔é̷̢̯̬͗̃͒̂͐ ̷̝̘̫̳̮̗͕͕̦̼̗̏̊̏̊̿̆͛͒̔͐͗̈́̾͝o̶̹̹̐̑͒̂̾͝͝f̵͎͕̺͇̜͎̱̃͊̋ ̷̢̮̥̤̮̝̠͕͍̰̺̝̓̄̊̽p̸̧̡̠̳͕̙̦̦͖̼͂̓̌̐͛̅̅̀̿â̵̢͓̳̰͓͚̹̲̘͎̠̓͌̇͆̅̂͂̿͝ị̸̧̞͙̠̗̹̾̋̈́̇̀̆̏̀̋̾͊̕͠ͅn̵̗̲̙͇̗̼͉͙̎ ̶̢̛̩̺̲̰͔͋̒̐̈́͒̍͂̈́̾̔̎̿̾̆͠ͅͅw̵̤̝̠͈͓̣͖̬̠̬̠̺̉͊̀̉͗͐͋̆͐̄͐̃͐͊̔͜ͅh̸͖̤̺̤̯̦̰̎̀̈̍̑͝ë̶̡̢̧̝̥́̓̀͑́̏̃̈́͆̂̎́̾̅͘ń̷̡̡̟̰̖͍̤͈͎̠͎̞̗͔͈̱̈́̄͒̃͘ ̵̨̡̨̛̰̜̬͚̥͙̘̖̥̙̪́̅̇͂̅̈͋̈́͑͐͘Ḭ̸̼̠͗̐̔̎̑ ̵̟̞̝̞̜̳̩̝͕̮̾͆͜ţ̶̦͈͎̲͚̝̲̬̍ͅͅr̶̛̯̊̓͊̈́͐̓̒̽̈͊̈̽̿̿͜͠ẙ̷̢̤̙̲̫̬̙̯̯̔͆̊̎̾͗̂̀ ̶͈̮̠͎̼̻̌̾͑̔̃̉͌ͅt̶͉͙̻̪̹̘̬̻͊͗͌̐͑͛̉͑͘͜ơ̷̞͉̜̥͓̝̩̺̣̱̤̦͚̙̙̿́͛̎̐̈́̊͑̄̑̅̍̕ͅ ̸̟̠͒̔́̎̆̓̉ŗ̴̧̨̪̗͉̹̖̪͔̻̱̥͓̳͉̎ę̶̨̱̳̤̠̤̱̘̤̖̟̐͊̊̎̔̄̐̋̓̃́̍̚̕̕̚͜c̷̨̡̡̛̞͈̩̳̙͔̜͈͓̈͐͛̏̅̋ą̴̪̯̇̒̈͋̊́̉̐̆̊̅̽͘̕̚l̶͔̲̬͚̱̖͕̥̼̣̹͕̲̈̒̌̿̀͒͒̕̕͘͝͠l̶̡̛͓̦̾͛͑͝.̶͇̬͔͔̦̬̲͙͎̳̞͉̆̆͗̄͗̆͆͆̎̄͂̿̃͝ ̷̬͔̪̼̥̱̫͍̫̞͕̋̂̑̋̈́͛̊̒͐͝͠ ̷̲̃̀̀̑̌̅̽́̐̈́̎̓͠͝S̶̛͇͓̣̪̗̝̺̥̠̓͌̏̍̂̋̃̀̒̒̚͘͜ò̸̢̰̜̲̼̗͎͚̫̜͇̖̿͂̀͛̽̓̏͘ ̷̢̬̱̘̜̩̩̤̬̹̠̂͋̓f̵̞̐̐a̸͎͎̯̘̩̬̘̮̠̞͈͖͇͈̗͆̂̽̽͊̾̚̚ͅr̵̨̡̛͍̥̞̝̜̊͑̏̓̂͗̀̓͜ͅ,̵̢̺̩̞̫̳̞̥͋̿̀̄̔̉͘͘͘ ̸̨̡̡̹̤̹̞͖͈̜̹͔̠͐̎̏̔̽̅̓̌̉̊̉̚̚͠Į̶͚̩̳̣̗̺̠̬̦͈̘̤̊̔̇̋͑̐͗͘ ̶̨̬̭͈̟͈̌̌͐̾̄͛̋̚͜ͅd̸͓̤̻̱̳̥͓͓͎̑͆̋͜o̵̻̳̪̣̜͔͚͕͍͉̎̆̋̈̀̽̔̈́͋́̚̕͠͝͝͝n̵̨̨̛̲̙̫̻̭͕͙͎͖̩̺̹̒́̂̇́̋̀̌̎̾́͐̈͘'̵̡̣̗́̎͘t̸̡̨̛̛͙̙̮̱̟̲̻̱̲͖̠̘̜̊͑͌͑̈̈̍̅̅̎̓́͗̆ ̶̬̟͙̯̪̮̘͚̳͕͑̑̂̓͘͜r̵̬̺̱̺͖̝̠͖̫̟͌̐͌̏̂̕͜͝ĕ̵͚̮͎̪͕͚͍̓̏̐͒̏̚m̶̹̦̣̯̪̥͂́̿̀͒̂̌͋͑̒̆͗̕̚͠ͅe̵̢̱̼̹͉̳̳̰̫̊̈́̓̋̋͝m̸̳͌͂̈̓̋͆̑̀̓͘b̴̢̦̖̝̻̱͈̤͖̾̂̃͛͆̓̐́́̀e̴̥̊̉̉́́͗̆̈̀́̐̽̓͑̚̕r̶̜̃̀̓̓̽͂̂͂̔ ̵̝͙͙͓̭̌̀̍̈͒̚͘̕t̶̛̛͎̥̬̦̫͍̆̀̏͘͜ó̷̟̳̟͊̋̊̉͋͋̕̕͜͝͝ọ̵̧͖̟͖͔̲̮͗̑̉͊̍͌͌̂̅̿͒̚̚̕ ̵̡͎̺̰͈̙͈̘̠̑͋̓̊̎̍̀̾͋̚̕m̶̖̟͎̂́͆͌u̸̙̩̝̖̲͇͇͋͌̈́͘ç̶̱͍͑́͐͐̽͗̎̃͒̄̀͑̓̚̚h̶͖̒̾͆̋͆͛͝͝.̸̢̨̠̰̳̲͖̼͍̋̏́͂̎ͅ
̵̡̡̣̲̼̲̓͊̿̄P̸̢̣͎͎̙̖͙̞̫̭̦̲͛͊̌̐͂͑͊a̵̧̻͚͍̺̻̪͈̟͆̍̊͜i̵̢̧̟͓̼͔̬͙̻̿͛͜͜n̴̡̮͚̞̥̼̱͙̤̱̱̟̯̪̺͐͑?̴̧̥̠̳̝̫̠̼͎̋̐̀̑͑͜ ̶̧͇͌́́͛̅͠ ̷̨̥̙̝̗̭͉͉̣̥̫̦̤͐̌͗͌̇͒̋̈́̀͜͝T̶̨̩̹̻̗͈̠͔͉̒̓̎̐̂̍̂̏̂̔͑̚͠͝ͅḩ̶̜̰͇͓̼̙͓̰̰͊͌͑̾͋̽̒̎̿͛͝͝͝a̴̡̰̪̗̙̘͛̈́͑̓̍̍̎ť̶̛͉̦͍̺͎̬͍͎̮̘̦̀́́̾͂̓͝ ̷̗̟̭̓̆͊̈̚͝s̸̭͉̣̍̓̽͛͂͒̒͋̿̓̉͝ͅh̴̯̟͍̞̙̥͇͇̪̥͎̝͖̐̈͗̽͛̉̀͌̋̽͠ò̶̡̧͓̻̘̪͍͕͍̩̭̫̺͈͍̈́̉̊̑̉̑̂̽̂̊̕ư̶͈̭̦̪̞̞͔͚͎̪̙̜͎̩͓̜̓ļ̶̣̳͙̳̻̩̖͓͕̆̌̑̔̾͝ͅd̷̛̠̥̻̦͚̤͎̯͚͊͗̀̇̽̍͆́̅̈́͛͒ǹ̷̡̥̫̇̚ͅ'̸̨͑̐̈́̌̂́͛̍͊͛́ṭ̷̛̳͈̻̗̞͓̺͈͎̌̂̐̑́̇͠ͅ ̴̮̝͇̟̻̭̃͑̈̆̿̈̈́̄̇́́͂̐̒͊͝b̶̛͔̉̿̊̈́̏̇͌̇͆̈́́͝ë̴͕̤̥̩̬̥̰̥̌̔̎̈́̇̋̈́̓͋̀̔͘̕͜ ̵͖́̾͑͆̋̾̍̀̐̾͋͗̒͆͑ḩ̸̧̪͕̖̥̫̻̟̩̞͙̫̤͑͐͒ͅa̴̺̹͍͇̮̦̎̈́̇͗͒͐̎̂́̐͊̕͘͠͝͝ͅp̷̨͎̳̯̖͎͍̤̘̤̳̀͊́͂͊̀̑̽̕͠p̶̨̡̡̗͓̖̰̖̠͍̔̒́̌̌̅̂̉̋͐̓̓̔͘͜ȩ̶͉̩͉͕̓̈̓̐̐͒̈́̃́̏̌͑̌̍͘͜n̷̢̝͈͓͇̝̥̜̗̒̋̂̆̀̽̆͐͘i̵̳͕͇͎̺̰̤͎͙͈̻̱̘͚̳̿̌͊̓͛͋̏͛̏̊̋̓̕͝ͅn̶͖̖̝̓̇̌̀̊͋̋̈́̽́̅̿̚g̴̛̺̮̬̦͓͚̺̼̞̤̜̖̺̫̳͒͂̔͋͂̈́͑̌̕̚͠͝ͅ.̶̧̛̛̛̯̠̂͆͂̒̒̓ ̶̢̹̞̤̫̿̐̈́̈̀͘ͅ ̷̢̣͆̅̑̆̅̀͌̾͌̉̀͝͝T̸̨̮̰̖̹͉̦̘̠̞̥̖͒̈̍̄̀̽̅͋̈́̒͆̔̓h̶͙̻͖͕̝̣̑̾̂̿͗̉͋̈͘͜ͅe̷̢̛̥̼̫̳̠̤̟̥̤̠͈̱̦͌́̓̀̅́̄͗̈́̀̈̕ ̶̯̤̀͂̎̌̑̀̈́̀̐̃͌̏g̶̡̧̢̛̼̟̝̞͎̫͙̙͔̫͋̈́̀̑͋̆̒́̈́̏͑͋͆̕͝ã̶̢̬̫̞̦̪͗̈́̀̄̒͂̈́̕͝m̶̢̨̖̠͇͕̩̣̺͇̠͑́̏͆̇̒͝͠ͅe̵̛̼̝̻͙̯͛̈̆͆̀͊̓̓͑̏͋͝ ̴̞̪͗̅͐́͂̏̓͌̓͘̚d̷̳̼̙̱̫̞̮͚̯̟͉͌̅͒͑̈̒͂͠͠ͅo̸̱̞̦̼̙̰̳̟͉̞̥͎͆͊͊̓͌͋̚͠͝ę̵̨̛̜͍͉̥͉̪̥̼̪̯̬̼͍͌͐͛̓̅̿̅͆͒̊́̂͊̍̚ş̵̡̦͈̞̞̘̭̭̥̙̠͖̀͂̅͛̈́̾̈́͘ņ̶̨͓̜̩͇̖̣̭̺̱̗̮̋͒͂́͋̾̈́̒̓̑͒͝ͅ'̴̹̻̞̦̦̹̥̞̤͕͙̦̻͙̤̄̅́̈́̾̋́t̵̢̧̝͙̜̞̠͍͓̺͓͓̖̥̽̒̈́͗̂͝͠ͅ ̷̧̹̯͚͔̙̙̱̩̬͈̀̑͐g̷̲͙͕̗̐̎̿͑͌̕ḯ̵̭̙͉͉̭̩̭̯͔̠̦v̶̯̈́̄̐̎̐͛e̸̮̪̹͔̖̟̖̘͚̅̄̇̽̀̀ ̶̡͖͕̣̟̫̗̫͔̗̀̍͐̾͝ú̷̢̯͎̲͍̌̾͊̾͂̑̐̃̚͘̕͠s̶̺͗̊̐̒͌ ̶̳̃̒̈͗͊̑͂͂̽͊̃͋͐̇̋̚p̶̱̠̌̆̽̊̈̌͘a̸̧̧̯̟͈̞̲̭̙̦͕̝͍͓̔ͅi̶̥̘̤̟̬͈̲̻͚͇̾̉̄͛̈́̀͋͘͝͝n̴̡̫͖̠͈̝̯̽͐̃.̷̢̹̭̝̬̤̺̫͙̱͉̥̞̖̤̿̾̈́̂
̵̡̘̩̘̈́̈́̔͛T̵͚̆̕h̶̭̖̮̃́̎͒͝͠i̷̛͇͍̰̬̬͚̾̆͊̆͊̇͘͝s̵̨̫̳̫̘̱̳͚̮͔͌̄̾̊͌́̋̊̑̌́̈́͝͝ ̶̨̖̺̰͎̥͈̜̯͇͕̗̙͂̏ͅi̸͙̺̙̗̞̜̖̪̼͎̳̣̝̰̋̎̽̆̈̈̋̀͑́̑̅̿͜͝ͅs̴̯̤͒̌̆̃͝n̷͎͚̗͙͇͓̖͝'̵̼́̒́͌̇͂̃̍̓́̆͌͑̕̚͠t̸̼̙̜̘̠̑͗̕͜ ̷͖͕̘̱͂́̐̎́̇̂̇̈͘̕͝͝f̵̪͓̙͚̙͍̞̫͕̺̬̓̆̈́͊͘r̸͔̝̳͙͕̲̦̯̘͕̺̈́̊̓̊͝o̵̡̧̢͚̜̲̭̹͑͊̐̉̉̌̈́͛̇m̶͍̞̤͓͖͇̺͙̑̀̀̈͌̈́̽́̀̀̀͑́̈̚͝ ̴̡̘̘͙͉̪̪̠́͌̀͒͝t̴̡̧̠̲̖̭̓̀́̾͋͒͘ḩ̴̛͙̘̙̖̟̯̻̭̥̬̠̻̼ę̷̧̞͔̻̯̙̰̓̓͑ ̶͎͚̘͚̉̃̔̄̋̊̄̾̇̑̔͝g̸̡͔̠̩̗̥̬̝͉̯̜̩̘̪͋̈́̐́̃̈̕͜ͅa̵̧̛̜̟͕͑̑͋͌͑̊͆̀m̴̧̛̛̝͚̫̥̻̮̜̾̒̑̐̒͒̀̅̈̑̅̌̚e̶̱̜͍̟̗͔͊̿͌̈̐̆̚͠͠,̸̜̭̊͋̊̽̌̐̈́́̇̑͂͠ ̶̡̡̬̭̥̓̽̀͑̓̍̒̈̚͜ͅͅỉ̶̧̛̛͕͈͍̬̠̖̰̀̋̋̈́̇́͊̿͆̊̕s̶̘͑̋̚ ̵̭͚̥͓̞̗̤͎̠̻͉̤̫̗́̈́̃̋̇̐̀͒̑͊ͅͅi̵̝̻̻͙̜̪̰̝͓͙̒̊̉̃́̄͗̿̾̈́̓̈̾̊̄͠t̵̝̫̬̐̌̃̀̆̀̀̆͊͝.̷̡̨̻̫̩̩̬̘̠̼̺͇̮̈́̓͋͂̎̿́͑͝ ̴̭̲̱̫̥͇̯̲͛̐͐͊͜͝ ̶̣̮̻̱̤̗͛̈́̊̊́̉̌͐̋̅͝͠ͅI̵̡͎̩͙͋̂͒̀̚͠ẗ̶̫̼̫̖͕̣͍̘͈́̈́̽̒͊̂͑͊́͒̎̇͌́̏͝'̴͎͈͓̩̦̹̌̉͐̈́͛͛͊̾̒͐͒̋̆̍s̴̨̧̺̘͈͈̩̤̝̺͔͌͜ ̴̢̲̭̖͎̹̺̳̾͆̂̇̄̓͑͛̔̓͠͝f̵̨͕͉̟̘͖͓͉̓̀̈́̆́̍̈́̀̇͜͠͝͠r̷̡̩̩̗̜͖̞̥͆́̃͊͋o̵̝͎̩̖̤̪͍̱͍͓̲̭̠̅́̑̀̄̔̀̈́͜m̷̨̛͎̼̗͎̓̌̐̐̕̕͜ͅ ̷̤̾̎͗͊̀͑͂̀̓̍͊̈͝t̷̢̤̹̩̖̳̹͚̼̞͌̈́̿̑̐͆́͝ͅh̷̭̞̰̦̠̙̞͙̽̈́͌͗̑̌̂̃͂̂̈́̐e̵͖̞͗̊̏m̶̡̗̞̜͖̺͕͕͈͚̘̆͗̐̂̓̚ͅͅs̵͖̞̳̽͗͌̉͗̽̈́̄̅͒̈͑̕͜͝ȩ̵̗͙͍̰́̏̽̐̀̾̓͐̐̅̚͝l̷̜̱͇̦̝̻̟̣̺̑̋̓́͘v̶͉͔̯̯̻̦̠̰͚̺͖̮͗̿̍͗̽̍̃̓̕̕͘͠ͅę̶̛̟̺͚͎̹̺̗̽̇̍͊͗̀̑̔̆̊͆͐͌̀͝š̴̞̟̣͔̆̈́.̸̧̢̨̝̙̳̤̫̳̂͗̒͗̈̎̍͜ ̵̢͕͎̟̩̲̻̪̭̤̭̺̠͐͂̇͂͐̅͛͠ ̶͙̹͓̥̠̥̥̩̙̬̖͇̻̬͑͊̀͂͐̕͠S̸̗̝̭͙̗̖͎̃̓͗͆̽̅̑͝o̶̩̯͉̦͚̲̳̽͛̏̃̈́̂́̀̄̕m̷̛̠͎͗͊͗̄̽̀̇̾͐͂̊e̴͎̗̹͕̰͙͔̟̋̎̌ẗ̷̼̟̮́̃̾̚h̷̡̙̭̪̞̹̲͕̬̹̊̒͂̎̋̊̂̚i̵̛̬̘̣̫͕̝͓͔̰̟̽͒̔́̆̏̑̿͘̕͘n̵͇̲̙̞͙̬̾͋͜g̶̡̛͈̥̭̪̠͖͚̬͇̖̏̽̒̓̄̐̂̽̋͊̊̃̚͝͝ͅ ̴̢̨͈͍͚̹͚̤͎͙̓͗i̶̝͇̠̝̥͈̠͋̀̉͆̂̈́̅͒͋̾s̸̡̼̺̘̒͠͠ ̶̨͎̩̪͂ͅb̶̢̡̻̰̲̮͕̦̭̟̙̀̅́̓̋̄̈́͐̒̋̔͛̌͆͘͜͠l̶̯̣̮̅̽́̃͋̀̅͝ò̶̯͕̲͙̻͎̾͌̓̄̽̉̇̓́c̸̛̻̪͎͔̍̍͑̇̌̓̂̈͂͝k̸̡̼͇̞̟̊͊͒̓̽̓̏̎̑̐͜͝ͅͅȉ̶̡̨̛̺͇͚̦̗̫͙͎͔͖͉̃̈́̌̅̑̿̃̕n̷̮̠̻͈̜͔͈̘͈͇̲̭̺̲̬͛̑̃͛͛̇͊̽̈́̇͘̚ḡ̷͉̩ ̶̪͓̖̘͖̭̱̤̳̺̜̦̰̰̠̳͌ā̵̢̛̛̦̱̈́̿̓̈̔̚̕͘ ̷̨̛̘̤̰̻̪́̈͐̀̋̏̃̋̓̏̀̎͋̒͝ș̴̭͇̾̿̐̾̚͠͠e̸̳̎̂̓̑̾̇͊͆͛̆͑́̿͘͝r̴̢̢̟͍̥͔̼̗̝͙̼͂̐̋͜ḯ̷̯̽̈ě̷̛̜͍̈̌͐͋͒̔̊͛̿̉̃̅̕s̶̘̮̤̲̋͒̀́͊̂̿̈́̆̕͘ ̶̙͇̗̤̤̯̜̭͈̯̺͚̑͗͘ͅȏ̶̧̡͉͉̞͇̟̜̗̱̩̤̗͌̋̂̐͑̈̄̐̄͂̔̽̊͘͘͜f̸̡̥̙̜̪͕͉̥̞͔̟͓̻̖͚̄̉̋̏͗̄̾͂̈́̀ͅ ̷̟̄̔͋̒̐̽͌͋̈́́̾̽̕͝͝ṃ̷̪̝͖͔͌̏̈́̉̑̂̇̇́ẹ̸̹̥̱̹̳̫̯̮̘̳̯̾̎͐̈̈͒̑̚͜m̵͈͙͎̦̘̲̼͇̩̫̥̮̓̆͐̒͆͌̔̍̑͜͝͝͝o̵̢̢̹̞̠̞͕͉͙͚̥̥̜̭̩͋͊̎̌̔͗̅̌̌̍̈́̚͠͝r̶̨͉̫̼͚̔i̴̧̧̛̫̥̟̭̩̹̦͚͎̲̭͊͗͘ē̷̢̧̪͚̯͉̺̥̪̫͖̥͉̐̃̉̾̕s̷̡̨͓̺̤͖̫̜̺̀̈̀͝͝ ̶̜̣̹̞̹̗͕̩̩̹̞̝̱̈́̀̉̃͐͜͜f̸͚̱̟̰̞̺̀̋̑́̈͠r̷̡̠̗͓̖̞̺̘̜͚̩̠̬̓̿̊̀͜͜ͅȯ̷͕̜̘̗̮̱̖̪͋̿̈̀͛̓̃̐͋̿͗̓̕̚͘m̴̙̮̊͌̍̐̽̈́̀̕ ̸̡̧̝͉̣̯̩̰̭̈́͗̈́̐̉ẖ̶̨̖͖̳̎̏̈̿͊̄̍̆̿́̃̑͋̚͠í̷̳̫̰͓̜̦̼͖̣̩̹͙̖̮̀̒̈́̊̒̓̈́̕͠͠m̷̡̧̛̬̭̼͇̤͔͋̅͛͛̅͂̾́̊̍͋̀̄̒.̷̡̱͎̜͍͇͙̼͖̯̘̫̰͇͇͒̔͊̓͂̀́̀͗̈́͛͂̕͘ ̵̳̪̤͇̱̬̟̪̘̱̟̗͕̣̈̇̔͂̈̽̚͘͘͜͜ ̴̢̡͈̪̙̘͔͖͇̱̓̉̒́͗́̈̀͌̇̕T̷̡̳͚̠̱̺͎͍̜́̅͆̂͝ḧ̷̤͚͎́̆͛̆̈́̒̊̋̈́͠i̷̡̬͖͔̩̳̗̩̬̗͖̞̻͐̍̀̾̾͋͘͜͠ͅs̴̢̛͍͙̪͚̫̽̉̊̃̾̇͊͋͐͂͗́ ̷̧̫͓̖̩̗͎̏̍̐͘c̷̡̨̡̢̹͈̲͕͓̙͉̿̋̔̊̐̋̈́͘͜ͅa̵̟̗͍̗͔͚̭̲̦̩͗̒̇ņ̸̡̠͎̮͍̠̟͕̭̂̿̄̊̍ ̶͙̲̤̎h̶̨̝̱͉̣̞̺̺̖͇̘̳̜͔̊̈̃̔a̴̧̛̳͚̰̍̍̉̏̇̔̾͂͝p̶͈͙͎͉͙̳̎̎̿̈͘͝ͅp̶̠̖͈̣͖͉͍̗͑̀̾̑͌̈́̈e̶̩̽͗́̓̓̈̒̈́͋͌̾̂͂n̷͍̠̳͚̞͇̼̥͚̪͛͊͒̈̀̑̈͌̾͛̏̐͘̚ ̶̢̪̼̳͓̱̮̻̞̱̊̿̿̈̄͛̓ǎ̵̡̮̹̻̘̮̥͓̜̂̃̆̔͊́̍͑̕f̶̗̠͓̥̰̘̩̠̪̠͓͋͆̊̕͝t̶̛̗̦̹̽͆̾͛̈́̉͛́͒͂̕̕͝͝e̷̻̺̰̳͈̗̗͆̈́̂́̚͠r̶̥̺̩̳̟̬̭̲͉̮̣̒̓̆͐̕ ̴̢̨̧̭̫̲̞͉̫͉͐̔͒͛͑̈͗̈́͐̊̓̚͠͝͝v̵̧̧͈͎̔̽̆̾͌̄̂͊͝ͅȩ̷̢̧̧͙̙͔̤̰̹̟͓͐̊̽͌̌r̷̢̭̺̰̄y̶̡̢̡̛̫̭̠̹̆̅͛̑̉̉̃̀͊̈́̌̔͆̚ ̸͖̬̬̲͚͖̤̦̱̯͚̐̉̈́̂͐̂͆͒̕̕͜t̵̠͉̖͙̓̓̍̌̌̃͂̾̚̚͜͠͝ŗ̵̥̲̘̜̱̠̬̭̻͕͊̐͂̿̚á̵̧̡̛͉͈̠̥̝̝̮̺͔̺̥̰͂̉̀͑͒͆̾̈̊̌͗̈́̕̚ͅṵ̶͉̤̟̟̞̠̙̦̻̈́̈́̈͆̅̑̐͊̊̋ͅm̴̨̤̻͙͎͚̠͓̩̜̬͔̙̈́̈̈͗͑̕a̸̛̹̙̥̯͎̤̹̹̣̘͈̐͌͌̓̈̊̃̄͗͐͊̕͠ͅͅt̷̛̛͎̰͕̜͍̼̅̉͂̒̈̃̌͊͋̽̈́́̒̕i̷̧͙͓͔̩͔̯̝̦̝̪̍͒̈́͊̓c̷̠̘͙̪̤͖͐͂͌͛̇̕͝ ̸͚̙̪̥̗̰̞͈̺̞̅͒̿̉̏͛ͅế̷̛̛̲̩͔͖̜̩͊͆̆̽̊͋̋́̑̿͒͘͜v̶̧̧̤̹͚̯̼͍͙̤͇͇̮̩̼͇̋͛̓̔͝e̶̥̗̰̠̩̘̐̄͂̆̂̑̽̚n̶̡̞̹̲͆͐̈́̋͊͑́͒̌͐̋̕͠͝t̷̢̗̄̊̃̓̇̈̏̅̈́̀͒̔̕͝͝ş̸̢̦͚͖͈͙͔̦̟͔̍̍̐͘͝ ̴̢̱̲̤͍̺̗̣̙̲̩̪͓̓̎̂͛͘t̴̗̀̈́͊͝͝r̷̨̩̺͔̹̫̮͊͂͂̀͑̍a̸̧͉̤͓̲̖̼͎͕̠̹̺̠̲̽͌̒͐̍̚͝ņ̴̠͍̱̜̙̫͇̦͈̫̗̬̯̓̄̆͂́ͅs̷̢̨̳̣͎͔̤̳͍̠̳͖̗̻̆͆̂̾̍́̾̈́͗͊͜͠ṕ̵̡͕̱̱̜̘̭͚̌i̵͎̱͒͛̆̿ͅr̷̢̬̝̟̰͉͈͈̘̗̫̫̣̝͙̾̽͐̔e̸͕̙̗̓͒͜,̷̗̩̭͙͙͎͆̓̈́͐͌́̓ ̸͙͙͑̌̄̔̾̀̀̓͆͊͌̆̿͊w̴͉͔̭̲̒̏̒͒͘ͅh̴̤̫͉͌ͅi̵̡̘͕̺͎̦̼͍̼̯͌͂͌̑̈̅͝͝ͅç̵̱͔̯̲͎̐͒͑̽̕h̴̡͓̺̝̥̞̪̎̓̊̓̓̈́̈́͐̆͂̄̉̓̋ ̶͈̦̤̫͔͍̠̗̰̓̌̐͜t̷͉̪̮͚̣̗̦̳͇̬̞̙͓̠̍́͊͜h̵̼͇̝̱͕͋̉̉̋̓͊͋͗͛͗̇̈́̀̓́͋͜ͅẹ̶̢̡̣̝́͗͠͠ ̶̡̧̛͇͈͙̀̉̏̊̔̽̎̂̒͗̓̈́͘͠͝m̸̢̱̩͇͌͛̃́̐̈́̑̅ȋ̴̗̲̰̖̺̤̝͇͆̈́̓̅̋͜͝n̸̢̗̖̬̠̅̃͂̔̈͑̐̽͂̅͑̒d̵̛̜͍̰̜͐̌͆͠ ̴̟͒̉̈̌̿̈́͆̌̃w̷͖͆i̷̡̨̡̜̲̦̳̱̤̗̥̗̹̖͖̇͒͒̉̄̏̃̿̈́̎͒̽̉͜l̵̢̨̡̯͙͖̯̠͕͚͖̲̰̼̏̔̎́͂́̏͒̋͗̈̆̉̏͗l̷̥̮̳̘͕̭͓̤̖̻̝̠̔̇̊́̂͊͛̔̑͠ ̷̛̬͔͓͈́́̿̓̋͌̕f̸̛͍̱͈̬̦̲̞̑̄̍́͛̎́͂͂̒̚͠͝͝ĭ̶̡̗̠͖̝̤͈̫̳̥̟̯͓̭͖̜̚n̷̦̹̣͈̘̿͛́͂̀̏̿̕̕͠͝͠ď̵̤̬̫͓̰̭̭̬̫̫̥̱̇͗̍͌̇̊͝͝ͅ ̵̢̞̖̲͎͉͔̠͇͔͖̳̝̩̓̈́͌̄͒̊̾̃̔͆́̅̈́̎͘͘ͅv̵̡̞̥̲̳̲͙̯͓̎͊̈͒́̍͌̈̑̂͐̌͜͠͝͠ę̷̯̜̫̭͚̰̥̳̣̬͔̍̒̑r̴̡̧̩̺͎̻̟̭͖̫̩̖͕̊͜ỷ̸̡̛͇̳͚̥͉̪̗͚̱̉̉̎̈̚ ̶̧̞͚̰̀d̴͖́è̵͔̘̻̹̫̭̣̽ś̶̢̝̟͉͚͓̮̠̟̝̞̗͇̠̦̥́̍́͋͋͝ţ̶̛̛̩͓̤̦̣̼̫̺͇̰̳̪̝͗̾̊̈́ṙ̶̢̛͇̹̘̤̥̂̅ų̷̺̦̻̭̮̲͊ç̷̂̍̂̈́̑̃̈́̆̀͒̈́̃̌͠ẗ̵̛̝̹͔̽͂͆͗̏̑̂͗̚͝i̷̡̡̛͙̫̲̙̻͚͈̦͔̟͛̌̐̌̍̆̓͛̇̍̋̂͝ṿ̴͔̖̦̹͉͆̄̃͆̇e̸͚̞̔̆͐̈́̆̎̇͑͘͝ ̴̧̧̨̫̞͖̖̤̹̯̜̻̘̭̪̻͗͂́͆̆̂̿̊̋̒̎̑͗̚t̸̨̛̪̻͇̝̳̟̘̂̂́͒̓͆͘͠ọ̵̲͖̯̣̤̲̬̝̀͌͐̓̓̕͠ ̷̢̧͕͔̭̟͓̈́̆̆̃̀̿͋̋͝ţ̵̠̟̱͖̖̳̜̤̟̫̓̊͑̐͂̽̐̋͐͋̓͘͠͝h̶̛̗̰͚̦̦̮͙͉̬͊̍̓̓̈́̌͛̇͒̕͘̕͝͠ͅḙ̷̭̮̥͙͐́͆̇̈̏̇̕ ̸̡̱̼̪̳̼͔̳̙̩͖͙̃̒́̽͒̓̐̉́̓̽̕̚͝ͅs̷̡̲̜̒̄̇́̍̔̃̀̒̄̓͛̚̚̚͠u̷͔̜̘̣̬̺͙̅͊͗̈́̈́̓̊̎̃̃̃̈͊͠͝ŗ̴̡͇̬̠̗̟͍̓͐͜͝ṽ̴̡̜̲͚̟̣̖̠̱̦͇̈́̾͗͌̕͝i̸͉̠̠̦̠̗̠̮̪̅͋̎v̴̤̱͙͙̰̑̐̀̓̀̍̓̊͐̀͗̉͘͝͠á̶̜̖͕͋̋̏́̿̚ĺ̴̢̼͇̣̦̠̣̒̊͛͗̉̑̀̔͒̒̾̇̕͝ ̴͚̳͖̘̀͊́̄̈́̂̍͗̊̋͒̐̏ơ̵̡̺̺̼̫̘̮͖͙̭̠͇̰̇̃̉͋̈͆͌̀f̸͙̤͈͈̙̼͈̠̞̱̩̮̞͛͌̈́̾́̅͌̃̃̔͗̀͋ ̸̹̮̖͇̩͎̖̘̀̋͌̓͛̍̿̂̒̀̐̆͋͘͝͝t̸̢͖̄͑̎̚ḩ̷̻̹̲̠̙̘͈͈͚̅̾͗̀̍̾̇̕͜͜͝ͅe̸̮͑͋̿͗̎ ̷̡͉͌̈̉̒́̐̀̀b̴͎̹̖͙͔̰͚̦͎̐͐͠͝ŏ̴̡̹̲̟̰̭̱̤̱̬͕̖̼͕̙̄̈͑͒̊̐͊̆͛̕͠ͅḑ̶̨̡̙̞̳͇̫͖͍̟̮̓͂̈́̀̃̾̅̓̂͝͝͝y̷̯̍̎̐̐̑̔̔͋ͅ.̵̡̧̤̖̙̙̥̏̔͑͌͊̌͊̉̅̌̿̓͛͝ͅͅ ̸̛̞͊͆̿́̑̏̉̂̆̏͠ ̶͖̈̒̑̄Ị̷̩̦̇̏̍̅̄͑̌͝͠t̸̡̛̤̥̑͑͂̐̍̐͊̕͠͝ͅ ̸̗̰͆͆ͅŵ̵̢̧̡̮͈̝͙̪̥̙̤͉̮̋̍͐̓̒̑̏̊͒͘͘í̴̙͙̟̽̔̀́̑̉͋̈̉̚l̴̡̢̜̺̳̜̟͚̹͊̽̇́̎̌́̏͂͗̒̃̌̈́͝ļ̸̢̛͈͕̻̲̭̝̰͖͋͊̂͆̅̃͒̕͜͝ ̵̡̦̜̞̭͍̖̞͓̲̰̪̯̯̺̾̿̎͛͝͝ͅṯ̵̗̹̥̄̈́h̸̢̰͇̮̪̜̟͇̠͒̀̈́̒̄̂͂̄͆́̏́́̕̕͠ę̵͈͖̱̫̱̇́̊͒̿̔̐̌̾͊̎͋͗̕͘n̵̯̪̤͍͙̱̝̥̱͇̺̝͖̖̠̳̍̄͆̋̂̈́̂͝ ̷̛̛̛̺̓̿́̓̽̇̐͊̉̋̈͘b̵͚̗͗̈͌l̷̼̑͒͐̅͌̋͊͗͐̕̕͝ơ̶͓̦̪͕̺͓̳̻̬̖̩͌́̐̾͆͒͌̓͌͂̕̕̚͜͜͝ć̶͍̦̪̱͚̣̯͚̼͓̜͓̝̟̺̅k̸̢̯͚̩̻͛̊̊̍͠ͅ ̵̳͋̎̽͊̈̊̎o̶̡̨̱̺͉̩͊̽́̏̈́͋̌̆̓f̵̡̘̭͂́̌́̅̌̋̈̀̎̈́̓͝f̷̨̘͊̂̈͘ ̶̢̖͕͉͙̋́̿̐̔́̀̚ę̶̢̟̈̓̓̈́̏̆̊̿̒n̵̲̰̞̖͚̈́̾̀̍͜t̷̮̻͙̀̀͐̈́̔̾͑̐̈̏̀̊͊i̸̮͚̥͇̪̺͙̹͎̱̔͗̏̓̐͛̔̚͜͜r̵̟̭͕͖̫͍͔̖̼̪̠̬̽͊ȩ̴̨̛̲̖̠̯͓͎̥̬̼̈́́̆̏̑̀̀̆̓͗͊̚̕͝ ̴̦͎̗͍͇̹͍̽͆̀͒̿c̶̡̮͎̬̼͑̽̈̍̍̇̕͘͝ͅḥ̴̻̮̫̠̲͚̹͖̣͎͕̠͝͝e̵̜̤̍̄̌̃̽̑͒̀͌͛̊͂̇̕͘͠m̵̨̛͚̘͎̀̈́̈͐̉̇̎̈́̐̎̾̔̈́͘ỉ̸̯̜͚͎̙̹͍̭̱͈̳̙̦͖̪̰̈́̋̌͛̈̀͊̈́c̴̻̙̟̹̣̞͂̄̅͆͑̏͝ả̷̢̧̢̛̛̛̛͕͓͓̙̯̈͊͛̂͂̉́͐͝ļ̵̲̟͓̤̞͔͌͋̃̏̊̈́̽̇̊̌͠͠ ̴̨̺͕̥̤̯͓͓̼̙̦͚̹͇̎̋̒̂ṡ̷̢̨̨̯̗̲̫̳̜̄͗͋̎̃̉̇̾͊͊̈́̓̚̚͜i̷͕̿̚g̷̙̳̤̟̀͂̊̋̅͌̑̈́̾̚͘ͅn̶̨̥̪̈́ȧ̸̟̰͔̤̯̦̜̪͖͍̦̱͜͜l̵̨̡̡̰͕̦̺̗̦̗̝͈͍̬̘͛̃͑̓̈́͂̍̾ś̸̺͚͐́̂̒͋̌͑̌̇̆͘̚̕͝ ̵̧̡̧̢̥̪̩̝̼̹̤̺̭̗͈̎͂̑̄̐̏̽̋̊̉̃̓̅͘͝͝f̶̧̡͓̪̞̮̠̜̱̞͛̍̾̇͜ŗ̴̡̡̫̙͒̎͑̂̐͛͜ō̵̟̰̺̼̘͇̘̩̯̃͊͂̎̌̇̔̿̐̈́́̀͘͝m̸͓͍̙̰̘͔̉̔̑͆̽̐̀̒̽́͂̓͠ ̴͓̤͍̣̩̭͍͉̜̯̗̪̜̳̈́̓i̸̢̲̱͚̩͇͖͙͓̻̬̺̪̍̀̓̒͑̈́̀̅̽̕͜n̶̛̛̯̗͔̏̀͛̄̓̃̎̉͗͒̀́̓͝ţ̴̡̜̣̜̭̺͓̮̱̃̀͛͂e̶̢̡͖̤̰̼̯̙͍̣̠͗͜ͅr̵̙͔͕̜͍̲̪̹̮͈̍̒̇͒̔̅̈́͋͋̑̎̋̂̇̄̕a̶̠̿͑c̸̛̝̜̲̲͍̤̰͇̼̥̪̭̼̗͓̓̇͂̾̌̀̽͂̈͛̔̏̈́̽͜͝t̴̰̬̭̘̮͔͎̅͗̓̈́̐̄͑̚͠͝ỉ̵̡̲̘̪͖̞̻̲̪̜͖̎͗̈́̒̎̒̈́͒̂͐̈́̚͜n̵̨̺̼͎̹̪̜̫̍͊g̶͔͖̤̳̣̘͎͉͓̘̗̦̓̆̓̆͋̏͠ͅ,̶̡̞̞̼̓̈̂̃͒̽̿͛̀͊̔̉͂̕ͅͅ ̵̨̢̲̥̤̳̼̤̣͈͔̉́͘t̸̹̑̃̑̀͗̏͋́̐͗̚̕͝o̵̠̠͌̌̒͝ͅ ̴̢͕͍͙͇̥͙̺͕̣͌̾̀͜p̴̡͈̭̺̯̖̦͚̀͌̋r̶̼͍̟̜͗̾͗̔̓̌͘e̷̛̛̠̤̊̿̀̆̎̒̇͒͘͜͠v̶̧̨̛̟̻̠̠̝͎̌͗̊̓̍̈̀̀̚ͅé̴̢̳͖͉̮̣͓̥͒̃́́̀͗̊̃̆̌͝ͅņ̴͕͙̣̬̮͈͖̩̘̱̳̮̆͋̓t̶̡͓͍̂́̏̋͑̀͋͒ ̸̛̳̫͜t̶̰͎̮̲̳̙̺͙͋͗͊̈͐̀͝ḩ̶̛̻̺͙̫͎̩̖̹͈̯̥̋̚͜ẻ̸͎̲͑͛̈́́̀̂̒́̉͊̃͒̏̓̚ ̵̢̱̪͎̩̼͎̗̱̖͇͕͑m̸͍̭̙͍̝̲̜̖̤̥̞̋̒̑͊̄ȩ̸̢̜̠̦̰̯̭͈͔̩̠͉̤͙̲̀m̸̻͎̞̬̮̞͎͚̞̤͇̠̱̲̐͑̂̎̐̈́ô̴̡̫̙̯̘͉̫͚͉̊̾͋͂͋ͅr̴̙̩̼̰̺̭̪̭̼͚̪̣͂̇i̵̛̩̼̫̬̫͙͈͍̤̲̘͑̀͛͝ͅe̷̡͉̤͕̭͍̖̖̣͋͑̆̆̀̈̃̈́͌͒̉̄̇ͅs̷̛̹͎̍̂́̆̔̍̂̑ ̴̨̢̢̹̲̞̺͕͕̳̭̈́̔͊͒͒̋͐͌̄̀͋͝͝ơ̶̮̖͖͙͚̲͍̊̿̏̊̌͌̌̔̐f̵̖̖̅̃͑͐̓͒̏̾́ ̵̛̻̥̐̿̈́̒́̎ṫ̴̢̮̙̤̻̭̥̮͚̤̻͓̰̲̘́ḩ̷̡̞̳̻̠̩̮͇͔̙͆̐͆͗͌̓͑͜͜o̷̡̭͍̠̫̗̗̮̝͎̰̣͗̊̒͠s̴̡̧̙̫͍͚͗̃͝é̵͈͓͙͖͕̖̳́͂͂̔͋͆̇͌͑͆̂͛̚ ̴̛͙͖̭̖͚̲͑͋̔́̌͛̇͆́̉̚͠͠e̶̡̧̠̣̺͓̫̙̗̪̜̻̲̠̙̒̓̏̋v̷͑̎̆̎̒͑̒͐̓̀̚͜͝͝e̷͚͔͉̫̘̤͎͓̣̟̗̊͝ǹ̸̨̛̘͈̆̒͋͌̃t̵̛͓̱̟̓͑͠s̸͖̳̮͓̈́̌̽̔͒́͗ͅ ̶̢̨̛̳̗͚͕̦̺̝̻̥̮̯̱̩̪̎̔̇̋̿̅̾̋̍̃́͆̿̋̕f̶̧̡̩̙̻̗̥͇̹̤͙̑̑͒́͊̑̓͐̽̕ŗ̷̦͉͉͎̦̩̝̹̭́͜͝o̷̜̖̳̦̒̈̂̚m̶̢̟͕̞̝͍̺̬̝͕̌̃͊̃̈́̓̒̏́̉̈́͆̎ ̶̞̣͎͚͛͘c̸̨̢̰̙͉̻̫͓͖͚͔͔̭̯͖̫̀͆͒͋̄́̓̚̚o̴̢̨̧̡̟̼̥̣̦̞͕̅̾͛͛̏̌̇̈́̔͂̕͠m̸̭͇͚̪̬̲̋̌̄̈́͗̆͋ͅi̵̢̝͓͙̖̫͍̻̰̳̰̤̬̅͗͑̂̾́͗̃̊̋̅ñ̷̨̟̫̭͓͖͇̑̾̽͋̿́͑͠g̵̯̲̯͈̟̣͕̼͇̖̦̖̗̠̃͑͛́͊̓̌͗̓͜͝ ̶̢̛̯̼͇̱̻̜̣̪͇̖͑̂́̂͆̈́̾͆͑͛̓́̿͘̚ͅb̸̢̛͕̼̗̖̣̺̫̘̎̌́͐̅̔̔̃͑͆͗͜ͅā̵̢̡͕̻̰̰͍̠͉͈̼̘̱͉̤̍̑̄̌̏͆͛͋̂̎͌͝͝c̸̼̟̭̪̲̬̬̺̅͜͝k̸̞̮͖̻̓͋̀̒̿͊͗̑̈́̃̄̔̿ ̵̡̩̳̞͚̳͇͙̪͈̗͇͇̓̂̈́̋̿̋̔́͗̈̔͐̕͜ͅţ̷̡̛͎̼̔̂̈́̇̈́͂̚̕͘o̷̻͚̥̜̬̯͓̖͉͓̯̠̰̅̾͐̏͘̕̕ͅͅ ̷̭̻͇̰̊̀̐̔̊͑̀̀͊́̉̚̚̚͜h̸̲̗̞̮̮̎̆̽̈́̌̇̿͑a̷̧̧̺̱̪̝̬̻͊̀̐͆̀̈́̈͋̀͐̐͂͊̄͠ŕ̴̪͕͖̣͔̱̣͓͚͙͚̰͕̿͐̓͆̈́͌́̄̆͌̇͂͆͘͘m̸̧̪͖̜͉̒̾̎͆̈́̅̾͛̿̍̋̀̕͠ ̸̨͚̪̩̪͑̄̑͂̍̉̓̈̾̕͠ͅi̶̛̹̥̖̥̠̣͖̦̦͍̞̩̓̋̋͐̽͊̑̓̃̏̉̒t̴̡̨͎̲̭̳͈͉̺͕̽̉͜͜s̴͔̬̩͍͓̣͉̜̠̰̪̱͙̾̓͆̋͐̈́̀̄̑̽͜ ̶͓̖̅̄́͋̈́́̇̊̚͜h̴̖͎̭͍͉̠̰͇͖̅̇̉͊̔̐͑̆͋̔̍̆̑̑͜o̴̫̳̖͚̠̩̖͝s̷͖̀̀̈́̽͛́͊̀̋͊̾̏t̷͓̬̹̀́̾̄̉̿͌̾͌͑̓̚̕.̴̛̥͖͎̅̌̀͛̋̌̈́͌̄͛͝ ̶̧̦̝̩̳͕̘͍͈̪̤̗̥̎̾̑͗̋̉͊͒̕͜͜͠ ̵̢̺͕͙̪͕̻̯̼̼͕̰̫͉̥͐̒͊́̍͂̾͋̂̄̿̈́̇̕͝͠Ȍ̷̢̪̤̪̟̣́̔͛͝ͅf̵̪̖̥̭̳̻͉͎̙̄͐̑̑̈́̉́͊͝͠ ̵̧̯̼̹̱͙̠̯̂̌̈́̂̾̈́̔̌͑͘͝c̶̛̛͕͓͌̔̎o̶̢̧̱̻̤̜͇̫̳͓̫̫͓̟̪̔̇̀̕u̶͔̘̳̮͔̣͈͋̐́͌̅͊̏̍͐̄͘̚͜͝͝ṙ̸̡̳̬̞̮̤̗̉ş̵̞̼̥̜͚̰͇̹̤̝̦̓́̈́̕ͅẽ̷̢̛̼̩̥̥̣̮̖̺̘̙͆͒̂̑,̶̛̪͍̰͕͖̳̯̂͗̓́͐̅̊̅̽̀͐̉̋ ̶̧̛̣̘͕̘̻̠̲̏̐̈́͂̋̃̓͠͝ţ̷̱̯̫̙͙̗̪͇̩̠̯̤̹̙̿͜r̸̩̻͗͋͒y̶̧̙͎͖̝̯͊͊̀͒̊ĩ̷͍̥̲̰̹͚͇͎̬̫̾̑̃̑̔̈͜n̴̡̠̭̰͚̱̺̝̹̘̪̼͎̐͜ǧ̷̢͕̯̬̞̙̘̳̪͓̟̤ ̴̛͇̦̗̜͎̻͈̰͕̌̔͒̃͌̈́̉̆̐͗͘t̶̟̤̣͔̹̯̲̝̞̳̐̄̅͆́͜͜͠͠o̸̢̥̳͍̠̩͂́̀̓̈́̒̐̏͛͊ ̵̺̗̝̤̳̞̗̯͛͊́̏͝r̶̪̻̳̈͆́̊̏͋̉̅ë̶̛̛͓̟̺̮̲̤̟͔̖̫̫̅͊͋̀̎̑͐̿c̴̳̓̇̍̄̋̃͒̈́̑̇͐̚ȃ̵̧̭͈̟̿̂͊̎̓̊̑̐̾̀̒͝l̴̝̟͆͋̈́̿́̅͒̈́͋̄͛̈́̚͜͝͝ͅl̶̻̗̽̏̊̾̃́̌̿͒̆͊̚ ̷̡̪̮͆̊͛͌ͅạ̸̬̞̔n̷̨̢̢̼͓̞̥͓͚̼̯̯̆͋͐ỷ̴͉̹̟̭̖̟̺̜͗̍ṯ̵͊̾͆͂̍̇̅̿́̄̈́͑̽͘̕͜ḩ̸̳̖̙̞̼̙̱̙̒̅̔̂́̆̄́͘͠͠ͅḯ̶̡̹͖̳͇̿̍̓̑͛n̸̝͎͍̬̯͔͉̲̫̪̣͋̓̎̿͑͋̏ģ̷̡͖̳͓͚̝̩̠̹̪̲̞͔͓͛̈̓͐͒̀̈̚͘ͅ,̵̛̩͈̀̾̐͊̽̈̆̀̎̔̚͝ ̴̨̨̡̟̘͉̤̯͕͓̰̲̺̰̺͋̉̈́͆͋̑̄̓̾̒̐͑̀͝o̷̡̧̧͚̝͚̫̹̼͚̙̫̪̗̣͑̌̎̕͜͠r̴̛̠̖̍̐͒̅͛̊̾́̚̚͜ ̶̘̟̭̊͛̀̈́͑̇͒̔̈̔̀̕͝f̶̨̡̟̀̄̓̃͑̕͘͘͝͠į̵̡̨̛̜̳̗̱̘̘̦͙̺̳̈̀͐̿̈̓͌̊̈́̀̑͘͘̚̚ņ̷͚̝͚̦͍̼͕̠̩͍̿̉͑̏͋̌̎̍̈́͋̇̃̚͜d̸͍̼̈́͂̈́̂̆̓́̅̍͝͝į̴̡̛͖͉͇̬͎͔͑̒͜ṅ̴̡̨̙̝̿͆͌̔̅͛͘g̵̲̺͖̍̂̃̊̈́̅̀͋͂͘͘͠ ̶̛͖͎͉͕̈́̓̊̀̒̉͆̔̒̏̏͑͑̐͂t̸͕̳̫̜̞̲͛̋̓̚͠ͅh̷̜͊̋͒ĭ̶̡̨̟̠̹͕͖̝͖̠̰̦̠n̵̢̳̫͈̖͉̙͈̙͓̯̱̮̐͂̎̌͒́͆̐̑̈́̈̎͠͝g̷̮̦͚̖̞͍͕͙̪̿́s̵̺͔̫̝̩̙̋ ̴̞̐͐̏̒̅͌̈́̑̈̈́̈́̇͝ṫ̷̢̺͎̟̯̄̄̎͗̂͗̑̎ḧ̵̡̙͔͚̝̫̤̥̤̘̟̬̱̙́͑̅͐̆͒̅̇̄͜͠ă̷̢̘̰͈̼̱̟͂͜͝ţ̶͉̙̗͈̳͇̘̳̣̤̭̈̈́̍́́́͆̌̍̒͘͝ ̴̪̫̈̿́f̶̨̩̥̻̻̤̠̪̟̲͙͍͎̠͗̃̋̎͋̇̎̓̾̅̃̓ͅo̴̩̽̅͋̈́̄́̈́̈́̃̈́̅̍͘͘r̵͇̭̟̗̜̞̙̭͕̦̲͇̺͕̰͋̎̽͛͘ͅc̴̣͙̄̊̀͠e̶͙͈̘̯̮͋͆̈́̀̄̈́̓̀̏̐̄͜f̸̨̡̛̺̝̺͉͎͇̙̫͙̮̬̘̞̭̓̓u̸̢͉͈͇̥͗͛͗́l̵̡̧̛̛̼̭̟̞̜͓̪̜͕͕̓͋̐̌̉͜ĺ̵͍͔̱͉̚ͅỹ̵̨̨͓̞͔̲̻̜͙͕͇̳͍͕̌͑̀̆̃̋̉̾͛̊͘͠͝ͅ ̵̧̨̛̱̥͔̱͇̖͖͔̫̙̗͚̎̅̀͗͂͑͘͝͠͝͝b̴̗̟̙̱̱̼̼̱̹̪͔̯͈͖̭̒̒̌̂̌̽̆̂̎̓̓̏̌̆̀̂r̴̨̨̺̟̬̜̭̹͖͖̲̤̲̣̖̉̑̓͌̊̒̔͗̓̈͘͜͝͝í̴͙͇̩͉̭͇̯̲̣̮̩͊̒̌̀͊̔̂́̒̃̚͜͠ǹ̵̹͖͖̙̫͇̯͙͇͉͖͂́̌̄͐̕͘͠g̷̢̧̞͙͇̩̦̞͉͙̫̦̉͒̉̂̈́ ̴͉̝͔̗̖͙̹̱́̀͛ţ̷̺͕̹̣̜̣̤̫̫̭̞̪͎̩̈́͊̈́̇̆͠ẖ̶̨̟͍̲̯̠̲̜͋̋̎̈́͝o̸̲̬̗͙͎̬̠͉͖̞̤̼͎̱̫͒͑͋̓̎̀́̈̍̈́̒́͐͐ŝ̶̡̡͚̗̥̘̤̘̟͔̬̘̾͒̃̂̑̊̈́̕̚̚ͅȩ̴̢̱̮̰̖͍͙͖͙̀͐̈̿̈́̑͒͌̇̄̊͗͘̕̚ ̵̡̢̛̯̥͔̳̠̹̱̖̺͔̦͖͑̏́͐̀̇͒̄̿͊̕m̷͉̗̆̿̉̃̆́̔̇͗͑̒̊̓̐͂͘e̶̡̛͎̝̰͕̭͓̘͈̬̪͂́͋̿̄͗m̵͈̠̝͎̭̏̀o̵̡͕͎̻̻͕̤̰̭̽͊̾̈́̽̿̾̆͑̂́̈́͛̏̀͋r̸̳̓͊í̶͍̬͕̼̮͍͔̈́̿̈́̄͊͝͝͝ḙ̴͉̬̜̣̩̥̬̦̭͓̭̖̔͗̇̽̓̈̌́͂͑̈̽̓̕̕͘ş̷͎͉͖͇͓̤̗̯̥̏̑̎͛̾̔̒͜͜͠ ̴̧̢̢̟̰̟̖͖̥̻͉͙̫̠̒̀͐̈́̅̾̐̚͜b̴̢̨̳̞̪͎͕̦̰͈͍̱͎͓͓̓́͊̊̀̒̌̓̕͜͠a̸̪̼͕͑͛̂̎ͅç̶̨̧͔͙̭̯̘͇̘̣̫͜͝ͅk̴̢̢̯͕̠̺͇̞̯̭͍̝̯̄ͅ ̸̡̨̖̯͇̯̓́͐̎͆̎͗̾̇̋̿͝ͅc̸̛̛͖̆̋́̐͊̄̎̒̾̚ã̸̠̤̼̼̼̬̯̺̞͚̘̳̳̔̊̀̓͐̾̕͠n̶̲͍̦̖͈̦̻̗͍̘͖͐̓͂̈̏̈́ ̴̧̢̡̨̥̝̦̘͚̣͙̣̫̐̒̾͐͗̿̄̂̏̍̐̓ͅḃ̶͚̤̖̯͓̬̘̖̗͎̅ͅē̸̢̳̫̥̹̣̤̻̠̺̟̖̜̘̜̿̿͂̋̔̌̑͊͑̀͛̍͋̏͋ͅ ̶̫̼͙̏́̒̈́̎̋͋͗̐͋̉̿͝͝v̴̧̭̣̻̲̰̠͉͑͜͝ę̶͙̙̞̗̱̘̙͎̲̝̌̓͗̈́̂̓̍͆͜͝͝ŗ̶̫͖̜̭̦͕̯͚͎͎̆̚ͅy̸̛̮͉̗̻̳͔̪̤͓̰͋͑̎̑̽̕͜ ̸̖̖̱͌̿̓͂̆̓̇́͝ḫ̷̨̧̮̣͇̦͖̮̃̍͐̍̆͆͘a̵̱̯̺͕̹̎͝ͅr̷̖̒͊̊̈́͌̌̊̀̈́̔́́͘͝͝m̸̢̡̨̧̙̝̦̬̱͖̝̯̹̰̭̉̾͒̿̓̀̐̀̄̚͠͝f̸̧̺͖͎̭͈̼́̀̌̊͝u̷͎͈̮͕͉̠̦̙̯͎̲̩̗̥͖̓͜l̴̦̣͎̭̻͆̋̃̀̏́̐̄͗̊͌̚ ̸̨̰̺̯̘̺̹̟̹̱̲̍̀͌̈̊̐̿͂̚͘t̴͈̬̜͐͂̅͊̽̀̎͌̾̌̑͗͝ó̵̺̩̩̯̈́͗̑̒́̅͝ ̶̨̢̢̢̱̻͚̰̘͉̙͓͉͇͆̾̿̓̍ͅt̵̨̜͕͉͎̯̝͍͈̳̘͍͖̪̩͈͆̈́͌̊̍͘̕h̵̛̛̩̮̲̹̤̉͒͑́͜͝͠e̸̡̨̗̙͈̠̯̯͉̖͙̘̜̓̿̓̚͠͝ ̴̧̩͙̹̙̺̾̈́̈́̎͗̿͒̒̓̔͛͛͘͝h̴̡̧̟̪̘͙̽̓̂̌ư̴̝̼̠̟͕̯̼̠̽͌̀͗̂͊̉̔̅̀͑͜͜ͅͅm̸̨̛͓̮̖͈̟̲̭̐̓̏̋̓̈͊̍̄́̈ã̸̦̙̙̰̔̄͆̓̄͂̾͒̋͑͝ṇ̶̨̨̧͙̦́̽̏̚ ̴̛̠̺̪̳̖̩͉̰̹̰̠̘̂͆͂͛̇̇̔̔͆͝͠m̴̛̬͓̈̀̊͠į̴̮͖͂̈́̆͌̋̈́̑̌̔͐́̐͐͘͝n̴͈̎̀̔͛́̾́́̐͊̓͝d̷̡̤̞͓͔̙͛͐.̵̠̠̙̪̪̲̼̫͚̹͎͉̀ͅ
̷̢̨̡̫̲̫̣͙̲̩͎̱́̑͒̃́̂͛̽͆̕͝Ṣ̶̨̨̻̖͖̤̮̩̥͔͚͕̓͌̔́̑̔̄̚o̸̧̩̼͚̤̙̠̫̪͌̍͋̅̿̃͒͝,̷̮̞͇͇͋̓̑͊̏͂̉́̍͐̿ ̵̼̪͓̼͖̩͖͕̭̘̦̽̈̀͗̒̓͠ͅḩ̷̨̖̩̗̭͔̱̮̈́́̑͝e̴̛̥͑̂̈́̏̄̀̇̑̌̕͘͝'̴̙͈̰̗̗̤̥̝̹̙̞̆̀͜s̷͚̖̄ ̵̡̟̲͍̮̰̂̓̓̊̓̂̿̏̑͑͂s̶͓̙̱̲̮̈͑̌t̶̢̛͇͙̗̗̦̑̎̃ū̵̲͝͝ͅc̶̡̨̖̗͓̗̲̗͇̣͉̦̳̬͐̐̆̈͊̽͗̇̃́̃͜͝ͅķ̶̤̟͕̠̬̮͉̹̙̮̙͌͆͠ͅͅ ̷̢̩̩̯͙̠̟̝̪͙̿̈́̌̐̇͌̊̅̀͊͘̚͜l̸̮̟̦̦̹͖͕̯̒̓̄̓͂̾̊͜i̵̛̗͓͔͎͇̳̳̘̱͚͇̒̽̅͌͂̀͂̐͛̾k̴̛͇̠͚̪͚̩̝̟͔̰̣̖̏̀̄̽͘͝͠e̷̠͍͂̏̏́̂̅̑ ̸͓͎̞̘̝̻̻͚̐̅̌̑̊̌͂̔ţ̸͖̦͍̬̾͐̍͒͑́̈̒ḥ̸̮̥̳̭̮͔̝͓̤͔̤̳̳͖͗̈͑͒͌͆͛ͅi̸̢̠̬̦̹̥̯͇̲̫̬̙̼̘̮̊̆̍̈́͆̌̽̀̉̌̍͝͝͝͝͝s̵̨̢͎̜̥̞͍̣̻̦̝̹̲͆̏̒̽͒̏́͆̀̕͜ͅ?̵̛̛̞͈͚̪̰̥̩͛̂͂͒̔̆̌̊̉̈́̓͆͜͝͠
̷̛̛̝͍̝̫̹͗̓̋̀͐̍͋͌̅̈́̉͆̌̈I̷̞̔̈̔̔̇̈́̀̒͂̓͌͌̔̿͠ẗ̵̛̪̻̹̱̲͎̞̘̀̽́̆̌̔͊̽̄͂̽̈́ ̵̘̟̪̄͌̋̓m̶͉̬̣̣̹̰̣̻͖͕̏̾͒̑̿̅̑̃̾͂͑͝a̴̛̛̠̜̞̯̟̠̮̻͎͖̻͇̭̼͚̜͆̏͑͌̈̇͋̍̄̋̏̚͠y̵̡̨̛͍̟̘̪̬̩̾̾̊̌̂̐͆̐͜͜ͅ ̶̭̮̫͔̮͍͔̘̳̦͓̯̈̒̌̕͜͜t̴̢̫̭̭̺̮̃͜a̸̧̡̛̩̟̣͈̐̀͊̈͒̐͆̄͊͘ḱ̷̨̭̲̲̥̺͎̠̤͗̊̓̅͊̑́̅̆̃̈́͘̕ͅę̴͔͕̥̙̳̯̥͖̪͔͍͔͕̓̈́̇̒̀̅̑̕ ̶̰̻̭̎̉̇́͌̾̆̒̃̓͒̓̅̑s̴̢̡̛̻̯̺̞̣̲͍̞̲̖͓̔̊̾͌͜ͅo̸͔͔̭̠̳̲̞̮̍͒̿̚m̴̧̢͍̰̯̭̼̬̥̤̘͈̖̗̍̓́̑͊̆̅̚e̸̢̛̫̜̬̤̯̭̼͉͎͇͊̾̑͊̉̑̿̚͘ ̸̨̛͚̩̪̗͚̯̪̜̼͙̥͈̖̅̂̎̒̊̉̊͒͜t̸̰̖͓̖̮̞̋̇̈́̈́̋́̎̓͂͘ȋ̴̢̟͖̮̘̼̋m̷̧̯̖̗̪̗̘̼̫̖̗̣̮̈̆̒̔͒̇̀̌̅̽̓̑̐̎͊̀ͅe̴̬͓͆̏͆̈́̀̑ ̷͈͖̝̝͔̼̲̰̩̫́̊̓̎̄̌f̶̼͓̝̙̺̝͇͗̓͐́̇̇͆̎̈̿̎͆͘̕̚͝ơ̴̡̢̞̩̤̰̬̳̘̬̮̺͇͐̉̓̍̒̌̔̿̊̀͗͑͆ṟ̴̝̣̙̪̬̄̉͒̑̕͜ ̷̢̛̠̘̼͈͙͔̦̣͎́̈́ͅh̸̬̪̪͙̜̜̪̘̪͔̮̮̓̀̎̄͛̿î̷͙̤̭̼̤̀͊̅͋́̎͋͐̈́̿͐̾͘͠͝m̸̡̧̠̺̹̭̩̼̪̫̐͌́̀̈̅̓͂ ̵̢̣̺͇͍͑̿̑̒́̂̇͋̂̚͜ţ̷̛̼͚̘̽̆̉̂̽̈̌̀̊̌̒͊̆̍̏ơ̸̢̠̜̟͖͉̯̗̰̜̻̰̣̩̙͇̊̾̋̇̂̈̿̇͋̚ ̸͇̠͂c̴̛̝̮͔̯͍̍̎̂̅̉͊̂̽̐̋̚͠ͅo̸̢̤͙͚̺͌̀͋͌̕ͅm̸̭̙̞̣̝̟̞͈̦̱̼̟͛̐̀̈́͗̋ͅȩ̵̙̳̩̖̥̲̩̙̮̽͗̓͋͊̈́̌̾̋̃͆̔̃͌̑̾ͅ ̵̧̙̙̤̲͔̬͕̩̞͎̳̦̥͛̿̅̏͂̆͆̐̀́̕̕̕͜͠͝ͅó̶̢̮̍͝͠ǘ̴̮̻͓̜̯͔͉̰̆̄̀̽͜͝ͅt̵̛̘̬̠͒̀̈́̈́͂̕ ̸͕̼̣̔̌̊ȏ̶̧̧̢̧̮̣̺̭̰̬̗̲̥͓͌̅͘͝f̸͙̗̯̍̐̃̿̋̾͘͠ ̵̰̀̈̀͝î̴͔͓͓̈́͑͑͊͑͐͌̈̓̅͗̚̚̚t̸̳̯̮͕̩͇̠̖̗̪̑͛̀̿̔͜ͅ.̸̥̱̟̝́͗͊̀́̇̀͒̎̇̇ ̵̨͎̭̠͍͙̩̥̹͎̞̞̦͙́́̆͂̾̑̌̒͆̚̕ ̸͉̭̼̠̱̯̯̮̙͙͑̓̈̂̈́́̋̃̀͛̄̽Ò̷̡̡͔͇͍̤̥̭̰̦̭̫̊̆̆̇̎͑f̸̡̧͇͚͔̲̱̩̼͚͓̓̎̏̒̉͜ ̷̧̧̢͇͇̱̗̮͕̬͉͉̓͂̇̒̏͗c̴̢̧̡̨̦̦͖͕̰̫̠͊̎̽̓̐̾̏o̷̦̐̾̒̄̈̑̉̄͌̕͜͝ư̴̙̙̼̥̰͙̹̹͇͎̗̬̄̄̀͊̆̿͛̉̀̀̈́́́̕͝ŕ̶̛̟̰̝̞͎͓̥̗͌͗̍̍̆͂̊̎́͘͜͠͝s̶̡̛̤̦̩̣̙͕͓͒̄̅͛͛̂̀̀̊̍̃͂͝e̵̳͍̊̍͋,̶̛͙̝͚͙̺̗̩̩͚͌̓̿̅́̈́̐͌̅̕̚͜͝͝ ̸̨̞̱̹̩͎͖̫̺͇̺̰͚̈́̓͌̉̑͒̔̅̕͝͠͝t̷̘̜̲̪̜͑͗̿̆̇̽̍̕h̵̨̨̥̪͎͈̣͚̻̗͍͌̐̓̄̍̒͗͋̌̅̄͒e̸̢͙̰̦͓̯̜̲̠̥̻̖͋̒̾̈͌̂͋͜͠r̷̡̙̦͙̤̩̼̃͂͠e̸̡̛̬͍̦̰̙̩̿̆̌̈́̌͆̽̍́͐͂̆͛͝͝ ̶̨̻̗̭̮͕̦̰̀͋͂͑͘̚ả̴̡̯̗͔͈̲̞̰̳̀̈̓̒̿̔̅͂̚͜ͅr̶̠͂̈́͛̍̿̐̅͂̋͌̆e̵̗̾̋͝ ̸̡̻̝̙̒̅̅̃͛e̷̮̘͎̊á̶̠̙̠̖̟͔̥̟̼̼̥͇͒̂͐̓̐͋s̶̢̢͔͉̙̳̙͔̲͕̙̟̹̹̜͙̃͌́͑̈́͑̅̕̕y̴̌̏͜ ̷̟̣̃̋͌̐̓̿͝͝w̶̡̛̛͈̥̲̳̹͚̞̬̻͕̟̅̐̈́̅̽̃̈͐̈́̈́̑̕̚͜͠ą̸̲̫̭̺͈̗̹̻͓̹̰̜͔̑̆͒͜ͅy̷̧̱̥̪̹̜̫̻̞̲̪̣͖̝̿̄͌ş̶͕͈̗͚͚̞͔̟̑́̀̏͌͑̂̀͛̊͝͝ͅ ̵̯̫͇͌̈́̊͗̃̎́̅͆̆̆̕̚̕͝ą̵̞͙́͛̽̑͐̆̈͛́̉̿̓͘͘̚r̷̘̣͈̩̘̫͇̝͇͓̠̳̓͂́ö̴̢͈́̄u̵̧̝͙̥̖͎͙͖̟̪̬̎͛̐̇͛̑̈̄̅͜͝ͅn̵̙̼̳̫͙̭͙̼̠̰̓̓̒̅́̊̀̔͐̿͒̌̆̚̕ḏ̴͕̲̬̻̖̥̏͊̕ ̵̛̬͍̈́́͌̈́͋̏̾̏t̶͎̽̍̿̽̿ḥ̷̛̬̼͕͔͉̰̭̈́͒̌̇̈́̇̂͗̌̓͂̽̈́̇͠i̷͙̠̪͚̮̯͍͔͔͙̦̓̈́̀̓͝ş̶̢̢̛̭͔̬̞͖̝͎͚͚̱̦̿̈̄̀̆.̵̛̳̥̟̲̞̮̪͊̎́̂̍́͋̔ͅ ̶̧̡̪̘͙̳̻̼̫̠͎̝̬̳́̇̾̾̑͗͛͝͠ ̵̨̢͔͔̣̝͕̝͕̬̣͔̲̻̣̮̊̑̋͗̅̒̾̿̋̂̒̌͊̑̀H̶̘̬̮̳͙͎̻̽̃̎̐̋y̵̩̞̘̤̯̻͙̽̆̂́͋̊̃̃͌͆̀͆̈́͌͠͝ͅp̵̡̛̰͙̗̦͂̓̾̄̃͊̊̃̈̿͝n̷̪͒͛͛͑̽̍͛̂͊͆͒͘o̴͎̳̗͍̘̬̦̺͑̌̂͠ͅţ̶̥̩͚̟̣̣̪̖̀͒͌͐́̚ͅi̵̢͎̝̩̪͍̥͕̙̍́͐̈́͊̈̄̀̏̾̐̀͘͘̚s̶͙̳̘̩̰̯̙̦̺͔͚͓̏͛̄͗̃͂͜m̵͈͙̈̏̃̿̎͐̑̎̈́̅͆̈̀̈́̈́̌,̴̨̮͍̠̹̙̘̫̻͚̦͕̙̼̜̍͑̔͐́̈́ͅ ̴̲̱͕̟̞̳̣͔͔͈̂͌͆̓͑̀̏i̸̢͍̭͚̘̳̘̖̹͉̱̝̋͊̀̅́͘̚s̸̝̐͘ ̸̦̠̹͐́̽̆̐̿̿̎͌̿͒a̶̪͂̏͂̍̃̈̍̚ ̸̣̞̞̊͂f̵̡̨̞̘̗͚̝͕̪̝̭̜͓̏̌̊͠a̴̛̮̜̫̼̝̗͔̤͊̆̄͗̏͘i̷̢̗̼̬͚̗͕̟͓͈̫̩̪̊͜r̵̯̲̘͚̯̣͉̮̳̲̙̯͇̖͔͍̍̎̆͆̀̔͂̆̀́͐̈̒̚̕l̶̡̡͕̯͖̝̞̰̯̗̙̲̙̾̿̒̚͜y̵̢̨̡̹̹͓̠̹̟̩̙̠̹̥̒͑̈́͆̉͒̃̿̕ ̸̧̨̛̞̻̱͓̮̝͆͛̇͑̈́͑̉͊̿͆̔͛͐͜͜͝d̷̳̍̐̽̀̌̇́̀̂͝e̵̼͔̗̬̖̋̒̊͆c̷̢̺̹̪̼̪̣̱̤̜͙̜̻͖͔̞̏̉̃́̇̈́͝ȩ̵̙͇̦͈͔̠͕̤͎͍͈̇̽̅̌̑̅̾͑̽̔͐̃͐̒̚n̶̡̠͍̳͎̬̱̦̭̜̰̓͒̽̓͒͑͊̆̌͂̓͐͌͘t̶̛͎̊͒̉̂̏̊̔̕͠͝ ̴͖͆͑͒̾̏̒͛̏̑̐́͒͌̐͒̕p̴̮̩͓͈̜͎̪̲̺̳̯̫̎͊̄̿̋̊̽̌̏̅͑̕͝͝ṟ̴̡̢̛̫͙̖̹̬̲̰̤̻͓͙͇̀̃̆̀̓̾͑͝ö̵̻̬͖̜̞̠́͑c̵̙̟̽̌̇̊̆̽̆̏̄̄̊͠͝͠ͅé̸̜͖͎̀̀͋̽̆̿d̸̡̢̝̩̹̰͚̼̪̙͔̩̖̅͐̎̿û̵̝͉̳̦̠̠̳̙̤̥̣̤̺́̋͒̊͊̊̍͊̀̎̑̃ͅͅr̷̯͉̩͇̬̬͇͓͔̎̈́͐͊͒͛̀ę̸̨̜̬̘̪͍̩͊̈͐̌̅̐̒͌̈́͌̄͐͊̕͠ ̶͉͔̣̍́͐̅̅̃́͝t̶̡͍͛̽̐͆̀̕̕͝ǫ̶̢̪̯̻̯̗͙̗͒͂́͘̕͜͜ͅ ̶̢̛̬̭͎͕̫̤̖̊̂̓͒͆̉́̀̏̀̄̐̍̀͠t̸͈͍͔̓̾̔͋́́̿͛̀̏̓r̷̘͎͔̣̜͉͕̦̟̖̯̱͚̳͎̪͐̋̏̑̆ÿ̴̰̖̰͓͕͓́̂̃͗̿̎̇̒̀̕̕͜,̴̛̥̦̰̱̜̥͍̫̦̇̈́̊̈́͌̀̏̔͐̈́̓̚͘ ̸̨̧̡̧͉̣͚̬̫̭̼͈̩͚̰̭͛̾͑̂͗͌̂̏̓́̂̀̕b̸̧̛̺͖̞̤̥̺͌̇̑̆̀̓̀̔̔͌̍͝ṳ̵͙̝̻̣̞̗͔̭̭̠̫̀̈́̀̆͂̃͜ͅt̸̛̠͉̞̪̠̫͔̘͐̓̆̆͊̔͊͌͒͌̋̄̓̕ ̵̧̛̜̠̯̫̤̮͇̀̌̃͋̑̍͗͆̀̊̿͑̚n̶͙͙̯̍̈́ͅo̶̢͎͔̳̮̦̺̒̓͠͝͝t̸͈͆̐͐̒́͌̂̑̋̓̿̏̕͝ͅ ̵̡͙̖͎̰͚̦͍̘͉̤̺͔̮̪̀͂ͅa̸̳͒̋̅l̷̖͈̊̌̑̿̒̈́̕͠w̵̱̮̙͇̙͚̼̹͘ą̷̨̙̩̺̪̗̲̼̫͔̯̱͆̑͆͒̾̀y̶̛̛͙͕͎̻̣̠̟̣̘̘͜͜s̶̨̭̼͚͇̜͛̈́́͐̀̒̈̈̈̄͒̔̽̄̽͐ͅͅ ̶̡̛͕̤̱̼̖̣͚̀̍̾̋̀͋̑͂ę̶̡̤̬̺͓̘̩̓̈́̄̄̐̈͝f̶̧̰͎̞̯̘̰̟͌̅̔̾͆̄f̸͍͂̏͐̉͌̌͂̓̄̊͑̍̆͂̕͝e̵̡̛͛̀̀c̸̗̤̜̪͍̮̩̀͊̿̃̂̔̒̉̎̔̑̓̂̈͘t̸̹̥̝̟̲͓̻͖̮̺͙̬̒̃̈́̀̅̑͗̎́̄̾̅ͅi̷͙̳̫̟̰̘̣͇̖̽̅́͊͋̒̓͂̆͑̊̇͝v̶̯̬͉̳̾̕e̷͓̖͒́̑̎́̽̓̕.̴̨̤͍̪͇̭̈̉͑͋̋̈́͌̀͋̿̕͘ ̷͕̺̞͙̟̮̀̓͒́̇̈́̾ ̶̧͙͕̰͙̲͍̦̬͓͇̺͈͌̓̔͑̿̇̆̋̆́͜ͅT̷̢̨̢̟͎̰͚̞̜̘̯̽̎̏̈͜͝ͅh̴̡̨͉̰̺͓̱̺͈͖͕̣̙͌̅͐̒̀̈̑̋͛ę̸̛̪̙͙͕̟̰̻͕̼͎̓̽͒̏̂̿̅̅̽̉͌̄r̵̢̡̩̯̟͇̀̆̋͂̑̀͘͝͠à̸̧́̌̃̇̕p̷̥̮̖̪͌̽y̷̢͚͖̽ ̵̧̱̓ì̶̛͉͆́s̵̛͖̳̱͓̱̯͎̾͒̊͋̊̑̓̍ ̷̨̜̣͖̙̬̣͕͍̜̰̫͎͛̏͂͛̋̿͆͠ͅa̷̠͉͇̫͕̣̯͉͍̗̍̓̓̓̈́̚͝ͅn̶̨̲̬̺̭̩͉̮͕̿̈́̍̒̉͒̓̐̿͘o̸̬͒̒̿̌̒̇̇̏͒̔͋͘͘̚͠͠t̴̡̨̛̻̪̗͍̬̤̩̮̖̭͈͚͜͝ͅh̸̨̛̛͓͇̪̦͓̺̝͇̥͚͖͍͎̅̎̾͂́̉̃͘̕̚͝ė̴̛̻͑̌̊̈́̍̌̀̀̀̋̈́̽͝r̸̡̺̪̼̳̤̤̺̤̜͔͉̭͓̻̗̓ ̵̯͓̤̙͓̟̤̞̎͜w̵̧̱̜̝̥̜̰͉̜̬̣͆͋̿̓͌́̓͒̓̓̉̇́͐́͜a̶̛̱̿̽̾͂̀͝͠y̸͉̰̫͊͛,̴̨̲̖̜͓̟̰̪̩̺̬̖̙͓͈̖̓̓̾̂̕̕ ̵̡̗̙̮͚̭̹͖͎̝̺̙̥̝̆̃͌̌͂̒̔̈́̓͑́ẁ̷̧̛̼̙̪͚̝̘̟͍̟̫̰͇͊̈͛̏̚͠͝h̷̭́̆́î̷̮̲͈͗̌c̷̪̗̈́͐̔̃̕̕ḩ̴̦̈̄̍̎̊̄̈́̈͒͛̕͠͝ ̸̯͇͇̜̻̯͑̐̽͂͝w̸̙̲̪̮͍̺̣̟̋̋̍̓͂̍̌͠͝ę̵̡͎͍̼̹̔́́̓͗́̌̏̒̏̀̿͆̀ ̸̡̧̫̠͈̻͔̠̰̆̋͛̄̉̔̄̍̀̍̆͑́̅h̷̻͍̥̮̼̼̣̻̎̑͊́̈́̌̄̈́̂̄̑̄̚͠á̴̭̿̔̽́̅͗̐̏͊̀́͗͝͝͝v̷̩̯̲̫̟̉͛͜͠ͅḙ̵̡̢̧̗͖̰̬̺̗͑̏̓ ̸͖̺̥̟̼̥͍̞̩̮̖̖̓̊̇͑̿͐̎̆͛͒̎̃̓̉͘b̶̤̭͎̹͇̤͌̔̉͂ͅè̵̢̨͕͈̥̦̠̬̻͎̲̪͓̮̈̈́̽͂́͘̕̕e̷̱̜͖̖͋͌͌͝n̵̡̢̢̨̛͔̦͍̩͔̯̰̗̳̣͎̫̾̃͊͂̇͂̀̃̋͋͝ ̶̨̛͓̥̪̤̥̀̇̏̑̔͛͑̈́̑́̉͝d̵͖̗̉̈́̓͑̚͘͝ŏ̸̡̢̩͚͓͉͕̮̫̌̓̓̎̊̆̏̑͜ͅí̸̖̥͓͉̮̇̏n̶̡̦̼͕̭̱̊͑̇̏͌̈́̒̈́̀̇̓̀͝͝ġ̸̨̛̤̖̗̭̱̦̼̼̮͓͇̫̼̿ ̸̨̨̖̫̟͙̘̬͚̌̑̽̉̓̄̄̍̉̈́̈̊̾͜t̴̨̡̨̩̗̮͍̖̩̩̣̳̹̠́͑̇̑̈́̋͜͝͠ͅo̴̙̞̼̖̜̎͋ ̴̡̛͙̮̮͇̗̠͔̭̠͗͛̉̔͗̌̄̔̓̀̒̕͜h̷̥͉͖̝͒̊̂͠ḛ̴̲͕̼͌́̅̌̑̌̔̂̄̽̚͘l̸̳̰̞̘͉̩̹̱̩̄̃̌͐̒̎͌̌̉̀́͑̾̚͜͝͝ͅṕ̶̛͖͈̘͔̱̼͎͉͍̲̜̟͉̜̪̋͐́̈̈́́͒͐̈́̄̀̅̈́̄ͅ ̷͕͓͔̯̪̟̜̱̟̓̎̂́̓̒́̀̒͑̓͘͘͜͝ͅh̵̛͙̻̹̻̻̜̝͂̇ĩ̷̢̺̣̮̱̱̖̗̻̗̽͆̒͜m̷͒̓̏͋̂̂̌̀͊̎̂̇͜͠͠ ̷̧̛̲̬͖̻̫͈͖̳͕̻̜̳̌́̉͐͆͗͆̀̃̕͘͘ͅa̸̘͍͚̬̮͉͌̒̊̓̏͝l̸̨̙̳̙̣̤͕̮̗̪͇̃͗̏͛̑͆̊̈́̑͂̅̚o̷̧̪̼͔̦͖͙͊́͌̏͐̉̎̏̍̄̔̅̓̎͋̈n̷͚̍̓̆͐͋̇̎̊̃̌̽̽̾̔̊ğ̴̨̛̰̰̠͕̗͔̜̥̳̿̎͐̏͌͌̿͐̿̀̂͝͠.̵̡̧̱̙̱̗̻̤̲̣̼̞̿̄̽͑̄̽͛̄
̴̨̭̻̮̥͕͔͌̓̓̈́͗̓̏̄͘̚Ẉ̵̨̧̨̧̱̩͇̣͚̙̻̝́̎͝ỉ̶̡̱̱̩̈́̌͌͒̋͐̎̽̓̄͘͝l̴̨̧̨̠͚̘͈̼̯̯͋́̐͐̍̈́͝ͅl̷̲̱̘̠͖̰̳̙͉͖͉͎̩̱̤̿͆̇̄͛̏͌̊́̒̾͘̕ ̷̡̹̗͖͗̅I̵̺̱͈̭̳̤̗͛ͅ ̵̬̣̰͓͈̽́̍ẻ̴̢̡̺̙̫͙͈̭͚͈̅̊̈͘͝v̶̡̤̦̙̠͇̜͈̟͙̤̜̪̅ề̸̻̓̇̈́͗ͅr̷͙͉̬̈́͆̽̿̍̂̂̎͋̆̚͝͝͠͝͝ ̶̧̡̛͎̙̘̲͉͙͖̝͊̿̒̐̑̆̅̎́̓̐̌r̷̨͎͓̭̱̪͚̭̠̙̞̹̹̘͙̅̿̑e̴̗̗͋̇͗̒̇̆̓͋̕͜͝ġ̶̛̦̠̭̺̦̞̫̳̭̖̦͎͇̘̬͑̀͛̿̽̀̽̍̉̚͘͘ͅă̶̱̗̠̩͕̝̫̱͓͎̾̽́̀̌̾͌i̶̡̟̙̲̫̙̙͉̎͊̆͊͂̌̏̇̀́͘n̷̗͕͕̣͈̣̥̙̰̄͝ ̵̣̫͔͓̳̩̤̍͊̓̌̏̔̓͝ṃ̸̛͎̘̺̿͆͊̓͛̃̌̅̄̀͆̏̆͝͝ỵ̵̡̖͓͉̗̖̜̙̙̟̠̘͖̂̍ͅ ̸̡̣͓̜̟͔̠̻͖̣̮͔̣̭̬͗͂̅͌̂̋͒͆̈́͐̓͊͆̕̚͝m̷̨̭̠͚̣̩̬͉͕͓͉͊̐͐̉͜e̸̠͚̝͓̞̜̩̥͔͛͋̀̏̒͜m̴̺̻̫̼̈́̈́̅́̔͒͛̌̌̽̋o̸̘̬͐͋ͅr̶̡̡̧̧̛͔͕̳̬̥͊̓̔̽̀̂̔̈́͋í̷̟̊̈́̄̋͋̀̍͠͝e̴̛͕͖͉̯͚̫͈͕̼̺̘͎̩̓͜s̴̢̖̝̳̯͈͕͓̖̼͎̘̠͔̀̀̌́̍̀̿̌̾͌͛͘̚͘̚͝?̶̥͕͔͇̬̮͐͗̈̋
̷̝̬͓̇̈́̅̔̈́̈́̅͂̈́̈́͘I̸͍̼͇̤̘̓̾͋̒͑̄̐̌̋̚͘͝t̵̨̨̝̞̯̩̠̺̝̝̫͓͔̻̗̝̾͆̓̇̎̿͝'̴̭̠͈͚̖̫̲̈́́͑s̵̡̡̨̰̼͉̳̮͈͇̙̙͓̜̤̒́͑̑̒̾̎̂̈́͝͝ ̶͔͍̜̳̬͎̻̮͚̪͗̉̈̿t̴̠̪̼̟̓̆̐̀́̌̈́̍̊͝͠͝o̴͓̯͔̱̖̳̪͓͓̯͂̈̉̓̉̾̉̅̔̂͜͠ͅͅö̴̢̬̰̠̙͔͍̝̯̝̫́̃͗̑̒̏̅̌̈́̊͂ ̸̺̯̥͕̻̻̥̤̪͓̑s̴̨̢̡̰̲̳͖͖̘̖̮̜̘͈̱͌̿̍̊̽̈́̄̽̑͝o̶̧̻͈̻̱̻͈̦̤̘͕̅͐͑͂́͋̔̒̓̚͘͘͜͜͝͠͝o̷̯̮̽̈́̎͐̉̀̊̏̊͘ṇ̶̮̮͍͇͗̾͌̓͐̓̆͂̕̚͠ͅ ̸̪͍̰̩͍̟͖͙̯̆́̾͆̂͂͆̅́͗̂̀̇̚͜ṱ̷̤̫͇̻̪̥͔̙͉̩̦̟̘̱̇̽̽̌̀͛̈̏͑̌̿̅̈̎͗͜͝ơ̴̧͈̳͉̟̘̻̅̀͌͗́́́̒͋̾͊̽̐̕ͅ ̷̛̖̼̮̖̲̗̲̜͒͊͊͆͗͒̌̈́̀s̸̨̡̘̫͇̰̩̤̻̙̲̩̯̣̉̑̓͌̈́̈́͛̉̓̈́͝ą̷̨̞̫̞͈̿̍̉̎̊̿̏́̾̿̇̈́y̶͇̫̗̗͎̠͋̈,̸̤̖̭̮͚͓̲̳̣͎͚̞͇̙̊̈́͗̅̆͘̚͠͝ ̸̠̩̟̾͌̍́̌̑͌̄̀͆̈̇̇̆̕ḅ̴̺̙̯̖̬̻́͂͗̆u̵̡̨̧͇̟̬̥̲͔̮̗͓̐͊̉́͛͑̈t̴̨̧̡̯̰̻̲͚̜̤̳̩̘͇̣̩̍͐̆͆̏ ̵̨̦̗̥̫̙̩͚́̉̓ų̴̛̟̊̐̾͋̇̅̀̾̏̓̂ş̴̡̨̢̪̺̫͖͍͖̤̤̙̅̆̍ư̷̢̩̥͓͉̝͖̑̓̑̄̋̈́̒̋̾͠͝ä̶̘̖̺́͆̊̓̋̆̔͗͆ļ̶̜͙̹̩̖̘̣̣̦̥͐̒l̵̨̗̦̳̭͉̮̻͉̹̥̆̐͂͋̓̒͒̚y̵̦͈͔̞̹͉͓̬̬͕͖͎͉̙̐͗͛̇̓̆ͅ ̴̨̡̳̺̫̯̼̲̺̐̏̎̾̃͂͐̈́̓̚͘̕t̴̰̠̪͓̱̺͙͙̬͌̒h̸̡͇̤̲͌̒͂́̂̊͌̐͊̿͊̒̕ȇ̵̢̧̛͎͚͕̦͜ ̸̭͎̤̯̹̩͕̻̞̩͐̄͋͆̄̈̚͝ͅb̸̡͔͈̰̩͙͚̟̠̍̔̋̍͜r̴͕͇̞͇͕̪͌̋́͌́̉̔̓͗̌̒̈́͊͘͝ă̵̼̪͈͍͙̅̄̀̋͘i̶̖̼̇̑̈́̓̆͐̅̊̂̈́̾̓͘̚ň̵̜͚̻͝ ̸̛̘͇͖͓̄̋̇̀̆i̴̡͎͎̳͚̪̪̎̉̋́̓͛̽͑̇͘͠s̵̡̪͙̹̠̻͙̜̲̣̲̱͛̉͆̂̂́͆͂̑́̊͒̏͂̈́͜͝ͅ ̶̢̡͇͕̣̲̪̮̻͙̲͍̺̻̹̠͛̔͆̍̓͂͘r̴̛̛͚̻͊̂ͅę̴̳̉̈́̚r̵̡̧̺͓͖̦̮̤̬̥̜̯̈̌͗͒̊̄͊̈́́̏͝ͅơ̴̢̛̯̬̜̈̒̈́̍̊̚͠͝ṳ̷͖̟̼̩͇̥̖̙͕̰͙̖̓̒̅̏̋̆t̷͕̘̑͐͂̓į̶̡̛̜̠̻͈̰̣̱̠̈̐͆̈́̂͒̈̓͜͝ņ̵̛̬͙̩͖̣͈̼̲̒̽̏̂̃͗̾̓̆̾̅̃̍́̚ģ̷̳̫̜̥̰̗̟̟̤̾ ̸̢̢̢̛̳͔̠̟̞͎̥̮͑̂̋̍̿́͌̉͝y̷̨̨̢̳̪̞̫̥͖̱̣̲̜̎͒̕ǫ̴̼̰̠̼͗̊͒̌͋͒̂̎͗͝ų̸͔̙̯̳͓̬͓̮̳͙͔̗̏͊r̶̡͓̞̃̊́͆̇̓̃̃̀̂͐̚͝ ̷͇̠̠̥̙̔̈́̾͒̾̚̚m̸̬͖̘̓̔̂̔̈́̈́̔̀̕̚̚͝e̸͎͈̘̼̥͆̿͆͗̎̂̿͊̒̉̚̕͜m̴͈̖̙̯͔̱̯̿͜ͅơ̸̧̡̘͋̀̎̉́͆̚r̷̛̳̉͌̆͊͗͘i̸͙͕͚͖̹̖̟͚͂̋̑̆̊͘͝͝è̴̮̥̱̬̊́̂͐̒͒ş̶̢̛̹̗̩̦̯̱̺̥̫̥̳̚ ̶̙̖̯̫̖͙̞̬̩̬̠̿̄͆̈́̇̕ͅt̷̢̮̺̰̲̬̳̲̟̽̈͛̿̆̐̽̊̆̓̽̄͜͝ő̶̳͚͎̺̠̜̹̠̉͂̀͒̏̔̍̇̋̏̀͘͠ͅ ̵̨͙̩͇͇̞̼͕̗̪̪̲̪͙͋̄̈́̋͆͗͛̑̑̍̚͜ͅn̴̢̛͙͕̻̖͎̘͚̞̣̩̝̲̰̓̀͒̉̉̃̂͊̃̈́ǫ̸̛̘̹͚͖̭͉̯͚̣͚͎̥͖̞̣̆̔̈́̀̈́̎̊̈́͛̿͘t̷͉͔̣̯̺́̉͋̍͂ ̸̡̹̙͎̗͇͌̀̒̿̑̑͘͝i̵̢̥̺̺̗̭̰̙͕͙̳̻̰̭̟͆͂̅ͅn̶̨̻̲̎̆̒͜c̸̟̫͌̊͜l̶͙̺̳͉̮̞͕͚̬̼̳̮͇̙͕̣̎̃͋͊̆̓̚͝u̷̡̡̡͉̣͍̦͎̪̜̯͙͠d̴̖̹̖͔̈́͑̑͛͊̑̈́͛͠͠e̷͉̙̰̗͎̹̰̤͉̳̜̠̓̄͋̅̌̒̾̐͜ͅ ̶̘̟̠̰͚̗̩̺͍̱̺̺̦̈́̅́̋ͅͅc̶̡̛͖̪̠̩͔͓̃̏̀͆́̓͋̀́ͅe̶̝̹̳͌̾̐́̈̕̚͜ŗ̶̨͇͙̲̼̤͕̘̯͈͖̰̹̘̝̈́͠t̶̬̀́̈́̕á̴̦̬̭̼̟͎̃͗͗̏̋̃̇͒͌͘̚ͅi̶̛̪̤̙̗̯̯̰̱̯̝͙̤̓̾̀̒̅̏͌̆̕̕͠ņ̸̛̛̛̤̜̞̣̳̺̪͔͚̩͍̮̬̬́͛̉͌̍̓͆͆͌̃̊̿͝ ̶̩̺͌͛̇̓͒̒͗̋͐͗̈̂̀̀́c̶̱̯͂͌̋̇̂̉̕̕r̸͈̥̄̆̐̃͆͒͐̐̈́͑͂́̕͘̕ḯ̴̢̝͕͚͉̜̺͉͎͇̞̟̖̦̭̒͛̋͂̽̕t̸̹͇̿ê̵̢̡͇̩̱̯̬̞̼̼̱̮̭͓̥̈́̀̔͂̔̐̋͘r̸̡̟͖͍̅͊̈́̃̓͝ͅͅi̶̢̛͖̲̪̬͖̯̱͗͗̈͆̽͆͝a̵̧̡̢̳̲̭̳̱͔̺͉͚̟͓̒̐̋̾̓͗̌͘͜.̴̼͊̽̅͑́͋ ̴̨̨̖̘͙̬͍̘̬̌̐͗͒̉̔̈́͝ ̴̡̢̧͉̼̰̥̰̩͚̟̜͖͔̊͂̇̑͐̆̎̅͠Í̷̧̨̤̀̐̄̉̅͜f̷͙̀̐͒̄̈͘̚̚ ̷̳̥̰̬̺̜̭̜̲̜̥̻͉̄̑̆͆͑͗̿͘̕͠͝͝w̵͈̮̠̜͙̬͆e̴̥̻̗͇͔̩͚͚͎͉͈̻͈͕̎̋ ̶͓̤͔̤̬̗̤̃͆̇̃̅̒̐̃́̚͜c̶͍͔̭̔͂͌̑̉͝ḁ̴̘̟̘͍̫͓̻̗̙̬̈́̍̏̑͒̾͛̾̒̑̒̇͜͠͠ͅṉ̸̥̱̹̫̺͉̌̂͆̋̾͘ ̴̢͉͖̦̰̯̰͓̞̩̂͊f̴̢̧̙̻͓̲͔̥̭̼͇̻͕̬̾̓͛́̀̋̉̐́͆̉̎͒̏͝͝i̷̜̫͒̓͒͗͑̐̂g̸̮̜͚͓̗̭̼͌̉͑͂͒͌͆͆̇̏͛͗̔̀͘̕ͅų̸̤̬͛̓ͅȓ̴͕̼̣̲̮͔̙̤̩̔͂̀̅̀͐̈̔̈́̔̽̕͜e̸͓̰͚͙̬̼͗̑ ̸̢̧̡͖̞̰͈̩̯͕̭͕̙͇̏̽͂̒̀͊̓̽͆̓́ẇ̵̛̙̟͕̪̱̝̻̋̋̒̅̔͜h̷̢̢̞͖͎̼͍͙͓̹̗̮͎̞̻̟̓̇̀a̵͖̪͎̺͈͖͇̖͎̯̮̯͚͒̔̇̎̋̔͊̽͒̅͂͑̑͛͘͝ṭ̴͚̭̓̋̋͋̌͑̿͝ ̸͇̜͔̹̻͉̫̜͍̙̊́͌̈́̑̂͂̏̓̎̇̕͜ͅt̵̼̘̣̀̈́h̴̛̼̞͙̤͇͒̆̑̀̀͆̓̀̿̈́̾̃̈́̅o̸̱̣̺̫̮͂̔̉̈̔̕͘͠ş̷̡̮̪͔͚̬̐̓́̃̚̚ͅͅe̴͕̜̙͙͌̎͗́̈͜ ̵̬̬͎̲͝ą̵͉̝̲͈͕̻͒͌̂̄͜͝r̸̡̛̻̰̱̠̲͍̱̭͆͆̇͌̈́͛̚ę̴̨̛͉̦͚̬͇͇̼̻̆̃̉͆͋͑̌̅̓̌͝,̸̲̞̥̗͕̦̝͚̩̬̝̼̩͔̘̹̊͛͊ ̴̧̜͉̫͉̀͋̾̉͐̑̅̀̄̈͘͝w̶̡̧̨̛̩̹̮̳̘̺͎̬̩̲̦̞̌́͊̃̈͗͝e̶͙̽ ̸̰̞̱͇̖̟̮̬͉̦̰̠̒͜c̶̨̧̜͖̹͖͕̫̦̬͔̖͕̗͇̈́͜o̷̡̲͇͖̻̟̝͚͖͉͖͌͆͆́̀́ư̸̢̧͙̟̦̹͍͉̩͉̲͍̞̭͓͇̊̂̋̅̉͝ĺ̵̨̡͙̣̦̠̖̞͉̜̫͇̬̉̍̎͌d̸̙̀͒̓̎̈́͐́͊̑̀̑̾͑̕͠ ̶̜̎̀͊f̶̧̛̤̾͂͛̽̄̀̽̊̆̚͠o̵̢̗̲̱̖̞̩̯̳̮̹̣͍͕̞̬͌̊̓̄͝r̵̞̖̹͍̬̝̪̙̗̃̋͊̏̉́̅̍͋̈́̈̋̽͝͝c̶̢͎̗̻̮̹̻̼͇̈́́̅̈̉̀̏̈́͘̚͠ẻ̵̡̢̛̦͎͉̱͕̝̳͂͌̔̓̈̿̉̓̕̕͝f̸̨͉͙̟͓̗̦͖̋̋̆̈́̔̊̽̈́̔͗̕͝ų̶̛̛͈̮̘͈̼͙͙̳̘͚̠̯͋̾̋̓̽̿̒́̇̈́̇̉̏͜͠ͅl̴̩̞̬̝͔̉͒̏͆́̉͒̈͑͗́̉͒̉̾ḷ̸̹͈̬̝̻̻̙̺̤̯͈͂͐̃̃̆̍͗͛̕͜ͅy̶̠͕̦̘̙̰̳͓͕̯͙̅̽̅̽͐͑̋̑͌̂̚͘͠͠͠ ̵̘͇͇͇̯͍̫̣̀́̅́̊̂̎̉̇̀̓̒̎̕͜m̵̢̙̭̣͇̲̩̻͖̗̱̺͓̋͒̋̅͂̏̀á̴͉̃͑̃̀̌́́̇̅͐̕ḳ̸́̉̐̈́̃́̾e̶̺̙̫̞͉͕̹̒͒͛̀̊͘͜ ̴̧͇͐̓̄͛̿̊̽̈́̌͂̆̕͝͠͠y̴̧̨̛̙̣̗̣̹̖̪͈̆̔̏̌͑̒̕͘͠ó̶̧̡̯̞͍̙͚̻͗̃̑́͘͠ͅȗ̸̗̝͇͖̟͈͎̱̣̲̈́̅́͌̔͛͐̑̅͆̓̿̂͜ ̶̧͔͓̀͑̉̿̀̓̄̏̀͛̚͜r̸̨̢̡̛̞͓̘͕͕̥̹̙̝̟͔̠̄̈́̈̀͌̌̐̆̍͌̕͠͠è̵̡̼̬̠̄̅̐̾͐̉̃̈́̾̆͆͘͝͝͠m̶̛̭̗̽̃͂̃̈́̀̎̊̕ë̴̻̋̀͒͠͠m̷̧̧̼͋̂̈́̉́͊̀́b̵̖̰̪̉͊̓̂é̴͎̃̑̈̈́͑̽͘͘͘r̷͔̼̖͚̾̊͑̾̔̍̇̇̇͐̅̇̐̄͘͝.̵̖̲̟̖̟̜̼̤̼͍̝̀̉͒̍͋̽́̋̈́̆̑̀̕͜ ̶̨͔̹̮͍̟̲̫̫̱̝̰̗̒͑͆͠ ̸̧̢̢͓̗̤̩͓̣̫͖̖͖̩̺̓́̈́̉͝ͅT̷͎̮̳̖͚̖͈̜̲̔̓̊̀̈́͆́̅̆̽͂̂̎̕͝h̷̡͚̪͖͖̘̹̥̓̍̅͒ͅo̸̗̝͎͐̍̈́͊̑͊̈́́̐̀̋̇͋̊͘u̷̧͚͙̭̞͓̦̻͓̮̠̗͍̇̀̾̏͆͛̄̎͂̀̊̓̏͘͜͜͝g̴̨̹̣̼̰̟̖͒̑̒́͆͌͋͝͠ḫ̶̢̛̯̬̾́̈̋͐̀̃̂͗͠ͅ,̷̧̪͈̤̙̝̎̔ ̸̧͇͓͕̥̱̟̙͖̯̪̠̗̓̽̈̏ͅI̴̡̧̡̢̯̼͙͎̺͕̥̿̋̂̀͋͗̾͝ ̷̨̛̩̤̳̬̎̓̍͐͂ẅ̷͇̩͍̹͙͍̲̦̩̍͜ͅö̸̢́͋ȕ̶̡̮̘̝̳̳̣̪̦̗̰͍͉͓̀̈́́̉͛̓͒̽̒͛̄͒̕̕͜͠ͅl̵̢̩̥̍́͆̔̓̾̀̄̾͝͠ḑ̷̧̩̺̙̘̼̭͓̗͉̝̙̿̾͂̀̅̓͒̿̏͋̊̇͊ṅ̴̛͕͖̒͛͋̉̄͐̑'̷̺̬̯̮͉͔̣̩̄̋̃́̂̀͋̏̃̑̉̆͘͝͝t̴̳̪̼̙̗̻̺̣͂̄͐̈́̓͑̒̍̇̀̑̾̂̊̚̚ ̴̡̧̧͇̻̪͉̠̲͓̤̰͋̄̔̍͂̈̍͆̀͆̾́̕͝͝͠ŗ̷̨͇͈̗̼̲̞̘͎͍̘̞͎̗͙̐̈́̈̔͋̂͑̒̀͗͌̈́͊͘͠e̵̡̘̱͛̑͂͗ä̴͕̳̀̂͌̈́̚l̸̢̨̯̠̯̖̲͖̦̻̼̱̲̃̈́̓̾́͋̄̋ͅl̵̡̨̥̜͍͖͙̩͙̞͓̳̙̼͇̰̄̂͒̿͗͑͐́̄̉͊̃͑̆͝y̵̼̻͖̝̯̤̯̑̈̅̉͗̀̀̅̍̿̂̋́̊̚͠ ̴̧̼̙̳̥̇̇̽͆̐́̕͠r̷͈̱̂́̽̈͋̈́̈͒̔̅͂̃̑̕ê̷̡̛͖̦̪̲̼̲͈͍̟̥͙͖̲̹̋́̀́̚̕̕͜͝c̶̨͎͈͔͍͙̜̯̺̰̟̬͎̻̀͌̓̓͂̈́͊̃̒́o̵̞̱̳̹͌́́̔̇̊̀̒͋̊̏͠ṃ̵̧̯͚͇̽̀m̴̡̧̟͈̯͈̩͎̬͈̀̿̅͊̅̓͛̓̀͗̊̕͝ę̸̪͇͓͇̼͙̝͚̝̺͆̆̈̏̄̏̌̂̌̑́̀͑̊͆͜͝ͅn̴̢̨̧̧̼͚̪̜̭̙̩͎̞͊̿ͅd̶͎̫̒̍͊̈́͆̏̾͠ ̴̮̹͗̌̈͊̇̊i̷͈̱̱͎̳̰̹͑̀̓͒̃̽͛̍̑̿̌̌̓̽̕͜t̸̨̯̣̼̹͖͉̉̎͂͒̏̾̏͋̇̏́͌͘͠͠.̶̡̛̛̖̱͔̞̈́̿́̿̅̇͐̌̏͘͠ ̸͓̠͚̪̭̘̲͎̗̬̒̅̈́̓ ̴̨̥̼͉̭͆̈́̓̏̈̅̀̅̒̾̌̓C̷̨̦͈͇̰̺̥͕̮̝̺̰̤̜̝̬̄̂̃́͂̃̀ŏ̶̡̢̡̤̬̬͉̗͔̩̙n̵̢̛̬̤͒̂̈́̈̈́̚t̷̨̩̫̺͘i̸̡̫̞̓̾͌̂͋̉n̴̝̑̀̐u̶̯̳̬̹̳͖̯̘̔̀̌̽̒ͅe̵̮̓̄͗̅̈́̍͌̄͂͊̔͝ ̷̘̤͔͔͔̗̊̒̃͗̔̓̈́̎̀̚͜ẇ̸̡͚̫̱͍̣͕̯̲̤̣̣̬̣̀ì̵̦̩͕̌̍̂̔͠ţ̵̛͉͓͙̙̙̝̘̖̈́̾̌̅̈h̸̨̝̤̳̭̹͇̪͍̹̯̠͔̳̼̃͆̏͋̓ ̶̺͇̟̉͌̄̏̈͆̌̉͝y̶̨̢̝̪̼̝̹̙̰̟̝̅̀͗͂̏̒̚ǫ̵̱̻̗͂͂̆͐̒̌ͅũ̴͍̜̫̦̮̾͐͆͐̿̀̓r̴̪̱̙̲̞̾̔́̐̌͌̌̈́͂͘ ̵̧̨̛͍̪̳̯̳̹̱͎̱̼̙̼͐͗̓̀̐̽̂͐̃̾͌͆͝ͅt̵͎͋͋͝h̶̨̡͇̘̫͉͍̮̗̟͖̼̜̗̫͌̄̑͂͑͒̄̚͜͝e̶̼̺͙͇̹̠̣̞̳̮̩̹̲̩̜̎̄͆͗͐̉͐͗̋͋̓̍̀̍̕͜r̵̨̗̙̖̻̰̤̤̞̥̙̞̆̑̇̃́̒͝͝ą̵̨̛̖̜̺̤̰̺̙̖̬̝̂̓̏̿̀̽̀͝͝p̷͙͑̓͛̈̇̏̄̆̌͌̈́̒̕͘̚͝y̵̺̭̾͗̾̄͆̓̈͌͛͘͘͝,̵̨̡̢̺̫̤̭̠̬̱͖̝̩̺̦̇̈́͐̿̏̄̚͜ ̵͍͍̟̦̥̾̐a̴̢̲͕̖̦̳̮̗͑ͅͅͅͅͅn̴̡͚̯̼͙͇̬̼͕͎̣̈́́̉͋̑̀̄̀̒̈̀̇͜ͅd̸̻͙̫̦̹̊̈́̋̏̂̈́̽͝ ̶̞̫̹̈́w̴̜̼̓̎e̴̡͇͈̤̩͉͖̻͊͗̏̄͆͆̊̀̀̅̚͝͝'̴̟̃̽͛͛̓̈͘l̸̜̠̘͉̣̲̓̿͂̿̂̿̌͋ͅͅl̴̨̡͕̲̯̞̰̭͒̽͜͜ ̸̢̢̨̧̯̘̻̳͙̫̹̠͎̄̍̊̎̿̾̽̃̑̕ģ̴͔͍̱̼̲̙͕̀̾͒̔͑́̐̒͆͒̈̊̈́̂͋̽è̸̡̡̛͚̹̬͙͋͐̂̂́̈́́̎͒̅͐̐̕ͅṭ̸͎̤̣̬̒̌́́̔̆̀̎ ̵͚̻͔͓̼̫̹̪̱̰̀͋̕t̶͍̰͎̠̱̤̫̠͓̉̓͋͛͑̇̅̈͐̎h̷̨̜͚̦̟̯̐̈́̉̃̊̚r̵͚͎̦̎̌̇̃͘ǫ̸̡̨̛͈̯̱̙͉͕̞̗̳̙̇̆̆̐͌ű̴̲̮̹̼̗̟͚̥͕̠̲͋̆̅͊͗̇̆͛̄͗͛͌͑g̴̰͇̋̅̈́̆̋́͗͘͘͠͝h̷̨̡̢̻͔͍̗̰̗͔̪̫̼̼͇̊͒̕͝ͅ ̵̢̰̪̻̬͉̙̭̝̦͔̽͂̔̃̑͌͘̚t̴̳̦̗̜̅̄̅́̂͂̀͐̑͋̽̔͠h̸̬͎̲̱̻̪̖͚͓̜͕̬͕̽̍̄͋͋̔̒̄̒͊̾̓̚̚͘į̶̧͚̫̘̰͔̯̦̣̼͍̫̝̑̀̑̈̎̊͋̈́͘̕s̷̳͚̻̊̍̓͌͑̍̌͆͑ ̷̻̜͎̦̳̟̫̯̹͙̯̦̜̄̈́͆͌͋̉̔̔́̈́̂́͒̉͠s̸̭̭͔͖̠̟̦͕͖͓͔̀̃̑͊̑́̎̈́̂͘͝l̶̛͈̪̬̪̟͎͚̗̻̲̓͐̾̈̈̾̔̓̊́̃͝͝ơ̷̦̬̠̳̝̹̩̠͌͌̽͗̔͝ͅw̵̢̫̬̪̭͎͒̈́̊̊̌́̆̓̅̈́͂̉̓͂̕͝l̷̤͙̙̞̀͒̂͊̊̿͜y̴̧̺̻̤̦̹͔̬̭̣̓̍͜.̵̡͎͖̜͕̹̼̼͉̫̘̋́̂̿̋̆̊͝͠͝
̵̨̼͔̭͓͚͖̬̺̳̠̐̓̌̾̑̑̎̌̚̚͠Ï̷̮̣̦͍̠͍͈̰̞̖̙͇͎͔̈́̂͂̈́̓͂̌̈͌͘͠ ̸͇͓͎̠̯̖̰̝̫͛̓̓̌̉͒̓̕d̵̡̡̜̗̟͈͓̲̤̳̰͓̈͌͒̂̀͛̏̌͜ơ̷̞̑̄͂͌̓͂͊͋̎̈́́̄̓̕ň̶̡͑̎̔̈̂͐̎̋͒͑̿̕͝'̷͈͙̣͋͌̔̎̈́̊̀̈͑̏͆̓̄͌͑ț̶̗͈̠̰̟̝͑́͗̌̊̑͆̒̕ ̸̢̡̘̱̯͉͎̼̦̱̙̩͈̃̔͐̋̓̔̆̓͋̈́̾̾̂̆ţ̶̨͚͓̰̪́̿̄̍͒̍̀͆̎̆̈́h̴͓̦̝͖͇̝̳͆͋̇̈́̀̔̾̾̐̓̓̚͜͝ͅį̶̻̞̝̻̭̪̤̝̺̜̥̓ͅn̸̡͌̓̈́̋̂̈́̕̕͝͝k̵̰̈́̐ ̶̱̻̺͉̭̯̮̦͍̋̏͑̓̓͛͆̉̓̎͝͠h̴̡̹̘͚͓̝͇͎̔̍̚̕ẻ̷̢̛̥̰͇̞̭̥̘̪̫̙̞͗̈́̌͒̋̑̿͘̚ͅ ̵̧͚̲͎̳̤̻̹̺̻̹͈͐̂͘ĺ̷̙͚͉̲̯̽̅̑̈́̀͝͠ḯ̸̡̢͔̱̯̝̰̺̙͓͊̈̄̏͒̄̀͗͗̾̕̚͝ķ̵̛̲̺̳̘̘̱̭͖̭͇͌͌̌̍̉̈́̋͒ȩ̸̞͈̝̘̟̱͖̮̺̬́̌́̏͛́̃͐̇̈́͋̀̃̚͘͠d̶̡̢͍̜̮̹̩͈̣̹̗͌̾̕ͅ ̶̡͈̦̬̭̭̯̲̼̗̫̭̣̥̑̈́͂͜͜ẗ̸̢͙̳̰̫̣͕͉́̀͊̆̈́ḥ̶̡̛̰̼͔̲͈̮̩̩̘̳͈̅́̾̀͒͆͂̒̌̚͜͠͝͝á̸̡̼̫̠̹̪͆͆̊̀̒̌͊̏͋̄̌̄̓͘͜͠ţ̵͈͈̦̯͍̰̳̦̹̰̖̬͇̭̒̓͂̃̂͆́̋͊̕ͅ.̸̧̢̧̪̮͖̺͈̩̫͈̺͎̰̮̠̉͆͆̽̑͠.̸̢̨̰̜̩͑̈́̈́̐̾̆͂̋͑͊͑̑̕͘͘͠
̷̟̘̰̥̜̭͂̌͆̑͘͠Ĩ̶̬̾̉t̷̢̧̮̥̤̭̭̺̋͒͊́̈̋̈̔̑̿̈́̈́͗͊͝'̶̨̹̪̰͎̲̲̭̲̟͉͖͚͙͈̖̈́́͂͋̀͑̉͒̚s̷̱̺͉̜͍̖̭̝̻̤̘͙̓͊͑̈̒͒̊̑͐̃̇̈́͘͘͜͝ ̶̗̥̯̬̭̪̤͒̐̑̈́͘a̵̞͖͚̅̊̀͊̔́̋͊̎̈̆̏̽͜ḷ̷̲͔̮̖̻̗̮̣̽͂̑̒̋̔̈́̇̿̍̕͝ͅl̷̖͇̦̳̩̥̭̟̺̮͖̩͖̫̥̦̑ ̵̨̱͔̠̞̽͊̃̿̀̊͑̂́̏̓͗͒͊̽͘t̷̡͔͔̰̱̱̱̠̞̗̱̞́̆́̈͘̚ͅh̴̨̦̗͇̦̞̩̻̪̤͐̔̈́͛͠a̸̧̜̠̗̖͇̖͖̩̩̤̬̺̤̣͔̓̔̃̇̾͠t̶̰̭͓̾̉͌̔̔̎̂̓͆́̓ ̴̡̭̼͙͉̙͔̠̯̟̠̥̍͜ć̸̛͕̝̄̑̾̌͘̚á̶̭̂̓̿̈́̑̎̌͊̒̊͂̊̿n̸̨̦̙͙̤͓͉̤̫̼̳͔͈̪̑̈́̈ ̸̹͚̠͚͔̥͉̝͈͕̪͕̤̫͛͗̌͠ͅb̶̦͕̬̌̑̅͛̂́͊́̑̓̇͋͛̽̔̕e̷̳̝̙̗̜͎̣̱̘̰̘̩̖͆̂͊̀̈̇̈́͑͛̀͜͝͝ ̶̙͔͖͖͊̅͂̃͂d̵̡̛̖̺̮͎͑̓̒̿̽̾̄̓̔́͝ȍ̶̢͕̤̼̭͎̘̼͙̻̪ͅn̷̡̡͍̺̩̥̱̟̜͚͛͋͑͜ę̸̥͉͔̰͇̲̝͈̀͐̓͊̇́̽͊̅̚̕̕̚͝.̷̢̞̯͖̩̈ ̵̳̤͇̫̭̮̼̥͎͚̙͎̤͍̊̆̿̽̂̀͋̍͒̈́̆́̈́́̽̇ ̴̨̢̡̗͓̱̙͍̮͖͈̻̔̂͂͆̈́͗̓̀͋͛͒͜͠Ų̴̯͇͚̕n̵̛̛̫̤̯̳͍̙̊̉̏̾̑́́͋̄̈́̎͋̚͝ţ̷͇͇͎̙̰̭͍̟̬̖̩͔͑̌͒̉̂̽͘̕͝͝͝į̵̺̩̫̦͉͈̄̏̎̅̾̚͘ļ̶̢̛̱̩̭̗̗̻͈̜̬͇͉̠̰͓̂̀̒͑̃̈̀̾̉̐ ̸̢̫̼̟͇̤͑͗̉͌̎͜w̴̛͔̳̯̐̔̉̓̎͂̋͌̐͆̒͑e̵̤̰̫̞̪̋ ̶̘̼̜͉͕̦̪͆̒̍́̿̓̽̆̍̑͐̕͝ͅc̷̨̨̧͇͚͎̫̥͚̳̀͂̈͋̅̑̅̓̑̃̾̈å̶̮̬̟̌̊͑̑̂͋̋̌̚n̵̛̮̦̖̱̟̓̒̽̈̀͒̌̀̽̔̅̓̊͝ ̶͓̈́̿̉̽̃̓̒͠ͅg̸̟͛e̶̛͕̥̞͌́͐̎͐͑̈́̃̇͌̅̇̌t̵̢̳̝̤̺͙̱̞̠͓͔̲͂͊̈́̍̃͐͊̃͘͝͝ ̵̡͙̗̮͚̾̏͒̒̌͆̑͝ơ̸̘͔͎͖̪̝͔̦̗̝̘̱̬̳̐̾͊̊͌̌͒̑͋̋̈́̉̕͜͠u̸̬̞̜͍̞̲̯̠̘̯͙̞̘̦̩̾̽͗̀̀̋̍̈́͋̅̍͌͝t̶̢̨̨̹͖͓̘͔͍̪̞̱̖̟̼͙̎͒̽̀̊̈̍̌͛̀̄̿̈́͝ ̵̢̡͙̞̗̹̰̮̱̏͗̒̒̍̌́̈̒̐̒̕ͅo̷͇̘͕͖̮̓f̶̰̩̟͎̥͈̩̠̆̄͜ͅ ̸̨̧̞͓̦̫̟̹̟̤̍̔̾̽͑̿͛̿͂̋̽̄͛̚̚͘͜t̶̤̝̬͚̺̹͎̯̱͕̰̠͋͜͝ḥ̶͖͓͂̎̃̒͒̓͐̃͝͠į̸̢̨̛̭̰͉̗̞̭̹̹̀̈́͒͋̕͘ͅş̷̦̱̝̤̱̝̹̜͖̹͍̝͂̒͌̉̓̅̌̓͜͝͠ ̷̨͉̯͚̮̰̃͘p̶̺̯̤͇̳͓̭͙͒̌̏̓̔̈͂̌͑͠ͅļ̵̢̛̝̻̹͎̭͕̻̰͙̟̥͆͌͊̂̍͌͂̊̄̉͒͘̕a̴̡̠͆͠c̵̡̛̥͈̗̫̻̱̗̮͍͑̿̓̌͛̓̽̆͌̑̑͘͠͝ĕ̶̫̜͌̌̅̀̉̀͊͌͐,̸͕̤̽̓̔̋̇̍̈͆̅̇͊̕ ̸̡̨̪͎̣͈̬̱̘̜̤̱̆͜͝͝ͅa̴͚̞̭̪͔̤͓͖͖̮͖̤̐̄͋̄̐̒̇͌̕̕͜n̴̪̹̠̆̀̓̐̑͒̏̓̓͋͝͝͠͝d̵͙̺̞̹̽͛͘ ̷̣̰̭͖̠̺͂́̽̍̆ḩ̶̩̗̳͈̫̹̟̞̭͖̯͚͓͌̆ͅa̵̦̜̠͓̍̈̕v̶̡̢̛͍̗̱͖̹͖̮͚̮̽̔̊̎͗̓̔ë̶̢̧͓͉̘̫̼̳̬͓́̀ ̷̱̪̘̺̩̻͇̜̿̏̐̾͌́́̀͛̿͛̄̌̚͘͘͜á̵̡̲̌͐̀̽̅̎̽̀̀̔̚ ̵̛̭͍̈͌͗̔̃̕p̵̡̧͓̘͉̰̰̺̟̎̀͌̔̓̐́̓͠͝͠ṟ̴̛͍͙̋̀̅̐̃̕ǫ̶̥̗̖́͋̏̉̃͂̏̈́͋͗̚̚͠p̴̧̦̬̫̈̓̅̈ė̵̡̻̳͎̬̌͜ŗ̴̦͔̰͇̞̣̗͍̙̟̗̩̏̾̈́̒͗͛̌͝ ̴̛͛̄͛͋̀͑̏̊̎̇̈͐̕͜ͅt̵̡̢̞͇̙̺̟͈͙̼̣̜̙̫̐ĥ̸̖̈́͐̇̆̿̊͗̑̀͘̕͝͠ȩ̵̢͔͕͕̟̏͑̚ȑ̷͔͍̱a̷̢̘̗̭̼̰̐̓͋̄̑͑̀̄̅̅̓͒͑͠͠͠ṕ̴̠̺͈̺̯̰͚̝̱̇͒͒̽̏̋͛͌̈̏͌̽̚͝͝i̷̡͐ş̶̨̛͉͎̭̱̞̦̱̦̜̋͛͌̈́̽̉̈́̓̚͠͝t̸͍̭̊̌́̍̈́ ̶̬̞̙̟̯̬̲̙̉̔̊̀̓͂̈́̉͋l̸̡͚̹̔̽̽́̎̆̑́̋̽́͒̾̎͘͝ő̷̤̜̯̪̤̝̂̈́͐̽̍͛̽̓̔̋͛ͅo̴̳̞̘̠̰̳̐̅̔̅̀̀̎̃́̀̐͂̈́͘͠͠k̴̨̛̤̣̦̠͔̩̲̝̭̝̜͈̓͐́͛͗̓͌͒̅̐̊̇͐͘ ̷͉͙̫͆̉̐͘͜à̸̜̫̫͚͈̦̻̰͇͚͔̪̞̳̝̉̿͌͆̀͜͝͠t̷̡͎̰̣͉̒̑̔̐͜ ̵͚̝̘̮̹̦̩̤̘̗̞̙͆̈́̀͑͂̊͋̚͝͠h̵͍͍̅̅̀̿̓͊̀͋͊͐̈́̈́͘͜͝i̷̙̳̩̥̙̦̺͙̺̯͖͐͠m̶̢̨͚͍͎̱̱̖͇̮̱̓̅̒́͆̆̕͘̕͜͠͝,̷̡̬͙̼̗͎̲̭̥͈̰͉͓͎̞̍ ̵̡̦̙̝̳͗̏̑̌͂̈͑̈͐̃̕̕ḩ̴̱̝̲͚̦͙͊̆̃͑̆̐̆̋e̴͚̳͂̎̏͑̃̀́́̌̂̋̌͝͠ ̷̨͓͎̝̈́͆͋͑̓͐̓w̴̞̩̱̹̪̱̱͎̩̭̭̜̭̗͛́͋̅̍̋̕͜͜ö̴̪̙͚̩̻̯̬̪́̀ṇ̵̗̠͓̂̇̉̋̊́̎̇̂͊̀͊͂͛͝͝'̸̧̧̛͇̩̹̺͔͙̤̞̩͎̪͒̒̈̑̋̾́̈̓̉̓̕ͅt̸̨̢̧͎̩͓͈̖̟̥̎̿̂͛̓̅̊́̀̚ ̶̡̡̛͙͈̱̞̙̭̫̥̜̯̏̉͘͠b̸̨͔̩͈͉̪̹̮̪̠̻̹̦̏̈́̃͊̀̓͗́̃̎͋̐̍͝͝͠e̷̡͚̹̞͚͖̰̝̼̯̠͍̳̓̃̅̂̓ͅ ̸̨̧̡̛̯̝̜͇̯̺̜͔̯͕͗̐̏̇͐f̵̡̧̣͉̪̟̻̮͑͐͊̈́̓̂̉̐̎͝͝͠i̸͎̯̊͋n̴̨͎̦̭̰͓̆̐̔̾̽̔̒̓͘͝ͅͅȩ̸̢̳͉͔̹̙̜̤̻̙̼̬̟̞̊̀́.̴͕̭̯̰͚̊̉̊̇͂̇̍̀̏̈́̓͌͆̇͘͝ ̵̼̫̘̘̣͍̬̈́́͐̈́̈͐́͑͝ ̴̡̡̧̥͍̞͙̮̬̰̹̖̤̔͌͌̀̒̐͆̔̎͗̉̓͝͝͝S̶͍̯̣̩̫̔ỏ̸͎̻̟̰̩̜͚̫̇̀̓͂͋̉͑̀̿͝͠͠m̶̡̛̛̛̱̫̈́͂̄̔̂͆͗̾͒̕͝e̷͈̒͂̄̌̅̿͋̑̽͒͐͘ ̸̬̌̏͗͒͒̀̆͑̽̏͆̀͗̕p̷̧̘̭̱͕̮̙̠̻̫̤̤̩̥̺̺̏͛̂͋̀ě̶̡̗̼͍̤͍͉͓̗̺͚̜͙͎o̶̱̥̖̫̙͇̿̒̀̎͌͛͐̾̂̇͊͑̕͠ͅp̵̨͌̔̀̀l̷̬̣͇̟͐̐̈́e̷̢̨̦̮̪̘̖̜̜͉͐̂̒́̀̐͆́̃̒̓͘͠ ̵̢̡̹̖̰͕̣̤̞̺̙͚̈͋̋̀͑̒͜c̸̨̲̟͒͗̾̀̐̈͆͛̕̕̕á̸̘̰̭͚̻̪̞̩̦̦̭̻̀͛̇̈́̿̎̓͋̀̕̚͠ͅͅn̴̛̼͕̫̆̽͛̽͜͝ ̸̮̻̻̲̣̮͚͖͍̦̎͗̅͜ḻ̷̺̗̫̯͍͕͙̩̫̥́̂́̍̕͠ͅi̷̺͌̈́̎̀v̸̡͍͖͖̓ę̵̡̝̠̰̹̀̾͐̈̋ ̴̦̮̯̲̿̌͑̀̎̆ǒ̵̧͔̮̦̭̝̝̟͇̮̱̺̋́̈́̏̏̑͆͜͠u̶̢̫̝̘͙̬͖͕̮̠̻͔͌̚t̵̢͔͚̙͓͚͚̟̗̲͖̘͔̿͆̀̄̃͒ ̵̧͎̥̖̥̜̯̳̭͈͕̣͍̳̹̲͋̇̍̎̃̋̅̇͌͐̽͂̕t̵̢̨̗̺͚̙̹͕̠̏̋̓̏̑͜͝h̶̻̝̲̞̤̲͍̙̙̟̫̒̽́̑̿̀̐̊̑̅̾̅̏͝e̴̘͖͌̔͋́̉̉͆͝i̶̟̼̯͙̿ͅr̴̢̨͔̦̀̏̅̉̒͛͑͊̌̕͝ ̴̛̞̩̦͎̀̂̃̒̈́͋l̸̡̧̛̛͎̗̳̼͙͎͌̈́̕͜i̵̧̢̼̖̗͍͕͈͈͖̤̦̼̦̇́͒͋̔̈͐͒͆v̷̳͕͔̬͚̘͇̍̋͌̀̎̅̈́̄͂̅̏͠͠e̶͎̟̙̲͔̫͕̯̠̼͙͆͗̂̒̀̚͜͝s̶͉̪̈́͗̀̋͗͗̉̐̀͋̔̅̕͠͝ ̵̫̭̝̘̈́̋̄̂̓̄́̒͂͑̚͘w̷̡̨̥̻̟̫̫̥̠͙͌̑͌̌͊̒̀̍̽͋̔ͅͅǐ̵̧̛̪̱͖̦͙̻̤͈̻̹̪̇͑͛͒̉̊́t̵̛͉͚͐͆̊͆̑̓͑̆͑͛̓̈́͊̉́h̷̨̡̛͇̺͈̺̫͚̫͓͚̰̪̲̿͛̊̓̃͊͛̀̊̅͊̀̂ǫ̵͚̣̳̣̭͂̒̊̎̈́̎̇̀̌͗͆̌́̕͝͝u̷̝̱̹̔͊̑̍̀̉͒͊̓̓̕̚͠͝t̴̨͙̻͍͚̩̘̲̮̙̻̙̑̈̈́̀͊̓̈́̈́̾͜ ̷̨̛̛͕͙̝̬̱̪̼̰̻̫̭̦͉͗͐̏̽̄̈͋́̋͛̕͝͠r̴̥̹̞̙̮̯͆͋͊̊̉̇̅͆͊͊ͅè̶̢̛̱̻͓͈̼̹̗̋̆͋̿̂̓̔͋̃̏̐̅̈́͜͝ģ̴̨͚̥͉̮̻̠̻͆͒̊͌̄͌͋̄̇͜͝a̶̛̪̝̰̥̲̭̼̬͕̗͐̒̐͂̆̒̐͝ị̸̱̐̅̇̍̾̍̀̋̏̕̚ņ̴̘̱̯̻͒̎̊͜í̶̡̟̙̣̘̼̏͜n̵̢͇͔̤̜͖͖̻̼̗͎͆̄̄̊g̸̛̞̭͕̔͛̃̄̓̃̇̒̀͝͝͝ ̷̡̧̛̞̰̖̩̭̳̖̳̰̜̍̾̓̏́̃̈́͂̓͊͐̊͗͘t̶̠̘͔̺͇̠̿͊̋̇͊̿̽́̎̐͋̏̽̓͘ȟ̴̡̹͓̖̬͈͓̝͓͔̟͙̣̱̄͊̄̀̂̃̅̽̎̊̚ͅe̸̡̢̻̳̳̤̬͍̟͔͔̱͍̒͊͊͒̓͑̄̿̀̌̃̀́̍́̕͜ͅi̸̧̢̠̹̟͚̘̱̐̒̄͛͋͒͘͝r̵̛̟͖͙̻̣͑̾̒͐̐̆̉͠ ̸̘͙̜̈̈ͅm̸̡̨͙̟̳̤̠̟̝̟̟̘̤̖̠͙̈͋̉̇́̆͐͂̆͊̓̇͝é̵̡̨̛̮̹͓̲̦̯̦̩͔̞͍̋͆̀̆͌͒̈́́͆̓̈́͊̓͝m̵̧̬͉͎̈̍̽̍̕͠ǫ̵̨̳̖͉͚̮͙̺̤̰̣͈͎̀͑ͅr̸̻̰͎̤̱̪͔̅̄̊ͅį̸̦͈̫̙̑͆̈́̒̀̓͌̽̊̎̂̿̅̿e̶̩̠̭̰̘̙͎̲̬͓̫̠̋͌̈́̍̃̀̇̇̀̆̒̇͘ͅș̴̄̄͗̀̽͛́̆̉̊͐̆̕͜,̶̗͇͚͓̱̫̪̲͕̯͎͔͓̋̒̂͐ ̷̨͙̦͈̪̝́͂̍̄̚͘͠͝b̴̧̡̢̡̗̲̹̹͇̟̦̱̟̫̎̃̽͗̈̈́̈́̌̐̅͂͆͌̀͋̚ư̸̤̲̝͈̲͂̏͌͗̑̇̑͘ṱ̷̢͚͋̊͑́̋̎͝ͅ ̶̨̢̻͙̩̲̞̟͍̤͎̪͑̌̈́͐̍͗̆̒ͅţ̶͕̟̱̺̠̬̰̳̦̉̈́̏̿̿̀̽̂̇͑͊͐̄̕͜͝h̷̢̧̛̰͙͉̤̠͕̪̬̤̭̙̊͐̋̍͛̊̋̒̄͋͗̃̏͜͜͠ͅớ̵̢͙̣̹̰̣̭͓͍̫̪̤̩̳̆̏̈́̎̍̒̍͠͝͠ş̶̢̧͚̖͙͓͖͚̭͛͗̽̌́̿ͅe̴͚̺̘̳̤̙͇̜̪͎͝ ̴̻̱̄͆̈̈́̈͛̏̎̓ä̸̦̮̘̥̪͚̻̫̻̼͈̞̦͙́͂͂̌̽̌̎̈́́r̷̨̫͖̃͂͌̒́͛͗ȩ̸̧̜̺̭͎̯̮̱̩̜̬̈́̋̐̆̀͆̅͝ ̸̨̧̛̛̻̦͉̬̗̘̮͇̯̘͙̓̆̉̀̍́̅̔̅̾͐̒p̵̛̛͓̗̟͖̼̞̘̦͉͈̮̅̋̄̋̑̂͊͑̽́̂͠͝ͅè̷͎͎͍̗̥̟̜̫͙̊̍̿o̸̞̬̣̯̟͔̣̲̙̳͔̞͉͉͖̹͊̔̍̏͛́̉̀̌̿͘p̸̡̳̭̰̗̺̖̉̈́̾̿̑͆̈̓̃͆̓̎l̷̛̦̟͈̪̭̍́̕ę̵̨̧̨͉̫͈̠͓̗̹̣̹̐̎̄͝ ̸̜̗̑̉̆̈̀͠w̴̮͔̘̝̜̬̩̙̥͉̱͘͠į̸̛̣̥̥̼̓̅̉̔͐̊̋͒̽̑͊͐̊͜t̸͍̩͉͈̯̪̲̫̲̮̪̘͓̼̿͊̅́͌̋̓̑̉͝ḣ̷̤̟̙͙̬̗̲̜̼͚̦̗̜͛͆̂͊̊̉̑̒͗͘͠ ̸̡̛̬̤͓̌̌̓̽͛̑͗̏͒̊͝͝͝͝͝ŗ̵̰͓̈́̔̊͐͗̈̐̌͘͘̚͝͝ä̷̡̩̤̳̜̹̓̍̆̐̑͐̚t̵̛͖͙͋̈̅̉͌̀́̑́́́̕ǐ̸̲͇̞̝͎͕̣̱ö̵̜͖͖̖͈̖̲̖̲́̎̚n̷̻͍͇̫͔̳̼̲̬͙̲͔͈̰͎̰͒͗̀ą̴̗͋ļ̷̧̧̧̬̠̞͇͔͐̈́̍́̈͘ľ̶̩͙̰̭̺̤̲̮͈̫̺̟͑́́̾́̓̌̅̇̒̿̿̕͘͜ỷ̴̢̨̮͕̗͕̉͊̏͑̌̕̚͜͜ ̵̟̹̯͓͍͔̄̕s̴̢̝̮̪̪̭̺̘̘̯̭̰̼͊͜ä̶̢̗̻̺͍́f̵̢̩͙̺͔̭̟̝̹̤͈̘̱̐͛͐̑̓͗̇̿͝͝͠ͅê̴̫͚̂̔̃̈́́̂̎͆̀̆̑̕̕͝ ̸̨̨̧̨̢̜͓͍̖̫̩͇̺̩̻̓̀̉͘͠a̷̢̨̢̦̭͉̮̬̣̘̭͍͇͖̽͑n̷̡̢̡̛̺̣̱̝̝͙̲̰͙͆͌̈̓̄̓̍d̵̨̮̠̟̮͎͕̩̹̘̱̞̥͚̆̌͋̋̒̏ͅ ̵̼̜̭̼̖̏̋͒̉̔̏̋̆͆̾̕͘͝ͅe̴̛̱͙͕̬͔̼̪̺̲̯͉͕̭͇͙͂͒̾ͅa̶̡̛̲̙̫̯̖̓͆s̸̛͈͔̣̮͚͚̖͇̞͔͔̖͕̆͗̆͋̆̔́͒̽̕̕y̷͖̬̩̠̮̣̪͈̐͗̄͐̔̒͋͘ ̵̧̠̤̖͖̥͎̭̝̬̣͙̞̎͗͆l̷̢̨̨̞̭̭̺̫̲̻̥̖̇͊̊̌̀i̴̫͠v̴̩͖̬̥̬̠͍̞̫̉̊͒̑̈́̄̌͒́̈́͊̅̏̈é̶̠̲̈́͑̏̅̈̍͋̃̔̈́̈̇̕͘͠ͅs̷̡̔̉͒͑́͑̎̑͝.̶̨͇̘̫͈̼͉̮͚̈́́͛̔̇͋͋͑̃̈́̎̂̕ ̴̜̣͔͊͂̋̾͒̈́͐̑͛̕͝ ̵̢̢͙̠̦̘̗͖̣͈͚͍͇́͌͐̆̓́̈͠ͅH̷̢̠̭̯̞͎̱̤̠̕ͅi̸̡̛͖͈̲̙͖͊̽̈́̏̊̋̒͊͑̏̕s̷͙̲͎̟̝̩̙̙͕̬̒́̆͐ ̶̢̢̨̛̫̞͇̪̳̼͓̤͋̋̊́̔͛̓̀͘͜s̷̢̨̜̩̻͚̲͙̬̦̲̆̿̽̓͛͗̂̂̓ͅi̴̡̱̣̹̟̠̺̠̗͕̍͌̎̇͂͜t̸̡̨̨̧̩̦͈̞̖̗̻̱̺̠͐̃͋̍͐͝ͅͅu̷̧̨͚̦̜͖̠̼͈̩͑̂̓̈́͠ͅa̶̰̝̓̈́̑̍́́̌̇̐̈́̿͂͘͝ṯ̴̡̛̪̞͇̱̮̦̝͖̭̜͎͇̭̅̿͒͂́i̴̧̨̻̹̭̦̬̮̖̬̘̇̾̄͛̀̕ǫ̴̺͔̝͖͔͍̈́̿̔̎̇̎̏̀̕͘͘n̷̖̖̮̝̱̽̄́͗͒͗̿̐͛̕̕ ̵̨͈̦̩̣̳̞͔̹̉͂͊̀̈͌̀͛̚͝͠͝i̴̡̛̞͉̤͇̼̹͖̗̪̯̰̇̓͗̀͛̾͋́ͅs̸̛͖͇̝͇̖̜̦̗̐̌̽̉̈̋͐͛͘͝ ̶̨͎̬͉̹̆̂̕o̵̡̻̗̹̰̪̯̊̌̿͌̂͌̓͘̚͝͠n̷̢̺̗͓̼͕͈̜̜̪͕̩̹̦̹͐̎̀ͅ ̸̢̰̞̼̝̬̹̪͎̩̐ͅͅt̵̼̫̙̯͚̫̘̰̱͇̦̯̓̀͐̓̊̋̓ḩ̴͈̖̪̟̹͕͉̩̳̮̳̲̘̰̅̇̕͜ë̸̡͎͚̫̺͌̿̊͊̈́̓́͝ ̵̝̳̲̈́̑̕͝ͅf̵̥̲͖̺̘͍͂͝ä̸̛̩͙͓̖̯́́̇̐́̚̚͝r̶̳̹͚̪̳̘̰̤̝̰̼̭͚̟̈́͜ͅ ̸̧̱͍̳̮̤͓̘͕͓̜͂́͆̽̓͒̏̏̈́͠ŵ̸̟̟͒̎͆͐̊̅̈́̀̈́̚͘͘o̸̫̜̔̌ͅṟ̶̨̡̧̤̞̺͓̒̔̍̓̇̊͛̈́̓͘͝s̵̛̱͉̣̦̣͍̓̎̇͊͛̽̌͐͊̆̉̆͘͜e̸̥̟͇͊͂ ̶̧̧̻̼̙͉̣̘͓͕͓̖̗͈̙̉̓̃̾̄̓̕ͅş̴͚̫͔̙̣̫̪͉̘̓̇̃̈́͑͒͜͝͝i̵̡̢̬͎̖̼͓̰͙̭̙̫̬͋̆̈͂̆̈̀̔͐̽̾͘̚d̶̡̦̦̦͖̠̟̼̝̬̖͇̗͉̽̃͗̍̒̕͝ĕ̶̢̢̲͖̫͖̪̝̰͈͚̰̳͓͖̭̔̿̎͒͒͊̑̃̏̒̃̈́̒̐͘.̴̹̝̝͔̮̎̓̆͂̉̈́͒̿̅̓̈́̒͝ ̸̡̫̥̳̥̝̥̞̊͊͂̇͒̿̎͆͐̕͝ ̵̧̦̞̪̺̞̗̞͎̺͈̏̍͋̈͊͊̽̌̇̀͜͠ͅĮ̸̣͍̟̖͎̃̉̇͑̈́̅͆̂f̸̧̱͎̮̩̙̳̊ ̶̡̧̛̫̻͑̅̔̄̾̈́̀͛́̎͒̀̀̚͜͠h̷̢̫̘̜̗͚͉̘͓͕̼̻̭̊̋͌̅́͌ͅę̸̈́̋́̆̎̈͝ ̶̧̧̛̤͚̩̟̬͕̹͉̬̻̤̱̠̊̀̐̓̉̂͌̉͒̆͂̉̕͝͝ì̴̖̰͈͓̪̹͎̬̎͆̄̒̿̿̊̆̊̚͜͝͠s̷̢̛̝͉͓̜̝̲͎͖̳̫̠̓̽̂́̏̈́̀͗́͊̚ ̷̨̛̗̠͚̭͉͇͎̙́͘ͅͅs̵̛̪̲͉͍͇̠̹̮͊̓̏̓̇͂̋̀́́͘͠ḙ̶̛͚̈́̊̂͂̇͗͒̿͋̚͘͠͠ţ̴̛̲͉̘̫̦̯̰̠͖̓̾̽͑ ̶͕͍̼̟̣̫̀̀͊̀͑̚ọ̴̳̮͉̝͖̲̩̎̓f̶̫̖̤͔̲̰̘̗̞̥̹̠̀̈́̄̓͗̆͗̈͠͝͠f̶̡̳̭̺̘̫̻͉̟͒͆̆̀͂͂̾̅̕͘͘͝͠ ̴͚̣̩͖̱̺̄̏̑́̈̊̔̋̒̏̃́̓̅͜͠t̴̖̞̙̗̫̳̪̠̪̩̹̤̱̭̀̐̽́̕͜͠h̶̳̱͈̪̤̖͙͈̹̱̊̋̇̂͆́͊͐̐e̷̜̯̘̞̜͕͉̙͖̩͈̪̥̎́̈́̔̍͛̌̓̉̏̑̋̂̇͠ͅ ̴͓̜͈͓̟̯̬͕̥̼̎̌͛͆̉̿̈́͊̎̒̽̓͊̄̈́͘w̸̡̛̪̼̬̗͚̝̼̞̦̺͔̣̠͍͇͗̽̌̂̊͐͛̌̿͋̑͝͠͝r̶͎͖̦͕̣̺͇̳̲͒̀͛͜͝͝o̴̢̨̡̜͚̖̦̝͈̱͔̭͉̐͛̆̓̈́̏̌̔̈́̈̄̑̉͋̈́̈́͜ñ̶̛̥̦̣̇͆͂̾͌̓̂̇̍g̷̺̞̝͕͈̜̹͉̰̗̝̳̀̆͊̂͒̊̈́̔͛ ̴̡̳̟̻͓͖̥̫̻̩̪̞͍̟̄̇̌w̶̧̤͈͛̑̒̓͛͗̏̇͒̈́̋̕͝ͅą̴͈̻̞̳͎̋́̄̕̕͠͠ÿ̴̡̲͙́̐̇̏̾͊͆̅͋̂.̸̢͕̙̩̯͈͍̥̮̠̪̥̘̫͎͐͋̃̾͒̌́̉̓̈́̋͑̄̕̚͝.̶̯̯̘̣̲͍͊̓́̿̈́̈́͆̇̈́͊̿̃͜͠.̶̧̨̜̻̥̹̩̹͕͎́̔̌͛̈͂͋͘̕͝
̸̛͖͈̰̲̥̜̥͍̘̘͍̖̑̾͑̓̓͌̀͒̇.̸̡̧̺̘̩͈̊͑͌̽̍͌̓̆̅̉̋͘͠.̷͖̀̅̑̇̐̀͘̚͠͝.̵̨̗̥͔̻͉̹̄̆͊͌͝i̸̻͖͙̻̮̱̬̥̗͔͈͖̼̞̊͋̇̐̊͒̓̔̊̓̀͘͜͠ͅt̷̬͔̞͋̅̔́͌ ̸̢̢͚̼̬͖͛́̄͛͊͝c̷̨͍͖̟̫̥͍͚̞̩̃̾́̏̑͠ò̴̼̮̳̪͈̗̤̻͔̜̞̑͝ͅṵ̸̡͔̟̹̻͙̼̟͍͉̹̳̪̫͛̀̌̐́̅̇̀̇̃̾͌͒͘̕l̷̨͇͔͙̪̮̠̮͋̓͒́͋͛͗͠͝d̶̛̦̥͋̍̌͂̉͋͛͆͊̕͝͝ ̷̧̨̧̧̰̺̘͖̭̙̞̣̎̽̇͌͂̕ͅb̵̥̭͙͈̼̥̗̰̱̠͓̗̄̈̂͗̌̽̕͜ě̵̛͈̄̊͂͋͌̕͝͝ ̵̧̨̛̪̝̩̮͓̝̗̗͎̠̻̼̣͉̔͌͌̓͌̅c̸̛̟̖̻̯̥͔͚̻̙̜̖͗̒̐̐̀́̃͒̄̈́̓̈́̔̿ā̷̠̣̺̼͚̻̅͆̐̅́͊̽̐͑̅̈́̋ͅẗ̵͖̗̗͈̘́͑̏̿̓̓̄̏̈̃̅̓̕͝͠ǎ̵̭̭͙̲̀̎̒̿̈́̈́̉́͛̚͠s̶̛̜̦̲̦̽̈̑̔͘t̴̥͚̰͕̳͈̘̂͑̃͜͝r̷̛̺͒̋̈́ǫ̵̛̰͙̱̣̝͉͖̣̝̯͙̱̑͋̋̇p̵̨̺̩̩̗̔͆̒̂̾͘͘̚ḩ̷͕̹̩̣͉̭͇͑̈́̽̾i̶͍͈̮̗͖̣̠̼̜͇̗̎̄̓̽̑̃͒̉͆̕̚͝ç̷̧̛̥̭̩̩̮̜̭̮̜̬̝͉͕̺̆̔͋͂̈́̃̐̍̌̓͝.̸̡̢̠̱͖̠̻͍̞̝̺͖͊̆̓͋̀̓̂̈͗̊̌̌̕͘͝

Hirru closed his eyes while breathing in and out slowly.  The technique that Baldur showed him to calm himself was one that he was partially good at, but it wasn't always reliable.  Although, to most it would look like he was painfully going through his thoughts, it would be the other way around; his thoughts were painfully going through him.  He barely was able to recognize that Freyd had asked a question to them.  A very important question.

Why are you here, on the frontlines?

"If you asked me that before, I would tell you the most generic answer.  To get out, and help everyone else get out.  To protect everyone's future.  It was my oath, the very one I broke that day.  Though, after somethings have happened.."

He looked to Baldur, one of the few he actually told his mental issue to.  He nodded to the man before looking back to the flames.

"My answer is more to looking for proper answers.  There are things out there that can't be answered in this place, at this time.  Things that I need to know, but the answers are only out there."

Hirru points mostly to the ceiling above them, but the point is clear.  He is talking about the outside world.

"Selfish, I know.  Though, that is my primary reason.  My secondary reason is.."

He slightly kicks at Baldur and Koga in a playful manner.  It would seem weird for Koga, but Baldur had been with him for some time now.  They could be rough at times, but it was all play.

"...that I can't seem to let my friends go on suicide missions without me.  If I'm not there to keep them safe, who is?"

The healer would give a little grin, but that would mask the matter that Hirru was afraid.  He had missed two raids, and was already keen on the idea that on one of these raids, someone would die.  He wanted to make sure that it was no one that he could keep from dying.

@Koga @Baldur @Freyd

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"Why am I in the fight, eh?" Baldur gave Freyd a lopsided smile. "Because it's the right thing to do."

Baldur rubbed his hands together over the fire, fending off imaginary chill with imaginary heat.

"I spent the first" he gestured vaguely, unable to remember the unit of time "several months of the game leveling up by killing boars in a group, to maintain as close to a zero risk factor as I could. I saw how many players died from boars, and I had people to take care of, both here in Aincrad, and outside. I recognized the danger, and that throwing my life away with meaningless risks wasn't going to help anyone."

His eyes became transfixed on the fire.

"Would me have gaining a level faster or slower change the course of the frontlines? Probably not. Hell, me joining the frontlines sooner, or less prepared, may have cost someone their life."

Azide, falling from the sky, and turning into pixels.

"I became a merchant, because when the frontline went out to the floor 8 or 9 boss fight, there were no alchemists. There was no way to get healing potions and field rations and teleport crystals into the hands of the frontliners otherwise. So I became a merchant and supplied the raid. I made no profit, because it wasn't right to cash in on people risking their life for mine."

He still remembered the parade of people coming into his little shop on their way to the boss fight that would eventually claim the life of a player.

"I fight because I have people I love, outside of this game, and inside of this game, and I want to reunite them. I want to do what I can to alleviate their suffering. And I am here, because the frontlines suffer as well. I have seen people broken by it. I have seen people broken by the game. I've seen people lose track of what is real and what is not. I've seen people think their choices were reduced to some kind of binary, even when it is not. I am here to help everyone I can because seeing their suffering breaks my heart."

He finally broke his gaze away from the fire, and smiled almost sheepishly, as if he realized he was lost in his own world.

"I am here to fight, because asking children to fight in my place doesn't sit well with me. I am here to fight, and hope that perhaps my example can help people realize there is another way. But I don't just fight here. I've fought to make sure the raid is supplied, and people actually show up to these damn things prepared. Both with knowledge of what is to come, but also the consumables and healing crystals that keep them alive. I am here to forge bonds, not just to keep the machine that is the frontline moving forward, but to keep the people that make it up together."

"Too many people have died, to bosses, to boars, to players. I will never ask someone to do something for me, that I'm not willing to put my neck on the line and do myself. And I'm here because I want to use my sword to save lives."

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"Noble ideals," Freyd whispered in response to Baldur's eloquent answers, a hint of something concealed behind well-practiced masks.  "Such things are not a luxury a janitor can allow himself.  My inglorious task is to complete the dirty jobs and clean up the messes that follow, including the blemishes and stains left in the wake of the pursuit of honour."  No mocking jibes or condescension carried behind his words.  He meant what he said, and how he said it, bound with silent envy and admiration that he denied himself. Perhaps he didn't feel worthy.  Perhaps the crisp, cold scalpel of machine within had severed his connection to such high ideals, long ago.  Perhaps not.  

"Hirru and Koga," he added, "thank you both for your honesty and sincerity.  Both are equally valid goals.  Hold on to them.  These things have a habit of testing one's sense of self and resolve in unexpected ways.  That is the true test and measure of a raid.  It is the part for which you can never prepare."

He stoked the fire one more time, lost in other thoughts that that failed to penetrate the reflected flames in his eyes.  There was clearly more at play, but the Whisper had shared whatever he'd intended and fell silent.

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Hirru's eyes seem to fall a little more into the flames as Baldur spoke.  It was the right thing to do, to fight for the front.  Even under the pressure of keeping everyone well stocked and survive, Baldur seemed to keep his spirits high.  Freyd was always an enigma to the hunter, as he never really got his story ever when they went out to quest or farm.  Though, the little that he did give coincided with his reason for being here.  Koga, although it seemed funny at first, but his other reasoning warranted concern.  Did the guy not think he had any worth?  Where was his self-worth?  Surely he respected himself?  No, it could be more to that, but the healer didn't have time to ponder on that.

Even so, all of them seemed to have a more proper reason than he did.  Their reasons were far better than from when he had no recollection that this place was a game set in a fantasy realm.  Whatever that meant?  Hirru was still working around some of the things, but he was picking up on quite a few things here and there.  It all still made that prior goal to bring everyone 'back to their own world' a much more odd reason.  Though, was it really?  Didn't he join the front to stay with his guild?  Wasn't he just following his guild leaders wishes? 

What wishes were they, again?

"Huh, I guess so.  I'll try to keep that in mind."

Looking over to the rest of the players that had gathered, it looked like everyone had finally arrived.  Especially Zandra and her flag was getting everyone pumped up.  Although it wasn't buffing him, Hirru felt that with this talk, and the general output of this raid..

"Looks like we're all here.  Koga, Bal.  'Let's lead from the front.'"

Hirru joked before getting up from the stump.  He would turn to Freyd and give him a two finger salute before putting on the bucket helm upon his head.

"Thanks for the pep talk."

He would walk over to the entrance that Shiina had conveniently already broken.  Hirru sighed a bit before looking back and awaited his party members.  This was his first time back on the front lines.  He wasn't going to make the same mistake again.


..was going..

..to be..



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Freyd bid them all farewell and good luck.  It wasn't exactly like they'd be going far.   But the rest of the teams were stirring and static tension was building in the air around them as the dawning of the raid was imminent.  It was hard to describe and impossible to ignore, like a nervous tick growing in intensity behind your eyes, eager to see what would be revealed once the curtain lifted.  It could be magnificent, nightmarish, or even both.  They were about to find out.

"Interesting, isn't it Montjoy, how all of us can be so different from one another."

Freyd's shadow curled slowly around the flame, suffocating the light from all sides as it encroached closer and closer to the improvised pit.

"They're good people.  All of them."

It was enough to draw the shadow's attention and spare the flickering flame for a few moments.  Freyd rarely made such comments or observations.  He also rarely made such pleasant memories as these.  What could possibly have prompted him to do so?

"Maybe," he replied with softness barely above the sound of a whisper, for some realizations are too fragile for anything more, "we need to spend more time remembering the ties that bind, lest we all forget what we are fighting for."


Thread Summary:

7231 words / 30 = 241*5= 1206*Tier

Freyd receives:

14472 EXP (Word Count [1206*12])
2270 col (100 [1 page/4] + 2170 [Laurel, +15% of EXP as col])

Baldur receives:

10854 EXP (Word Count [1206*9])
1728 col (100 [1 page/4] + 1628 [Laurel, +15% of EXP as col])

Koga receives:

7236 EXP (Word Count [1206*6])
1185 col (100 [1 page/4] + 1085 [Laurel, +15% of EXP as col])

Hirru receives:

9648 EXP (Word Count [1206*8])
1547 col (100 [1 page/4] + 1447 [Laurel, +15% of EXP as col])


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