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(PP-F5) Azure Flames Ascending to F6


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When Amber was killed, Zelrius didn't pay attention to the Message board that popped up right away. His first reaction was to start heading for the stairs that had just appeared. He smirked as he walked up them, then stopped, thinking maybe Zauis or Asen would like first Dibs on seeing the new floor.

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I am just sitting back and watching the last attack when all of a sudden the boss just disperses into millions of polygon shards. I look around and see THREE last attack bonus windows.


----------Last Attack Bonus-----------

------------Scorpions Pick-------------

I walked over to the three players. Nice job guys! I said with a faulty tone. I have some bad news. This is my last battle for a while. I wont be around the front lines until further notice. If anyone needs anything just shoot me a message. I will be announcing the guild's Co-Leader fairly soon. I will send everyone a message in the guild section once it is figured out. I hope you guys carry on what I started. I said my final goodbyes and vanished up the staircase to the next floor.

"The Holy Swordsman hasn't been seen since"

(Scorpions Pick: A set of 5 throwing picks that deal 2 points of extra damage with a 25% chance of afflicting poison)

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Zauis wasn't to concerned about the bonus item considering each of them got a hit of around the exact time. Having my back turned to all of them I shrugged a bit. I already had a feeling what the leader was gonna say. Though there was no way in hell if get upset and stress over it. Leader would knock the mess outta me if he saw me weeping. Though I never intended to anyway. Hearing leader's speech, I turned to him with both my hands stuck to my side with my head up. "Sir, you will be missed on the front lines! But I'll make it my duty to pick up the slack without you and prevent death! Our guild will succeed in beating this game! You've taught us very well and I hope that they carry on your will of fire just as much as I will. That's all I gotta say! " I said strictly in and strong willed confident tone.

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