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[PP-F3] The One Hunts With A New Ally <<Feeding The Enemy>>

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Sotarou heard the words that Kylissia had spoken... but they only barely registered in his head as he kept thinking about scenarios and whatnot, why this girl out of everyone decided to come with him in the first place... was he singled out...? He'd heard of women like this in the real world, older women who prey on the younger guys... cougars, they were called...? But everything he'd heard, they were MUCH older... Kylissia couldn't be much older than... what... early 30s? Late 20s? Certainly older than him, but definitely not those 50+ year cougars. So probably not that... but then... why...?

After walking some time, suddenly a raised root of a tree caught under Sotarou's unwatching eye and caught him unawares, causing him to tumble forward, hitting the ground hard... "OOF!" He hit the ground hard... as he lay there groaning from the sudden wind knocked out of him, his eyes opened, noting... a treasure chest tucked neatly underneath the tree that had tripped him! "Ugh... well... at least the pain was worth it... found a treasure chest..."


ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time
220444 5 11 15 4 Sotarou http://www.cydel.net/images/saorpg/diceroll/Msg_hover2.png Treasure Roll, Lucky Straights +2 LD 2024-03-19 15:59:13
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                     Kylissia kept her eyes on Sotarou, and soon he would trip over a tree root...one that happened to have been in front of him, to boot. Kylissia could easily blame herself for this, as her teasing may have distracted his mind from being able to focus on his surroundings.

                       Kylissia rushed over to Sotarou to make sure he was okay. "Are you alright, Sota-kun?"
        While she might potentially tone down the teasing, she certainly wasn't planning on dropping the nickname anytime soon.
        She helped the man up, and checked his head for any concussions, though it was unlikely in a game like this, not to mention the pain dampener reduced pain to a slight tingle. It seemed that Sotarou had found a treasure chest hidden in the tree roots. Kylissia would proceed to pull it out and open it up. 
"Seems to be a pretty small cache." Kylissia observed as she looked over the contents. "Which of these would you like to be your share of it?" She asked.


ID# 220459 LD: 4(150 Col, 2 Materials, <<T1 Uncommon Consumable 220459a>> and <<T1 Uncommon Consumable 220459b>>)

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Sotarou just stood up, dusting himself off of the dirt covering his outfit. He took a calming breath, recovering from the wind being knocked out of him. He looked at the loot gained curiously and smiled a bit. "Well, seems easy enough to divide the spoils there. Even split seem okay to you? We each get one of the consumables, the Col can be split 50/50, and then since I get my own materials anyway, you can take those if you want them. Otherwise, one for each of us. Does that sound okay?" Discussing this topic seems to have helped him to forget the earlier thoughts that were hitting his mind like a freight train earlier.

He decided that while the topic was being discussed of splitting the loot, he looked nearby for a good material tree to hack. He grabbed Sokuchi from his waist, readying it. Finding another solid tree, he went down into his horse stance, ready to do the same thing he'd done the last time. But his mood was better now... he felt calm... collected... this time, it would work... he would strike true... a single breath... then an exhale, he was suddenly on the other side of the tree, Sokuchi drawn out Iaijutsu-style. He sheathed the blade and as he did so, the tree started falling properly and away from the pair. As it did, it suddenly disappeared, leaving a popup in front of Sotarou.


Sotarou smiled. "And that's how you do that."


ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time
223269 6 2 19 4 Sotarou http://www.cydel.net/images/saorpg/diceroll/Msg_hover2.png Gathering Roll: Chopping Down a Tree, +2 LD from Lucky Straits 2024-05-22 10:22:06
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      Kylissia nodded her head in agreement with Sotarou. "I believe that sounds great, Sota-kun." She spoke with a smile. With that, she would pull up her menu and then send Sotarou his share of the Cache's contents. With that matter taken care of, Kylissia would then proceed to watch as Sotarou poised himself and cut down a tree with his Katana. The tree fell with a clean cut, and there would be a newly obtained material in the man's inventory. "Impressive." Kylissia complimented. "At this rate, I'm sure you'll be able to take down sturdier targets before long." What else could a weapon cut through with the right levels of power and precision? What else other than wood? Stone? Gemstone? Crystal? Metal? Bread?

           At the moment there wasn't much that could take Kylissia's attention. Perhaps it was time to move on and continue the search, surely there had to be more canine creatures on this floor than only the somewhat jaundiced monsters they'd been finding so far.


The following obtained loot has been given to Sotarou:

75 Col, 1 Material, <<T1 Uncommon Consumable 220459b>>

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