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Macradon, the Imperial Topaz

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«Macradon» The Imperial Topaz



» Username: Macradon         
 » Real name: Giang Huynh        
» Age: 20          
» Gender: Male           
» Height: 175 centimeters

» About:                                     

Born in the late years of Vietnam, Giang Huynh was born in Saigon, the second "capital" of Vietnam, the town also known as Ho Chi Minh City. Though he was born in Vietnam, he was never really living in that country, as he was born without notice as his parents hadn't anticipated him to come out just yet. After his birth, he was quickly broad back to where his parents actually lived, in the cold north of Denmark. Vietnam was not the place where they wanted their boy to be raised, they wanted him to be raised in a more civilized country, a western country. In the north of Denmark, a small town named Hjørring was where little Giang was to be raised, and so he was. He would live a calm and normal life throughout most of his life, living under the parachute that was his parents, shielded away from all that could be harming him. In his early years, from the age of 6, Giang was taught Judo at a local school, but dropped out at the age of 9 because it wasn't interesting for him anymore, it didn't really do much for him. He also learned the way of the music, as his father was quite so musical. He was taught to play and read sheet for guitar, and later also piano.

Horsens was a small town, and Denmark was a small country on its own, so Giang didn't really know much outside of the small town, and would stay like that. Hjørring was like a agricultural town, so not much city-like was present at the town, only that there actually was a central are with shops and a library. Giang was used to this at the age of 12, but knew that Horsens was the biggest town in the range of most of the northern cities, which made it a bit better for him, knowing that he was living in one of the "big towns". Though, the term of "big town" would drastically change when he and his parents would move. They would unite more with the rest of the family, being with his uncles and aunts at the larger city, nearly the largest, Århus. Århus would be the town he would live in, living in a small house with his two parents. He would enroll into school in Århus as soon as he possibly could and would go into the school as a late new kid. While living in Århus, Giang would be taught martial arts in a fighting club which also had a Kung Fu school in it, in that school he would grow fond of the two handed Chinese broadsword, and would pick that up as his signature at the school. He would raise up high in the ranks within the school very quickly, getting very physically fit quite quickly as well.

Martial Arts was what really held him together in this city, as for any big cities, there're bound to be thugs. Giang would discover this in his early years around the age of 14 where he was to be mugged. While going home after club activities, Giang would head back under a bridge through a tunnel, this was the only way to get by the road on top of the tunnel without being ran over by cars, so he would take the safest route for that evening, or that he thought. When he was about halfway through the tunnel, a voice in front of him told him to stop. It was a person, probably around his age, maybe a year older than him. He didn't have much to talk about but would stop up and ask why. This is where he would hear the sound of footsteps behind him. He would quickly glance back and realize that it was a mugging, he was to be mugged. He didn't want any trouble so just asked to be left alone, but the two thugs wouldn't let him alone and began attacking. Without realizing it, the front thug already had a screwdriver out, ready to stab at Giang, but his normal reaction to straight "punches" was to disarm, so he did and broke the thugs arms as he didn't really think of what he had been through right there. Scared and confused, he just ran away.

That part of his life was a defining feature of his. He became more brave, more self confident. He would begin to go all out in sparring matches, trying to get as much energy out as possible so he could struggle and have even more experience out of it, becoming an elite among the elite in the school in both hand to hand combat as well as armed combat. He also picked up the way of the staff to get a varied fighting style. This was where he would begin to be intrigued in the world of virtual reality gaming, this was something that really wanted him to go in a take a look at what it was. He had tried many different games on the computer, but virtual reality was a new thing for him, and when he saw the announcement for something called Sword Art Online, he was stoked. He just needed that game, now that he already knew the way of the sword maybe he could get to use it in the game.

Giang would advance through the ways of the blade, staff and open fist, but he would soon be out of time to practice as hardcore as he had been used to as college began to roll through his life. Being 16 years old, Giang had begun his enrollment in the Technical College of Aarhus where he studied technology and its advancement. While studying in college, he would low key train at home to keep his body ready when Sword Art Online would be released and he would be able to take it on face to face. It was only two years or so into college that SAO would be released and Giang would purchase it as soon as he possibly could and throw it into the NerveGear™ to try it out. This was where he would be now. In the start of the game, Giang would only do casual things like learning the game's mechanics, as well as making his character. It was eventually done as he would understand it all easily through the MMORPG experience he had had. He had picked the way of the two-handed straight sword, because that was the closest he could seem fit with his dadao experience. He had basic equipment and would just go around and look at what everything was about until he was transported to the town of beginnings where he would be introduced to the game and what it really meant.

» Virtues:               


  • Knowledge and experience is the key to most. That is what Giang lives by. With experience and the knowledge he has, he can easily get by any obstacle without exerting too much stress. He is capable of doing much if it only needs him to be done. Knowing the opponent is half the battle, he will analysen and come up with a brilliant strategy that only relies on himself and the variables he know of, larger scale battles with too many unwavering points of references are too much for him, as he barely has time to get every variable available to him nor time to process all the information.


  • Giang does not want to have harsh and annoying clothing on that would harm him in any way and would be uncomfortable as well as impractical for him. If he wants something that would aide him, he would like it to be comfortable to wear as well, not something that's really good, but just hurts or is annoying to wear, he would rather wear a comfortable shirt than to wear a scratching, itching and pinching breastplate. This also includes those he holds dear and would not be pleased when people go out of their way to wear something they don't really fit. Being a blacksmith, Giang has more than enough at his disposal to tailor fit armour for himself and his companions.


  • Through his experience and self confidence. Giang has grown very brave, courageous and caring. Giang is brave in the sense that he knows his own strengths and his limits, but also acknowledges the strength of his fellow people, or even the foes he's against. He know what to back down and to go in, but he rarely backs down, even when he seems to be outnumbered, he will press on and return victorious.

» Flaws:             


  • Giang's mental fortitude has never been his strongest. He tries his best to overcome what he cannot comprehend. Mental tricks rarely work on him, since there isn't much to work with, but if anyone or anything touches on those memories he do remember, it will usually not go well for neither parties. His ferocity trumps his mind, as anger erupts and consumes his calm self more often than he can withstand.


  • Giang has a tendency to add weird things to his mind when thing ever occur, be it life threatening or just a lighthearted moment. He sometimes will not have the brain capacity to act serious and will somehow make the scene into a joke, willingly or not. Being serious for too long takes its toll, as chaos and fun will always take priority in his subconsciousness. A virtue to be sure if one would think of this as lighthearted fun wherever he went, but a flaw in his own eyes, as seriousness is an element of frontlining, something he might become one to struggle at.


  • The less responsibility the better, he couldn't really be bothered to do any paper work if he doesn't have to. He loves days off, and reluctantly ever goes outside to do some work, either in his shoppe or on the frontlines. When push comes to shove, Giang will participate, but he will for the most part not be enjoying whatever work has been forced upon him. He strives for the freedom of the masses ... but if someone else could do it for him that'd be great.

» Profession: Grand Master Blacksmith: Rank 10

» Skill points: 213/215

Utility Skills
[Grandmaster] » Searching +1 LD per rank. +1 to Stealth Detection per rank. Skill rank: 5
Description: Increases your perception, making it easier to find treasure, detect hidden creatures, and increases your chance of obtaining better loot from monsters.

[Addon] » Reveal +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 10 posts (instead of 15). Reduces the personal post cooldown when searching for a labyrinth to 3 posts (instead of 5). (6 SP)
Description: Allows you to see through doors, walls and some objects, as well as increasing the chance to find dungeons and other hidden entrances.

[Skilled] » Quick ChangeAllows the user to instantly equip, unequip, or swap any equipment in their battle-ready inventory. Skilled(8 SP)
Description: You’ve become acquainted with your equipment and have learned to navigate through your battle-ready inventory with great ease.

Combat Skills
[Grandmaster] » Battle HealingWhile in combat, recover 1% per rank of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn. Skill rank: 5
Description: Passively recover health in battle.
Skilled] » ChargePerform a single attack/Sword Art with +5 base damage. Charge attacks have a -1 Accuracy debuff and cannot be affected by any auto-hit effects from other skills and mods. Skilled(10 SP)
Description: Charge towards an opponent to inflict extra damage.

[Skilled] » EnergistIncrease base Energy by 5*Tier. Skilled(8 SP)
Description: You are more skilled with using energy, increasing your total energy available.

[Skilled] » Fighting Spirit Attacking and using Howl or Focused Howl generates +1 additional Hate. (Ex. Generate 1/2/3 Hate on a Miss/Hit/Critical attack. Generate 5 Hate when using Focused Howl.) Skilled(10 SP)
Description: You become more intimidating when attacking enemies, making them even more likely to attack you.

Weapon Skills
[Grandmaster] » 2H Straight SwordGain +3 base damage for rank 1, then +1 base damage for ranks 2-5. Skill rank: 5
[Addon] » Stamina - Reduces the energy of all attacks by 2. (4 SP)
Description: After having used your weapon for many battles, it no longer causes strain on your body.
[Addon] » «2h Straight Sword»Ferocity - +2 base damage when using Sword Arts of the specified weapon type.  Players cannot use both Precision and Ferocity. (4 SP)
Description: Become more vicious and ferocious with your weapon of choice.

Armor Skills
[Grandmaster] » Heavy ArmorGain Mitigation based on your rank in Heavy armor. You can only benefit from one armor skill at a time (the respective armor type must be equipped). Your evasion is capped at 1 enhancement slot and you take -1 to Stealth Rating per rank. Skill rank: 5
Description: You have become proficient in plated armor of metal and chain, acting as a wearable shield.
[Mod] » Impetus - Gain +1 damage. (4 SP)
Description: You have learned to use the weight of your armor to add more power and force to your attacks when using heavy weapons.
[Addon] » Iron Skin - Gain +15 Mitigation and +  15 * Tier HP. (6 SP)
Description: Your body becomes as strong as your armor, as if it were made of iron as well, allowing you to endure and block more.

Combat Masteries
[Expert] » Combat Mastery: DamageGain +1 * Tier additional Base Damage per rank. Ranks of this Skill apply to Damage enhancement caps. Skill rank: 3
Description: You’ve chosen to specialize in the art of combat, bolstering your strength beyond its usual parameters.

Extra Skills
[Skilled] » Disguise - As a free action, increase Evasion by 1 and lesser criticals [BD8 w/ focus/BD9] are not autohits. Effect lasts until the start of next turn. Skilled
Description: You’ve become fleet of foot, capable of unleashing bursts of speed when the need arises.
[Skilled] » Survival Increases Healing effects received from all sources by 10%. Grants immunity to all damage dealing environmental attacks/effects. Skilled
Description: Your skin has grown hard and weathered, allowing you to brave even the harshest of storms with relative ease.
[Skilled] » Meditation Recover an additional (4 * Tier) energy. Skilled
Description: Revitalize yourself by stilling your mind.
[Skilled] » Parry Apply the energy cost upon proc, not activation. Reduces the final damage of the next successful attack against you by 50% (rounded down) and negates stun/paralysis effects of that attack. If hit by multiple attacks, only apply parry to the first attack against you. Parry lasts for three turns. Cooldown starts when the player activates the Skill. If the player is hit when using Parry, the cooldown is reset to 3 turns. Skilled (10 SP)
Description: Prepare yourself against your opponent’s next attack.

Custom Skills
» Aerial Ace Stacks with Combat Skill [Charge]. As a free action, change the player's stance from [Standard] to [Aerial]. While in [Aerial] stance, on a [Sword Art]'s execution, the following changes are applied until the start of the next turn: Damage is increased by Player's Tier. Energy cost of the Sword Art performed is increased by (Sword Art Rank), Evasion is decreased by (Sword Art Rank), Mitigation is decreased by (2 * Sword Art Rank * Player's Tier). Skilled
Description: With experience comes tinkering, and with tinkering comes innovation. Through rigorous training, Macradon had found a way for him to enhance his sword arts by adding momentum to his attacks by executing them mid-air. Aerial strikes hinders his basic defensive dexterity while airbound, but provides more than enough power in return. The Aerial Ace style always has the sword in one hand when initiating a Sword Art to aide the user in nimbleness to jump into the air, while in the air the user presumes the sword art stance and activates their Sword Art.

Item Log(As of 08-28-2016)
SP Log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wO26WcBdQHBwifd-BuYulYquxuA5CmFpK0ovslJzLQo/edit?usp=sharing

«Story Thus Far»

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