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The Weekly Link

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The Weekly Link #1



The Weekly Link

Week #1

   Welcome to the first ever installment of the Weekly Link, a weekly blog post to provide some out of character entertainment and news to everyone on the site. Though I know the blogs haven't been used much in the past, I am going to do my best to change that and encourage all the others on staff to start using these more. THis is still in the early stages, and any feedback you may have for the blog is welcome. Always feel free to message me on site or DM me on discord should you have questions or submissions for the blog. I do my best to keep an eye on things to add, but I'm not perfect. Without further ado, let's make our way into the meat of the blog post itself.

New players

   Though the rules may be intimidating for new people, we still like to bring as many in as we can. Though a short welcome indeed, please give a warm welcome to @Ryoko, @Ghost, @PintsizePrincess, @Lynn, and @Salem. Remember staff is always here to help if you have questions as well as there is plenty of people not on staff that are just as kind. As a further congratulations, you are the first to be getting shout-outs as new members in this blog. Enjoy your time here on the site. I encourage anyone who's looking for a partner to look towards these people and help bring them into our great community.

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   Looking for something good to read, or just a place to party. There's always something to look forward to while you're stuck here in Aincrad. Right now we have two open party threads for anyone to participate in. The first is @Zandra's beach party thread on floor 16. Participate in a scavenger hunt, swimsuit competition, or the monster slaying party. Though the scavenger hunt is already well under way, you can still join in and try to find the rare white crystals scattered around the beach and its surroundings. Sand too coarse and getting everywhere, then why not head over to floor 3 and join @Dustin's Tavern party. Though there isn't a lot of people there right now, invite your friends and pack the tavern full of players. Drinks are half-off!

  If anyone has some good threads that they think would make for an interesting reading experience, or another open party you started up, send them my way and you could be featured in next week's Weekly Link!


   Got any need for help, or looking to offer some of your own. Send in any requests that you have here and have the traffic coming to you. No cost to get in, but whoever comes first will be higher on the list. For now, it's just mine. Should anyone want to gathering, I'll take you on a nature's treasure quest so you don't have to solo it.

Weekly Riddle

   For a little bit of fun, How about we give you guys a weekly riddle to look forward to in these posts. I'm starting off easy, but expect things to get rather difficult down the road. Message me your answers and I'll shout out the winners in the next issue. If you second guess your answer, I'll take whatever you're most recent one is. I will respond to let you know that I have seen and recorded your answer so you know that you've possibly made it into the next issue.

Some try to hide, some try to cheat

But time will show, we always will meet

Try as you might to guess my name

I promise you'll know, when you I do claim.

Ask Neo

   If any of you have those burning questions, or just weird oddities, you'd like to ask me or any of the staff just send them in. I'll pick a few of what I think are the best ones to answer and post them in next week's issue. For now, I'll offer up some advice to anyone new looking at this. Please make sure to be double checking your sentences when submitting a journal. It is the number one thing that I see missing when I am looking at new journals. Remember that your history section is two paragraphs of at least five sentences each and each virtue and flaw must be three sentences.


That's all for today, remember to send any submissions, answers, or anything else to me through the site or discord. I'm eager to see how well the blog is doing as we try to give you more announcements and details on what is happening around the site.


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