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The Weekly Link #5




The Weekly Link

Week #5

  We have trouble coming to the Thirteenth floor and many players coming to help us.

New players

     Every week, we are greeted with people beginning their journey in this game. Though they risk their lives every waking moment now, we should welcome them with open arms. As such, please keep an eye out for @Mishiro, @Ptolemy, @Kian, @Ulaan, @Black, @Cr0wnS, and @Mutsu. We also have @Jinx who has been leveling up in secret for a while, make sure not to ignore them.

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   Trouble has come to a climax at Angel's Point on floor 13, priests have concluded their investigation and are preparing to face the priest being accused of colluding with demons. Though some believe it to be for the better of the town, many think that it is an outrage to consider the man innocent. All the local priests have asked any and all who are capable fighters, healers, and tanks to come to the church to make sure the confrontation goes smoothly. There are supplies being offered there as well as I will be giving my own resources once I arrive myself.

  ((This is an event for players of all levels to join in. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17049-f13-eb-tainted-prestige/. To those who are unfamiliar with how to post stats, feel free to ask staff or reference some of the stat posts by our friendly front liners. Once I post in the thread, I will be opening a temporary shop where I'll be giving away uncommon items for thread for free.))


Weekly Riddle

No one has discovered the answer to this riddle, so I will leave it with you once more:

It stretches and bends, though it has a limit.

If it doesn't snap, rubber will hold it


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