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  1. Player Killers?

  2. And with that, Oske X Shark: I only read the first page of their get together roleplay, but I already find it cute~ ^-^ Notice me Shark-Senpai~
  3. Closed for inactivity 2800 col each
  4. "It's okay Kosan. You tried..." She shone a smile towards him glad to at least had spoken to him. "I hope to see you again, sometime." She spoke with a smile before walking out of the shop wondering where to go next, and what to do.
  5. She walked into the stone building to see a desk, now to order something she hadn't for a while now. Talking to the man at the desk he had met before she smiled at him. "Hello Kosan, it's nice to see you have a shop going on!" She smiled before writing on a scrap of paper what she wanted to order. "So I'm guessing you're a blacksmith... right?" She asked with a smile before giving him the scrap of paper. "Do you feel that you can fill my order?" She asked with a smile once more hoping that he would be able to create the shape of the chest plate she needed.
  6. :o.....Is this--....True? YEYEYYEY (Though the ages are a little--- pedo...)
  7. aaaaaaaaaannnddd... No one notices This... >.>
  8. Annnndddd.... Back to the subject! hehe... always wanted to say that... Dylan X Llamas: I think he would enjoy 'llamas' since he isn't shipped very much, Or maybe even... Echo X Dylan: They would both enjoy llamas together... PERFECT MATCH!
  9. Oh, that's big? Dylan X Giant: BAHM You're no longer alone! and Hikari X Mudkips: [2] Hikari Arisato: I'll liek it as much as I liek Mudkips [2] Hikari Arisato: I love mudkips [2] Hikari Arisato: LOVE'EM
  10. I second this, but I have another... Shanok X Kaepora Gaebora Can you see the similarity?
  12. Axelle's Tree X Jace's Mountain: Because... Grammer... Clarence X Skype Chat: Because he wanted a Ship. _Miki_ X Argumail: Payback for that last ship.
  13. Ruri

    Character Polls!

    Now that the new characters from Season Two of SAO have been released, I'd have to say I have a new favorite. That favorite is the little drone robot in the shops.
  14. Ruri

    Real Life Picture Thread

    *Cries a little* Only Kei-chan is the one I'll be waiting for towards that day....
  15. Ruri

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Well Keith, Do I have to pull out the Neko ears? *Pulls out <>*