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  1. *insert deep quote of life*, Don't expect some sort of reply from me tonight.

  2. I am bored guys T_T

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      Sakuri sashiti

      Go away chad, stop hurting my feels.

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      I'm bored guys

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      I too am bored. The one day I reply to all my topics no one is on merp ok bye

  3. eh.. I recently got to known my eyes is light senstitive. welp T_T

  4. Have you ever wished that you were a superhero? Well i got great news, today is YOUR chance to save the world. Join mine and the super lemons guild, and we'll show you what it truly mean to be super.

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      I don't know, you guys leave a bad taste in my mouth...

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  5. Morning current friends and soon 2 be new friends <3

  6. Anyone who would be interested in roleplaying? :)

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      As soon as i get my shiz together with all my other RPs,ill message you, k? (But only if you want me to)

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      Sakuri sashiti

      haha everyone is allowed to message me!

      And Lancelot, shoot me a message!

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      Oh yes i would lol

  7. Hi guys... I just learned a new expression. #Hiptothegroove

  8. Sakuri sashiti

    Selds Repair and Smithy

    Sakuri walked into Seldentar's shop with a rather big request, but he himself did not have as much iron which he had hoped for. But he figured he would give what he had and if that wouldn't be enough, he simply had to gather more. He walked up to the list where you'll place your order. --Order-- Name:What you seem fitting. Type of Item:A full armor. (Still one item but it would be accounted as a whole armor suit.) Desired Effect: Negates all enemy damage. Looks of armor set: http://www.epictoon.com/the-files-for-the-blog-123098/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/white-plate.jpg ((Had no clue on how to make it pressable and did not want it to take over the screen lol)) --Order-- He then left the iron he had in a sack at the counter with a note telling from who it was. --Items Removed-- Iron x6 Steel x1
  9. Sakuri sashiti

    [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»

    I will take this quest, solo mode!
  10. Sakuri sashiti


    Profile » Username: Sakuri » Real name: Sakuri sashiti » Age: 18 » Gender: Male » Height: 5.6 » Looks: Sakuri is an average sized guy. He has Black hair with average length to it , big blue eys and rather small lips. Usually looks really neutral and always looks like he is listening to people, in the good way. » About: When Sakuri grew up, his parents were in an horrible car accident which resolved with death, this occurred at the age of four years and he was forced to live with his grandpa which he still is. Sakuri is somewhat withdrawn, due to him being shy, but other then a small barrier of shyness that people have to pass when they meet him, he is usually kind and helpful. Sakuri has rarely show any signs of emotions to people he feel uncomfortable with, which is almost everyone, the small group of people which he might get to know, would quickly find out that even if it's not looking like that on the outside, his inside is filled with emotions. Due to the loss of his parents, which were the only ones he stood close with, Sakuri have had problems to bond with people ever since. This could be explained by the fact that he is afraid of losing people that he stands close with and as this game has a deadly outcome, he don't wanna be a part of more deaths or witness it. Sakuri usually has a very neutral face expression, that may comes out to people like he don't care of what being said or what's going on around him, that's not the case though. It's the contradiction actually, he is usually very perceptive thuss putting a lot of effort into listening on other people. » Virtues: Kind. He usually very kinda to people which he meets, even tho he might not be the chatty one, he will still approach with kindness. This is mainly how he was raised to be, by both his parents before they died, and his grandpa. He has always been kind to people since he do not like to see people unhappy, especially after his parents, he is afraid of people doing mistakes which might lead to death. He wouldn't want anyone in his surroundings to get hurt psychically or mentally so thereby he is kind to people to prevent that from happening to other like it happen to him. Brave: Even tho he can see that he will not win a battle, or that he might not be able to save someone, he will still attempt to try it. If someone is in distress he will try to help that person, if he find himself in trouble, he will try to get out of that trouble without any fear. The only fear he would be considered to have is loss of loved ones. The reason for this bravery tho is that he leaned to be brave, he had to do that so he could get on with his life after his parents. Even tho he always had is grandpa which supported him, he was almost always alone tho. Since his grandpa is a rather old man, he don't have anyone which could help him with stuff,school,daily life or such. So he had to ''man up'' to get all things finished himself, this means that he is very self sufficient. Honorable: Sakuri is filled with honor, this goes with both his bravery and kindness. With his honor comes responsibility where he always does what he believes what is right and what is wrong. Sakuri would never hit anyone or hurt anyone for any reason except self defense or helping someone else who is getting attacked for a ''dumb'' reason. He have this sense of what's right and what's wrong, this is because his parents death aswell. He belives that killing someone,stealing from someone or just being mean towards someone is wrong and that is because he wouldn't anyone nor himself to hurt anyone. He dosen't belive that hurting people is the correct way to win this game either. So he got this sort of honor feeling that he needs to help the people to win this game by making them happy, and by helping out with teamwork. This game cannot be beaten alone. » Flaws: Reference: {C}http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html{C} Soft-hearted: Dosen't like to see other people suffer, and this might be his biggest weakness and torture. If someone suffers, it will get to Sakuri. This is mainly cause his parents death, he have experienced how this feels and he knows the pain. He wouldn't like to experience this pain ever again and this is why this it's such a great weapon against him. Lack of self esteem: Dosen't matter what it comes to, if someone dies, if theirs a failure in cooking or anything, Sakuri will take the blame for it, he always blames himself for whatever happens and believes that if he was more ready, or had more knowledge he could have saved that guy/girl or helped with that dish or anything. So is self blaming himself alot, more than what might be healthy. This is something that he started to do more and more as he had to take care of himself a lot, for the simple reason that most of the things happening know were actually his fault, Plus the loss of his parents, he has a hard time handling that and like many other people that fall victim of such things, he blames himself a lot for their accident. Paranoid: Even tho he wants to help, he still has big issues trusting people and let people into his life. People might find him to be a loner, which in most cases he is. This is most likely the cause of his parents death which makes him afraid of losing close ones. Being alone may cause this to happen, since he never really had anyone in his life except for his parents and his grandpa, the loss of his parents were so big that he is afraid of losing more people around him. That is why he usually never tries to befriend most people. Profession: Skills Non-combat: »Tools Appraisal Passive: Combat: »[block] - Rank 2 Armor: »[Heavy Armor] - Rank 1 Weapon skills : » [One-Handed Assult Spear] - Rank 1 Inventory Weapons/Tools: OBS; Got no idea if these things still apply, so neglate them for the moment. » Beginners kit; [10 bread, 15 water, One-Handed Assult Spear] »Boar tusks x2 »Wolf fur x1 »Valorous Defender:Shield; Damage Mitigation, removes one damage when hit. Always does atleast one damage. »Juggernaut Armor: Damage Mitigation, removes one damage when hit. Always does atleast one damage. Skill points Earned: 10 Skill points used: I assume that every thread i've been a part of, which is now lock&completed earns me a skillpoint. Feel free to contact me and tell me otherwise if i'm wrong! Skill points left; 0 [block] 6 skillpoints invested to aquire rank 2 [Heavy Armor] 2 skillpoints invested to aquire rank 1 [One-Handed Assult Spear] 2 skillpoints invested to aquire rank 1 Roleplays » http://sao-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3084 » http://sao-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2938 » http://sao-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2790 » http://sao-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2434 Not placed in the correct order of when they happend. Relationships (optional) » N/A Story Thus Far (optional) »No story yet