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  1. Sotarou would nod to Macradon. "I'll try to keep an eye out. But I don't know how it'll go in any case. Just hope I get some lucky break and do some major damage or something..." It wasn't gonna happen, but it was nice to at least dream! So with some energy regained, he decided to use his other Skill. Taking a breath, he got into the proper pose, his sword glowing as he made his two strikes rather quickly! "Rage Blow!" Unfortunately, the attack glanced off the Venom Snapper and it did nothing to the creature. "Damnit! Come on!" After that, the wolves then took their turn to attack Macradon some more. All that Hate was good for something. First, Wolf 1. It made a biting motion at Macradon. It hit, but it still only did the piddly little 1 damage. Same with Wolf 2, but this one thought it got more meat on there... but nope, it was just more metal. Still only 1 damage. Then the third Wolf had its try, failing to even get any damage in at all. And finally the Venom Snapper, opening its wide jaws to clamp down on Macradon's leg... only for it to chomp and hit nothing but air as its frustration was getting rather palpable by this point. The poison the Venom Snapper had applied before was dealing its damage now... but it still wasn't enough to really be any threat... 10 damage unmitigated? Peh. Baby numbers for a Knight as powerful as Macradon! - Health List - [8,8,8,14] <Macradon> 1553/1565 HP || 116 MIT || 18 DMG || 2 ACC || 127/152 NRG (+75)(+1) <Poisoned -10 damage, 1/3> [0,0,0,1] <Sotarou> 60/60 HP || 9 MIT || 2 DMG || 1 EVA || 1/6 NRG (+1) <Wolf 1> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 2> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 3> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Venom Snapper> 148/150 HP || 0 MIT || 35 DMG || 1 EVA <Focus: Macradon> <Venomous Bite> (( I did a stupid and accidentally forgot to say the purpose of my character roll also being for Wolf 1's attack. So I put down the Wolf 1 Biting Macradon roll just in case the ruling needs to change and Wolf 1 missing is the outcome. ))
  2. Well, at least Macradon was still able to take the hits. He wasn't taking a single bit of damage and that was good. But now Sotarou was still slightly worried... he couldn't use any of his energy right now. He was out. Thankfully, he regained Energy at a decent rate... but for Macradon, he was using more energy constantly. Sotarou had to take a break. He couldn't do another of those Sword Skills. Sure, he could just attack normally, but... he'd be at a severe disadvantage, not dealing nearly enough damage... so he just waited it out, let his Energy get back up. "Give me a sec... to get my Energy back..." He sounded a little tired... but he still looked good enough to go. As for the Wolves, they were heavily intent on the attack. They were gonna tear this tin can apart if it cost them their lives! The first Wolf doesn't even get past the metal. The second one does and he THINKS he gets a meaty hit... but it really wasn't anything. The third one misses as well... but it's the Venom Snapper that does its thing! Venom dripping from its fangs as it bites down... hard... hard enough to get past the armor and to pierce the skin a small bit... and apply its poison! This could be bad for Macradon! - Health List - [8,8,8,14] <Macradon> 1563/1565 HP || 116 MIT || 18 DMG || 2 ACC || 126/152 NRG <Focused Howl: Venom Snapper>(-2)(+75)(+1)(-10) [0,0,0,1] <Sotarou> 60/60 HP || 9 MIT || 2 DMG || 1 EVA || 2/6 NRG (+1) <Wolf 1> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 2> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 3> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Venom Snapper> 148/150 HP || 0 MIT || 35 DMG || 1 EVA <Focus: Macradon> <Venomous Bite>
  3. Sotarou chuckled as he just saw Macradon's health total just bump back to full. Guess it paid to have Battle Healing. And large amounts of mitigation. Though he had to imagine that at later levels, the mitigation and Battle Healing wouldn't do nearly as much to save him. But he now had mad focus on the Venom Snapper! This was his chance! Breathing, he made one more attempt to Stun this beast with another Fell Crescent! His grip tightened, but his Energy wasn't gonna be able to make a second one of these strikes... so he had to make it count! And with his swing, he struck true! And just as his blade was about to hit, it sparked with electricity, causing a dance along the blade which proc'd its Special Ability: Paralysis! So not only was it Stunned, it was Paralyzed! But... it didn't matter. The cooldown was still the same either way. The Warg wouldn't be able to attack this turn. The Wolves were all in a frenzy as Macradon was making a show of territory, it seemed! They weren't about to cede their territory without a fight! The Wolves each made their attacks with the Venom Snapper making its attack after them. Or it would if it had not just been Paralyzed and Stunned. Rookie mistake, but... it'll live. The damage was rather minimal. Either way, the other 3 Wolves made their attacks, with the first one taking a proper bite out of the Man In The Metal Can. But again, it did hardly anything. The second Wolf gets a hit in as well, only dealing minimal damage. And the third one severely messes up, hurting its own jaw as it tried to clamp down hard on a full metal part. Not its finest moment... of course, all the Venom Snapper could do here was snarl. Sotarou noticed the Venom Snapper's health not even go down a small bit... he sighed. "This is gonna take a while..." - Health List - [4,4,4,10] <Macradon> 1563/1565 HP || 116 MIT || 18 DMG || 2 ACC <Focused Howl: Venom Snapper> (-2) [0,0,0,1] <Sotarou> 60/60 HP || 9 MIT || 2 DMG || 1 EVA <Fell Crescent> <Wolf 1> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 2> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 3> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Venom Snapper> 148/150 HP || 0 MIT || 35 DMG || 1 EVA <Focus: Macradon> <Snarling Bite> <Stunned, Paralyzed>
  4. Sotarou chuckled as the battle was now underway. This was going to be rather rough if they turned... They don't exactly dish out small numbers... But Sotarou took this opportunity while the pack was focused on Macradon to get around the side and get a swing in. As he swung, the blade seemed to just glance off and deal no damage. This was just like when he fought that Queen Bee! He didn't have much practice with this kind of blade... he hoped his Katana was ready when he got back to Floor 1... The Warg and it's compatriots howled back at Macradon as they were taunted into battle by this metal can! The smaller wolves got their licks in before the Warg got it's chance to shine! Except the first Wolf did nothing. Kind of anti-climactic... but the second one got a hit in! And while the second one was dealing damage, the third one got a superior strike on him only for the Snapper to actually miss its attack. It didn't matter if they only did a single point of damage each hit. They felt accomplished that they could deal damage to... whatever this thing was! And the Venom Snapper only had to get one solid hit in with Poison and that'd be all she wrote for the Man In The Metal Can! - Health List - [4,4,4,4] <Macradon> 1563/1565 HP || 116 MIT || 18 DMG <Howl> [0,0,0,0] <Sotarou> 60/60 HP || 9 MIT || 2 DMG || 1 EVA <Fell Crescent> <Wolf 1> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 2> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Wolf 3> 40/40 HP || 0 MIT || 25 DMG <Focus: Macradon> <Bite> <Venom Snapper> 150/150 HP || 0 MIT || 35 DMG || 1 EVA <Focus: Macradon> <Snarling Bite>
  5. Sotarou just shakes his head. "Ah, no real reason... just curious, I guess..." Maybe if he turned out to be as nice as his perceptions show him... maybe he'd give the actual answer... maybe... Either way, with Sotarou apparently leading the way since Macradon hadn't done this quest yet... even though it was rather low level.. the two were off to confront this enormous Warg... the trip was rather lengthy, but that didn't really matter to Sotarou. He was more just wanting to get this done. And that meant even if he didn't get experience from the kills themselves, he was gonna get the experience from the quest itself. That was the more important part. And so he continued towards his destination, his stance a determined one. There were times when a random sound popped up, but it was just the movement of an animal leaving the area so as not to get stomped by the high level player in the area. After about an hour of searching... there it was... a little ways up was the Warg, sleeping soundly with 2 others while a third one was awake and alert... it didn't seem to have noticed the pair of them just yet... too far out to draw aggro. Sotarou looked at Macradon. "So. How do we wanna do this, exactly? You just taunt the group while I wail on the boss? Can you even survive that kind of onslaught?" He drew out his blade just to be ready.
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    Name: SokushiYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 1Roll ID: 102253Roll Result: 12 - PerfectItem Type: Weapon - KatanaTier: 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: Accuracy 2, Damage 1Description: This blade is made of a lightweight material that seems to glide through the air with grace and serenity. But the teeth-like jaggedness of the blade betrays its grace for a ferocity that can only come from a powerful bite. Post Link: The Platinum Dragon
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    Sotarou - Samurai Smithy

    Template post for future posts Name: SotarouYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: Roll ID: Roll Result: Item Type: Tier: Quality: Enhancements: Description: Post Link:
  8. He wasn't going to be beaten by some lousy crafting... raising his hammer high... he brought it down hard enough to create a ring of sound from the material! ID: 102253 Result: Perfect - 3 Slot Katana The Material glowed white hot! No pixellating! It was happening! He was gonna finally have his blade! And... it kept glowing brighter... and brighter... and BRIGHTER... until the light was so blinding, he had to cover his eyes! Once the light had dimmed, Sotarou looked up... to finally see the fruits of his labor... it was a Katana! A very VERY powerful looking Katana... it was sharper than even some of his father's blades in the workshop! This could do some nasty damage... not to mention, when testing the weight of it, he felt it was a little lighter, making it less unwieldy and helping to increase its accuracy, if only a little. A sharp and powerful blade, it was the finest craft he'd done ever! Sokushi - Katana 2 Slots - Accuracy 1 Slot - Damage
  9. A new day, a newly brightened forge! He still had 12 pieces of material he could use for crafting... so he was gonna keep at it! Another attempt... Katana, here we come! ID: 102252 Result: 8 - Salvage (Saved Material) And once again... nothing. It was starting to get a little frustrating... he wasn't THAT out of practice... was he...?
  10. Sotarou nodded to Macradon. It was kind of a surreal feeling... he was getting helped out by a member of the KoB! A year later, and the KoB was still helping him out! Even if indirectly... either way, Sotarou was glad for the help! If he was gonna get stronger quickly, this was the way to do it. Pulling up his map, he noted where the Warg and other Wolves were to be. "Alright. Seems simple enough. Just need to avoid getting poisoned for the most part. The wolves should be easy clean up, but... I don't know much about this Warg... just to be safe, we should try to keep him separated from the other Wolves. It'll probably do us more harm than good if they're all together." He really was walking in blind going into this... it was gonna be interesting, to say the least... As the duo were walking towards the spot where the Warg was to be, Sotarou had just one thing on his mind at the moment... "Hey... Macradon... how did you join the KoB, if you don't mind me asking?" An innocent enough question... but an answer might at least help him understand the mentality behind the Guild that avenged his fallen friend... even if indirectly. Stats
  11. With Macradon in tow, Sotarou entered the town and headed towards the nearest pub in [URBUS]. Hearing about where the NPC is, Sotarou made his way over to the corner where there was a bearded fellow with a hat. He gives Sotarou and Macradon a pleading look. If he recognizes Macradon, he doesn't give it away. "You come for the bill I posted? I am Gatsly. I work as a mercchant, making just enough to support me and my family, but lately all of my supply caravans have been destroyed or chased away by a ferocious beast." He looks down at the floor, "I don't have much, but if you could slay the beast, I would pay you." A dialogue box opens up: ACCEPT QUEST? YES NO Sotarou obviously pressed yes, then pressed another button to mark it as the active quest. Once, done, Gatsly points to Sotarou's map and marks on it where the beast is located. He mentions that it's a mutated, venomous wolf, deadlier than any other in the forest. He hands a vial of green liquid to each Sotarou and Macradon. Sotarou looks at Macradon with a smile. "Seems easy enough. We just need to fight a bunch of Wolves and then this bigger beast should come out. That's usually how boss types work. Beat up the minions, big boss comes out to see what's going on." He looks at Macradon. "Ready?" (( Summary: Accepted Quest <<The Venomous Warg>> with equipment listed in Signature along with 2 Healing Potions ))
  12. And try again he did... bringing the material up to proper temperature... he gave the item a proper smack with his hammer and HOPED it didn't destroy the material... ID: 102095 Result: 4 - Fail (Lose Materials) And the piece started to form... but then de-pixellated in a shower of pixels all over. Sotarou sighed and set his tools aside. Oh well. Another day.
  13. Sotarou decided to attempt to make his first craft in this shop. He had a few materials and he only had the Craft Points to make 2 of them a day. Maybe if he made a few Perfect pieces, he could level up in a couple days... but that wasn't likely. So instead, he opted to just take it nice and slow and give things a try for now. First... he needed to make himself a new blade. A Katana. So... he fired up the forge and started work on his first blade... ID: 102094 Result: 7 - Salvage (17 on LD, Materials kept) Well, that didn't go as planned... but at least the materials weren't destroyed. He could try again.
  14. The Platinum Dragon A little hole in the wall, the owner couldn't really afford a bigger establishment. And even with this, he was on borrowed money from an older friend. It wasn't much of a place... but it had a proper forge, and it had signs outside detailing it as a Smithy's shop, specializing in traditional Japanese style crafting, specifically Samurai blades in Katanas and Curved Blades to qualify for said Katanas. Several decorative pieces adorned the sides of the shop, not meant to be used... they were all just for show. A single hit on them would destroy them. He had other blades other than Curved and Katanas. He realized that even if he had a niche, the owner would have to be able to craft other pieces. But they're all stylized and custom-made for the individual entering and seeking a fine blade at a decent price! And that's what he promised: fine crafts for fine prices! A sign above the door reads: 'Welcome to The Platinum Dragon' with the insignia embossed below the words. The male shopkeeper bows to you as you enter. "Greetings! How may we arm you today?" Stats Prices (Negotiable) Saved spot for current Commissions
  15. Sotarou smiled and made sure to take all the loot and put it away in his inventory! Today was already looking up! He had a bunch of loot, he had someone to help him with questing... he didn't feel so alone now! And the Materials he got would go a long way in helping him get his craft started... and those Rare Consumables could be pretty nice! He was kinda curious about this Matriarch's Stinger, though... could be useful in some upcoming fights... And with a spring in his step, he finally headed onward to the Settlement to gather many more quests! The only question was... what quest was he gonna get...? There were several he remembered seeing in the guide book for Floor 2... it was gonna take some more research... Ehh, I'll figure it out as I go. I don't have to worry all that much! I've got some help now! Alright! Let's take the sky! THREAD END! Rewards: Wasp Queen kill: Matriarch's Stinger for Sotarou, 3 SP for Sotarou Treasure Chest Roll: 150 Col, 3 T1 Materials, 2 Rare Consumables, LD was rolled by Macradon, but all loot was given to Sotarou. Request thread lock and Rewards release.