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  1. As I appeared in Tomoika, I was amazed at the way the houses were built into the stalagtites. I had made my way here to meet Miss Neo for a gathering quest. I sent off a quick message to her saying I was ready to start the Nature’s Treasure quest on Floor 21 whenever she was before traveling to the edge of the town to wait. This was a real adventure, risking myself far beyond the safety of the floors I had found so far. But Miss Neo had said there was a <<Cavern>> up here similar to the <<Garden>> I found on the first floor that was just filled to the brim with materials. My skills as a crafter were growing quickly and I would need higher levels materials soon so this was a great chance for me. As I reached the edge of town I doubled checked my gear and made sure Sunetra and I were ready for the challenges we’d face today. Quest Mechanics: Quest Requirements: Combat Stats: @Neopolitan
  2. Wandering around, still within sight of Neo, I pushed a little further out. Sunetra’s flame was very helpful keeping a light in the dark cave, and not seeing anything immediately, I bent over to pick up rocks and had them press their paw into the rocks to see if there was anything worthwhile inside. As they did this, I’d carefully pour out the molten rock and hopefully reveal some ore. I found a few things this way but it wasn’t very efficient. Burning myself on some molten rock I dropped one of them and there was a loud clatter. Looking around I hoped I didn’t alert any of the goblins or other denizens of the cavern. I waited a long second and when nothing seemed to react to my presence I looked back down at Sunetra. “Well let’s keep going. Miss Neo might need a break soon and I want to have more to show for our efforts.” Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
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    Name: Core Collapse Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 4 ID: 111731 Roll: 11 Item Type: 2H Assault Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +2 Paralyze Description: A spear with a blue handle. The tip of the spear is rimmed with a sharp point Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shop-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567775 Name: Ripper Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 4 ID: 111732 Roll: 11 Item Type: 2H Assault Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 Damage, +1 Bleed Description: A large wicked looking spear with a hooked tip designed to rip and tear as it comes out of flesh Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shop-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567775
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    Mort's Weapons and Armor

    Name: Your Profession: Your Rank: Roll ID: Roll Result: Item Type: Tier: Quality: Enhancements: Description: Post Link:
  5. Seeing the post on the notice board, I grabbed it and went to meet the merchant Gatsly in the tavern. He gave me the spiel about how dangerous the Warg was and passed over an antidote for the poison. I’m sure that will come in handy but how deadly can this thing really be. I mean it has its whole pack with it, but I’ve pretty much out-leveled this floor so I should be fine. Sunetra and I walked out of the tavern and headed out of Urbus towards the point on the map Gatsly had given us. This will be a walk in the park. No problem. Just a few wolves and I’ve fought plenty of those before. I checked my gear to be sure I had everything I needed as I walked. Seeing I was fine on potions and my armor was repaired and ready to go I just smiled. This pack won’t know what hit them. Quest Objectives: Quest Rewards: Monsters: Combat Stats: USING A YUI'S GRACE FOR +1 SP
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    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Battle Axe Rank 1 Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5,000
  7. As I walked through the town of Deepedge on Floor 7 looking for the Tacet Cibum cafe I thought back to the kind of strange girl named Neo who guarded me on my way to find Sunetra. She was certainly an amazing fighter, but never said a word, only sending messages through the system. I heard she owned the cafe I was headed to and I wanted to thank her again for helping me find my companion. Sunetra's company was so wonderful when I was out adventuring on my own I feel like I owed her another thank you. Finally spotting the café, I saw the subtitle “Where our toast is as golden as our silence”. Huh, it sounds like a place to stop and shed your worries and just exist for a little while. I’m sure we could all use that. As I stepped inside the cafe, I felt Sunetra, inside my hood, shift slightly to get more comfortable. @Neopolitan
  8. Looking over the Treasure Chest, I meticulously checked it for traps and then kind of poked at it. Okay, nothing happened, it is probably okay. Opening it up, I looked inside and added the items it distributed to me to my inventory. Turning to Neo, I said “Well, it’s been fun. I guess when there’s a guild meeting or you guys want to go on a quest just shoot me a message. I’ll be looking forward to it.” Giving her a broad smile, I started off towards the teleporter to head home. Whew, it’s been a long action packed few hours. Going from thanking Miss Neo, to joining her guild, to fighting that insane monster. I think I need to head back home for a while and just relax. As I headed back to my house on floor 9, I couldn’t help but keep smiling. At least now I know I have a great group of people at my back. I finally feel like I have somewhere I belong in the this crazy world. Opening Treasure Chest: Thread Summary:
  9. Still keeping an eye on Neo so I didn’t get too far away, Sunetra and I kept scouring the area for more materials. They were surprisingly good at finding bits of ore and other things that could be processed, but at least for the moment there wasn’t much around. At least with this new skill I can help out more and feel like I’m contributing. The two materials I added while looking for Sunetra made me feel like MissNeo was getting the raw end of the deal. As she finished the new goblin with a flourish, I chuckled. These goblins really don’t know who they are messing with. I wonder how many will be left when she’s done. I mean I guess they will respawn eventually, but she’s still cutting them down like a hot knife through butter. Turning back to my task, I watched Sunetra bat a rock around for a moment playing with it before motioning for them to follow again. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  10. Seeing Miss Neo’s final strike on the creature, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I have a feeling that thing could have ripped me in two if it had come for me instead of Neo but she did it. I hopefully showed that I trust her with my life and she got to complete this quest. Walking over to Neo, I said “Thank you for bringing me along. I think that is the strongest creature I’ve faced here but I knew you could handle it. It was…tough to swallow because the stakes were very high. However, I feel that I trust you with my life. I hope you feel like, once I’m stronger, you can trust me with yours.” I offered her my hand to shake. Even though I had already joined the guild, I felt like saying out loud that I trusted her with my life was important so that she would know, without a doubt, I would follow her into the breach. @Neopolitan
  11. I made it to the lake outside the Town of Beginnings pretty quickly to deliver Hannah’s package. I found the old fisherman packing up his wares for the day, but he took the package and thanked me asking if I’d come back in the morning. Returning bright and early, standing before him he chuckled. “Well, if this package you delivered last night is what I think it is time for me to try for the King fish of this lake again.” He opened Hannah’s package and pulled out a brand new fishing pole. “Yep, just as I thought. Well, if you wouldn’t mind I could use another set of hands to help me reel him in. There will be some good rewards in it for you.” “Yeah sure, I haven’t been fishing before though,” I replied. This should be interesting. I’ve seen Miss Neo fish, I wonder if this is where you learn it? Quest Objectives: Quest Requirements: Quest Rewards: Monsters: Combat Stats: USING 1 YUI'S GRACE ON THIS THREAD FOR +1 SP
  12. Made of obsidian, this large imposing building has a huge open air forge attached with a mechanism to draw lava up from the ground to be used in Blacksmithing. He can be found at any hour of the day dutifully working at the forge or ready to take on a new order. Stats: Blacksmith Rank 4 [121/160 XP] Profession Info: Available Crafts: Weapons, Armors OPEN FOR REQUESTS Order Form: For Sale: Prices: Open Orders: Crafting Modifiers:
  13. Having fulfilled the current orders I could, I was still waiting to get enough skill to create Runa's shield. She said she would understand it would take me a while but I still wanted to build a reputation as someone who tried to get his orders done quickly and efficiently. What could I make today to push my skills more? Two handed weapons always seemed like a bigger challenge. I set about crafting for the day attempting to create a bunch of Assault Spears to sell in the shop. I successfully created two, and my other attempts to salvage my materials failed miserably. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow. Crafting Attempts (1/18/19): TOTAL EXP: 96 + 25 = 121/160 Created Items:
  14. Having briefly met Hannah last night as she was leaving the garden to deliver Lyle’s package, I found my way back there the next morning. I sleepily meandered through the streets of the Town of Beginnings getting some breakfast and then finally found myself at the gate to her garden again. As I walked through it, the birds sang from the trees and I felt the warmth of Sunetra’s head on my shoulder. By the time I found Hannah near the center of the Garden I had a big peaceful smile on my face. “Good morning, Hannah. You told me last night that you might have a quest for me if I came back early this morning. What is it that you need?” The NPC girl smiled and said “It’s not as simple as you might think.” She opened the box from Lyle and showed me the ring inside of it. Quest Requirements: Monsters: Combat Stats: Quest Rewards: USING A YUI'S GRACE FOR +1 SP TO THIS THREAD
  15. I reached forward and eagerly flipped open the treasure chest both Sunetra and I glancing inside curiously. I gathered up the loot and stood up saying “Let’s go. Back to the Town and back to Hannah and give her this gem.” Heading out of the cave, I stopped for a moment reveling in the light of the day. It would be sunset by the time I made it back to the garden but that wouldn’t be bad. Hurrying back, I returned to Hannah. “Here is your jewel. Thanks for the warning about the bats, although they didn’t give me much trouble.” “Well that’s good, and thank you for retrieving it. I do have one more request though. I have a package for the Fisherman named Ol’ Pete. He fishes at a lake right outside the Town.” Rolling my eyes a little, I nodded, “I’ll be happy to take your package to him,” I said officially accepting the rest of the quest. I collected my rewards from Hannah’s quest and headed towards the lake and Ol’ Pete. Opening Treasure Chest: Thread Summary:
  16. As I headed for the cave entrance, I stopped realizing my footsteps were echoing differently. I stomped my boots a couple times and then stepped back and stomped again. Is there something behind this wall? I went up to it and knocked and it sounded hollow behind it. I began to feel along the wall for some mechanism to open it. Now this is cool, I’ve never found a hidden chest before in this game. As I meticulously searched the wall eventually I found part of it that moved. There was a small click and the wall retracted to reveal the treasure chest sitting there and waiting. I approached it very cautiously, checking it for traps and anything that could be dangerous. “Does it seem safe, Sunetra? What do you think?” She just meowed and I grinned at her. “Yeah let’s open it and see what is inside! It could be some great treasure.” Roll for Treasure Chest:
  17. Seeing the light increasing, I pressed further. Yes, finally! I’m almost back to the surface. As I pressed on, Sunetra still was being playful and pouncing on rocks here and there. Grinning at their silliness and joy even in the darkness, I just kept walking upwards pushing towards the light. I did keep an eye out to see if Sunetra found anything valuable as they played with the various rocks and things but I didn’t see anything worthwhile as we climbed. My echoing footsteps were very loud in the tunnel now very likely reverberating all the way back to the cavern where the gem was. I was still a little anxious about that but my confidence was building as we got closer and closer to the mouth of the cave. I am so ready to be back out in the light of day I thought as I reached the small room that made up the cave mouth. Gathering Roll:
  18. As we climbed back up the tunnel towards the cave mouth, both of us kept looking for more ore and gems to pick up, but neither of us found much of anything. As I thought, this place is pretty much tapped out. Even more reason to get out of here and back to the surface. I stopped briefly to watch Sunetra bat around and pounce on one of the rocks melting it almost all the way through when they landed on it. Laughing, I said “Silly cat, you’re too hot, of course you were going to melt right through it.” Sunetra just flipped over on their back and increased their heat to melt a small groove into the floor. “C’mon, let’s get out of here already.” Flipping back onto their feet, Sunetra began following me upwards again. I could see the darkness brightening ever so slightly with every step we climbed towards the surface. Gathering Roll:
  19. As we started up the tunnel again, I kept an eye out for more materials. This place has given up so much I would be surprised if there was anything left. As we climbed upwards, we found another very rich ore vein and quite a lot of ore laying around. Quickly picking it up, we continued upwards almost without pausing. If I push hard I might be able to get back before sunset. I’m started to feel choked up here stuck in this cavern. I need to get out of here and back to the Town. I began to speed up trying to push out of the cave more quickly, not caring as my echoing footsteps reverberated through the caverns. Who cares any more, let whatever monsters come attack me. I’m done with this place. Sunetra trotted next to me without making a sound still occasionally batting at a rock here and there to see if it had anything valuable. Gathering Roll:
  20. As we started back down the tunnel headed upwards I felt my anxiety rising again, and I stopped for a moment kneeling down and let Sunetra nuzzle my leg. When the episode didn’t pass I moved to a position of sitting on the ground with my back to the wall and my arms wrapped around my knees. Taking deep breaths I sat there for a while just trying control my rising panic. If anything in this game, I have control over whether or not I was in danger. With Sunetra, and on this starter quest I am fine. It’s just the fear of the unknown overpowering me but I can work through this easily. Taking a final deep breath I collected myself and stood patting Sunetra on the head. “You are too good to me, Sunetra.” She meowed softly as I patted her and I just smiled. I wish she could understand me sometimes. Gathering Roll:
  21. As we finished our circle around the large cavern, we ran across even more ore and gems just littering the ground around one of the stalagmites. This place is just a treasure trove of amazing materials. I guess it’s because this huge gem spawns here. Arriving back at the tunnel, I looked back towards where I had found the gem for the quest. I’m ready to be done with this stupid cave already and back in the garden in the Town of Beginnings to give this gem to Hannah. I began creeping slowly back up the tunnel with Sunetra making sure nothing else snuck up on us as we made our way out of the cave system. I kept straining to hear any other sounds over the echoing of my footsteps and the slight crackle of Sunetra’s fire. It seems like we are safe but in this oppressive darkness I couldn’t be sure. Gathering Roll:
  22. I waited for a few moments listening very intently for more movement in the darkness my back still against the wall so nothing could attack us from behind. Sunetra and I scanned the darkness repeatedly and just waited. After those few tension filled moments, I relaxed and we began to creep along the wall back towards the entrance tunnel to the cave. I quickly found some more ore lying around and knelt down to put it in my inventory. Sunetra meowed softly at me as I did and I replied “Oh definitely. After this trip the store should be stocked with T1 materials for a long while. We’ve been very lucky especially since this is just a starter quest.” I think that the Gatherer skill is definitely paying off lately. “Anyway, let’s get out of this place and back to where the sun is shining. I don’t like it down here.” Gathering Roll:
  23. For a few tense moments, all I heard was the echo of its wings flapping in the darkness. I couldn’t tell which direction it was going to come from, but I felt Sunetra’s warmth surround me as they were ready to protect me and I gripped my axe tightly ready to swing it as soon as I saw movement. The Giant Bat finally swooped down into my meager light and came for a body blow that would shove me off my feet. I danced back a little and swung my axe with all my might, eyes closed just hoping I connected. I heard the shattering as the bat was killed and opened my eyes. Sunetra meowed at me and I grinned, “Well that wasn’t so bad was it” I said in a normal voice that echoed booming through the caverns. “Well great, now I hope it doesn’t get any worse.” Combat Results:
  24. I knew I was out of my depth so I waited nervously watching the churning sand. Maybe after Miss Neo attacks I’ll have a moment to at least try and attack this beast. She came into the arena and the gate slammed shut behind us. I gulped and steadied my axe as my hand shook a little. She raced forward and jumped timing her landing perfectly as the huge beast reared from the sand. I braced myself and darted forward trying to take advantage of its momentary distraction as it reeled from her blow. My axe just clanged off of its hide not penetrating as took two quick swipes at it. Jumping back I shook my head. Yeah I am pretty useless in this fight. I put my axe up again but concentrated on getting ready to dodge it if the beast swiped at me. I’ll just wait until Miss Neo finishes it off. Combat Results:
  25. As the gem popped out into my hand, I heard something moving in the darkness behind me. Kneeling down, I grabbed my axe spinning up to my feet and putting the rock to my back. A shape swooped down from the ceiling and directly at me, and I tried to dodge while activating <<Hack>> but my Sword Art missed as I activated it too early. I also clipped the rock and ended up sitting there exposed as the dark shape came for my throat. There was a slight glow around me as the Safeguard potion kicked in and I got a good look at the face of my enemy. Here was the Giant Bat Hannah warned me off. The enchantment of my armor kicked in and lashed out against it sending it reeling back into the darkness, but I knew it wasn’t dead yet. Clutching my axe I righted myself and Sunetra and I stood side by side waiting for it to circle around and attack again. Combat Results: