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  1. I walked back into Shield’s appraisal shop, and went right up to the counter. “Hello again, sir. I have something else to be identified, and also would like to sell you a few more things.” Suddenly my eye was caught by a beautiful hammer for crafting armor and weapons hanging on the wall. “And…I’ll take that hammer as well. It seems like it will be useful. I also wanted to say thank you for getting to my last order so quickly. The trinkets and armor have come in very handy.” Smiling at Shield, I transferred over the Col and items for my order and said “Thanks again!” before heading out of the
  2. Skill(s) Being Dropped: Battle Axe Rank 1 Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5,000
  3. House Name: The Skyforge Location: Floor 9 outside of Knorlit Village, on the edge of Mount Hellion Description: Made of obsidian, this large imposing building has a huge open air forge attached with a mechanism to draw lava up from the ground to be used in Blacksmithing. The inside of the building is austere but well appointed, obviously built and formerly lived in by someone who preferred function over beauty. It does have all the basic amenities covered, however. Plot Size: Estate Room(s): Total: 6/15 Yard: 2/3 Floors: 4 Basic Workshop (Forge) (1 yard slot) Bedroom
  4. I walked into the shop kind of nervously looking around. I hadn't been to a merchant yet and didn't really know what to expect. "Um, hello, I'm Mortambo. I'm a new player and well...I've got some stuff to identify. I just fill out these forms and give you the col right?" I said as I looked over the forms and started filling them out. As I did I continued, “And I have some spare items for junk as well. You can just just get rid of them for me right? They are taking up a lot of space in my inventory.” Items to identify: Your Fee: -800 Col Banker Fee: -2560 Col Junk:
  5. Not long after I placed my order I received a message that it was completed. "Wow, that was fast. I hope one day I can compete on that level of Smithing," I thought as I headed back toward the Blazing Typhoon. As I entered, I saw Macradon behind the counter again and said "Hey! Thanks for getting to my order so quickly. I know this armor will definitely come in handy. I'll definitely be back soon for a weapon and a shield though. I am looking forward to trying the armor out soon." Smiling I put the new armor in my inventory from where it was waiting to be picked up and then equipped it on the
  6. As I walked into the Blazing Typhoon I was immediately awed by all of the items on display. This was exactly the kind of shop I wanted to have one day. Right now though, I needed better gear so I could get better materials so I could do that. So…first things first. Walking up to the counter, I began to fill out an order form, saying to the proprietor “Hi. I’m Mortambo. I really need all new gear, but,” I looked over the prices on the order form, “even with the beginner’s discount I can only really afford one thing right now. But I’ll probably be back soon with a couple more orders.” I thought
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    Mortambo Level 15 HP: 300/300 EN: 30/30 DMG: 7 MIT: 26 ACC: +2 EVA: +0 Profile: Username: Mortambo Real name: Haichi Monome Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 5'11" History: Mortambo is a very intense, intelligent, and dedicated person most of the time. However, when he was in the real world he had periods of complete and utter distraction and boredom and is plagued at other times by crippling self-doubt. He is a lab researcher, or was until he got trapped inside SAO. The gaming was what
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