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  1. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99897 || LD - 16 || +1 T1 Material || Sweet manna from heaven! Sweet nectar of life! The breath of my lungs and the beat of my heart. As sad as it would be to admit, watching the quest marker change to display '5/5' was perhaps the greatest moment in Eli's life... Minus some hyperbole, it was still a pretty significant moment. At least in the short life of Elias Church; Spearman, Lover, Avatar. As his luck tended to operate, Elias actually found his last material not five feet from another, sixth, material. The moment he retrieved the small, innocuous white petaled flower and the quest was complete, the other became a plain old flower. And as much as Elias waved his hands around it, there was no interaction dialog springing into life. Like a man possessed Elias first oriented himself to find the shortest path back to the Town of Beginnings and set off at the fastest possible running speed his little digital legs could propel him.
  2. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99894 || LD - 7 || Nothing || "Note to self: Don't do this quest again..." Eli groaned to himself. The lone figure was learning a lot about himself; about his patience when it came to foraging for random materials and his utter disdain for flowers. Especially rare ones. As dangerous as the enemies that could be found in SAO were, the threat of complete oblivion didn't seem like that big a deal currently. Taking to resting his arms crossed behind his head as a sort of support Eli's efforts were waning again. For the most part he was barely looking at the path before him, never mind the requirements for his quest. Instead, his mind wandered to the news about the front lines and the rumors that always circulated around it. There was still so far left to climb, even after so long in trying. It was almost funny, and Elias did let out a sour chuckle to himself as he strolled. Here he was complaining about the most simple, basic and safe quest in all of Aincrad while there were others literally dying trying to free the rest of the players. The thought really killed his mood.
  3. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99893 || LD - 16 || +1 T1 Material || "Just one more... Just one more... Just one more..." This became Eli's mantra. His latest find was a small purple flower growing atop the tip of a large grey boulder covered in moss almost the same size as him. Standing to attention as though proudly displaying it's presence. The fact it was so high actually almost kept it hidden. Elias was so focused on the ground underneath his feet that the world above his head could have been on fire and he wouldn't have noticed. By chance however a bird found purchase adjacent to it and it's song drew his attention. With zeal he bounded toward the mass of stone and spent some time trying to scale its surprisingly slick body. Eventually he fashioned a makeshift set of stairs by balancing logs and branches up on their tips against the stone and retrieved his prize. All the while the bird sat, singing and paying the flailing man little attention. Even after the flower was won the bird stayed and remained until Elias moved on and the boulder was completely out of view.
  4. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99602 || LD - 16 || +1 T1 Material || Carved through the lush, picturesque scenery of nature was a jagged and messy trail of overturned rocks, kicked over saplings, cut down shrubbery and all manner of curses thrown into the air. Pretenses gone, Elias became like a charging bull. Choosing instead the path of little delicacy. Elias spun the spear in his hands in wide arcs as he moved, pausing now and then to look back or over a pile of mess to double check he hadn't overlooked his prize. In the back of his mind Church doubted how effective this new strategy would be but in terms of managing his stress it was doing wonders. Ten minutes into his swath of destruction a third material was found. This time a large yellow flower with flat, wide petals sticking out of a bundle of grass and weeds. A moment of elation came and went. A focus was beginning to grow with him. He had a job to do and he wasn't going to celebrate prematurely anymore. He would search until his quest was done.
  5. [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    "Well, hello. I would ask how I can help you, but you already told me, so just follow me." Elias simply nodded and followed Hei around his workshop. Uncharacteristically Elias spent a great deal of effort to examine and assess each of the pieces that were shown to him, taking into account not only their weight and composite materials but also the style, embroidery and overall aesthetic in comparison to the warrior he envisioned himself as being. Fine as the stock was, nothing managed to catch his eye, or leap off from the wall at him. Instead he decided to request a commission. "Your work is excellent, I can see why you receive so much business." Making note of the number of patrons that passed through the threshold. "But my hope is that you might be able to create a new piece of chest armour, if you have the time? I aim to be protected, though I would like to keep a high degree of mobility for my arms and the material light enough that it wouldn't hinder my movement speed. Simple black leather would suit my tastes..." Elias began to trail off as his eyes caught the hood of a cloak and another idea popped into his mind. "In fact, would you be able to create a making cloak also? One that might drape over my right shoulder only..." Elias felt a slight degree of embarrassment going into so much detail about the appearance of armour, rather than it's simple functionality. "How much might these cost me?"
  6. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99555 || LD - 12 || Nothing || "Dammit!" The blade tip of a silver spear sunk into the ground with severe force, roughly where Elias could best guest the first flower had been. With great sadness Eli's hope had been dashed and there was no prize waiting for him. He really shouldn't have expected anything more from such a complex system. Glaring at the ground as though offended, Elias quickly retrieved his weapon and stormed off. Eager to leave the disappointment behind. Before long Eli's temperament returned to a more placid level and his searched continued. With red and blue already retrieved, Elias fancied his chances further from the dense trees and foliage he had been stalking and instead tried a change of scenery. Slowly the darkness of covering branches overhead gave way to blue skies and soft white clouds. Unsure of the current time of day, Eli's mind began to guess just how much time had already been sunk into the quest so far. Suffice it to say his estimation and the reality of the situation were worlds apart.
  7. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99545 || LD - 11 || Nothing || "Almost half way there..." Elias encouraged himself as he glanced up to the quest marker noting his progress thus far. With a skip in his step the green clad warrior bounded through the forest without a care in the world. Already he could see the reward window popping into existence just for him. "It should be around here somewhere?" Though Elias asked, no one was there to give him a reply. The plan in his head was to retrace his steps and find his way back to the red flower, but that was proving to be more problematic than he envisioned. The problem with trees was that they all looked... "No, don't be negative." Keeping his spirits high Elias decided to follow this new path the forest provided him. Being alone does strange things to the mind. Not a daredevil by nature, Elias slipped back and forth between fear for his life and brash disregard for the rules of the game. However it came to the point at times where he wished something exciting would happen. A fantasy game where everything can very quickly be disillusioned by the very problematic status of dead. Today was a fear for your life kind of day and Elias was being very careful, in between his frustrations, to remain as quiet and bland as possible.
  8. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99544 || LD - 16 || +1 T1 Material || The gentle gurgle of a nearby stream caught Eli's attention and the tired spearman sought the simple comfort of a cool drink to ease his woes. The azure blue sky that managed to sparkle through the treetops was an impossibly rich colour. Golden beams of sunlight cracked through the canopy creating near invisible curtains of light, caught up in the dust hanging in the air. As lovely as this scene was, it was a common one. Not to undermine the artistry in anyway, however, if all you see is masterwork then it can all become dull. At least, that was how Elias saw it sometimes. Hunkering down at the bank of the clear stream, Eli cupped several mouthfuls of water before standing back up and stretching out. Among a growth of weeds and grass bundled around some rocks at the stream's lip there grew another flower. This time with blue petals. At once, and almost falling into the water in the process, Elias stumbled toward his goal and snatched the material up as quickly as he could. Supremely confident in his expert foraging skills now, the beaming man turned to face the cheers of his audience. But was quickly deflated.
  9. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99543 || LD - 3 || Nothing || In an effort to beat the system Elias tried several ways to make the same red flower 'force spawn', as he called it. Firstly moving out of the flower's eye line, behind a tree. After sitting for a few seconds, Eli peaked his head out to find the patch of grass and dirt still empty. Not surprised, Elias returned to his position and waited for an entire minute. Counting out each second as it passed. As though verbalizing his efforts to the system would somehow justify his reward. No reward was had. His second tactic was to move further away from the flowers' point of origin. Like a yo-yo, Elias Church carried himself a few meters away and back again to check. Five meters; nothing. Ten meters; nothing. Twenty and still nothing. Finally he presumed the conditions of the quest meant that you would have to find another material before any others would become available again. To prevent farming like Elias was attempting. "Fine. See you again soon..." Elias scoffed at the air, turned his back on the spot and marched further into the wood.
  10. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    || ID# 99531 || LD - 19 || +1 T1 Material || Massaging his temples, Elias slowly raised his gaze from his feet to a small red flower not five feet in front of him. He blinked. "There you are..." With great trepidation Eli rose from his seat and moved to kneel by the material he had been searching for. As simply as waving his hand, the flower was gone and transposed itself into his inventory. "My luck is changing! One down, four to go." With a renewed vigor Elias continued his search. Though the Town of Beginning wasn't too far away, Elias could sense the danger of his predicament. Alone, in the middle of nowhere and with only a large gleaming silver spear to protect himself with. Aside from the thuds of his footsteps and the occasional crunch or snap, there was little sound in the area. The wind rushed through trees in soft waves. Taking a moment to simply be, Elias took his weapon in hand and stood for a few moments, soaking in the revolution of this digital frontier.
  11. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    "OH GOD! Why did I agree to this?!" This was Eli's third or fourth bellow to the heavens. Leaving the Town of Beginnings behind and travelling northwest to the area of requirement was a relatively quick and easy process. The difficult part was actually in finding the specific area the quest was extremely vague about. Then, came the searching. The looking. The moving through bushes and under branches and past trees. All for flowers and herbs and roots. Why wasn't it ever simple. Why were they never simply around the corner? Elias was edging toward losing his cool. Finding items that were randomly and procedurally generated wasn't the same as stalking your prey. Time had a purpose in that instance. In this however, the needle in the haystack was forever moving and disappearing and then reappearing. Probably exactly where you had just been looking too! Sitting himself down on the the trunk of an overturned tree Elias had a few words with himself to calm down, relax and tackle the quest with a fresh set of eyes. "Think like a flower. I am the flower... Where am I?"
  12. [F1-SP] | <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    The journey was actually far simpler, and significantly less painful, than Elias had imagined. There were a few points where his confidence wobbled, his faith in the system set at a fairly consistent mild distrust since being trapped by it notwithstanding. Still, his spirits raised as further NPC's confirmed his trajectory to meet with Zackariah the quest giver. It was a mild and placid as ever day in Aincrad. Like the million before. A soothing breeze blew past to blanket the perpetual warmth and for a while during this walk, Eli's mind wandered. It was sometimes difficult to remember that life in SAO and life in the real world were two separate and distinct entities. It had been so long, no one could really remember how long exactly, that the line dividing real and imaginary had blurred and faded. Elias felt an unease, perhaps anxiety, as he knocked on the sturdy wooden door. He could hear the soft thuds of footsteps approach and all of a sudden the illusion was broken and a quest summary appeared in tandem with Zachariah. <<THE FIRST FEW LESSONS ARE FREE>> The quest was simple enough; go and collect so many of this and so many of that so a cure could be made for an ailing towns person. One part callous, one part bored, Elias skipped over much of the fluff to the piece and made note of the requirements to fulfill. "Certainly! I shall return in haste to see your ward protected." Elias proclaimed as he left, leaving the door wide open.
  13. "Okay, so, follow this path down past the big building with the green flag, take a left at the fountain with the dolphins..." The physical strain of trying to repeat back what the kindly old NPC lady had told him was beginning to show, "Toward the big gate and keep going until you see the workshop. Which is a large wooden building with circular windows?" Again, the NPC nodded in confirmation. Whether exasperated or simply tired with the fourth repetition of directions, Elias could see there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm by that point. With a smile and a wave they parted company, and Elias used his free hand to shield his eyes while he looked for the first marker he was informed of. Immediately taking the wrong turn twice in succession, it was twenty minutes before Eli was back at his starting line and desperately trying to avoid being spotted by the no doubt judging eyes of the NPC's that were aware of his idiocy. Without his usual confident demeanor, Elias walked on toward his first date with destiny.
  14. [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Given the options at his disposal, Elias wasn't a man with complaints. "Beggars can't be choosers, as they say..." Elias whispered more to himself, as he recalled the directions to the shop in his head over and over again. Worried he would lose his way. Despite the time Elias Church had spent in the Town of Beginnings, there was still a great deal of it he wasn't familiar with. A creature of habit doesn't stray far. However, it was this need to be comfortable that drew Eli out like a mouse into the open. All Elias could remember seeing were swaths of armour clad warriors, banging and clanging there way wherever they went. It was uncomfortable to be around. And if it drew his attention, he was certain it would draw the attention of mobs far and wide. No, better to be quick and quiet. "The Hanger. This must be it. Not hard to miss I suppose." Elias remarked at the size of the sign, "Is it big enough though?" Ascending the steps through the entrance, Eli found himself amidst racks of materials, mannequins and all other sorts of Tailoring wizardry. The idea of operating a business in the middle of a very real death game had always amused Elias, the dichotomy of fighting for survival while at the same time balancing overheads and expenses seemed worlds apart. He couldn't deny the benefit it could bring in tipping the odds of that same death game however, and was eager to tilt his own chances. "Greetings Master Tailor, I'm in need of your services. What have you in the way of light clothing or armour that might allow me to better avoid being hit?" Elias Church asked with a loud, booming confidence despite his meek, inexperienced expression.
  15. Greetings, True Believers!

    That's great, thank you very much Pinball!