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  1. EliasChurch

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Hei made quick work of his two commissioned items. To be expected Elias mused. After the message appeared on his HUD, Eli made way back to the Hanger. In honesty he didn't travel far from the workshop. In part for fear of being unable to find his way back but also a sense of excitement kept him close to his first new real pieces of equipment since beginning his journey in SAO. Eli had brought up the confirmation window of trade as soon as he caught sight of Hei, thanked him for his services, checked the quality of the pieces met the requirements that were specified and left with a smile and a wave. - 700 Col - 6 T1 Mats + Myrmidon's Armour || +1 MIT | +1 EVA + Myrmidon's Cloak || +1 EVA | +1 EVA
  2. EliasChurch

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Despite their relatively short time spent in conversation and examining, Elias felt at ease with the Hei. Despite the pressures of the job, on top of the game itself, how one managed to retain any sort of business etiquette surprised him. A trait he would endeavor to emulate should the opportunity ever arise. At the mention of receiving a piece of armour for free, Elias was taken aback, "Free? Surely you can't..." Elias began before Hei's explanation. "You make a fair point. What is a few hundred Col to a life? Nonetheless I shall pay for your services." Before hearing any objections Eli had already brought up a trade window offering 700 Col and 6 Tier 1 Materials. "A worker earns his wages. You are saving lives, you should go without least of all."
  3. EliasChurch

    A Song of 0's and 1's - Eli's Journal

    LOG [F1-SP] || Chapter One | The Forrest <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>> [COMPLETE] Quest Finished | Rewards | 5x [T1] Uncommon Health Potion [+40HP] 1x [T1] Damage Potion [+1 DAM] 1x [T1] Over-Health Potion [+50 Temp HP] 2 Additional Skill Points Thread Finished | Rewards | 400 Col 1 Skill Point - 700 Col - T1 Mats + Myrmidon's Armour || +1 MIT | +1 EVA + Myrmidon's Cloak || +1 EVA | +1 EVA
  4. Quest Finished | Rewards | 5x [T1] Uncommon Health Potion [+40HP] 1x [T1] Damage Potion [+1 DAM] 1x [T1] Over-Health Potion [+50 Temp HP] 2 Additional Skill Points Thread Finished | Rewards | 400 Col 1 Skill Point
  5. A few seconds later the ringing metallic sound came to a halt and a short while after that, the man Eli presume to be Lyle Tealeaf appeared through an opening deeper into the building. The shop front was a rather small room. Though numerous weapons and pieces of armour decorated the walls and dummies set around the space, Eli guessed the majority of the smith was further in the back. As Lyle came though, Eli saw him to be roughly the same age as the Potion Master, though with a considerably more magnificent beard and arms as thick as tree trunks. "Good evening, Zakariah asked that I give you this." With a quick nod and word of thanks Lyle received his goods and continued on. "Thanks, I appreciate that. It's been a while since he was able to these to me so I was running low. Say, if you have the time, might you be able to give me a hand with something as well? You'll be paid for your services of course!" Accompanied by a small chime the message <<QUEST COMPLETE>> appeared. After listing his reward another similar message appeared in its place. <<THE SECOND LESSON, IS ALSO FREE>>
  6. "You're in luck, the place you're looking for is just over yonder! Just around that corner there you'll find it!" A pleasant young man just made Eli's day. Bouncing from person to person, the wanderer decided to just ask nearly every person he saw every 5 minutes or so to keep him pointed in the right direction and by golly it got it here. It was an exceptionally slow and cumbersome process but it was time was a sacrifice willing to be made. Following this final guide Elias finally found his destination; a small grey brick building with a wooden exterior and soft yellow-orange light spilling out into the street. Already he could hear the sounds of a furnace and the clang of metal hitting metal. "This must be it, finally. I should really find somewhere to sleep once I'm done here..." Knocking loudly on the already ajar door to the shop as he entered, Elias announced himself, "HELLO! Anyone here? Zakariah sent me here with a package for Lyle Tealeaf, if he's in?"
  7. Why did the Town of Beginnings have to be to damn huge? It made sense in that it should be able to manage all ten thousand players from the get go, but still. Elias entered the world of SAO for fantasy and crazy, over the top action. Not learning how to read a map and asking people for directions every 5 minutes because he kept turning around and loosing his way. At this point the biggest pull toward the higher floors wasn't the need to escape, or the loot, or the mystery. Elias simply wanted to find a town of a sensible size that he could navigate without getting lost. Was that too much to ask? Elias guessed it must have been around six in the evening. He was starting to doubt whether or not the blacksmith would even be open at this time of night. Even though they were NPC's they were so fully realised that they could have their own schedules and weren't necessarily confined to any one location. Wearily however Elias Church trudged on.
  8. "Yes, thank you. A good friend of mine, the blacksmith Lyle Tealeaf. The other day he requested a few bits and bobs and I agreed to craft them for him. Unfortunately I was out of materials, that is, until you arrived. If you would be so kind, could you go and deliver these when you get the chance?" Zakariah held in his hands a small package already wrapped and ready for delivery. Elias nodded and accept the small box, "Of course, that wouldn't be a problem at all. I suppose you made these while you were helping me? That's impressive." After a few waves of his hand Lyle's package appeared in Eli's inventory. "I'll head over straight away. If you could give me some directions that would help. A lot." Chuckling, Zakariah spent the next few minutes going over in detail the path to Lyle's shop. Eli listened intently and appeared calm on the surface, and not wanting to appear foolish confirmed the package was as good as there. Elias would simply as for directions as soon as he arrived at the first and only landmark he remembered.
  9. || ID# 10032 || CD - 11 || Perfect Success || "So I use this... Then I mix in that... Wait for a few seconds, then do this..." With increasing confidence and speed Elias moved through the steps without needing to stop and think. After a few minutes even Zakariah stopped explaining what to do and simply watched. Only remarking now and then when Eli was about to do something wrong or use the incorrect material. The safety net of a more experienced practitioner watching his movements instilled confidence but at the same time, there was a pang of worry for future Eli. When he was doing his own thing without supervision, Eli wondered if he would still be as confident. Ten minutes later and another striking success was created. The two men shook hands, congratulating one another on a fine job well done. Elias was somewhat annoyed that Zakariah was getting to keep the potions that were created but after a while agreed it was probably for the best. Still unsure as to what exactly he was supposed to be making. "Thank you for all your help. Now, what was that other thing you were going to ask me?"
  10. || ID# 10031 || CD - 12 || Perfect Success || "What a surprise, this Potion is magnificent. Are you sure you haven't made any of these before?" "I can assure you that was a complete accident. Thank you, but no. I've never made anything in Aincrad at all. Ever..." As Elias blushed over the quality of his creation, the reality of his statement hit him. It was true. Besides the fighting and the equipment, Eli had given little thought to actually making something, anything, before. There was a moment of silence between the two before Zakariah continued. "Well you seem to have a knack for it. Don't let your talents go to waste. Now, if you have the time there is one other favour I would ask of you. You see-" Elias rather rudely cut Zakariah off before listening to his request, "Sorry, before that, could we perhaps give the potion making another go? I don't feel like I really remember what to do..." Looking rather sheepish, Eli found it hard to meet the old man's gaze before he reluctantly agreed to go through the steps again.
  11. || ID# 10030 || CD - 3 || Fail || Eli's hands shook worse than during his first encounter with a monster in SAO while he tried to measure the correct amounts of materials, when mixing and stirring etc. A good half of the mixture covered the worktop in blobs and what little final product remained was so devoid of actual beneficial materials that his first attempt was a complete failure. This was a whole different level of pressure. All the while the elderly man was kind and supportive. Despite the ample opportunity to complain Zakariah was the picture of peace. The more Eli thought about it, the more it made sense. Who could guess the countless players he had seen and taught. Elias Church was simply the next link in a very long chain. "Now, just like we talked about. Keep your hands steady and take as much time as you need..." "Easier said than done."
  12. By the time Elias had returned to the Town of Beginnings and Zakariah's simple workshop, the bright white sun was slowly changing to a softer amber. Most the day's light was spent and it wouldn't be long before night arrived in force. Being careful to retrace his steps and avoid any nasty surprises on the walk, Elias took his time to be safe and, more importantly, not get lost. Zakariah welcomed Eli back into his home without hesitation and already he began to explain the next step in the process before Eli had muttered two words. Quickly exchanging the materials, the old man examined them briefly before giving a nod of approval and ushering his protege toward a bench with various vials, chemicals and other alchemical wizardry. The instructions Zakariah laid out seemed simple enough in their reading but the minute Elias actually began to follow them, it was as though the characters skewed and morphing into another language. "Perhaps you could simply talk me through each of the necessary steps?" Eli beseeched the kind, elderly man.
  13. || ID# 99897 || LD - 16 || +1 T1 Material || Sweet manna from heaven! Sweet nectar of life! The breath of my lungs and the beat of my heart. As sad as it would be to admit, watching the quest marker change to display '5/5' was perhaps the greatest moment in Eli's life... Minus some hyperbole, it was still a pretty significant moment. At least in the short life of Elias Church; Spearman, Lover, Avatar. As his luck tended to operate, Elias actually found his last material not five feet from another, sixth, material. The moment he retrieved the small, innocuous white petaled flower and the quest was complete, the other became a plain old flower. And as much as Elias waved his hands around it, there was no interaction dialog springing into life. Like a man possessed Elias first oriented himself to find the shortest path back to the Town of Beginnings and set off at the fastest possible running speed his little digital legs could propel him.
  14. || ID# 99894 || LD - 7 || Nothing || "Note to self: Don't do this quest again..." Eli groaned to himself. The lone figure was learning a lot about himself; about his patience when it came to foraging for random materials and his utter disdain for flowers. Especially rare ones. As dangerous as the enemies that could be found in SAO were, the threat of complete oblivion didn't seem like that big a deal currently. Taking to resting his arms crossed behind his head as a sort of support Eli's efforts were waning again. For the most part he was barely looking at the path before him, never mind the requirements for his quest. Instead, his mind wandered to the news about the front lines and the rumors that always circulated around it. There was still so far left to climb, even after so long in trying. It was almost funny, and Elias did let out a sour chuckle to himself as he strolled. Here he was complaining about the most simple, basic and safe quest in all of Aincrad while there were others literally dying trying to free the rest of the players. The thought really killed his mood.
  15. || ID# 99893 || LD - 16 || +1 T1 Material || "Just one more... Just one more... Just one more..." This became Eli's mantra. His latest find was a small purple flower growing atop the tip of a large grey boulder covered in moss almost the same size as him. Standing to attention as though proudly displaying it's presence. The fact it was so high actually almost kept it hidden. Elias was so focused on the ground underneath his feet that the world above his head could have been on fire and he wouldn't have noticed. By chance however a bird found purchase adjacent to it and it's song drew his attention. With zeal he bounded toward the mass of stone and spent some time trying to scale its surprisingly slick body. Eventually he fashioned a makeshift set of stairs by balancing logs and branches up on their tips against the stone and retrieved his prize. All the while the bird sat, singing and paying the flailing man little attention. Even after the flower was won the bird stayed and remained until Elias moved on and the boulder was completely out of view.