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  1. Asphalt

    [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»

    I accept this quest
  2. Asphalt

    [F02] «Long Live the Queen»

    I'm going to do this quest solo
  3. Asphalt

    Asphalt's birthday ball

    a royal birthday needs a royal birthday ball
  4. Asphalt

    old years

    the old years gathering
  5. going to beat the game

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    2. Daeron


      damnit zel! You took my line. I'm the most wanted here.

    3. Zelrius


      Cool, Don't care

    4. Asphalt


      well you wont get me . i am the gilded prince. i wont lose

  6. «Asphalt» Subtitle. Profile » Username: Asphalt Zonferno » Real name:Asphalt Zonferno » Age: 15 » Gender: male » Height: 5.5 » About: History/personality- Asphalt is a prince who is different from the others. He had an argument with his father about helping people. he have a sense on pride to help people and be kind to them. he is a little arrogant. he trains himself with a sword and practices everyday. he is patient and he never gives up. His guardian have taught him to be able to press on in a battle. He is loyal and trust worthy. he heard of a game that uses swords and you can learn some skills from it and he told his guardian to get it for him. he figured when he become a master swordsman in S.A.O that he'd be sure if to really become a master swordsman irl. he started up the game. » Virtues: Patient: he waits for things to come his way. he does it in a calm manner. he is patient because he knows that good things come to those who wait. His guardian makes sure his patience is limit less. With his patience, he allows his opponent to make the first move. Loyal: Asphalt is loyal and trustworthy. he never goes back on his word. If he makes an agreement, he makes sure that he sticks with it. He believes if people trusts him, they can rely on him to do anything that can help them. he may not make an agreement on certain terms but he sticks to his word. Kindness: He is very kind and helpful. he puts other's needs before his own. He tries his best to make sure everyone is happy even if it means that he wouldn't be happy. he never puts him self before others. to him the man is more important than the mission. » Flaws: arrogant: He can get arrogant sometimes. he believes he can beat anyone who tests him. he humbles himself and says when he get into his game mode or battle mode he tends to get arrogant. over-persistent: he never knows when to quit. even if he himself know he can't he never stops. he be arrogant while he is doing it as well. lackadaisical: he tends to get lazy alot. even for a prince his laziness sometimes gets out of hand. he hates paperwork and other kinds of easy but tiring work so he sleeps and relax when he is suppose to be working. Profession: none at this time Skills Points: 0/2 Weapon skills: » one-handed straight sword Inventory Weapons/Tools: Roleplays » [solo/private/open] To be Filled » [solo/private/open] To be Filled Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »