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  1. Hey Pyro,

    If you ever come back.. Like ever? We are all looking for you to have a "reunion" of sorts.
    I'll inbox your my contact info. 

    We miss you

  2. Hey is this... Well.. Crozpeh from back then?

  3. Umm... I need help contacting my old friends...

  4. Soo.... Some old friends are telling me that the rules have changed....Whaa?

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    2. Destiny


      I applied to be one forever ago....and then I left. xD

    3. Ace9


      Well thats a good idea??????


    4. Destiny


      LOL. They never got back to me...

  5. Its strange to log back after being gone for so long.

    1. Syo


      Welcome back!

    2. Draterion


      XD Next Sousuke then Pyro and then Azureth maybe? Can you all come back?

    3. Draterion
  6. Does this happen to you? You're RPing with someone, they stop replying for some time and then you see them posted in a different thread.

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    2. Malakath Grimm
    3. Kosan


      Happened to me.. Even if I think you're talking about me there as well.

    4. Lessa


      Some roleplays are harder to reply to than others. I'll reply to other threads while I try to organize my thoughts for more difficult posts.

  7. Destiny

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Taking this with Manta and Arekkusu
  8. Destiny

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    "Huh?" Destiny said to Christoff. She didn't have enough time to look at him before she felt his hand against her chest, pushing her away. Destiny wasn't able to take many steps back until she fell on her bottom. "Ooof." she said softly as she moved the hair from her face. Destiny looked up to see that Christoff had pushed her aside for a good reason. "Chr-Christoff.." she said softly as she saw that he was hit again. Destiny jumped on her feet and put her hand on Christoff's left shoulder. "Will you be alright?" Destiny looked over at the others. Arekkusu was doing well, and as normal, she didn't need to worry about him. Sousuke didn't take any damage, either which was great. Destiny's eyes were making their way to the duo that she didn't want to look over at. Destiny looked at Claim and the ogre that he was dealing with, bewildered and unsure exactly what was going on. Then her eyes made it to Sol. He was doing well, but he had the lowest amount max amount of HP of them all. Destiny bit her lip slightly, part of her missed him, but the other part of her didn't. Destiny brought her eyes back to her wounded older cousin. "Hey. You should be careful." she said with a smile as she said the same words he had told her. Destiny pulled out her sword and studied it for a little. "I hope I don't mess up." Destiny bit her lip as she ran into battle. Destiny swung her blade at the first ogre, she was aiming for its head but barely missed it due to her short stature. "Great..." she said to herself, Destiny braced herself for impact. The ogre looked at her and swung its club, making contact with her entire self. Destiny went flying and hit the ground with her back. Destiny laid there for a bit, and then struggled slightly to sit up. "Yepp.." she said as she put her hand to her head. ".. Wasn't expecting that...Pretty forceful.." Destiny shook her head. "Oh yeah.. This..." Destiny waved at Sol to get his attention. "Here.." she said softly. Destiny blew him a kiss, giving him her battle healing. [6393] BD = 4; 2+2, MD = 6; 7-1, CD= 10 [battle Healing activated, +1 HP] [Destiny misses] [Ogre does 3;= 4-1, HP damage] [Destiny 21/25 HP] [Crozeph 17/19 HP] [Arekkusu 50/50 HP] [Claim 31/31 HP] [sol 20/23 HP] [sousuke 27/31 HP] [Ogre 1: 8/20 HP] [Ogre 2: 0/20 HP] <dead> [Ogre 3: 12/20 HP] [Ogre 4: 10/20 HP] Bleeding 2/2 [Ogre 5: 8/20 HP]
  9. Destiny

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Destiny felt her cousins embrace as he caught her. "Thank gosh.." she thought to herself. "..I swear that ogre probably would have thrown me 14 feet if he didn't catch me." Destiny watched as Christoff, attacked the ogre. She clapped happily as she saw that he hit the orge and his attack seemed to have a great affect. She smiled at him as she said, "Yes, you did do well, and it totally does have layers!" Destiny hugged her beautiful cousin. She was jubilant. Destiny also watched as her nephew seemed be concentrating his attentions at a single, specific ogre. She continued to watch as he hit his mark as well. "Things couldn't get any better! " she thought to herself. Then she also observed as Claim made his attack. "Well....I guess not...But at least he is okay." Then Destiny's attention was stolen as she saw something that made her freeze for a second. She hadn't seen this person since her little adventure with avalanche. "What is he doing here..." Destiny bit her lip, refraining from saying too much. Destiny focused her attention on something else until it was Sousuke's turn. She watched as it seemed to be going well until her younger cousin was hit by the ogre as well. "This is kind of bull...." Destiny ran at the first ogre that she had attacked. She ran around for a sneak attack and as she was just about to hit the ogre from behind a thought ran across her mind. It was like a glimmer of a moment where there was snow, and a ribbon. Destiny hesitated and the ogre had taken notice of her behind it. Destiny blushed and she backhand spring and cartwheeled out of the way of the ogre's attack. She stood next to her cousin still blushing. "Sorry.." she said softly as she put her face in her hands. She was embarrassed and laughing. [6308] BD 5; 3+2, MD 1, CD 1 [Destiny 24/25 HP] [Crozeph 19/19 HP] [Arekkusu 50/50 HP] [Claim 31/31 HP] [sol 19/23 HP] [sousuke 27/31 HP] [Ogre 1: 8/20 HP] [Ogre 9/20 HP] [Ogre 15/20 HP] [Ogre 20/20 HP] [Ogre 8/20 HP]
  10. Destiny

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    "Oi! Donkey!" she called out as she looked at Claim. Destiny chuckled to herself for a bit. It was by far too funny to think of Claim as a jackass. Destiny looked up at Christoff. "You don't like orges?" she asked him in a childish voice. She hugged her handsome cousin and shrugged. "I get to go first this time" she said softly as she pulled out her blade as she ran towards the closest orge. "Orges are like onions!" she yelled out. "They have!.." Destiny took her swing at the orge "LAYERS!" Destiny was able to do some damage to the orger and she could actually see the layers in the orger. "Huh.. Didn't expect that." However, her childish and curious nature wasn't beneficial to her thinking process and she didn't necessarily step back after her attack. The orge picked her up by one arm and threw her back into her cousin, Christoff. [6261] BD = 6; 4+2, MD = 6; 7-1, CD =10 [Destiny deals 6 HP damage] [battle healing activated, +1 HP] [Orge does 3 HP damage; 4-1 =3] [Destiny 24/26 HP] [Orge 1: 14/20 HP]
  11. Left handed or right handed?

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    2. Zelrius
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      My Character is even roleplayed Using his Left Hand to wield the sword and do things.

  12. Destiny

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Destiny smiled when she saw her younger cousin. "Hello Sousuke, have you seen the new and improved Christoff?" she said as she made a hand movement that gestured toward Christoff. "Also, I'm glad that you could join us. It has been some fun here..." she said in a slightly uppity tone. Destiny was rather happy however, there were some people here that she was just not too happy to see. "I wonder how many more we will be facing next time." she mumbled to herself.
  13. Destiny

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    “Hey!†she scolded him. “I’ll be fine. I promise.†Destiny winked at her cousin and blushed a bit. She looked at the skeleton warrior that Christoff attacked at. “Well…My turn.†She said with a slight smile. Destiny was happy to be fighting alongside with her, dashingly handsome cousin, and her little nephew. Now there was only the two dead things to deal with; Claim and the skeleton warrior. Destiny pondered if others would be joining them but it wasn’t something she should be worried about. Destiny ran forth, eyes concentrated on attacking the final enemy … for now. She gripped her sword and she brought it forth in front of her. Destiny ran and slashed at the skeleton warrior, dragging her sword across its side and she followed through, running to the opposite side of where she started. “YES!†she cheered. Destiny was overjoyed that she was able to help out and actually fight. [6227] BD = 6; 4+2, CD = 6, MD = 2; 3-1 [Destiny deals 6 HP damage] [Crozpeh 19/19 HP] [Destiny 26/26 HP] [Claim 30/31 HP] [Arekkusu 52/52 HP] [skeleton Warrior 8/14 HP]
  14. Destiny

    [F04] «Avalanche»

    Taking this with Vexi and Sol
  15. Destiny

    [F09] «Bandit Camp»

    Taking this with Sol, Arekkusu and Claim