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  1. Finally got my journal approved :3

    1. Zauis


      Congratulations. Looking forward to your adventures.

  2. Yay, I got some SAO Figures for my B-Day! :3

  3. «Name» Ronariku Shingitora Profile » Username:Ronariku » Real name: Ronnie » Age: 19 » Gender:Male » Height: 6 ft. » About: History/personality I'm a kind, simple swordsman, I am from Japan and love going outside for a good walk or sword training. I talk only when needed, relying on my size to do the talking for me. My girlfriend's name was Shino, she was a great person and loved going outdoors, I take a lot from her, she was my only love in life so far. I've always favored a light sword, that's why my weapon choice is a rapier, it's light, durable, and very easy to use for swordsman who prefer the lighter side. My mission in Sword Art Online is to have a good time and make lots of new friends, I prefer not to make enemies. When in a fight I use light speed tactics and intellect to outsmart and outsword my opponent. If I choose to fight with strength, it's when I lose my sword. I hate using shields, shields are hard to use and provide minimal defense. Hair color: Brown Skin color: White Clothes: Starter clothes. » Virtues: (Honest) Always tells the truth, it's part of this code of honor, girlfriend always got me to tell the truth, one way or another. My honesty also comes from the self-pride I feel, If I tell the truth, nothing worse will come of it. (How this affects me in SAO) People tend to trust me, like telling me secrets, or keeping their stuff safe. (Kind) I am always kind to people because I like making friends, more friends means more people to talk to. My kindness means I only fight when I need too, I can't stand fighting for fun. (How this affects me In SAO) I tend to make friends more often, I also help new players who don't know how to play the game. (Gentle) I am gentle because of my steady hands, I make sure when working with animals to be gentle, same with humans too. When I was little, my mother was a nurse, she taught me how to be gentle with wounds. (How this affects me In SAO) I help my friends with healing, and help them with finding specific loot. » Flaws: (Hard) After my girlfriend died, I find it hard to look for another soul mate, my heart will belong to her for a long time. I can't stand liking a girl, If I see a girl that appeals to me, I look away, I can't fall in love again. (How this affects me In SAO) I tend to not talk to girls often, cause i'm afraid if I do, I'll fall in love again. Thus, making me distracted when fighting with a female on my side. (Tactless) I am an outsider, let's face the music, I am a guy with the traits of a girl. My figure is tall and skinny, I also like light swords. (How this affects me in SAO) I feel depressed constantly, and have a hard time in battle sometimes, If I think about her, I sometimes just faint. (Absentminded) I get distracted easily, it was because of my girlfriend, she always loved seeing nature and losing herself in it, I do the same now. I love listening and seeing nature, it brings creative thoughts and hopes. (How this affects me in SAO) In battle, or outside of it, I get distracted very easily, the beauty's of nature distract me, therefore making me less precise in battle. Profession: None Skills Non-combat: » None Passive: »None Combat: »None Weapon skills: »One handed rapier Inventory Weapons/Tools: »Starter Rapier, Starter clothes, Starting pack. Roleplays None yet. Relationships (optional) »Speaks in a kind, gentle tone, nice to everyone. Story Thus Far (optional) »Entered SAO at the age of 19. Girlfriend passed away on floor 9.
  4. Thanks to the people in the skype community call, I got a few tips on my journal, your all awesome :3

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      They're a good bunch here

  5. 4 times, Journal writing. My hands hurt ;c

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Gambatte!! you can do it! and then we can RP

  6. That moment when you can't find something, and it's right next to you...

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    2. Ronariku


      I've done dat before. :l I looked for em for 2 hours. LITERALLY, 2 Hours.

    3. Kiru


      Usually the thing I need is in my hand or in my pocket. I'm a complete idiot sometimes.

    4. Alyss


      i think everyone tried the one with the keys. cause you just dont think about it and then when you drop looking for it you see it in your hand

  7. Darn, Lost my headset again.