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    Being too cool for my own good, KIRU<3, Jomei's jail pics, girls, serial killers, Hollywood Undead, and myself ;3

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  1. Your profile pic tho xD At least now Mack isn't so intimidating.

  2. Iolite



    because there's always that 1 review by a troll
  3. Iolite

    A man and his pole? ...Sounds like that'll be an interesting thread ;3

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    2. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Dear me, we do have an unrestricted section for 18+ roleplay xD

    3. Koumori


      Yeah if he's doing that he might like some privacy 

    4. Lee


      What a man does with his rod is his own business!
      You have to keep it maintained and well polished so that its always ready for that special one that comes along!


  4. Anyone need a new thread? cause i'm lonely and could use a rp buddy pls

  5. New sword arts are baws, bruh. Shout out to everyone that worked on it~ <3

    1. Jomei


      Wasnt a fan of having to downgrade some skills.. and technically drop a bunch of levels.. but i guess it doesn't really matter, its all cool.

    2. Iolite


      OH! Yeah that must stink xD but I don't have to do anything soo... :3 Need a hug from a fangirl, Jomei?

    3. Jomei


      Sorry, I don't know who you are >3> 

  6. Iolite

    Iolite's Journal

    ROLEPLAYS » [private] Piera and Jomei // Scouting - in progress» [open] Open // An Idol is Reborn! - in progress » [private] Eulalia // Dystopia - in progress» [solo] Pastels - in progress» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)
  7. Iolite

    Iolite's Journal

    SKILLS 0 SP 5 SP used 0 SP unused ►Two-Handed Assault Spear: Rank 1 (+1 Damage) Passive The effectiveness with which a player can use two-handed piercing type polearms. AVAILABLE SWORD ARTS (I) Sonic Charge - 1x1 & AOE - A forward thrust which explodes energy at the end of the move. (I) Twin Thrust - 2x1 & Stun - Two forward thrusts aimed at the neck and knees. {LOCKED} TOTAL STATISTICS ~1 Energy ~2 Damage
  8. (•_•)

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    'Cause I just wanna look good for you


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    good for you


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  9. Iolite

    Iolite's Journal

    I O L I T E PROFILE Username - Iolite Real Name - Ilya (Илья) Nikitichna (Никитична) Aleksandrov (Александров) Age - 20 years Gender - Male (Transgender Female) Height - 5'11" // 155.7 cm Sexuality - Panromantic Homosexual Ethnicity/Nationality - Russian ABOUT History - VIRTUES Social Butterfly - Ilya loves meeting new people, making conversation, and analyzing the behavior of others. He'll be noticeably more interested in people who are attractive, or different from the rest in his eyes. If he's ignoring you and paying attention to someone else it's not because Ilya doesn't like you, you've only lost his interest or are too bland for your own good. He's everyone's friend even if said "friend" wants absolutely nothing to do with him, and goes from person to person while talking so the focus is not only kept on him but so he can assure that everyone likes him. The more friends, the more confident Ilya feels. Impartiality - Knowing what it's like to be both genders in a country where gender bias-ism takes place everywhere, Ilya refrains from taking sides and is excellent at seeing from both sides. He doesn't judge people, nor does he enjoy being judged so don't be like that around him. He'll do his best to solve arguments, debates, and anything that has people on different sides with different stories and/or claims. Ilya will weigh all opinions equally and most of all: respect anyone no matter how different their view is from his. Spontaneity - Though he analyzes people himself to better understand their behavior, that doesn't mean you'll be able to predict Ilya's next move or latest mood swing. He was born this way, but also enjoys changing his behavior depending on who he's around or what situation he's in to keep things in a playful mood and most of all: interesting. To keep people's attention is an important thing, and acting out or playing around when others least expect it is the best way to do so to Ilya. FLAWS Finicky - Ilya is a picky person about almost everything. His food can't be touching, his art must be the right tone of colors, his hair has to be parted a certain way, etc. You'll notice he's just as hard to please as he is a picky man, always complaining about something even when there's nothing wrong; Ilya can always find a way to make one little thing imperfect and just not good enough for himself. You could call him a perfectionist, and he'll roll your eyes when you call him that even though Ilya knows how he can be when it comes to deciphering his surroundings. Even when he's speaking, despite a Russian accent, you'll notice that Ilya picks the words he finds perfect to say before speaking. Flirt - Being a tease is part of being fun, or so Ilya thinks. He loves to arouse the interest of others by playing with their emotions while using his natural looks to lure people in. Of course, that's just all for the heck of it and in the end that flirty comment doesn't mean anything at all, especially if you're a woman because Ilya doesn't find himself psychically attracted to females. You can tell when Ilya really means what he says, and when he's just being flirtatious for the fun. Liar - Pleasing people, even if that means telling a few small tales, is what Ilya strives for; thus, he tends to lie to make others happy. He's a professional at lying, not a single soul could tell that's he lying right to their face no matter how articulate they are. That's because Ilya has been doing this for a long time and knows just what to say to make you happy in any situation. Lying to him is a good thing, and the world wouldn't be a nice place without it. Or maybe he's just saying that to confuse you?... PROFESSION - N/A INVENTORY Weapons/Tools» Two-Handed Assault Spear Armour » Red and Black beginner's clothing Vanity » N/A RELATIONSHIPS - - -
  10. :O Wowza, Opal is a babe~ <3

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    2. Koumori


      It's okay Kiru, it's okay

    3. Kiru


      !! OKAYY! -trashhhh

    4. Koumori


      I don't know you yet cut me some slack here

      (we're being very aggressive to each other right now)

  11. Zel take me to prom pls


    The Carmine

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    2. Kiru


      youll b jellyyy of me!!!1! SWAG QUEEENN


      obvi im the middle duh


    3. Iolite


      i'm always jejjjealous of THE KIRU! cause u be too amazeballs for me too handle sometimez. my role model is u babe.

      >3> i just like the attention, zel. 

      in da back, shouting Hollywood Undead <3 <3 dis be me

    4. Kiru


      BTTR B TRUUUUU!!!1! 2much4u lelz

      HU MY frand luvs them!!